The Smooth Black: Epiloge

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The Smooth Black: Part 39 **************** Epilogue-------- "....and there! Try moving them now." Nurse Owen said as she stood up holding the old style scissor-like medical clamps she had been using as a makeshift wrench, Sarah strained with her now thin arms to push herself forward on the two wheels her body was set between, with her first efforts they moved her slowly forward some 6 inches, but the more she pushed she found that indeed she could move far more freely. Sarah looked back smiling, "Yeah yeah that's going to work!" Nurse Owen smiled back and handed her the clamps, "You should probably keep these with you, incase I made them too loose or if they become looser with your movements. We should try and loosen the wheels on your cart as well." Sarah tucked the clamps into the back of her corset and pulled herself backward on the loosened wheels, making sure the adjustments made worked in both directions. "You know I was thinking, we have all those empty plastic containers and that old I.V. stand, I figured I could take one section of it and maybe make some weights...." Nurse Owen nodded with enthusiasm to this, "Yes yes and we could add water to the containers as you needed to go up in weight!" Sarah nodded grinning to this, "Yeah! And if I need motivation we might be able to have old Madam Hatter swiming around inside one of them!" To this image both Sarah and Nurse Owen began to laugh as hard as either could ever remember doing in longest time. Even by the twisted standards that had been forced upon their lives it had been a strange few days in the house. ****************************************************************_____________________________________________________ A while after Sarah had been given the dose of the pink, about the first time Nurse Owen had suggested loosening the screws in her wheels, Teresa said she had smelled smoke, others began to smell it as well but Owen played it down, telling them it was most likely something in the kitchen. The concept of a fire in the house had always terrified her for two specific reasons, most notably that she doubted Madam would bother to save all her pets, just wrap Hose around her neck and run from the house, the other reason was the more chilling to her, that as most of them were so low to the ground that the smoke of a fire would be the last thing to get them and many would live long enough to burn to death. The smells of smoke finally faded and everyone began to calm down, which was just as well for it was going to be a long night for Nurse Owen. *********************************************************************************************************************************************** No sooner had she made sure Sarah's condition was stable then Raffe began to become hysterical as "she" realized her breasts were still growing, though they didn't get very much larger it was a sign that Raffe's transformation was settling into it's final stages, Nurse Owen's attempt to explain this to him caused him to go into a near catatonic state and forced her to give him an I.V. of the nutrient as after such a drastic transformation it was necessary to quickly replenish the bodies strength or they might slip into shock and die. A little while later she checked in on Janet, she wasn't doing as well as she had hoped, while they had been able heal most of her wounds the injury to her right leg wasn't healing and Owen knew that very soon she would have to tell her she was going lose it. An hour or so later Carlotta became violent as Edith tried to clean her, wanting no one to touch the large throbbing penis that had been grafted to her just that night as even the slightest contact upon it's flesh flooded her with twisted sensations she could not bare. Teresa's limited Spanish could only translate every other word she spoke, enough to convey that Carlotta wanted them to kill her before that "Devil" got her again, Owen managed to calm her down, get an I.V. of the nutrient into her and get her to let Edith clean her and fit her with a diaper made from a band-aid and cotton, all the time she wept with humiliation. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* By about 7:15 the next morning Nurse Owen was preparing to get a few hours sleep when the stainless steel door to the infirmary slid open and they came in, two men clad in combat bodyarmor moved into the room, aiming their machineguns in all directions, using the lights on the barrels to scan the room. The patients awakened by this began to excitedly chatter among themselves, "....their A.T.F.!!" one yelled happily, which caused some of them to cheer, a few began to climb out of the bins, some dispite their injuries, and wave up at them, "Could Tina and Dina gotten them this quickly!?!" Sarah asked Nurse Owen hopefully as she tried to wheel herself forward, Owen waved everyone back as she could see that though they saw the tiny people around them they gave no reaction. She stepped toward them until the red dot of a lazer sight centered upon the red cross of her uniform top, "Who are you?! Why are you here!?!" she asked, trying to sound stern but her voice shivered slightly, one of the men finally spoke, "This is NOT a rescue, you ARE NOT FREE! You will stay here and make NO attempts at escape or otherwise interfere with us or anyone who might come in after us. Or you WILL be PUNISHED!" They said no more to Owen or the others as they continued to look through the infirmary until finally leaving to the sound of soft weeping. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* With the exception of two technicians instaling large steel grating into the rubber walls to prevent any further attempts to cut through them, they saw no other strangers, nor did they see either Madam or even Hose, who made it a point to stop in atleast twice a day, for another 2 days. Speculation of what had happened was heavily discussed, the favorite theory was that Tina and Dina had somehow burned Madam to death or baddly enough for her to call for help. It was also hoped that Hose might have been killed but this bit of speculation ended on the third day when her voice spoke over the intercom, "Nurse Owen, I hath need of thee. Ye will leave the infirmary and follow my directions. Ye will come alone." This was very strange as Nurse Owen rarely if ever left the Infirmary and then only with Madam, as the door began to slide open Sarah took her shoulder, "Don't go!" Owen took her hand and gave it a kiss, "And if I don't? It'll be alright I'll be back." she said with a smile and walked to the door, "Promise?" Sarah said forcing a smile, Owen smiled back, "Here? Never." she said as the door closed. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Nurse Owen followed the directions given to her by Hose over the intercom until she came to one of the labs and entered the circular opening created to be just large enough for her. "What is going on.....Hose?!?" Owen asked as she looked up at Hose, seeing that while she still wore her visor, her hood was now replaced with a Tophat. Hose pulled forward her device, that was about the size of a rifle to her and slung over her shoulder with a strap of the black rubber, and closed the opening in the wall. "As ye can see there hath been some changes. I hath need of thy help in a matter of healing, a task I think thee will find.....interesting." Owen watched as she lowered down to the base of one of the silver tables and used her device to lower the table until it was only a foot off of the floor, as she looked upon it her eyes widen with shock, the 4 inch Madam Hatter was strapped spread eagle to the center of the table naked, one of her feet was swollen and misshapen and seemed to be prepared for some form of medical procedure, Madam glared up at her enraged, "What are you staring at you fool!?!!" she yelled even as the grin spread across Owen's face. "As ye can see our 'dear Alice's' foot hath improperly dwindled, ye" but Hose would have to wait with any further instructions as Nurse Owen began to laugh uncontrolably as Madam screamed up, "Don't you dare laugh at me!!!! Don't you dare!!!!!" ********************************************************************************************************************************************** The controled dwindle of Alice's foot took a couple of hours and she would wind up losing two of her middle toes in the procedure but what remained was down to a proper scale and she would be able to walk upon it in time, Nurse Owen thought that this news might in some small way lessen Janet's own pain when she would finally tell her about her leg. She did little more than take instruction from Hose and was amazed at how well she knew this arcane science, if Alice were at all amazed she refused to show it, giving snide remarks about her technique in between her screams of pain. When they were finished Hose left for a moment and let Owen bandage her foot, to the former Madam's suprize Owen was very gentle, "Heheheheh You really are a fool! You could have taken your revenge upon me during that little butchery! You could take it now. But there you stand....useless as always!" To this Nurse Owen smiled down at her in an almost dismissive manor that enraged her. "You may be incapable of understanding this...but I don't like causing people pain and while your 'little' predicament does amuse me somewhat, I don't want to cause you pain. As far as I am concerned Madam....sorry ' Alice' I have already won, I managed to keep my humanity and help others live through your 'reign of terror', that's my victory." Owen took a cloth out she always carried with her and wiped her hands, reguarding her former mistress as she stared up with growing anger, "You know....I think the reason your trying to goad me into hurting you is maybe that you hope I'll lose control and snap your little very cowardly of you." Alice tried to pull herself free of her bonds, "You..filthy...!!!!" she spat up, Owen merely shook her head dismissively, "I'm afraid your going to have to 'reap what you've sown' and I can't think of anyone better to help you do so........ then your prized pupil." ********************************************************************************************************************************************* "I thank thee for thy confidence dear Nurse Owen." Hose said happily as she lowered back down into the room, carrying something in her left hand, "I don't condone what your doing but as far as she's concerned I don't care. I would suggest you not..... 'play with her' for a little while, atleast until she has properly healed." Owen said simply, Hose nodded to this, "Oh aye. I hath a place to keep her until she be ready." and with that she held up the used mens sock, "Wh what!?! Where did you get that!?!" Madam raged up, "I found it in one of the preperation rooms, I can only think that when ye prepared the man to be dwindled and placed into thy dear Celeste's binding ye carelessly dropped it to the floor, another sign of thy incompetence." Hose took a playful sniff of the sock, "Hmmmm smells like he worked a long hard day." Hose aimed her device with her free hand causing the bindings on Madam's wrists to release from the table and merge together into a handle like strand, as her legs were released Hose swung her device to her side and grabbed the wrist bindings, picked up the kicking and screaming woman and dropped her inside. "Let me out of this filthy thing you miserable curr!!!" Hose sprayed the opening of the sock with the black and used her device to seal her inside, all the time howling her helpless outrage. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* "Will there be anything else!?!" Nurse Owen intoned as Hose used her device to create a hook in the rubber wall and hung the sock with it's struggling occupant from it,"Uhh What!?!" Owen cried out as suddenly a loop of Hose's cable wrapped around her upper body, trapping her arms, picked her up off of the floor and brought her up to face Hose, "Aye there is. There be other reasons I brought thee here." Hose said as she ran her hands down the sides of Owen's face, down her neck and back and forth over the tops of her breasts, "I ah assumed it was to further humiliate your former mistress." she tried to say in an even tone, then gasped out as a coil of the cable massaged her inner thigh, "There be that ofcourse. But I wished to show thee but one of the skills that dear Alice hath kept from thee, in truth she enjoyed watching thee fumble about with thy bandages and old Nurses ways. I can show thee skills to not only help thy charges heal quickly but allow thee to explore ways to improve the lives of the more twisted of might even discover ways to make interesting use of them, to benifit thy other charges ofcourse." Owen looked at her with disgust, "I would never do that to them... you can keep your.....'skills!' Ohhh!!!" Hose lowered and slid her hand between her legs, sliding her tiny fingers in and out, "Well my offer be always open to thee. I would ask thee then to remind thy 'girls' that though Alice nolonger rules this house ' I ' do now rule it, and I shall stand for no acts of defiance as thee and thy dear Sarah engaged in the other night." Hose kissed the lips of her pussy gentley, "Remember 'All' of thee are but a failed task or even a careless word from being even more twisted the thee be now." Hose gave the pussy lips a hard bite which caused Owen to cry out in fear, tears filling her eyes. Hose seeing her point had been made, set her lightly down to the floor upon her shaking legs then opened the wall for her to leave, "I bid thee goodnight sweet Nurse. And do think upon my offer." ___________________________________________________*********************************************************************** When Owen returned it was late and only Sarah had waited up for her, to calm down from her strange conversation with Hose she offered to help with Sarah's wheels, which was interupted when she told Sarah of Madam Hatter's fate, to which both of them laughed, finally they finished work on the wheels and laughed once again. "We .....we got to tell everyone first thing, I just wish we could have a party or something!" Sarah said finally, to this Owen placed her hands on her shoulders, "Sarah, listen OK, we will tell them in the morning but.....I don't want them thinking anything is over, or to get their hopes up to high." Sarah looked at her confused, "What are you talking about!?! This is the best thing that ever happened in this fucking place! Bitch got what she deserved!" Owen nodded, "Yes your right ofcourse. But Hose is now incharge and things