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Story"Spent Fantasy"
Sunday, 09-Jan-2000 14:04:47 writes:

    (Contains graphic and sexual content, and violence)

    By Talisman

    Ben and his wife Kelly were always obsessed with fantasies, their love life exhisted for it. Not that there was anything wrong with their sex life, it was just that they both had a active imagination.
    Ben was attracted to Kelly for her petite size and almost bubbly attitude, while Kelly was attracted to Ben bulk and mass. He had always been a big guy, as he stands at 6”2 weighing in at 290 lbs compared to the 5”4, 102 lbs Kelly.
    Kelly had always been ahead of the task of making their sexual activities more interesting, whether they had role playing or told fantasies while making love. Ben on the other hand loved his wife’s ideas and was always open to anything she delved in, so it came to no surprise when Ben was told of a special weekend session she had planned for them.
    Ben looked forward to this surprise just as the others, but on this weekend even he and his wild imagination would be in for a big shock.

    Ben came home after his morning golf game Saturday afternoon. He found Kelly’s hand written note on the fridge door. As he read it he grabbed a drink from inside. “Your slave has your lair ready for her master, if you enter the bedroom and watch your step, please undress and look for your sandals.”
    Ben was intrigued and couldn’t wait now as his cock rose to the occasion. He walked into the bedroom and went to the bathroom to wash up. As he finished and got totally nude, he then went to the bed and sat down. “What was the other task? Oh yeah look for my sandals” He said to himself.
    Ben looked around the floor and located them at Kelly’s side of the bed. Ben walked over and was about to slip them on when he suddenly noticed something moving around inside them. The room was a bit dark so he flicked on the table lamp. As he peered down closer he couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw a tiny doll like woman, only this couldn’t be a doll because it was laying on her side provocatively and swinging her legs sideways. Ben peered even closer. “Oh shit is that you Kelly, what ‘s going on why are you like this?” Ben said excitedly. “This is for you, you always wanted to be gigantic, so I fixed it so. Please master, pick up the VCR remote and then return to your sex toy.” Said Kelly in a squeaky voice. Ben went to the T.V and picked up the remote, he then went back to his sandals.
    “ Now master please let me message your feet while you sit and enjoy.” Said Kelly. “What is the remote for?” asked Ben still shocked. “That’s for your entertainment for later, for now just slip into your sandals and sit back and enjoy.” Answered Kelly.
    Ben thought about it for a minute then slowly slid his feet into the sandals. As he started into the one with Kelly in it, he slid it in ever so gently until she disappeared under his huge foot, he then slowly smothered the tiny wife under his sole.
    As Ben sat down he was quickly greeted by the sensual feeling under his foot, as his wife started to squirm and wiggle underneath, while caressing his flesh with various parts of her body. Ben slowly started to enjoy this fantasy. He was no longer wondering how it came about, just that it is.
    As Ben leaned back on his arms he raised his foot and felt the tiny Kelly’s body slide down his sole to his heel. He then tilted it back and felt her body return back to the balls of his foot. Kelly then appeared from within his huge toes and was emerging, as she squeezed her tiny body out. She then started to lick her way down the top of his foot, before traversing to the other foot and climbing below it.
    Ben enjoyed the feet message, and was anxious to get his other needs met. to his pleasant surprise, Kelly appeared on top of his foot again, and was climbing up his leg. Once she reached to the top of his knee, Ben was now able to ascertain her actual size. Kelly looked to be around 7 inches tall. As Ben looked over to the dresser mirror he compared his mass to the one of the tiny woman on his knee, and was totally gorged at the surreal view. He looked like a absolute Behemoth compared to the tiny figure.
    “Master, you can turn on the tape now.” Kelly said as she started her approach to his titanic cock.
    Ben laid back into the bed up against the head board and nested his ass properly into the sheets. He then pointed the remote and hit the play button.

    Kelly got to the base of his cock and started to lightly lick his shaft all the way down to his bush to his sack. Ben watched her until she disappeared beneath his crotch. Upon feeling the tiny sensations below his sack, he then aimed his attention to the T.V.

    As the video started a woman paraded across the screen on a sort of platform. Dressed scantly she started to do a strip tease for the cameraperson.
    The video viewed in and out on her as she continued to remove articles of clothing. Ben was shocked to find out that the woman on the tape was actually Kelly as the close up brought her face in plain view.
    The camera then took it view from above, where it had been all along. Ben thought this angle to be strange, but viewed on.
    As Kelly came toward the bottom of the camera angel, there was suddenly adjustments made as the camera was brought down and laid to rest on a level to Kelly’s body.
    It was then that Ben noticed that the platform she was parading on was a huge coffee table, and now behind her like some giant billboard, sat two pairs of gigantic legs on a couch behind the table.
    Both giants were sitting naked lightly jacking off their huge orgins, as the tiny woman was juggling her breasts toward them.
    Both men appeared to be dark in skin tone, and extremely smooth in skin texture. No hair was visible except in the crotch area, Ben was unable to identify or even view the upper torso of these giants as they sat with the camera aimed only at their belly’s and down.
    Kelly’s tiny image against the backdrop of these huge cocks, as the giants brought them closer to her stage, was as surreal as when he stared at his own image with her cradling his cock earlier.

