Supergirl vs Ray

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Supergirl vs. Ray

The proud form of a pretty young blonde haired girl, her nubile young figure cloaked in a skintight red and blue costume, a bright red cape billowing out behind her could just be made out streaking over the buildings of the city. Supergirl was accomplishing her regular nightly patrol.

Her super hearing caught a woman’s cry for help. Supergirl stopped in mid flight to focus on where the screams were coming from and then sped towards them. Almost instinctively was moving towards the cry for help, Supergirl simply couldn't stand by and not help the helpless.

Using her x-ray vision, Supergirl saw a young woman cornered in a dead-end alley by an ordinary looking man threatening her with some type of large handgun.

Moving in a blaze of red and blue, she interposed herself between the man and his target, the reddish discharge of the weapon striking her square in the chest. Supergirl almost cried out at the electrifying pain that coursed through her lanced up her body. Her body convulsed in pain.

The beam enveloped Supergirl in a reddish glow. The pain fading almost immediately it was replaced by dizziness and lightheadedness. Supergirl crumpled to the alley floor, hitting hard and out of control. She felt her costume grow loose, and the hard asphalt seemed to move beneath her body. The screams of the other woman continued adding to the disorienting effect of the ray. The world around Supergirl began to spin and everything seemed to rush away from her, she realized that she was rapidly shrinking.

She felt the top of her legs sliding up out of her boots. Her skirt and shirt billowed around her body as she became smaller and smaller. Before she could disentangle herself from the pile of her clothing, she saw a huge hand sweep down through her clothing, seizing her naked little body in a grip of iron.

"Well, well, little girl," mused the brown haired gun toting man "if you thought it was hard to hide your identity before..."

Supergirl, even at a tenth of her previous size, should still be stronger than a hundred full sized men. Bracing herself, she pried at the iron fist that held her, trying to lever the fingers apart. She got nowhere. In fact, the man's grip was tightening, bringing a gasp of pain as he slowly squeezed the breath out of his diminutive foe.

"Don't bother to struggle, Supergirl, " gloated the man in triumph. He smiled at the sight of the tiny bottom and legs protruding from beneath his hand. Supergirl gasped at the pressure of the crushing hold, unable to gain her breath the darkness crept in. The last thing she remembered was screaming and the recoil through the man’s body of the handgun being fired.

Supergirl awoke to the sensation of coolness against her front and pressure against the back of her body. She was naked laying on a tile-topped table the man playing with her. The man was pushing her upper bodying against the cool tile; he smiled at the sight of the tiny bottom and legs struggling to free the little lady of steel as they protruding from beneath his hand. His pushing on her back caused her breasts to balloon out towards the sides of her chest, when he noticed this he licked a finger tip and then rubbed his wet finger against her breasts.

Supergirl attempted to push herself away from the table, but the pressure of a few of his fingers of one of his hands was too firm.

“What was this arch villain up to?” Supergirl wondered. She got her answer moments later as she felt a sharp blow to her exposed backside. The fiend was spanking her! He was only using two fingers, but it was enough to completely cover her defenseless bottom. She twisted, trying to avoid the humiliating punishment, but was unable to free herself from the fingers that pinned her to the table. His grip hand was immovable.

“My, but you have the nicest little backside. An ass that just begs for a few whacks, don't you agree?" laughed the man as he administered the punishment to the helpless heroine.

Supergirl didn't bother to answer. Her situation was bad enough, but the feeling of helplessness and the spanking were having their affect on her. She kicked and twisted, trying to distract herself from the growing arousal inside her. She sighed in relief when the stinging slaps stopped, then gasped as she felt a huge finger force her thighs apart, rubbing against her spread crotch.

“Oooo, I guess your no longer are invulnerable either,” the man said as he examined the moisture on his fingertip and her little red ass.

Teasingly, he turned the minute figure over and rubbed his finger against the tiny tits. The man smiled as she saw the nipples harden and point. He lowered his lips down snaked his tongue out and licked her breast. The pain of his mouth slightly sucking on her breasts battled the pleasure of the moist warmth of his giant tongue on her breasts. Supergirl cried tears of embarrassment and pain.

