VIOLENT shrunken women BOARD

The Supermodel part II
Sunday, 09-Apr-2000 21:08:58 writes:
    Subject: The Supermodel Part 2

    Nikky comes out the plastic clothing hugging her perfect fit figure. The shiny black latex accenting her nipples & slightly squeezing her breasts. “That skit’s a little short don’t you think? “ She nervously lets out. It just stops @ the bottom of her mid section. Even then if you look carefully you can see her swollen cunt lips hanging as a result of the tight thong that came with the outfit. From the back, her perfect hard ass cheeks. The contour of the skirt tightly clinging to her tight but.
    “Noooo I think its just right!” “Screw you asshole” This sets off Len. “ I suppose you want to get this over with.” Glaring @ him: “I don’t know how or when but your going to pay for this!! Nobody fucks with Nikky Lolan!” Len keeping his cool
    points to the cheesy backdrop. Nikky reluctantly walks over arms crossed & if looks could kill…(Well you know).

    Len grinning again points the odd looking object right @ her…A strange feeling in her stomach puts on her best poker face…..”Alright lets get it done.” A high pitch builds up as the “Machine” gets turned on……”Ok any pose you want will be fine”.
    Not wanting to indulge this asshole she just glares………..Lens finger depresses the button……A series of green multiple lightning bolts type ray shoot out & violently engulf & shake Nikky……A surge ZAAAAAAAAAP!!! The green glow just is seen reducing in size & color.

    A minute later nikky’s standing shaking her head dark hair flying all over. Getting it out of her face she looks around confused not recognizing her setting “Where the fuck am i”…….Suddenly she finds herself struggling to keep her balance as the
    ground is shaking @ intervals…..then looks straight ahead…”What the fucccc…”
    Massive cowboy boot tips with jean pant legs are seen approaching rapidly the ground shaking harder as they grow & get closer AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!
    Screaming in horror she looks up @ the tower of a man approaching almost above her.

    Looking down Len grinning wide….HELLO THERE MY LIL PET! Nikky holds each side of her now tiny doll head with each hand . w…what do you want??” In utter disbelief neck stretched from looking wayyyy up @ the 70 ft Man. Recognizing him from the bottom part of the white fabric of the lab coat. He slowly crouches down looking right @ the new little human doll. Arms out stretched on each side she slowly backs up… “& WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING?” Her hands cover her ears for what was a little mousy creepy voice was now booming so loud!
    “w..whats going on???” looking up @ him heart pounding .
    Len slowly reaches with a giant hand………………………………………………..

    Giant Dr