    Kelly started to kiss and lick the mushroomed heads of the two huge cocks before her. All along the giants were rubbing their shafts from the base.
    Kelly had been converged upon by both men’s organs, as she feverishly tried to lick and kiss both cocks on either side of her. when all of sudden both giants held their erect heads together with the tiny Kelly in between. Together the giant men rubbed their cocks in each other, smearing Kelly’s body around, and compressing her body between them. She seemed to be in total pleasure as she was in constant assault, and was game for even more as the giants now wanted to use her for more of their pleasure. The giant of the left snatched her up and began to masturbate with her on his pee-hole, the other giant then snatched her back and did the same, a tug-of –war ensued and the tiny body of Kelly was pulled back and forth, it almost looked as if she would be ripped apart by these behemoths.
    Kelly was now the property of the left giant as the other one watched and jacked off. In his hands she was rubbed hard against his hard and wet cock, as she was also nudged into licking his pee-hole. As the giant then cupped her into his cock, he started to jack off his shaft quicker as the climax was obvious in hand. With a explosion of spewed cream, he filled his hand and engulfed the tiny Kelly. When the giant was satisfied he was down, he simply wiped his hand on his leg, smearing the tiny woman in his cum. The giant on the right then got up and leaned against the couch backwards and sat on his knees high, he then split his cheeks. The giant on the left then peeled Kelly of his leg. While holding her legs and waist in his fist, he then thrust her into the greased anus of the other giant. She was continually lolly-popped in the anus while also being smeared up and down the crack. She was then laid against her back inside the crack, and made to have her legs spread. The offending giant then mounted on top of the kneeling giant and inserted his cock into the body of Kelly and the inner thighs of the kneeling giant. He humped his cock into both tiny woman and giant thigh with great force.
    Ben was unable to see Kelly from behind the huge man, at the same time he couldn’t make out any of the two giants looks as their heads were facing away.
    As the man thrusting his cock climaxed again, he slowly retracted himself and revealed Kelly still intact inside the kneeling giants crack, only now her body encased in his cum. The kneeling giant then brought his hand around to his ass, and plucked Kelly’s tiny body out. He then rose up off his knees and sat down on his seat with the tiny woman still in hand. The other giant also came to sit down.

    Ben paused the tape and watched his own performance while Kelly was now straddling his cock between her tiny legs and climbing to his head. Ben helped her up with his finger, and held her in place on his mushroomed head, until she got her balance. Not being able to control himself, he then grabbed her legs and crammed her head into his pee-hole. “You little slut, you little whore, you like licking giant cocks, do mine now.” Growled Ben. Kelly was in her glory as the tape tapped into the part of Ben she wanted to see in her tiny state. She wanted to be handled by a giant jealous husband. Ben was up to the task as he continued to wail on her and shout out insults. “You pathetic little insect, I’m going to use you up like a condom, then mash you up, you fuckin little piss ant.” Continued the shouts from Ben. Kelly was thrust hard into his wet and slimy head, she had actually come to becoming dizzy from the onslaught, and turned her head only slightly to mention this, when Ben gigantic hand only mashed her against his meat even more.
    Ben then rose to his knees, and shoved Kelly into the fold of the bedsheets. He positioned her so her legs were spread and could accommodate his head straight on. “You want to fuck a giant, now you got your wish.” Ben signaled as he picked up his massive meat and thrust it down to her.
    The huge tip of the cock came down on her legs and pushed between. Kelly felt the huge sensation as Ben thrust his hot flesh upon her. She bounced up and down on the bed below as Ben pounded down endlessly.
    Kelly had reached her climax, when she felt multiple orgasms take hold of her. every time she opened her eyes to behold the scene before her, with the massive body of her giant husband bearing above her, and fucking her body with his thick cock, she couldn’t hold back the sensations.
    Kelly started to scream in ecstasy, he tiny voice carried upwards to the ears of Ben as he continued to assault his tiny wife. “Keep screaming, I love to hear little sluts like you scream” Ben growled.
    Ben was nearing his own climax now as he couldn’t keep back the storm rising up his shaft. He completely gave on to himself and let go.
    Kelly was submerged in the spew without notice. His huge volume of cum completely engulfed her, as she took mouthfuls of the cream. Every time she would rise up above the puddle, another gush of cum would fall like a down pour on her.
    Ben continued to hump his meat into the tiny woman, as he squeezed out every last drop of cum in his system. When he ran out of juice, he picked up his blimp and swatted down on the puddle with it, splashing it around.
    Kelly emerged from the pond scum and slowly sat up. She wiped her face and chest of the sticky cum. Ben was peering down on her with a smile on his lips. “Here, I’ll wash you off.” He said as he lifted her up in his hands. Ben then got up and walked to the bathroom. Kelly was waiting to be brought to the sink to be washed off, when Ben took the extra steps toward the toilet. He then held her body under his still erect cock. “See how you like a golden shower from a giant.” Ben said as he then poured out a thick stream of urine onto her body.
    Kelly shut her mouth and kept her eyes closed as the stench poured around her and down to the bowl below. When Ben finished he shook his hand with Kelly in it rinsing out excess pee. He then wiped Kelly’s body against his pee-hole.
    Not finished yet, Ben then leaned over the sink and brought the tiny woman toward his spread cheeks. “My ass is itchy will you get it hon?” Ben joked as he started to rub and smear her body all over his inner crack and anus.