Supergirl hated the fact that she drew pleasure from such torment, but she couldn't deny that it was true. Fighting the urge to curl up and surrender, she reminded herself that some type of ray had struck her and that was what was causing this. True or not, this provides the once invincible girl of steel with some comfort as this giant used her body.

He let her go and picked up a small digital camera from amongst other items on the tabletop. Supergirl rose to her feet, rubbing her sore red buttocks. Somewhere in the back of her mind she reasoned that her helplessness must be what normal people feel around her, so if they could face her. she could face this “giant tormentor”. Supergirl looked up at the arch villain that had shrunk her, momentarily forgetting she was naked, she placed her hands on her hips, legs shoulder width apart, and yelled, “Let me go, you dastardly arch villain.”

“Arch villain? I don’t think so little one,” he said as he flicked a finger against Supergirl’s body, sending her sprawling to the tabletop. Slowly, she picked herself up. “I am just Ray, an ordinary guy, who invented a shrinking gun from some red radioactive minerals I found. I was just testing on that girl when you showed up. Well, guess what, Lil’Superbitch, it worked.”

Laughing at his confused pet, Ray drew the small digital camera up and began snapping pictures. "I'll always treasure these," he gloated. "Supergirl as little Superslut. What fun we will have once you have been properly broken in."

Supergirl strove to cover herself with her hands. Being humiliated was bad enough, but this made it even worse.

“Put your face down on the table!"

It took a second for Ray's comment to register through Supergirl's humiliated state of mind. Suddenly, she knew that it wasn't over. She knew exactly what was in store for her, and she was more terrified than ever.

"Oh God NO! Please NO! Y-you c-can't! Not THAT! PLEASE not THAT!" Supergirl screamed as fingers that were longer and thicker then her legs, flipped her over and forced her down onto all fours on the cold tile tabletop. The side of her face pressed against the cool tile of the tabletop. Supergirl was twisting and fighting, trying to pull loose from the fingers that held her down. She felt fingers behind her, forcing her legs apart. Then she felt the weight of one of his fingers on her back, crushing her chest to the tabletop. She felt his fingertip moving between them, rubbing against her rectum.

Fear griped her; Supergirl screams became shrill as she saw his gigantic fingers lift one of the Q-tip swabs from the table.

Ray lifted the white Q-tip up and put it into his mouth. After just a few seconds, he pulled out the cotton tip, which was soaked with his salvia, and brought it behind Supergirl, out of her field of vision.

"DON'T! Please DON'T!" she screamed as she felt the head of Ray's Q-tip pressing against her. "Oh God, PLEASE stop! Oowwwww!! It HURTS! Nnnuuuhhh!!!"

Supergirl twisted and jerked her body in a futile attempt to escape from Ray. She had been able to crush girders with her bare hands and now she was unable to move someone’s finger. Supergirl was ashamed of her own helplessness. She could feel the head of the Q-tip begin to spread her rectum open, could feel it beginning to enter her. She had never had anal sex before and hadn't realized how excruciating it could be.

"Dear God, PLEASE stop! OOWWWWW!! N-n-no! Oh please NO!" Ray’s finger pushed on Supergirl's back, grinding her naked body against the tabletop as he continued driving into her, each thrust forcing his Q-tip a little deeper into her anal passage. She could hear him grunting and laughing as he forced more of the cotton swab, that seemed rock hard to Supergirl, up inside her bowels.

“And look I busted your cherry ass and I didn’t even have to use kryptonite.”

