VIOLENT shrunken women BOARD

The Supermodel Part III
Wednesday, 12-Apr-2000 19:42:28 writes:

    I would like to thank Mr G & Bob X for their support & a special dedication to Mandy my online little toy who’s an inspiration behind this story :)

    Nikky slowly backs away from the massive fingers that come toward her. Shock on her tiny doll face. “no you stay away from me”. Turns to run but the huge fingers are to quick ! They begin wrapping themselves around her tiny little toy sized body: Her breasts squished by the huge top finger, feeling her sides trapped inside the massive
    clenched fist part of the bottom finger squishing her tiny ass cheeks. Her breasts move as she pushes her tiny hands on the huge clenched one & wildly kicking her tiny shapely little doll legs uselessly trying to pry herself loose. He slowly raises his new little toy to his massive grinning face, eyes dancing in evil lust. His massive tongue licks his upper lip.

    “w…what do you want from me?’ Her tiny upper body from the back & her long dark silky hair with some covering the top of the hand, facing the giant grinning flushed face. YOU NOW BELONG TO ME & WILL DO AS I SAY! She instantly covers her ears with her tiny hands. Also feeling his hot breath & those yellow teeth so big! “please just m…make me like I was & will forget the whole thing ever happened.” His grin widens to what seems a few miles long. Before she knew what hit her she felt gravity
    pulling her insides as she is quickly lowered, Then darkness surrounds her & a soft sensation mildly pushing all around.

    From outside Len pushing inside of his front pocket with a finger, then retrieving it. Outside the pocket the tiny struggling form. In her inner thighs Nikky can feel something hard. From a slight movement it presses her thong panties into her tiny cunt lips. Grimacing from the pain moves one of her hands to feel what it could be. Solid steel with rough edges, kicking more metal with one of her tiny feet. Not yet realizing that she is tapped into a set of keys! Then jerked as the positions shift from Len packing up his “Camera” in its case, picks it up throws it over his shoulder & begins walking his GIANT steps.

    The materiel tightens & something crushes her, both tiny arms stretched out pushing against the moving huge hard but unstable surface of whatever it was
    “What the fucks going on!!!” Mind racing with panic!! Arms pushed back, breasts pressed in. The surface harder the materiel getting tighter, harder to breathe!! Pause for a moment, catching up on her breath . “Ho no!” Here we go again!!” Things shift the huge surface moving bumping everything so unstable! Ho god! What next! Something moving her hair, pressing her tiny upper body again moving her breasts around flattening them. Massive fingers!

    Little kicking doll legs the hand pulling out of the pocket, Moving toward a table surface it opens setting down the doll woman. Looking all around. “no no no! this cant be!” the ash tray the size of a smaller swimming pool with the massive stinky cigarette buts the pens a few feet away longer than her height. “WELCOME HOME PET! “ cant do this!! Tits jiggling from movement. “IS THAT SO??? & HOW DO YOU SUPPOSE YOU ARE GOING TO STOP ME?? Looking all around realizing perhaps he has a valid point. Walks to the edge of the table looks waaayyyy down & gulps, looks back up. Len with his shit ass yellow tooth arrogant grin. “IM THIRSTY WOULD YOU LIKE ANYTHING??” ITL COST YA OF COURSE.” “ w…what do you mean by that?” Len’s huge form just walks away disappearing into another room.

    He’s not coming back. Looks all around begins walking between all the massive objects still cant get quite over it. In his kitchen Len reaches for a beer cracks it open, sucks it back enjoying his victory! How his plan went off without a hitch.
    Sure it will make national news coverage, but who is going to think to look for a 6 inch missing person! Ha yesss Len felt like a genius. His hardon began growing when thinking of what he was about to do to his little pet! How sweet it was going to be!

    Meanwhile Nikky is standing in front of a giant phone. Scratching her head how was she going to lift the receiver! Dialing wont be to much of a problem just walk on the buttons. But the damn receiver! Gets an idea, picking up a pencil…Struggling to balance it, manages to wedge it between the receiver & the platform. Backs herself up a bit for support both little hand on the huge eraser end. “ok girl you can do this ! Get out of this bloody mess! & have that cocksucker madman put away! Little sexy buttocks’s form shown under the tight mini from Pushing with all her might!!
    “arrrrrrrgg””! Crumbles down to the desk surface crying as nothing even budges. Wiping the tears out of her large dark eyes, catches a glimpse of the phone cord! Feeling an energy serge sparked by hope realizing it must lead to the floor!

    BOOOM BOOOM! Steps echoing “Shit he’s coming back!” Rushes to the back of the phone, wrapping her tiny legs around the big semi flat plastic cord. Thanks god
    for all that training ! It was about to pay off or so she thought….Grabbing hold with both tiny hands , moving her legs synchronized with her arms slowly lowering herself feeling her heart beating in her throat! BAAOOOFFFFFFFFFFF……
    Beer spilling on the rug from the dropped open can. Len’s face in utter shock, panic racing through him. Cant see his precious little toy! Rushes to the table! Vibrations causing Nikky to almost loses her grip feels burning in her inner thighs from sliding down very fast!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”””” The table pulls back….Suddenly going up a lot faster then down…..Facing the huge grinning side profile: “noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…………………………………..

    Giant Dr.