    Ben returned to the bed after washing himself and Kelly in the sink. He sat down on the bed and hit the play button again. Kelly collapsed onto the sheets next to her giant husband, and passed out for a well deserved nap.

    As the video began, the giant holding Kelly, was still fondling her with the other watching on. Both giants then rose up. The giant holding Kelly let his hand drop and slowly let Kelly go to fall on the floor below both giants. The giant on the left then disappeared to the camera and took it down to floor level. Kelly was seen laid out on the floor looking a little hard for wear from the fall. The left side giant returned and now Kelly was laying down looking up at the two giants towering legs. both giants then took turns stepping on her as she laid there perfectly still. This continued on for a while, before the video cut out to static. As the tape returned, both giants were found sitting on the couch again involved in some discussion. Ben was curious as to what was going on now when he noticed the giant on the left side cross his leg, on the bottom of his sole stuck the body of Kelly.
    Ben took hold of his cock again as he felt his bulge. He peered over at the tiny woman sound asleep. He thought of something to get off on. Ben got out of bed and carefully picked up the sleeping woman, and slowly placed her in a oversized condom. there she laid in the reservoir against his now erect cock. As he sat down he then sat there and slowly waited for his cock to gain size before he would begin his onslaught. Ben watched his shaft rise and gain height and mass. When he saw his cock meet his navel he figured it was time to start.
    Ben began by slowly working up his shaft till he reached his tip. By now Kelly was slowly stirring and coming to. As she gained full conscious she was confused to her location. Kelly then tried to peer out of the plastic silicone chamber. It was too late for her, as Ben was now in orgasm mode and shot off his wad into the reservoir. Ben leaned forward and pumped his load endlessly into the condom, slowly filling it’s reservoir to capacity. Kelly was now somewhere in the mess. Ben slowly peeled the condom off and laid it on the floor at his feet. He then set his toe on the reservoir part and pressed down. The action forced the cream to drift toward the opening. He felt the tiny body of Kelly under his toe as she too drifted with the puddle. As he added pressure. He then dropped his foot in full force and squished the condom flat, forcing the cum out of the opening. There at the opening rim, lay the tiny body of Kelly amidst the cum on the floor. She slowly opened her eyes to see Ben’s full body mass standing before her. “Holy shit is he huge.” Kelly thought as she almost became fearful from the total mass before her.
    Ben stood there looking at her laying there, she looked like a mess lying in his cream and discarded condom. He then laid his foot on top of her body. Completely smothering her up, he applied a little pressure and then held it there for a moment. After satisfied, Ben lifted his foot to his knee and looked at the stuck body on his sole. Even the condom lay stuck and hanging of his foot. To get off another erection, Ben thought to himself at how she looked like she had squished her like a bug. “Just think Ben, you fucked this tiny woman, and now you crushed her like a bug when you were finished with her.” Ben thought to himself.
    He then played with his cock and masturbated while looking at his wife’s body still sticking to his foot.
    Kelly then popped her head off his flesh and looked at him in awe. Ben then peeled her off and brought her to his erect cock to jack off against.
    With both hands clutched together against his cock and Kelly, Ben quickened his rubbing until he climaxed. He filled both hands with his cum, as he continued to spew forward. When Ben had finished he wiped his hand on a tissue smearing Kelly’s body inside it. He then lightly crumpled it up and tossed it to the floor, and walked back to the bed.

    It wouldn’t be for a few moments that Kelly had emerged from the tissue. All sticky and crusty she walked on wobbly knees toward the bedroom.
    Not seeing her on the floor, Ben walked into the bathroom. Kelly looked up at the passing giant, as he walked over her. Ben entered the bathroom and completely stepped on the tissue on the floor. Ben looked down at his foot and saw the now flattened tissue under his foot. He panicked as he sat down and slowly peeled it off his foot, expecting to find the mashed body of Kelly insde, he was pleasantly surprised not to see her any where inside. Ben then scanned the floor and spotted Kelly at the bottom of the doorway. “It’s time I can feel it, I gaining my normal size again.” Kelly squeaked as she started to gain mass and height. Ben watched in awe as she gained her 5”4 frame again.
    Kelly went toward the sitting Ben and kissed him. “You were unbelievable, even better than I hoped you would be.” She continued. “I off for a shower.”