Ray moved his face down so that his chin rested on the tabletop. Watching the struggles of the little doll-sized woman excited him more then anything else he had ever experienced before. He felt himself get erect as he watched this beautiful woman who was a little more then half the size of a Barbie doll. Ray felt the sweat beginning to bead on his forehead as he sodomized Supergirl. The sight of her face down on the tabletop, her arms pinned to the tabletop above her head, her legs spread wide was thrilling. The side of her face was pressed against the tiles, her brow furrowed and her eyes squeezed tightly shut, her teeth grinding against the incredible pain tearing into her rectum. Just hours before she had been one of the most powerful human beings on the earth and now she was his personal fuck-toy. He watched in fascination as he drove the Q-tip ever deeper into her. She was so helpless and he was so much in control.

"Stop it! Please, PLEASE stop it! Oh God, I can't…I can't…NOOOOOOAAAAAUUUU!!!" Supergirl screamed in agony as Ray overcame the resistance of her rectum and drove a third of the Q-tip into her bowels. Every muscle in her body snapped taut as the incredible pain tore through her to the very center of her being. She felt as if her insides were being torn apart as Ray began driving the Q-tip repeatedly into her.

"Nnnuuu….nnnuuu…nnnuuu….God n-no….p-please n-no!" Supergirl could hardly draw enough breath against the intense pain flooding through her to even speak. Ray was driving into her with a viciousness she wouldn't have believed any human to be capable of. He continually drove into her bowels. The pain tore through every fiber of Supergirl's body as Ray sadistically raped her.

“Yes, please, yes, my little fucking tripod!” he said laughingly.

"Nnnuuuhhh…nnnuuuhhh,,,g-get it out of me! P-please get it OUT of me! I c-can't t-take anymore! Oh God! Oh God! Nnnuuhhh..uh..uh..ooooooooohhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuu!" Supergirl groaned as she felt Ray’s hot breath on her body, his finger pushing her to the tabletop while he watched with a perverse intensity. He had no trouble sliding the stiff Q-tip up into her distended rectum. She winced and cried out in pain as he drove more of the Q-tip’s length into her in one vicious thrust. Supergirl ground her teeth but said nothing as the rape continued. She had quit begging. She had surrendered. She laid trembling and crying on the tabletop, closing her eyes and praying that it would be over quickly, while Ray pumped it in and out of her body. She only hoped that he finished quickly so she would then be left alone.

Ray lifted his finger up from Supergirl's back. He recognized that his little superdoll-bitch had finally been broke. His little live sex-toy wouldn't fight anymore. She would lie there and take whatever he gave her. Ray loved the idea of having his own personal supergirl broken and complacent, loved having her lay there and accept being raped because she had given up all hope, because he was her Master; her God! He was her superman!

Ray’s continual vicious thrusting into her rectum must have been excruciating, but other than the trembling of her body, Supergirl lay unmoving. She winced and cried in pain as the Q-tip drove into her, but all the fight was gone from her. Ray was thrilled beyond description to be watching Supergirl's misery. His dick had never been so stiff in his whole life!

Ray was driving into Supergirl with frenzy. She cried in pain with each inward thrust of the large cotton tipped swab. Ray moaned as his free hand squeezed his hard cock through his jeans. As his excitement grew he pushed more of the Q-tip in. In response, he saw Supergirl's fingers dig against the tabletop and heard her whimper, as he was pumping more Q-tip into her bowels. Gradually, Ray slowed to a stop. With a grunt of satisfaction, he left the Q-tip in the rectum of the brutalized doll-sized girl.

Supergirl lay unmoving as Ray picked up a beer and drank it. His free hand still rubbed his cock through his jeans. She still didn't move as Ray unfastened his trousers and pulled out his cock. Standing up, he leans against the table’s edge his cock hanging over the table mere inches away from the doll-sized woman.

“Look at me, you little Superbitch!” he said. Supergirl’s eyes sprang open and stared at the huge cock just a few feet from her face. The musky scent of his manhood washed over her and filled her body with fear. Slowly Ray began stroking and squeezing his cock again. With pride, he realized his cock was bigger then his new little toy. When pre-cum fluid starts leaking from the head of his engorged aching penis, he stops and rubs it on the side of her face and along the length of her body. Ray then sat back down and leaned forward so his face was almost touching his little fuck-toy.