could get worse!" "How!?!" Sarah nearly yelled, Owen put a finger to her lips, then when sure none of the others had awoken continued, "Hose made it very clear that she won't brooke any resistance, and I think she is going to want prove herself a Mistress, whether it be to these other Hatters or her old Mistress or to us or even herself. She could do some horrendous things just to make a point and I think it could only be a matter of time before we see something like that. Especially if we get talk about escape, such as when ever Janet is awake. For all we know Hose might want to scale down everything in the house for herself....including us!" Sarah gave a shudder to this last thought, seeing she'd frightened her Owen gave her a hug, "Honey look...I'm not saying to lose hope, just be weary, OK?" Sarah smiled and nodded "Yeah OK!" and hugged her back. ********************************************************************************************************************************************** "Do you think.....they got away?" Sarah asked finally, something she had been wanting to ask for a couple of days, Owen smiled, "Yes!...Otherwise Hose would have shown them to me if she had them alive.....and shown them to all of us if they were dead." Neither of them had to look up to the shelves containing the amber jars to remember how such examples had been made of others to them in the past. "Do you think they can get help?" Sarah dared ask, Nurse Owen held her smile as best she could as she answered, "I...don't know, but until we know for sure we are going to do what we always do.....take care of the girls as best we can." Sarah shook her head and hugged her again. But dispite all assurances and hopes Sarah could only wonder if Tina and Dina had truely gotten away. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ For Willma Tupps the past couple of months had been in many ways the best of her life since her husband had died, she just wished she didn't have to feel the guilt as well. The year had not started out so well, her employer Berverly Simms had refused her raise, telling her that if she thought she could do better at one of the local fast food restaurants to be her guest, the problem was that if she wanted to keep her house she might have to apply to one of these as a side job. She had worked for the Simms for nearly 8 years, starting in a parttime possition for Mr. Simms then at full time for Beverly, her duties were to help Beverly with the computer work, answer the phone, get breakfast, lunch and coffee and the odd run to the liquor store anytime Beverly wanted it and ofcourse to take the blame for all of Beverly's mistakes, she had been well aware of herself being called "Willma the worm" for quite awhile and had simply come to except it as part of her job. Then one day it seemed her job was about come to an end and all because of a freak flood. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** It had been one of the worst accidents ever to happen in the town of Liddia's Falls, atleast since that bus load of Cheerleaders went over that bridge in the early 90s, Willma found out about it the next afternoon when the police came to the office to inform her that Beverly was dead. What the officers told her was that Beverly had gone up to an old distressed property owned by Miss Hatter after the electricians she had mistakenly hired to upgrade the wiring did some damage to some new renovations to the house. She stayed to make sure the repairs were completed then as they drove back to town the rain caused a flash flood that washed all three vehicals into a riverbed, sinking them in the mud and killing all five people, the force of the flood was said to have mangled their bodies beyond recognition. Nearly everyone in town went to the funereals for the electricians as Jack Natlo and Tina Meyer were well known and liked, it had become a minor media event. Very few people came to Beverly's funereal, though a News woman briefly spoke to the camera some 200 feet from where it took place, most who did come were there to console Willma as she looked to be out of a job, many offers for parttime work came in to her but nothing that would pay the bills. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* The day after the funereal Willma got a call from a Mr. Paul Lewis who said he represented Miss Hatter's interests in Beverly's company and wanted to go over the books with her, though worried what he might turn up in Beverly's "creative book keeping" she said she would meet with him that morning at the office, hoping she wouldn't be leaving in hancuffs. Paul Lewis turned out to be a kind good natured man, they spent most of the day looking through the records and he concluded that since Beverly had "borrowed" so much from Miss Hatter's finances that she now owned the company free and clear, Mr. Lewis was going to take over the buisiness and continue handle Miss Hatter's affairs and asked if Willma would be willing to stay on. In a move Willma had thought of as the most daring thing she had ever done, she casually mentioned that she had been discussing a raise with Mrs. Simms before her death, Mr. Lewis smiled and offered her twice her current salary, she agreed and laughed all the way home in her car, Willma now would have more than enough money to live on, which was good as she would soon have two new mouths to feed. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Four days later as she was driving home she saw something at the side of the road that looked at first like a doll and slowed down to take a closer look, as her favorite hobby was to repair old dolls and make doll clothes, sometimes selling them to local gift shops for extra money, but as she came to a stop she saw to her awe that the tiny figure was moving. As she got out of her car she saw the filthy 13 inch woman wrapped in a plastic shopping bag waving for her, "Please have to help us!!!!" she pleaded up. As Willma stepped closer the little woman went to the curb and picked up a small bundle of rags and as she looked closer at it Willma saw an even smaller woman wrapped within, shivering with fever. Willma knelt down to them, seeming confused as to even how to pick them up, "Ah ah ah Alright I ...I'll get you to a hospital....!!" to this the larger girl shook her head frantically, "No no no!! No Cops no hospital! Just....take us somewhere...somewhere safe, warm for Dina!!" Willma nodded to this and with shaking hands picked up the small woman and her smaller bundle, placed them in her passenger seat and took them to her house. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Willma would get another shock when she unrapped the rags from smaller girl and saw the bellyring that seemed to be grafted to her small stomach, "OH MY GOD!!" she shouted, the larger girl knelt down next to the small shivering form, "'s OK ...just don't try to take it out, we don't know what'll happen if.....just help her please!!!" Willma cleaned her off with warm water and wrapped her in a couple of face clothes and put her near the heater, she then cleaned the larger girl, whom she discovered was named Tina and gave her a cloth to wrap around herself, soon after her utter exhaustion caused her to fall into a deep sleep next to Dina. Willma stayed up all night keeping watch over Dina, in her delirium calling out strange things like, "Hose!" or "Rat Catcher!" or "Shrink Motherfucker!!" The next morning she called in to the office and asked to have the day off to "Look after a sick friend.", she was worried that Mr. Lewis would be angry as she had just started working for him, but he told her it would be alright and to take as much time as she needed. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** By late afternoon Dina's fever had broken and she became fully conscious for a little while, long enough for Tina to tell her they were safe, then went back to sleep. Tina had calmed down enough for Willma to be able to give her one of the old doll dresses she'd made and make her some food, which she eat gratefully, when she was finished she began to tell Willma their tale. It took a couple of hours to tell, during which time Dina awoke and gave some of her own observations, Willma was horrified not only by what they described but by the fact that she had and now more closely did work for Miss Hatter, a fact she decided not to tell them at this time, as well as by the realization that they were two of the people said to have died in the flash flood and this made her wonder about Beverly, part of her a little amused about the idea of her being shrunken, but again said nothing. When the story was done Willma got Dina some food and asked them what they wanted her to do if not go to the police, Dina spoke up, "We could go to the Feds....the F.B.I.! Don't call them about us! Just go into one of their Offices and show us to them, then they'll have to believe you and we can send them to get Nurse Owen and the others out and put those bitches away!" Tina nodded to this as did Willma, "OK but I'll have to see where the nearest....." Just then the phone rang, "Whose that!?!" Tina nearly screamed out, Willma held out her hands in a calming motion, "It's alright dear, it's probably Mr. Lewis wondering if I'll be in tomorrow. Don't worry dear." she said as she went to the phone. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* "Hello?" Willma said as she put the phone to her ear, " fair my pets?" the small lilting voice said, she knew the voice at once, it was that receptionist of Miss Hatter's she spoken to over the phone at work, Miss Cable was the name she'd been given, she looked into the living room to see if they were listening but Tina was talking softly to Dina as she handed her a noodle from the small dish of Macaroni and cheese. "I ahhh am sorry I think you have a wrong number!" Willma said, fully knowing it was useless, there was a soft sigh at the other end of the line, "Would ye do me the courtesy of looking out of the window next to thee?" Willma rose a shaking hand to the window shade, terrified that she knew there was window beside her almost as much as what might be on the otherside of it. She saw a man standing at the end of her walkway wearing a long coat and wide brimmed hat, sitting patiently next to him was a large black dog, in one hand he held a cell phone to his ear, as he saw her he gave a tip of his hat to her, causing her to gasp. "It took Mr. Sloat awhile to track them with the rain and all, but find them he did." Willma turned away from them so they couldn't see her begin to cry and whispered her pleas, "Please! They have been through so much, the the little one is very sick! I don't think she'll...." a small shushing sound eminated from the other end of the line. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* "Calm thyself!" the voice chided, then continued, "As ye seem to be attached to them and hath thus far taken well care of them I make thee this bargan. I hath reciently taken control of this house and I be still getting things settled so their reintroduction would but complicate matters at this point. Thus I shall allow thee to care for them until such time as I shall lay claim to them once more, ye may do as thee wish with them, provided they be in good health for my eventual use. What say ye?" Willma stole another glance at them before answering, "They....they've asked me" the voice finished for her, " go to the authorities. Aye I know this, Mr. Sloat hath put listening devices around thy house, though they be upon the outer walls they hear every whisper. Fear not I hath a way for thee to ensure they stay with thee willingly without ye having to take any drastic measures....unless ye hath a wish to do so. So dear Willma..... hath we a bargan?" Willma closed her eyes tightly, squeezing tears from them, ".....yes....." ******************************************************************************************************************************************** "Who was it?" Tina said wearily as Willma returned looking a little shaken, "Ah that was Mr. Lewis...he has been having some problems with the computer, I'm going to need to go into work tomorrow. But I was thinking that...once I've got the computer going that I could go on to the F.B.I. website and find out where their nearest office is." Dina smiled up, "Yeah that's a good idea, less likely for them to trace any calls! Thanks Willma!" Tina nodded up as well "Yeah thanks, for everything!" Willma forced a smile, "Your welcome dears." her guilt seeming to tear at her insides. She made a place for them to sleep in her bedroom, the next morning she made them breakfast, 1 boiled egg and a half a piece of toast, and got ready for work, when she got out to her car she found the large manila envelope laying in her drivers seat. As she did her work at the office her eyes never left it and she worried that Mr. Lewis would ask about it but all he said as she left to go home that afternoon was that he hoped her friend was feeling better, to which she thanked him, when she left he made a call to the house. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** When she drove into her driveway she wondered if they might have taken them while she was at work, part of her almost wished they had to spare her from what she had to do next. "Did did you get through, do you know where the office is?" Tina asked as she stood up from the pillow on the bedroom floor, "Wh When are we going to go!?!" Dina, who was wearing a short sleved dolls blouse which reached to her ankles, asked as she stood up on the pillow, both seeing the sad look on her face as she pulled the three sheets of paper from the manila envelope, "I...saw the website.....I printed it out to show you." She laid out the papers face up infront of them, their tiny eyes widen at what they saw. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** The first sheet had the F.B.I. letterhead at the top and the words, "All Points Bulletin" in bold red text below it, the rest of the text spoke of a robbery at a Cap-Ton Biotech lab in which two researchers were brutally murdered and several experimental drugs were taken, and cautioned that the chemicals were highly unstable and that one or both of the suspects may have been effected by them. The other two pages had the descriptions of each of the suspects, the picture for Teresa Chavez, who had been a dealer in Atlantic City before being fired for helping a customer cheat and was a minor criminal and heroin addict, was taken from Tina's drivers licence. The picture for Lita Howard AKA Rita Nikkita, who had been a minor hitwoman suspected in atleast 9 murders, including a Brazilian druglord and a little girl, had been taken from a mugshot of Dina from a drunk and disorderly charge in Florida on springbreak, she had pled no contest to and got a suspended sentence. Both were 13 and 14 on the most wanted list. "We.....we didn't do this!!!!" Tina yelled up to Willma, "Ohhh I know dear...I don't believe it for an instant...." at that moment Dina spoke almost unheard, "They own them!" she fell to her knees onto the paper with her picture and this other woman's life and began to sob, They...they own the fucking Feds!!!" Tina knelt to comfort her but began to sob as well, finally Willma joined them. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hose had listened in on the little drama that she herself had orchestrated, while the Hatters did control several key agents in the F.B.I. and other such agencies they prefered to simply use their own incompetence and fumbling bureaucracies to their advantage rather than to try and run such cumbersome organizations, the documents had been faked, and worked perfectly. Hose would listen in upon them once in a while as they settled into their new little lives, made quite comfortable by Willma in her effort to suppress her own guilt, she would wonder why she allowed this when she could just as easily have Mr. Sloat and his animal go get them, in part it was that she was still making her house over to her liking and such destructive pets could complicate this were she not ready for them. But the truth, which she was loathed to admit but rather do so then slip into the trap of denial that had in part destroyed her Mistress, the truth was that it was a kind of gratitude, they in their actions, as inadvertent as they were, had given her a more wonderous life. And so for now she allowed them to live their quiet little lives, such as they were, knowing that she could take them anytime she wished. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Willma set up a dollhouse in a back room for them to live in, just as Nurse Owen had prophesied, though neither of them admited as much, both Tina and Dina tried not to speak much of Nurse Owen or the others at the house as the guilt of leaving them was hard enough to bare without speaking of it. Both seemed to change as they became accustomed to their strange new existances, Tina grew closer to Willma, enjoying her attentions as she made her ever more elaborate dollclothes and seemed to enjoy her doll-like status a bit to much, reigned in only by Dina's roll of her eyes or shake of her head. Dina, who only wore bikini like clothes because of her bellyring, grew more sullen and withdrawn and spoke less and less, though she still showed kindness to Tina and Willma, she began to go on long explorations of the house for hours by herself, finding some $57 dollars in change and a diamond ring Willma had lost years before, there was evidence that she may have been outside the house but would say nothing about it. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Though they never spoke of the house they all to often dreamed about it. Tina would have a recuring dream of herself, Willma and Dina sitting in the back room, all dressed in fine Sunday clothes having a tea party while behind them a doll house version of Madam's house began to smoke and burn as tiny versions Nurse Owen and Sarah screamed for help from inside but in the dream Tina seemed not to hear them, or to care. Then a toy Firetruck pulled up to the front of the doll house and tiny versions of her Father and Brother dressed in firefighting gear got out and used their small hoses to try to put out the fire, screaming for her to help but she ignored them and continued with her tea party. When the dollhouse exploded engulfing the small firemen and their truck in flames she woke up screaming. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Dina would dream that she had shrunken to a quarter of an inch tall, the bellyring had remained it's former size and now seemed to be fused to her chest as well, her flesh grotesquely stretched around the ring as it sat upright on the rubber floor of the playroom in Madam's house. Desperately she pushed the now huge ring inspite of her pain as behind her Allegra, standing upon her heels that now were tipped with silver scalpels, lurched forward in unsteady jerks as now one of her breasts was four times the size of the other, her face twisted with her rage as she shrieked, "Your next you little cunt!!!". Between herself and Allegra Tina was strapped helplessly to the floor as she had been and as the blades began to slice into the flesh of her legs she screamed out for Dina to help her, Dina could only wimper, "I can't....I'm sorry!!" as she continued to push the ring slowly across the floor and cry as she heard Tina's wails agony and the seemingly ghostly laughter of Madam and Hose, she too awoke screaming from these dreams. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Willma did what she could to comfort them from nights like these and did her best to keep them happy and safe and in time they came to care for her as well. And as time went by she found caring for them took away the loneliness she had felt since the death of her husband and for the most part she was happy, she just wished she didn't have to feel the guilt and fear. The guilt that no matter how many dresses she made for them, or how many wonderful things she cooked for them, that in the end she had and was betraying them. And the fear that one day there would be a phone call or a knock at the door or that she would simply come home from work or shopping one day and they would be gone and she would be alone once more. Willma told herself that on that day she would go out to the house and ask, beg if necessary to be with them, she knew that there was unimaginable cruelty there but in the end Willma Tupps couldn't imagine anything worse than being left alone once more. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ "And how fair thee this evening my sweet Alice?" Hose said as she up ended the filthy sock on to the lab table, spilling her former mistress, a half melted piece of brie cheese and a few droplets of her waste on to it's surface, she had spent over two weeks in the sock, taken out only twice in that time, once to have the bandage on her foot changed and coated with the black rubber to keep it dry and clean, as she was forced urinate and defecate within the sock and Hose would every so often give her prison an unexpected shake, which had left her coated in her own filth. Soon after this she was taken out when she refused to drink the nutrient, demanding "real food", to this Hose pulled her out by the two rubber strands that bound to her wrists and gave it to her rectally, after this outburst Hose merely stuck the eyedroppers tip into the socks opening and she drank the droplet of nutrient, she would stop most of her raging and violent acting out as she knew that Hose was enjoying her humilation. Everyday Hose would stop by the sock and tell her of how she was changing her former house, when she replied at all it was with some cruel barb or taunt and once or twice even came close to hurting Hose's feelings, small saticfaction however for one whose world had been reduced to the filth strewn inside of an old sock. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Hose swiveled from one side to the other looking over her former mistress as she stood defiant, dispite her size, her bound hands and her naked filthy body, "How fair thy foot, do ye miss thy toes? But please walk, see how it hath healed." With a stern look upon her face she took a few striding steps, there was a minor twinge of pain and she limped a little but her foot was indeed healing well, Hose smiled, "Aye it hath healed well, ye will be running before ye know it, may hap even from me." as she seemed to absently dangle the rubber cord that bound her hands infront of herself, which was about 1 1/2 times her own length, she gave her a humorless smile, "Only to gain the higher ground on you." Hose gave a little laugh, "That be quite a run for thee now ehh?" Hose coiled to the other side of her looking over her body, "Ye hath lost weight. To be expected I suppose, all the rich foods ye indulged in now replaced by the nutrient. But thy figure shall be lean indeed with thy new....exertions." ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Hose then eyed the melted filth encrusted piece of cheese laying near her, given to her former mistress two days earier as a little celebration of Hose having successfully handled a buisiness transaction over the phone with only a little advise from Mr. Lewis, "Oh did ye not care for thy gift?" Hose asked, noting it looked to have been chewed on reciently dispite the coating of excrement, to this Alice gave a mocking bow, "Ohhh it was so much for my 'little stomach' have some!" she then did an almost dance like move over to the cheese and kicked it up at Hose, wincing as she had to pivot on her bad foot. Hose laughed as she leaned her head slightly to one side as the slimey projectile sailed past her head and on to the floor behind her, that was when Alice spun again, using her arms to swing the rubber cord on her wrists up toward her, meaning to wrap it around her neck. Quickly Hose reared back, letting the cord wrap around her forearm, then rose sharply upward pulling her former mistress off of the counter to dangle high above the floor, "Well played little Alice, well played indeed..." Hose said as she leared down a her hanging captive, then suddenly grimiced, "Ohhh!! Thou hath indeed gained a fowl stench! My eyes be watering beneath my visor for it!" Alice glared up enraged, "Feel free to lick me!" Hose smiled down wickedly, "And why should I do that? When ye hath a new 'showerhead' ye have only used but once....." ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Argh!!...Watch getting that soap in my eyes you miserable...Umph!!!" Alice yelled only to have her former "Showerhead" slap one of the sponges on her hands across her former owner's face, though she was still slightly larger than her she nolonger had any fear of her as her former mistress hung by her wrists by the strands of the black rubber held by Hose, she used her sponges to scrub her as hard as she could until her skin was a bright pink, she was singing to herself in a whisper a song she only half remembered, Hose finally realized what it was, a song by one of the new groups of musicians she had come to like who were known as "Nine Inch Nails", it was called "Happiness in Slavery", and seemed please her talk with the other week had a "possitive effect" on her. She looked into Alice's eyes as she as she ran the sponge back and forth between her legs pushing it's edge hard up into her pussy and anus, but got only a steely glare in response. "There how do you like being clean slut!" the Showerhead hooted as she gave her stomach a hard slap with her sponge, raising a loud splashing thwack and splashing Hose's visor with a droplet of suds, which she wiped away with her free hand, Alice's suds caked face smiled out at her wouldbe tormentor, then all at once raised her knees and kicked out with both feet catching her across the face, bloodying her nose and sending her jerking back hard upon the armature she was strapped to, "You fuck!!" she cried and lurched forward on the armature and swung a sponged hand wildly at her, only to have her target lifted out of reach at the last second, "That be enough! Finish thy work!" Hose ordered, "Y yes...."Mistress!" she replied wiping the blood from her nose with her forearm. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Hose adjusted the controls below the showerheads feet causing the small water nozzle set at the back of her head to spray a powerful pulsing blast of water, she then bowed forward and let the streem hit her former mistress as Hose lifted her up and down and turned her to rinse all the suds from her, she flailed as the setting that at her former size had given her such pleasure now beat upon her body mercelessly and threatened to drown her. Finally Hose shut the water off and left the coughing Alice to hang upon a hook she'd once used to hang her robe to drip dry, Hose turned back to the Showerhead checking her over and reset her arms into their clamps, "I see ye hath come to enjoy thy toils more then from thy first efforts." Hose said finally, "Y Yes Mistress, I enjoyed it very much! Th Thankyou!" Hose smiled to this, "That be a good thing.....I feel one should enjoy a thing the last time they partake of it." "What do mean 'Last time!?!" she asked growing frightened, "Well I hath no need of a this time. But fear not I shall set ye another task, ye may not enjoy it at first but as thy form shall be further altered for this new task ye shall grow accustomed to thy new time. I bid thee a goodevening." As Hose coiled back to her former mistress she called out as her armature pulled her back into the corner, "What new task!?! What Alterations!?!" Hose used her device to make the strands that held Alice's hands shorter and thicker, she then lifted her Tophat slightly and hung Alice about her neck like a bizarre neckless. As she rose to the dome in the ceiling a small voice echoed through the shower room, Please I I can do better....I can be gentle ....I'll clean you really really good!!! Mistress!?!" ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Alice hung from Hose's neck, her small upraised arms cradled by her now larger naked breasts, trying not show her amazement of her new perspective as they were both carried by her platform through the pasageways in the ceilings of the house. What infuriated her the most was how Hose continued to monitor the house's systems from the small screen at the bottom of the platform while continuing to fondle and caress her body with either hand. "So what mockery of Hatter ritual are you going to inflict upon me next?" she asked trying to sound bored, Hose smiled down at her, "As it be tradition for the condemed to hath a last request I thought I might give thee thy last request ye made of me a little over two weeks ago." Seconds later the platform came to a halt in the middle of one of the passageways infront of a 5 foot wide brick collium that had been once one of the secondary chimneys, at the center was an old iron door to a small coal oven, as Hose turned the metal handle with both hands, giving Alice a slight squeeze with her breasts in the process, she smelled that WD 40 had been reciently applied to the handle and hinges, "What is this!?! Where does this lead!?!" she demanded, managing to hide her growing fear. *********************************************************************************************************************************************** As