    At the kitchen table both Ben and Kelly were sitting and discussing the outlandish adventure. “Got any other surprises planned?” asked Ben. “If I tell you it won’t be a surprise.” Answered Kelly.
    Kelly wouldn’t indulge any discussion on how she was able to shrink herself. When asked to tell Ben who the two men in the video were. She simply told him they were some friends she had known who were into the same fetishes they were into. “Why are you interested in them, do you want them to use you like they did with me? They would do it, they’ve done it before.” Kelly told Ben. “You mean there were other times.” Ben sounded excited. “Not with me, mind you, but these guys and other people them have been into this thing for quite some time. I stumbled into it by accident.” Answered Kelly. “You mean there are other women involved too?” asked Ben. “Yes honey they would be into the giantess scene.” Kelly prodded. “Is there anything you want to try different?” asked Kelly rather coy now. “Well I kind of thought of a friend of mine that I would like to see you with, you know tiny or even maybe shrink him.” Said Ben. “No I prefer to be tiny, you know that.” Kelly stuck in. “Oh sure then, I’m sure he would get off on that, as I would watching of course.” Said Ben. “You want to watch as this guy uses me!” asked Kelly interested. “Yeah, could you get into that?” asked Ben hoping. “Yeah name the day.” Answered Kelly.
    It was then arranged after a conversation with Ben’s boyhood friend Paul. Ben didn’t get into the total run down, but only suggested a type of threesome. Paul was up for it. Saturday was the planned night.

    Paul arrived at the house around 7:00 p.m. and after some initial drinks with both Kelly and Ben, Kelly then excused herself to make herself more comfortable.
    “So what are we going to do exactly Ben?” Paul inquired. “Well you have to see what we have in mind to believe it.” answered Ben as he downed his drink.
    After some small talk, Ben noticed the tiny creeping figure on the floor. He then brought the upcoming event to Paul attention.
    Ben leaned over and picked up Kelly off the floor, with he in his palm he held her out to Paul shocked face. “She wants to be your sex toy tonight, while I watch and maybe get involved.” Ben said. “How……how…….what’s going on ….are you guys playing with my mind?” Paul stuttered.
    Ben told Paul of the whole thing in detail. As Paul became more on control of his emotions he started to come to grips with this new type of fetish, he continued to ask to how this was possible, to which the answer was a quiver of Ben’s shoulders.
    Paul accepted the tiny woman into his hands and was carefully petting her with his fingers. “She’s not a mouse, she’s your personal sex toy, use her.” Ben instructed Paul. Paul looked at Ben a little uneasy. “Your going to stand there and watch?” asked Paul. “Would you feel better if I sat away somewhere in the darkness?” asked Ben “Sure just for a while, until I get the hang of this.” Said Paul as he was now fondling the tiny woman in his palm.

    Ben turned out some lights in the room and went back into the darkness and sat and watched.
    Paul looked on at the tiny woman as she began to caress his fingers with her tiny lips and tongue. “Paul I’m your toy, so do as you wish to me, use me anyway you feel, get off on my pleasing you as often as you wish.” Kelly purred. Paul’s cock rose instantly upon hearing that little voice. He had often liked getting head from tiny Asian women he frequently met, but at the smallest one being at 4”9, she still would be a towering giantess herself compared to Kelly now. As he watched Kelly being brought down to his waiting erection, he imagined how it would be like to get his cock sucked by one of those other woman while having Kelly straddled on his cock. Paul laid back and closed his eyes as the tiny Kelly started to lick and kiss his hot tip, while he held her in his fingers.
    Ben watched from the distance, even this far out he could see the tiny figure of Kelly as she bobbed her head around the enormous cock. He started t play with his own as he sat and watched on.
    Paul got up to his feet and stripped the rest of his clothes off, while still holding Kelly in his fingers. He then sat down again and curled up his legs toward his chest while dangling Kelly’s body over his cock. She was now face first in his head as she lapped up his pre-cum ejaculation. Paul watched and groaned as he still couldn’t believe this was happening at all.
    Kelly then got free of Paul’s fingers and planted herself at his base, she then started to rub and kiss his sack. Upon climbing his cock again, she waited as Paul brought his thick meat down to her. She then kneeled over and started to give this giant a blow job. Paul watched and groaned as he felt the tiny sensations of her little tongue and lips as she caressed his foreskin and fleshy tip. Paul then stuck his pinky finger up from behind her into her crevice between her legs. he felt little moisture as he corkscrewed his pinky into her. Kelly started to moan herself as she felt Paul’s huge pinky lifting her ass with every thrust upwards. Her vagina started to vibrate as she felt her climax spew forward. Kelly thrust herself into his cock even more as she let her saliva drip from her mouth as she took big mouthfuls of hot flesh and juice. Kelly licked the perimeter of his foreskin as Paul guided her around his cock with his pinky still attached. Once the sensation rose up in him he gathered her up in his hand and cupped her against his tip. Paul then masturbated with the tiny woman compressed against his pee-hole. Kelly kept her face on his flesh and awaited the immense wash about to flourish out.
    Paul kept his climax at bay until he couldn’t hold on any longer. Once unloaded his cock flowed out like lava, the hot and sticky cream against his fingers.
    Paul felt the tiny body of Kelly floating inside his cupped hand. He then switched hands and continued to spew the remaining cum into that hand. Paul then brought both hands together and smeared the cum and Kelly together. He then wiped his hands on his hips and legs, leaving Kelly spread apart on his gams.