As the billboard-sized face filled Supergirl’s viewed, she closed her eyes again and lay still as his finger rubbed along her back several times finally stopping at the end of the Q-tip; that obscenely jutted from her rectum. Supergirl's body stiffed and her brow furrowed as Ray rolled the Q-tip between his finger and thumb, causing it to twirl inside her ravaged bowels. He smiled as he heard her moan with each movement of the Q-tip. Other than that, she didn't move as Ray began raping her with the swab again.

Ray started pounding into Supergirl with a vengeance. Listening to her cry out each time he drove into her aroused him even further. He slide the fingers of his free hand between her and the tabletop and grabbed her breast between two fingertips. Supergirl screamed in agony as Ray viciously pinched and twisted her breast while continuing the relentless assault on her bowels. The agonized scream and the trembling body literally in the palm of his hand was almost more than Ray could bear. He slide his hand out from under her, leaving her at the edge of the table.

"Please,....It hurts,...I'm too small,....You're too big!." she cried, her eyes wide open in real agony now.

He ignored her, forcing inch after scorching inch up into her in his barbarous attack. She gasped in burning pain as the Q-tip slid in and out of her rectum, not stopping it's boring entry, pulverizing her guts before it.

"Nnnuuhhh…nnnuuuhhh…nnnuuuhhh." Supergirl moaned with each thrust as she felt Ray moving the Q-tip in and out of her. She felt his fingers that were driving more then half the Q-tip into her were smacking against her buttocks. The pain seemed to be crushing her to the tabletop. Her rectum was stretched open to the point that she thought she would begin tearing apart at any second. She felt as if her insides were being damaged by the repeated assaults.

"Nnnuuuhhh…nnnuuuhhh…oooohhhhh…nnnuuuhhh…nnnuuuhhh." Over and over he pounded his Q-tip into her ravaged body, brutalizing her in ways beyond comprehension. It didn't feel like she had been without a Q-tip inside her bowels for even a brief instant. As the pain tore through her, she wondered how much longer her giant tormentor would fuck her ass with a Q-tip and whether or not she could even survive it.

Supergirl cringed as his snickers brought hot blasts of air to bathe her little ears. She groaned as he began to saw mercilessly into the soft depths of her ravaged anus. She felt utterly impaled by the fat head of the swab. She gasped and panted, groaning and then sobbing as the arm-thick, white swab forced its way into her asshole, and drove deep, deep, deep into her. The Q-tip pushed high up into her guts. Supergirl felt so full down there that she thought she would burst.

It hurt! Oh God, did it hurt! But Ray wasn't worried about that. That was her problem. Ray rested his finger that held the Q-tip on her little perfect ass. He could feel her body that way.

The cotton swab went so deep Supergirl felt cramps in her guts; terrible, gripping cramps from deep in her belly. She sobbed weakly, her bellyaching as his fingertips rested firmly against her ass cheeks. She heard and felt him groan and then slowly pull the Q-tip back out her ass tunnel.

There was pain, but the cramping eased, and then thankfully disappeared. Then Supergirl wailed as Ray thrust back into her. The giant-sized fuck tool jammed down her rectum and stuffed her full, bringing screaming cramps back into her belly. Her muscles were contracting, straining as the Q-tip began to churn inside her asshole. Ramming in with greater speed and power, as the thickheaded swab was pummeling Supergirl’s guts as he slammed his fingertips into her ass cheeks. “Look Lil’Supergirl, I think I am going faster then a speeding bullet!”

Supergirl gritted her teeth against the pain as she was impaled on the long, evil length of the enormous fuck spike. As he ran more then half the length of the prong in and out of her anus striking.... something...high up inside her and then going through, causing the young woman to scream out loud. The giant brutally butt-fucked the crying doll-sized woman with the equivalent of a fist and arm.

Hopelessly impaled, she cried and wriggled like a hooked fish beneath the hard, driving power of the Q-tip that was only held between two of his fingers. Supergirl’s nails instinctively, yet futilely, scrapped into the tile, as with uncaring brutality he slammed his fingers into her ass as he pumped the Q-tip into her behind.

