VIOLENT shrunken women BOARD

The Supermodel Part 1
Thursday, 06-Apr-2000 20:10:01 writes:

    Nikky had it all. world famous supermodel, commercial spots & movie cameos. A hard body resulting from a strict diet & work out regime. Has had her breasts augmented. Not that she would of needed it for what she is presently doing. Silky long dark hair full lips & high cheek bones. A while back Nikky started out in the adult entertainment field having made a few movies but nothing that had become famous thank god! Her slime ball agent @ the time (One of those cheesy Guido types that wore thick gold chains) & her a young & ambitious 17 yr gorgeous woman. He had told her :” If you wanna make it in the biz hun you have to get em’, Just like pro bodybuilders need to be on the juice.” “Now I see a pro.” And she did not want to spend her life as a working stiff no sireee! There was going to be none of that! One day while dining in a high end restaurant with friends, someone with clout discovered her The everything just sky rocketed………………………………….

    Len Silvester was a social zero! Spent a lot of lonely nights @ home. Sure he had wimin who liked him. But nothing he would be caught dead with. Len was a bright
    scientist but kept it all on a hobby level. His actual work was as a school Janitor.
    Len has been an advocate follower of Nikkys career. He discovered her when he picked up one of her porn “Beta” tapes for 2 bucks @ a garage sale, all the way to where she is now. Len is very impressed @ how she crossed into the mainstream without as much as a “peep” from the tabloids. To him she is the ultimate woman. He went searching for anyone who resembled her…………………………………………..

    “Ho shoot!” Nikky let out she was running late, Henri was going to be furious!
    Would give her the “You spoiled little brats “ Shpeal. The silver Accura’s tires
    screeched as it pulled into its parking spot. Did her best to straighten her
    silky long hair but then squinted. “That’s not Henri” While approaching some man holding a clipboard in a long white lab type coat & a creepy grin. “Nikky right on time”. An even lower creepier tone. A wide smile! He does not notice I am late! Hi who are you “Giggle” He grins wide. “Len Len Silvester.” Lightly holding her hand. “Why you dressed so weird??” He just smiles exposing his yellow teeth. “Im not really a photographer” “ho? Then what are you doing here? Where is Henri? & the rest of the people?.” She begins feeling a little uneasy.

    “The session was cancelled, & I was asked to come & test a new prototype camera & they figured since your already scheduled……” “Mmmmm thinking to herself. “ I think I better check with my agent.” Len looking nervous & sweaty: “I assure you it has all been approved!” “Dammed these cell phones” Her voice crying in frustration. “I promise we wont be more then ½ hr. She looks @ him smirking. “You buy lunch ok?”

    Right @ that point Len was ready to drop the whole thing. Her sounding so innocent & sincere. Then he shook it off. Smiles his creepy yellow teeth grin:
    Ok your on! They enter a room with all kind of equipment surrounding what looks
    like a ray gun out of a bad “B” movie, wires leading to panels. Then in font about 20 feet away a real cheap looking backdrop with bad plastic palm trees & fake sand layout with those umbrella lighting filter gadgets. Nikky just taking in the surroundings thinking how “Low budget” Reminding her of the gold ol days. from behind Len sneaks up on her she jumps startled. “Sorry I did not mean to scare you.” Nervously: “W…What is all that stuff? Len grinning hands her a plastic leather alter top miniskirt & shiny stiletto heels. “& what’s with the slut outfit???
    Panic began racing through her. This guy had to knowabout her!! “I… I don’t do those sort of pictures sorry! Is that so? Len lets out with his cheesy yellow teeth grin. Holding up one of the beta tapes!. She feels herself spinning round & round a sick feeling building inside her like being kicked in the stomach, hyper ventilating. “Are you ok?” letting out in a calm creepy even tone he had her right where he wanted. He could read the desperation on her face & was planning to take full advantage of it.

    “What is it you want?” she lets out defeated. “Nothing much, Just get into the clothes & take a few shots that all.” Glaring @ him ; “Do I look stupid?? Like your not standing to profit from all this?? Grinning again; “Not in the way you think, Lets just say you have my word this will never leave this room.” “& why should I trust you???” You obviously planned this very well.” Suddenly panic stricken again
    “What did you do with Henri????” “Nothing why?” She just drops it………”Ok il do your dammed shoot!! But that better be the end of it!! Then storms off to the change room………………………………………………………………………………

    Giant Dr