    Ben had unloaded his load by now, and rose up to approach the party. “Is it okay if I come in now?” Ben asked. Paul nodded a he was still breathing hard. “Wow this is great, we gotta do it more often.” Paul said in satisfaction.
    Ben looked on at his tiny wife spread against his leg. “Lets really give her a fuck to remember.” Paul said as he lifted the tiny woman off his leg upside down. “Between the both of us she will be in some deep cum.” Ben commented as he undressed.
    Both men were upon Kelly instantly, as she was quickly put to work licking and kissing both cocks back to erection. Both men’s cocks dragged like deflated blimps before the tiny woman, as she tried to lift them and rub the inner head hiding inside. Before she knew it she was then being compressed between the ever increasing mass of the growing cocks. Both cocks now towered over her as she tried to stem her excitement as to which cock to climb first. As she decided to climb Ben’s first, both men playfully wrestled with each other as to the ownership of the toy between them. Kelly was overwhelmed as the two titans grappled with each other. At times she would feel being crushed between their pecks and belly’s.
    After the men settled down, Paul had Kelly again, and was masturbating her against his foreskin, while Ben watched and jacked off his own cock. “Are you close to coming yet?” Paul asked. Ben nodded as he quickened his pace. Paul then brought the tiny woman down between both cocks. While both men continued to masturbate over Kelly, she sat still in her knees and waited for the onslaught.
    They exploded simultaneously as they quashed Kelly down with the heavy load. She was buried beneath the mountainous blobs. And as she got up continuously to lick up the cocks before her, she would be knocked down by the next gushfull from either cock.
    Both men looked down proudly as their puddles totally engulfed the cushion and held Kelly beneath the surface. Ben sat back and took a drink. Paul got up in the meantime and stood over the mess. He then squashed the puddle with his left foot. He then lifted it to Ben’s eyes. Ben looked on at the sight of the puny wife now stuck to his friend’s foot in the filth. Paul then peeled her off and placed her up his ass in plain view of Ben. He then sat down and searched deep for his relief. “Watch this.” Paul instructed Ben, as he leaned over and stretched his ass. suddenly he let out a loud and wet fart. Ben expected to see Kelly rush out from the gust, but was still embedded in his crack. Paul turned to see if she was also ejected. “She’s still in there, Ben I got your wife up my ass, isn’t it crazy that I can say that?” Paul commented as he reached inside his ass for the prize. Ben felt his body float in a sensual sea of fetish lust, as he wanted to do more and see more things done to his tiny wife, he almost wished those giants in the video were here too.
    Paul finally got Kelly out and was holding her in his clenched fist now. “You know what you were right, I am really getting into this. Do you mind if I take her to the bathroom?” Paul asked. “Look she’s your toy, remember do as you wish.” Ben reminded. Paul then smiled and leapt up. “Wait till you see this” Paul said as he jogged to the bathroom.
    Once inside he made his way to the toilet and sat down. He then pulled Kelly to within inches of his cock, now inserted into the toilet. Paul then let out his thick stream of urine splashing Kelly’s body in his hand. As Paul continued to piss, he stuffed her face into his cock. He then wiped her body against his pee-hole with every orifice of her body. Paul then slipped on his underwear, and inserted the tiny wet woman into his ribbon part against his ass-hole. As he sat down again, he called forward his inner strength and forced out a really wet fart. As he sloshed himself in his seat. He then rose feeling the now wet underpants beneath his ass. Paul called for Ben to come. As Ben sauntered in he was met with Paul pulling his underwear out past his ass. “I had a little accident with your wife.” Paul said laughing. Ben looked down in interest as he saw his tiny wife implanted in huge skid mark. Paul then removed his pants, and reached down to pluck the sticky woman off is discarded shorts. “I still feel a little dirty.” Paul said as he ripped off a tissue from the roll, and inserted the tiny woman inside. He then proceeded to wipe his ass with her face up on his grip. Paul made a few swipes with Ben watching and jacking off. After Paul finished he laid Kelly out in the sink completely soiled in his stain. Ben then dropped cock on to her laid out body and spewed forward his wad.

    The fun was soon over as Kelly started to gain her size back. The three spent the rest of the evening drinking and going over their adventure together.