He thrust repeatedly, using long, deep strokes that rammed the swab’s knob deep into her guts. He was plowing into her intestines, ramming through her bowels and guts until she could feel the hard head punching up against her stomach. Her cries slowed, turned again into grunts with each impact and low whimpers. Without stopping the movement of the Q-tip, Ray stood up and leaned against the tabletop. His cock jutted over the tabletop and more importantly over Supergirl’s tiny little body. With only a slight bend to his knees his cock dropped down on her back, crushing her completely beneath the heavy weight of his hard dick. His cock slid back and forth, back and forth over her back, as his fingers continued to fuck her tender ass-pipe with a cotton swab. Ever time the toy super woman spasmed or jerked he felt it through his cock, exciting him even more.

Supergirl winced as his enormous cock began to rub against her with furious, driving thrusts. With what seemed as unending thrusts to her, Ray continued to batter into her quivering ass with the Q-tip. An obscene thought crossed into Supergirl’s pain soaked mind as Ray’s semen filled balls slapped against the soft flesh of her side and breast as his enormous cock fucked her back, “He’s trying to saw me in half between his cock and this finger driven Q-tip.” A whimpering half laugh escaped her lips as she silently prayed this would happen.

Ray stopped pumping the Q-tip and he stopped stroking his hardness against her body. His hard cock rested on her back, seeming to move of its own accord as it occasionally bobbed up and down, bumping into Supergirl. After a moment or two, Ray spoke, “Supergirl, look up at your Master!”

When she did not respond immediately, he flicked the Q-tip with his finger sending a new level of pain through the doll-sized young woman’s body. Supergirl’s eyes flew wide and her body went rigid as a scream escaped her hoarse throat. Ray moaned as he felt her tremor go through his cock. After a short pause to gain control of himself, Ray said, “Supergirl, look up at me, your Master.”

The tiny doll woman tilted her head up past the incredible size of his fat cock and Supergirl looked up pleadingly into Ray’s face, but he just looked down at her with a huge grin and a blank, empty stare. And then she knew that he wasn’t there anymore; she was looking into an empty shell. Everything that was Ray was now down in his cock, pulsating, writhing, and straining to get at her. She realized that Ray’s entire self had migrated into his dick, and there would be no chance to even reason with him.

“I’ll stop ass fucking you, if you make me cum, little slave.”

Supergirl lowered her gaze to the large tiles that covered the tabletop, her bangs covered her eyes, and in a voice hoarse from screaming, she said, “Yes, master!”

“You may pull out the Q-tip from your ass, my little fuck-toy!”

Supergirl hands went between her legs, grabbing the Q-tip’s shaft. Gripping the white shaft, she pulled it away from her body and out of her sore and abused asshole. Having both of her hands on the invading shaft and her face pressed against the tile Supergirl was off balance, enough so that when Ray’s cock twitched against her body from watching her, it bowled her over, sending agonizing pain through her body as the Q-tip was jarred again.

Supergirl shifted from where she had fallen onto her side to her back, bringing her legs up against her chest. Her hands once again gripped the shaft and pulled it away from her body.

Supergirl’s struggles were complicated by the fact that every few seconds Ray’s cock would bob down and smack her in the chest, face, or hands. Slowly the swab’s knob-like end was painfully moving out of her body, but Supergirl could not get seem to pull the head of the Q-tip out of her own pussy. The irony in the fact that she was so weak she could barely help herself was not lost on Supergirl.

“Hurry up you stupid little cunt, I have got all day. Use some of that impressive super strength to pull it out of your ass. Or maybe I should get a pencil and try that up your ass? What do you think, little Supertoy?”

Fear propelled a new strength in Supergirl; she grabbed the Q-tip’s shaft and yanked the bulbous cotton swab head out amidst her own screams. Her body spasmed and then collapsed in a heap of whimpering and tears.