Hose came to the otherside of the small opening she reached up and pulled a small chain which turned on two lights strung at the bottom and top of the interior of the chimney. As she looked up Alice saw them lining the bricks on all sides, stuck into morter with pins, as Hose rose slowly up through the chimney with her she was amazed how many there were, but then Hose had been collecting them for quite a while. Most of the flaps of black rubber were 4 to 5 inches, roughly oval shaped and covered with curly pubic hairs of different sizes, length and colors, some were smaller as these were taken from those dwindled before being properly prepared and one was a small piece of hardcandy with a quarter inch tuft of brown hair, Alice looked up confused as she had not seen her do this, Hose smiled down sheepishly, "Something I read upon the internet and thought to try." Hose rose upward in a slow corkscrew motion to show off every piece in her collection, and remembered the stories behind each one, sharing many with her shrunken former mistress, these once fond memories now painful reminders of what she had lost. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* As they rose it became clear that the most recient additions were near the top of the chimney and as they pasted the only white rubber flap, that of Mixer's, Alice could see the crowning glory of Hose's collection, just above the flap of Tina's pubic hair Alice's Tophat was set sideways against the brick, as they rose up to look into the brim Alice's eyes widen with new rage as she saw that her hat was held to the wall by her father's 6 silver scalpels driven into the brick, this included the one Mr. Sloat and Luke had found in their search for Tina and Dina. They were set in a circular pattern about 6 inches around and stretched between their protruding handles was the rubber flap that contained the shrunken pubic hair of the former Madam Hatter, spread evenly over it's surface. "A fitting frame for thy former ye not think?" Hose felt her begin to shake with her fury then howl her incoherent outrage as she kicked backward into Hose's stomach, Hose touched the end of her device to Alice's side and stunned her momentarily. *********************************************************************************************************************************************** When she again came to Alice found herself held spread eagle across the front of the flap of rubber, her own pubic hairs curling out on all sides of her like twisted white weeds, she looked up to see Hose admiring her latest addition to her work of art, "Aye it frames 'thee' perfectly as well." She struggled with her knew bonds for a few seconds more then merely sneared out at her tormentor, "Is this 'all' you have girl? This.....vile little joke at my expense! If so you have learned 'Nothing' from me!!" Hose merely nodded at this, "I have one more.....little gift for thee. Which I hope shall do well in completing this motif." Hose then reached into her pack and produced a small object and showed it to her and as she focused her eyes upon it they widen with horror. *******************************************************************____________________________________________________ Celeste had manage to hold on to Hose until she was less than half her size before she drove the needle into her calf and twisted it, after this she slid down into one of the legs of her rubber binding, finding with horror that it was filled with nearly six weeks of sweat and what had just been released by her bowels as she dwindled, desperately she tried to keep her self from sinking into this slime until finally she grew small enough to be to light to sink through the surface. To her the sounds of what was happening outside were just a cacophany of deafening sounds, and so did not know what had happened. After a while she heard Madam Hatter calling to her and dispite her hate for her tried to call out to her, but her voice was a small tiny whine, even to herself, and as Madam's calls to her continued all she could do was weep. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* At some point she heard something fall into the thick sludge behind her and began to panic as two huge hands grabbed her, "it's me it's me...jack!" she calmed down and hugged him, finding that he was now twice her size. Both of them heard the confrontation between Hose and Madam, Jack made a strange giggling sound while Celeste wept, part of her was glad she had or would soon get what she deserved but she knew she had also lost her Mother once and for all. For a few hours they tried to figure a way to get out of the rubber binding until finally realizing that the second stab Hose had made in the binding was right below them, she managed to swim down to the opening and push their heads threw the surface fluid, only to see that they were the equivalent of a mile up from the floor. Celeste got the idea for them to push as much of the yellowish brown water out through the hole until a drop was formed on the outside of the leg, then they slipped down into the drop and road it to the floor, this took nearly seven hours as the outer surface of the rubber was dry and they were forced to shift their weight up and down while somehow managing not to drop to the floor. Once as the pushed their heads out for air they caught sight of the Elite Guard looking into the room, their feeble cries for help went unheard. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Once on the floor Jack asked her simply "what now?" her plan was to somehow get to the infirmary and get someones attention so that Nurse Owen might be able to take care of them, hoping she wouldn't realize who she was. As Celeste's legs were weakened from her weeks in the binding and strained from her struggle with Hose, Jack carried her upon his shoulders much of the time, as her breasts were still lactating from the injection Madam had given her she was able to allow Jack to drink from her breasts, he squeezed a small droplet from them and fed her with it. She tried to talk to him, tell him what had happened to her but he did not respond as he only wanted to focus on their getting to safty and not try to deal with what had happened to them. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** By the second day of their journey they had managed to get to the base of the door, as the normal cracks and splits in the old wood floor had made for arduous travel. Jack was the first to see it, a large black mound that slipped under the door and seemed to roll toward them. They began to run in the opposite direction only to have a huge shadow fall over them, Jack screamed at what he saw above them while Celeste could only stare up as Hose hung over them looking like some dark goddess, that was when the drop of the black rubber over took them. Hose reached down and scooped up the small droplet and peared down at it's millimeter and half millimeter tall prisoners trap upon it's surface, watching with great pleasure as they pleaded up to her and covered their tiny ears as even her sweet tones were a deafening roar to them, "SO DEAR CELESTE, ONCE MORE THY FLEEING ENDS IN FAILURE. YE SEEM DESTINED TO BE EVER WITH THY MOTHER. LEAST YE NOT BE ALONE." ******************************************************************************************************************************************** They were taken to one of the labs and seperated, Celeste was left hip deep in the black rubber as Jack was taken away by Hose, her pleas to let him stay went unheard and unheeded. As she waited for Hose's return she saw the twisted horror that Allegra had become, pulling itself across the bottom of a petre dish to " get to bed so she could get up early for a fashon shoot in the morning", only to stop and masterbate herself with her longest limb, Celeste began to sod hysterically at the sight. Finally Hose returned with a tiny sphere made of the hard plastic, a tiny hole in it's top, "DO YE WISH THY NEW BOW BACK? HERE THEN." she held the sphere over next to the drop and used her device to cause the rubber to pick her up and place her into the tiny hole. As Celeste slid to the bottom she saw Jack on his hands and knees licking at a tiny mound of an amber colored fluid, he looked up at her grinning wildly, "you gotta taste's the sweetest...thing i've ever.....had!" as he looked up at her he stopped seeing her as the woman he had been trying to help but as an object to be touched, squeezed, FUCKED! Celeste's eyes widen with horror as he stood up and his cock became rock hard, "no no it it's a drug fight it!!!" she wailed and tried in vain to scramble up the side of the sphere only to slide back down into his grasp. "comeon let me do it.....comeon.....spread you fucking bitch!!!!!" he hissed as her grabbed one of her breasts so hard he nearly ripped it off, his other hand pried between her legs pushing his fingers into her, his cock thrust up into her anus until something within ripped and she screamed so loud Hose could hear it, and knew it was time. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Hose injected a gasious form of the green into the sphere, as they were to small to breath in the liquid form, once sure they were well frozen in their degradation she then applied the liquid version of the green over them, she used tiny tong-like implaments she formed from the rubber to lift the two up into the center of the sphere, and made sure their pose was correct from when they were frozen, then topped off the green and sealed the sphere. She looked at it many times over the next two weeks as she planned how and when she would present it to her former mistress, until ofcousrse it came to her...... __________________________________________________********************************************************************** "C Celeste!!!" was all Alice could manage to gasp as she saw her tiny Daughter frozen in the mist of being violated by the man she herself had placed upon her, and knowing that though held petrified Celeste could still see her as well. Hose grinned widely at her reaction and ever so slowly lowered the sphere down infront of her so that even with Celeste's slowed reactions she would know exactly where she was going. "wh What are you doing!?!" Alice pleaded in a desperate whisper, " Well....I need a place to keep such a small treasure. And as the be-ringed girl hath said, ' It be where she came from after all." And with realization Alice began to wrench at her bindings, "Noooooo!!!! Don't you dooouarrrghh!!!!!!!!!" her tiny voice wailed as Hose pushed the sphere up into her vagina, the scream nearly bringing Hose to orgasm, she quickly took a tiny injection needle from her pack with her free hand and showed it to to her, "Ye may remember using this upon me I return thy favor!" and with that she injected a small amount in each pussy lip, all at once Alice convulsed as she felt the muscles of her vagina contract and cause the oraface to close up to about half it's size, sealing the sphere, and her Daughter inside, with Alice's next wail of despair Hose came. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Hose marveled upon her fallen mistress, a thing she up till two weeks before she could have never imagined, as she hung before her the small head bowed forward and shook back and forth as she murmured in a soft weeping voice, "" Hose coiled in close and gently lifted her face up toward her own and licked the tears from each eye, as if to taste her victory, "Ohhh dear sweet Alice, it be a mixed blessing to see thee like this, though I revel in my victory I do well remember our times together....and thank thee for thy teachings my love." And with that she kissed the smaller lips passionately, suddenly she felt the tiny teeth sink into her lower lip and the small head jerk violently side to side as Alice's eyes blazed with new fury and as Hose pulled way she spat the bloody chunk she'd torn from her into her face and as Hose put her fingers to her wounded lip she grinned up insanely at her. "Heheheheheheheh! Did you think...'This' would break me!?! Putting that little fool up into me!?! Hehehehah Girl I could argue that she 'wasn't Done' the first time she came out!!! Hahahaheha! Oh I am going to make you pay for every ill thought prank you dare call 'Games'! So I advise that when you sleep upon my oversized bed this and everynight after, that you have atleast have one of those pretty blue eyes open, for the next time you open them I may be there to scope them out! And everytime you think to put my face to that overly used Cunt of yours know that I will try to chew through you!!!" ******************************************************************************************************************************************** When Alice finished her rant Hose lifted her visor, tears welled in those pretty blue eyes and her bloody lips curled into joyous smile, " Ohhh I knew ye would not disappoint me!! I knew that vile little thing between thy legs would not come between what We shall have!!! Ohhh Dearest one I shall eagerly await for each of thy plots to unfold, I shall take each of thy strikes upon my flesh as a lovers caress, each wound as a sweet kiss! We shall hath such wonderous adventures together....and when thy true Breaking finally be upon shall truely be a most incredible thing for us both!!" And as Alice stared up in utter awe Hose leaned in and kissed her small forhead, leaving a smear of blood. Hose then began to lower down to the opening of the chimney they'd come up from, "I leave thee for now...with great resistance but my return shall be all the sweeter! And I thank thee....for thy blood ritual...crude as it was, it was joyous!" ******************************************************************************************************************************************** And so as Alice Hatter, former Madam of this house, watched her bizarre new Mistress wind back down through her twisted museum new tears came to her eyes, but strangely for that brief moment these were not tears of rage or pain or fear or even regret, in that one instant they were tears of Pride, for in the end she realized that she had created the Greatest, Darkest Wonder the Hatters would ever know. As Hose got to the bottom of the chimney she pulled the chain of the lights to off and shut the oven door behind her, and as she was left in total darkness, allowing her fear to grow once more. For as Alice hung there smelling the fading scent of the powerful woman she had once been and the ever growing scent of the rubber it was as if she had once and for all had been swallowed by the Smooth Black. --------THE END