    It was a few weeks later, that after stewing over the video, Ben decided to tell Kelly that he wanted a session with the giants in the video. Kelly told Ben that she would arrange the session with them as soon as possible. Ben looked forward to watching the two of them have their way again with Kelly. The following week passed and Friday night was the night they had decided on.
    Ben answered the door and let in two men and to Ben’s surprise a woman. Ben initially recognized the men with their olive tanned skin, they were considerably taller than himself and looked to be of the native indian background. The woman appeared the same as the men except she was a little shorter than Ben. He figured she stood at about 5”10 and had broad shoulders and a basically thick athletic body. Ben was confused at to what Kelly had organized.
    He found her in the kitchen preparing drinks. “Are we still doing the thing tonight?” Ben asked. “Yeah just as you asked, by the way drink this now.” Said Kelly as she went to bring out the drinks. Ben without even thinking downed the glass and joined the party in the living room.
    The men and women sat around talking about how they met and found the same interests. As Ben listened carefully, he would ask the question that evaded him before. “Exactly how do you make people shrink?” The man named Isaac intervened. “It’s from a herb we harvested on our plantation back home in the Dakotas. Once we discovered it we sold off our land and moved out here to be closer to others like us.” “Like us?” asked Ben. “Microphils, that is the term used to describe our fetish.” Answered the other man Parris.
    Ben listened again to the discussion for a while until he started to feel a bit dizzy, he got up to check himself out in the bathroom when he collapsed against the door jam. As he slowly started to feel himself feeling drowsy, he heard Kelly say. “It’s okay Ben, it’ll pass just as soon as the final effect takes on.” Ben looked over to her and forced the words out. “What effect?” “Well the shrinking effect silly, you wanted this remember?” Ben couldn’t talk more as he felt like he was melting. “Oh no, she thought I wanted the session as a shrunken toy, how will I get word to her, now that it’s too late……?” Ben thought.
    Ben awoke from a short blackout to find himself on their large sofa. He looked around to see the two natives sitting around him nude, and the woman just before the edge as she was giving Isaac blow job. He watched momentarily as she grappled to hold on to the massive foreskin and lick at the same time. He lay there still afraid to move. He then saw Kelly appear from around Parry’a erect penis as she was climbing around the base. Ben rose up to greet her. “Look’s who up, the funs about to begin.” Kelly giggled. Ben then looked up at the goliath Parry. “Don’t worry little man, I’ll take good care of the little lady.” He said as he took hold of Kelly’s waist and raised her up to his tip, before putting Kelly to work at licking him. Ben was totally lost at this size and didn’t know what to do or to expect, when suddenly Isaac rose his body off the couch and stepped toward him. As Isaac reached the tiny man, he leaned down to pick him, Isaac carried the tiny man back to the couch and held him in his fist. “I want you to suck me good, you hear? And if I get any crap your gonna be in my crap.” Isaac warned Ben.
    Ben was terrified and tried to scream out his objections, but was smacked across the body with the thick finger of the giant. Isaac then brought Ben down to his erect cock, and pressed him against his organ with his fingers, while jacking off his shaft with his other hand. Ben was mortified and wasn’t about to commit oral compilation with this stinky giant’s cock. He tried to back off, but was kept in by the oppressing huge fingers behind him.
    Isaac didn’t notice any sensation, and started his anguish with the little toy. The angry giant lifted the tiny man up to his face again, and berated him before tossing him across to a cushion on the next couch. Ben landed on his back before rolling to a stop. He looked dazed for a bit as he checked to see if he was injured. He looked around for Kelly and saw her still giving Parry a massage with her body against his huge penis. Ben looked over at the Isaac as he flung the tiny native woman Rosey over to Parry. Parry then did like wise with Kelly toward Isaac’s waiting hand. Isaac then came over toward Ben and snatched the panic stricken man in his other hand. As Parry carried the tiny couple to his seat on the couch he juggled with them in his hands, before sitting down. The giant then placed both Ben and Kelly at the his crotch. “I want you two little roaches to fuck now!” Parry ordered. Ben looked over at Kelly. “Look babe we can stop now, this is getting intense.” Ben was stopped as a huge finger was slapped against his body, forcing him to fall over. “Silence, crumb, fuck the little slut or watch me fuck her to death.” The giant shouted.
    Ben screamed with all his strength his vocal chords would allow. “Please stop this, this is a misunderstanding, look Kelly tell them.” Ben pleaded.
    Kelly looked with disgust at Ben. “Not so adventurous when it’s your turn is it?
    Well I’m sick of the normal men out there in the world like you, I want size, I want massive cock.” Kelly said as she was slowly lifted up toward the towering giant above. Ben looked up and pleaded again to no avail. Parry looked down as he held the tiny woman toward his erect cock. “ Don’t worry about her, I’ll make sure she gets my full treatment, if you are still around I show you her in my underwear with my cum, urine and skid sample.” With that Parry then raised his foot and started to slam it down on the tiny man. Ben leaped off the couch to the floor, and took off as he got his footing back. Ben made his way to a corner wall unit and hid beneath it. As Ben got his thoughts together, he looked out of the gap beneath the unit and watched the action unfold before him.
    Parry held Kelly in his fingers upside down and was berating her on Ben’s actions. Isaac was trying to calm his temper by convincing him they would get Ben later. Parry in return tossed Kelly in the air catching her in his palm before retiring back on the couch. Parry then picked up his underwear off the floor, and slid them on. Once he had his gitch adjusted, he then stuffed Kelly inside his cock slot. Parry would then spend the entirety of the next hour masturbating with her trapped inside his underwear.
    Ben swithed over to Isaac as he was mercilessly thumping Rosey’s tiny body with his limp cock. “Come on slut! get me hard again.” He snarled. Rosey obeyed as best she could with her limited size and took hold of the foreskin and massaged the inner flesh. Isaac wasn’t pleased with the slow progress and thrashed her with his cock again, before plucking her up and holding her upside down toward his face. “Do you want me to eat you up and spit you out? Because it’s been down before, it’s no big deal to do it again. I’ll munch on your tiny bones with my teeth, I wont even swallow you until your completely mush.” The tiny woman pleaded with the sadistic giant. He looked over at his partner and got a wink from him to go ahead. Isaac then popped the tiny woman into his gaping maw. Once inside he washed her around inside his mouth with his saliva. The giant made crude sucking sounds as he sucked the juices down his throat, before he finally spat the tiny woman out into his hand. “How did you like it inside?” He teased. The tiny woman was hysterical in her pleading to let her live to please him better. The giant seemed to take some pity on her as he stroked her body in his hand before releasing her in his crotch. Rosey then embarked on a tirade of moves with her body to administer the sensual pleasures her giant master had summoned her to do. Isaac was slowly becoming motivated by the subtle sensations he was feeling. Isaac then slowly arched his towering cock upwards and rubbed his shaft up and down, as the tiny woman now atop of the mushroom head was busily working his head to a frenzy.
    Ben watched on as the giant flinched forward as his cock erupted like a volcano. The tiny woman was sent oozing down his shaft with the onslaught of cream pulsating out of his pee-hole. She landed at his hairy base taking in the lava of cream on top of her. The giant would look below and massage his sack with the tiny woman intertwined in thick fingers. Isaac then wiped away the cream and the tiny woman onto his thigh, before getting up and heading to the mini bar.
    After a hour Ben kept his hiding place and watched on as Parry had finally stopped playing with himself and joined Isaac still at the mini bar. Both giant men stood and enjoyed some libations while talking shop. Ben looked closer to see the tiny Rosey still sticking to the inner thigh of Isaac, while Parry still wore the underpants with Kelly entrapped inside. Ben noticed some movement from the bottom back end of the drawers as the tiny body was stirring around. Ben wondered how much more torture they would administer to the tiny woman, as he somewhat wished he was big as they were to enjoy the session.
    Parry would pick away at his ass until he suddenly let out a loud flap like fart. His drawers shot out slightly as he passed the gas. Ben’s cock bulged as he imagined Kelly being shot back into the underwear after that burst. Both giant men kept on drinking and laughing. Isaac then went for his drawers and placed the tiny Rosey inside his ass part as well. For the next few minutes the two giants continued on with some sort of dueling farting, with no concern at all with the two tiny woman enduring it. As this continued Parry sat down at let out a unusual wet fart as he slowly sat down. “Wow, that has to be a sloppy one. Parry remarked to laughter.
    Ben laid patiently as the men continued to drink and get utterly drunk in their private party. Neither giant found the time to let out the tiny woman out at any time, while they drank and played childish parlor games with their rejected body functions. At odd times during the night both men tried to make their way to the bathroom to relieve themselves only to change their minds as the feeling vanished, only to slowly relieve themselves in their pants.
    Parry removed his drawers rather clumsily, as he discarded it to the floor, he looked down for his tiny captive. Parry laughed hysterically as he called over the other giant Isaac. Both men looked amusingly at Kelly totally encased in the caked urine, and skid potted pants. Isaac remove his own and hunted out the tiny Rosey from her captive state. The giant Isaac shook the unconscious body out awake. Ben overheard the tiny woman scream as she took in some gust of air, while both giants amused themselves over her pathetic state.
    Ben was getting worried now as the giant men were completely drunk now and could easily kill the women, Kelly in particular. But in his state he didn’t know what he could accomplish, they would just as soon crush him on sight if he revealed himself.
    Both drunk giants stumbled toward the coffee table and dropped the tiny women down on the surface. They were both ordered to dance for them, as they sat and drank. The woman obeyed and started a half assed strip tease, with nothing to strip since they were both nude. Every once in a while one of the giants would get up and stagger to the table top, before leaning his ass down toward the dancing women, and relieve himself on both of them with a gust of multiple farts. Both men continued this childish prank as long as the other was willing. Both woman kept on their masters wishes, with great perseverance, as Kelly was obviously in her favorite zone. Rosey was showing some reluctance, to some of the treatment, but would continue on as the giants would show their displeasure.