The large cock head, bigger then her face, nudged against her body, “Come on, Superslut, or do I have to FIND something to amuse myself with. I mean”, Ray said while bumping his cock on her more, “you're not more powerful then this locomotive!”

Supergirl reached out to touch the head of the erect penis. Ray moaned at the touch.

Supergirl slowly climbed aboard his dick, straddling it like a horse, but quickly wrapping her arms around it, hanging on. Her ass still hurt so much, but fear of what else he would do, drove her to try and satisfy him. She began grinded her entire body along his hard shaft, sliding her breasts and vagina up and down along his slab of meat. She could feel the veins, coursing blood through them, pulsing against her body. Supergirl licked and kissed the shaft as her body moved back and forth. His musky scent overpowering her, making it hard for her to breath. She grinded and bucked against his hard soft flesh of a cock longer then she was, to get him more aroused. She was repulsed by her own body’s betrayal when she felt her clit start to respond and a wetness occur from her pussy.

Grabbing Supergirl and his cock, Ray stroked his meat, sliding her body faster and further along his dick with each thrust. “Looks like you’re getting back some of your super speed, Superslut.”

The friction of her body rubbing against his hot cock brought Supergirl closer and closer to the ultimate betrayal…an orgasm.

Ray slowed his stroking down and went for more control of his toy super slut. He used his hand, full of Supergirl, to move her, forcing her face and mouth to slide up and down the head of his shaft. Her tongue could taste the precum as she went over his pee hole, coating her face and blonde hair as more leaked out.

"Oh man! Yeah! You are one good little cocksucker, aren't you? You just love having a nice big dick against your mouth, don't you?" Supergirl's face burned with shame. It was bad enough having to take this animal. Being treated as if she was some kind of a whore, treated as if she LIKED what he was doing to her, made things even worse!

She tried twisting her head away, but one of Ray's fingers on each side of here head prevented her escape. Over and over he forced her mouth up and down the engorged head of his dick, gagging and choking her as his precum coated her mouth with each stroke. Supergirl was having trouble breathing. Her lungs were beginning to burn from lack of air. She felt his dick swelling even larger. She could feel his dick beginning to throb as she heard him groan. Supergirl wanted to vomit as she felt Ray pushing her farther across his shaft, so now her breasts were rubbing the edge of his cock’s head, but mostly Supergirl wanted to avoid cumming, she did not want to give this animal the satisfaction.

The friction and heat assaulted her body and drove her to the brink of orgasm. Supergirl was so very close; her body was shaking, building to a crescendo of release. She knew it would just be a few more seconds of the intense rubbing along her body and clit, part of her wanted the blindness of the release, when Ray pulled her up from his cock leaving her body and senses in turmoil.

Ray moved the tiny ex-super girl, so that she was laying on her back in the palm of his other hand. He held her at an angle so that his cock would slide up her chest, between her breasts and then against her face. Supergirl closes her eyes and grimaces as the huge cockhead slid between her miniature breasts, pushing them painfully apart and sliding up and down between them.

Not only had Ray’s repositioning of Supergirl robbed her body of orgasmic release, but also due to the angle, his hard cock pressing against her chest, his precum fluid coating her face, and his hard cock pushing against and slightly into her mouth, Supergirl was finding it harder to breath. Her arms instinctively went around his cock’s head in a futile attempt to push it away. For all her desperate might and frantic strength all it did was excite him as her fingers and arms stroked his cum-fill cock.

Supergirl tried to mentally put herself someplace else. If only her mind could escape from her body, she might survive. But it was impossible. No matter how she tried, Supergirl couldn't think of anything but the stiff, swollen piece of meat that was slapping across her chest and against her mouth. She could feel the veins bulging on the sides of Ray's dick as he pushed it across her chest, face, and over her mouth. She continued gagging and choking as Ray rubbed his cum covered cockhead. Supergirl realized with horror that he was actually trying to force his meat down into her throat.

