Posted by francine on March 04, 2003 at 21:57:10:

it's been 3 weeks since the subjects entered the
chamber. interesting developments lately. when they entered the chamber they were roughly the same size.
the husband took the leadership role and things were typical
in all natural order. he's an aggressive male and has a
naturally dominant presence. even when i take him out to administer more of the drug he refuses to submit.
i make sure i wear a low cut blouse when i handle him.
my cleavage must look incredibly threatening to him,
even though his manhood responds to this old woman
he still remains defiant. Each time i put him back he's a little smaller than before. I watch thier day to day
lives, and his struggle to remain dominant on the monitor. thier lovemaking was frequent in the beginning,
but trailed off as the male got smaller. then, a few days ago i could tell by the females actions that she was beginning to understand this role reversal. even the
way she caried herself was different.more confident than before. it's been interesting watching the male and his pride, for now the female is the aggressor and she is much larger. last night i watched her take him against his will. he fought all he could but she bear hugged him
into submission and had her way. this is turning out better than i had planned. soon i have a surprise for both of them...