    The giants were then ready for some cock play and summoned up their possessions as they plucked them up. Parry cuddled Kelly toward his erect penis, while Isaac cupped Rosey to his penis. Ben watched on anxiously as the men were clumsily jacking off with the tiny woman.
    After a long brush with Isaac’s huge cock, Rosey braced herself for the cum wash as she saw the expression on the giant’s face from up above. Isaac gushed out in vast quantities, totally drowning Rosey in it.
    Parry had dropped Kelly on the couch cushion and was assaulting her tiny body with his huge cock, as he displayed the action of fucking an invisible woman. Parry then unleashed his load onto the tiny Kelly also engulfing her.
    Ben crept out of his hiding place as the Parry seemed to be napping over his mess. Ben didn’t hear or see Isaac around, and assumed he was out like a light somewhere too. As Ben made his way to the tall couch, he looked for a way to climb up. Finding a loose thread he scaled the side till he reached the cushion stitching. Ben eased himself up got to his feet. He glanced over the behemoth sprawled over on the couch before him. Ben walked around carefully in search for a signs of Kelly. As he scaled over the rumpled blanket he was upon his crotch area. Ben scoured the area near the caking cum to no avail. He then searched the deflated cock of the giant. Ben then spotted Kelly completely caked on the still protruding head. Ben was caught between trying to pull her off, or stopping and jerking off from the view. He marveled at the very nature of the scene. With this gigantic spent cock awash with the remains of bits of cum, and his tiny wife stuck to it’s flesh like some squashed ant. Her body was extremely slimy and crusty in appearance, her hair was matted with gunk, and as he approached closer, apart from the giant’s own smell, he could pick out Kelly’s body echoed his bodily fluids and stench. Ben approached her and grabbed a hold of her limp arm. He yanked hard and fast, pulling her somewhat free. Kelly came to and looked at Ben in a strange manner. “What are you doing? don’t you see I am with my master?” She said in a hush. “Come on
    Kelly, the funs over lets get you out of here.” Ben pleaded as he reached out his arms further. “No way! Get out of here before I call him to squash you.” Kelly screaming now. Ben couldn’t believe his ears, he felt he had truly lost her to another man, but wasn’t about to give up so easily. Kelly started to wrap on the giant cock flesh in a effort to wake the giant. Ben saw his actions were now becoming futile and decided to flee.
    “My master will crush you to a paste when he finds you.” Ben heard Kelly spouting off as he ran faster now. Ben got just outside of the legs of the giant when he was suddenly slapped into darkness.