Both the sensation of her tiny body’s movement and the little gagging noises coming from the doll sized slut in his hand was creating unbelievable sensations along Ray’s cock. "Oh, yeah!" he sighed in pleasure as Supergirl continued gagging on his dick. "Oh, fuck yeah does that feel good!"

Ray gripped Supergirl tightly and forced her head forward, straightening the passage from her chest to her mouth. He pressed into her even harder, and moaned in pleasure as he felt the intensity of her little mouth and tongue against his dick. Supergirl's air passage was blocked as Ray held himself against her mouth, rocking his pelvis against her face, her gagging and retching erotic music to his ears. He could feel Supergirl milking his dick; her arms, hands, legs, and feet wrapping around and repeatedly contracting around his meat.

Panic gripped Supergirl as Ray's dick began suffocating her. She didn't want to die a fuck-toy for a filthy organ! She tried pulling far enough away from Ray to draw air into her lungs, but the palm of his hand, just four fingers held her too tightly. Supergirl's body began jerking and quivering as she choked on Ray and fought for breath. She was beginning to feel light headed from lack of air when she heard Ray groan. She felt his dick throbbing against and slightly in her mouth as he begin to shoot cum.

As Supergirl was hit in the face and chest with a stream of cum like a fire hose hit her. She retched and gagged as she felt the first blast of thick, hot cum splatter against her mouth and into her throat.

"Gggnnuuuhhh…cccccuuhhh…oooooohhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuu." the drawn out gagging groan came as Supergirl felt Ray spraying her with his sperm. Hot gushes of thick, white cream shot against her breasts and hit her face, receiving helplessly, the warm, sticky contents of his testicles. She felt more of the warm liquid being pumped all over her body. Never had she felt so debased....not even when she had been forced to masturbate his cock with her body.

Ray moaned in pleasure as he saw the girl struggling for a breath, desperately trying to push him off her. But he was too strong and too large to be moved, and so she continued to futilely struggle against his cock with her hands and body.

She tried to take in air, but her face was coated with his salty cum and completely buried under the man’s powerful dick. His cock and balls pressed against her. Supergirl had no choice, but to swallow down his hot salty load of cum even as it was choking her.

She was unable to breathe under the enormous cock mass and she frantically beat at him with her arms and kicked her legs wildly in the air, but Ray didn’t care about the little cunt. He was too spent. He was simply going to rest there until his cock relaxed and went limp on top of her.

Eventually his cock did shrink down to its original soft mass and he slide it out and rolled it contentedly off her. The tiny Kryptonian sputters and nearly chokes as she struggled to breath through the thick salty gel, coughing and spitting as her stinging eyes filled with tears.

Finally, Supergirl gasped for air, she dropped her head forward as she greedily sucked air into her burning lungs. Her shoulders and chest were heaving as she desperately tried to pull as much air as possible into her tiny oxygen starved body. She gulped in deep breaths of the dank and musky air. Gradually, her breathing started to return to normal.

Ray could see on her face the revulsion she felt at the warmth of his cum soaking her body. The world moved by with dizzying speed for the Kryptonian beauty as she was lifted from the table and carried quickly to a small cage. At least it would have been small, if she weren't smaller. It was an antique iron birdcage, with black iron bars and an ornate lock. She was deposited inside briskly, and heard the door lock before she could scramble to her feet.

Forcing herself to anger, the once mighty Supergirl seized the metal bars of the birdcage in the firmest grip she could muster from her abused body, she pulled. And pulled. And pulled. The bars wouldn't budge. She was simply too small and weak to bend them.

“It’s no use, I have tried for a long time. The whole time you were down on the table.”

Supergirl spun around at the sound of the voice behind her. In the opposite corner of the cage, was another naked girl. The young woman Supergirl had tried to save from Ray.

“I’m Kathy and you are?”

“Kara,” answered Supergirl.

“I’m so sorry. I wish there was something that I could have done to help you.” The look of pity on the girl’s face seemed to double as she said, “I can’t believe he did all those things to you, you were so helpless.”