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Story"Squash Club" Part 1
Wednesday, 09-Feb-2000 23:42:11 writes:

    Squash Club

    By Talisman

    The office was usually a buzz with the weekend coming, all the men involved talked of nothing else with each other. To anyone’s guess was to which such details were kept so secret, and no one was ever invited along.
    Patricia and Macy were different, a couple of new girls who didn’t know the ropes just yet, but were caught up in they’re quest for climbing the rings on the company ladder. They asked would ask consistently for an invite, but were shot down repeatedly. Only after confronting the floor manager, did they find out what the hoopla was about. They were merely told a game of squash was orchestrated every weekend. This brought out the moxie in them and they demanded to be allowed to play along with the men.
    As bothersome the two were, Jenkins and Watts finally figured the time was right to let these two along for the fun. The club location was given and both women glowed in their victory at breaking down a wall.

    Saturday night came and both women met at a coffee room mere blocks away from the club. Attired in evening wear, and holding gym bags both women talked as they made their way to the club.
    Macy took towels that were handed to them by the attendant and walked with Patricia behind toward the locker rooms. Both women sat to undress as they watched the women beginning to arrive into the locker room. Patricia became rather displeased with the whole idea that they had to fight to be invited, while the company took no pains in letting these strangers off the street in.
    As the swarms of women began to change into playing wear, no one noticed the strange mist slowly descending from the ceiling. As it came down as fine as steam, it surrounded and coated each women without so much as a tingle. Within moments the once busy locker room was now quiet, among the various small figures laid out on the floor among scattered clothes.

    Macy awoke coughing as she leaned up and over. She was aware of the noise above and around her. She didn’t look around and looked to her sides for Patricia, who was just starting to stir. Both women exchanged and then began to look around at the surroundings.
    The shock was instant. All around them there were women running scared. Naked and frantically trying to get out of the way of these sudden gigantic men to which were lumbering around and stepping in and around the fleeing crowds. As both Macy and Patricia grabbed hold of each other, a voice came from up and behind. “Welcome ladies, to “Squash night.” You really wanted to see it for yourself, well what do you think now?” Macy screamed as she gazed up at Mitchell, who ran the promotion dept. usually decked handsomely in a conservative suit. But now stood some 200 feet tall and stark naked. He bent over letting his genitalia hang over down to them. “Come ladies, join the fun.” The giant said as he helped himself to the two screaming women.
    The scene was mayhem as the tiny women in swarms were rounded up and plucked away from the different naked giants. In no time the ten giant men had helped themselves to the 30 or so tiny frail women, others were left in mere wads of squished bodies laying in the huge footprints on the tile floor.
    The giants ventured to the different steam rooms, saunas, and whirl pools to enjoy the nights crop of sex toys.
    Mitchell had made his way to a massage room, and was in the process of humping the tiny Macy within his hand with his huge cock. All the while leaving Patricia hanging from inside his anus,
    Mitchell was humping hard and sure with his penis, and never flicked a eye as the tiny woman in his grip was slowly breaking. As he finally climaxed, he let the tiny woman crumple to the floor with his ejected juice. Mitchell stood up and pulled the other tiny woman from is ass. Dropping her limp but live body on the floor, he stepped over her and looked down on her laid out body. Patricia opened her eyes and gazed up at the monstrous giant before her. And tried to scream once more as his giant foot began to descend on her. “This is why we call it the squash club.” Mitchell said as he laid his foot down hard, laying waste the tiny woman beneath his sole. Mitchell backed up and scraped the pulp from his foot, he then noticed he stepped on the other one as he stepped back, leaving her smeared on his foot in his waste cum. Mitchell wiped that foot too and left to join in on the other fun.

    End of Part 1