    Ben awoke amidst laughter and glass clinking. He found himself lying on the table top. He glanced over to the huge voices to see the giants still partying away. Ben raised his upper body up to a seated position. “Hey looks who’s up.” Said Isaac. “Hey I want to show you something.” Motioned the other giant Parry, as he stood up and removed his shorts. Parry then flung them onto the table next to Ben. Ben had to cover his nose from the heavy urine sent as he glanced over to see the dry cum filled shorts, with Kelly fully caked in the mess and the wet skid marks. Her body was completely stained from his excrement. She her chest was slowly rising and falling from her breathing. To Ben surprise she seemed to be in a pleasant sleep even through all what had happened. Ben looked up in anger at Parry. Parry still holding on to his sneer, plucked up his drawers and picked out the tiny body. “You know what, she’s totally mine to do with. And after having all this fun, I am going to keep her as my toy. Go to your death knowing that she going to live in my crotch and ass as you see here, and when she can’t do for me anymore I’ll just trash her, like a condom. Parry then flung the tiny man off the table to the floor. Ben managed to get to his feet just as both men were upon him. Ben could only let out a tiny scream as both sets of feet came stomping down.
    The giants made fast work of the tiny man, as he was quickly reduced to pulp under their feet. Each one taking pieces of the tiny remains with him as they stepped away.
    Parry went back to his seat and tried to revive Kelly again. “Hey! The little slut.” Parry complained. “What’s wrong?” Isaac sat down. “Looks like she done, I can’t get her to move.” Parry said as he shook the tiny woman violently in his grip. Kelly suddenly came too as she felt the violent shaking. “You wake up when I say so got it little cunt.” Snarled Parry. “I’m sorry master, I wont do it again.” Kelly pleaded. Parry then stuffed her body into his spent underwear face first, before putting them on again.
    Isaac reached inside his gitch for Rosey. She was squirming in his grasp as he pulled her out. “You know somehow I don’t think she will make a good toy, look she always squirming and stuff.” Isaac commented. He then crumpled her up in his fingers before stuffing her balled up body up his ass. “I get rid of her later if you know what I mean.” Isaac said. Both men laughed and continued to drink the night away.