The Smooth Black: Part 38

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The Smooth Black: Part 38 ***************** Grand Madam Red sat in her library reading one of her latest acquisitions from Sotheby's, an original copy of "Mysteries of the Miskatonic Valley", marveling at what strange things had happened there, and wondering if possibly some of it could be the work of some of the renagade Hatters that had been lost track of over the centuries. Turning her pages for this evening was one of her current favorite pets Lylia, Grand Madam had met her while wandering the boardwalks of Atlantic City in the mid 90s, at the height of the resurgence of the Sideshow circuit, though these were more geek shows then any real freaks of nature displays of old, people driving nails into their skulls or men lifting weights with their penises, she had always found such things a delight. At a lunch counter she began to speak with a young woman with over 40 piercings in her face alone, 10 or 15 rings of different sizes through her ears , running all the way up the back of each, 3 or 4 over each eyebrow, 3 small metal pins of desending size driven though the bridge of her nose, a small fake diamond through one side of nose, 3 tiny rings through the opposite nostral and a large ring with a fake ruby hanging from the bottom of the nose. She also had 2 more rings through her lower lip and a barbell like pearcing through her tongue. ********************************************************************************************************************************************** And these did not count the other piercings in Lylia's body, like the multiple rings through each of her nipples, to which she gave Grand Madam a peak with a quick tug down of her tubetop, the multiple belly piercings exposed to all and the piercing through her clit to which she was more then willing to go into the bathroom to show her. Lylia told her how she wanted to do the things she'd seen in videos like "Mondo Asia" where men were hanging from big hooks and the like. And as such "treasures" rarely fell into ones lap like this Grand Madam invited her to her home to see her library's selections on the subject, thinking her some rich woman who got off on girls with piercings, and might pay for their attentions, accepted the offer. No one ever saw Lylia again. ********************************************************************************************************************************************** She was in no way prepared for what was to come as she was given a dose of the green, had her piercings all taken from her, which took quite a while, prepared and dwindled. Then the now naked foot tall Lylia was placed upon a table in library lined with several old books, their pages open to pictures or illustrations of different tortures involving the piercing of flesh. As Grand Madam strode around the table and said "Choose" the small woman began to run about the table in a panic then tripped landing upon one of the open books, as Lylia pushed herself up onto her hands she saw the atrocity she had unwittingly picked for herself, "A fine choice my dear." Grand Madam said happily as she closed the book upon the screaming little form and brought it and Lylia to one of her playrooms. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Hooks were put through the flesh of her back aswell as the backs of her arms and legs, she was hung horizontally as small weights were slowly added to a little sliver basket connected to silver chains strung from her new half inch ringlets pierced through her nipples and navel. At first she screamed and cursed at her tormentor but soon she grew quiet as she seemed to become lost in her own agony, only making strangely sensual sounds when the weights were added. She lasted nearly three days, impressing Grand Madam, she was finally taken down and placed into a holding cage, as her wounds were not bleeding very badly, and it was late, she left her clean up till morning, wanting to see if she would beg for the healent. The next day she entered to find that Lylia had drawn on the floor of her cage in her own blood what she wanted Grand Madam to try upon her next, this impressed Grand Madam greatly to say the least and she had remained one of her favorite and incredibly devoted playthings ever since. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* She bore little resemblence to the woman Grand Madam had found on the boardwalk, her head was bald save for the moehawk that rose an inch from the top of her small head in a multi colored jagged rainbow pattern, the sides of her head had a tribel style tattoo which reached around to the sides of her cheeks, Grand Madam had been very amused to watch as a strange Tattoo artist known only as "the scribe" she had taken into her confidence worked on the tiny head clamped in a specially made brace with a jewelers eyepiece and his smallest needle, the vibrations had chipped three of her tiny teeth and the destistry involved there in is yet another bizarre tale. The more ornate of the rings in her eyebrows was now through her tiny nose, two small peuter earrings that had been given Grand Madam by one of her twelve children now hung from her tiny ears, stretching their lobes greatly. Running down her back were four sets of two half inch silver ringlets pierced through her skin, set crossways within each set of ringlets were four silver rods 6, 4, 3, and 1 1/2 inches in length, all tipped at either side with rubys. Half inch silver rings were set in the backs of her biceps, forearms, thighs and calfs, these protruding from openings in the thigh high red rubber highheel boots, from these she might end the night hanging above Grand Madam's bed like some twisted mobile. An ornate ruby bellyring that would easily rival that of Dina prutruded from her navel, two ruby encrusted rings hung from the nipples of her breasts, tiny silver chains were connected to these, run between her legs and up over the smallest bar on the base of her back so it could be used as a leash to make her behave, and dispite all of this ornamentation Grand Madam continued to find wonderful uses for her little work of art. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** "Next page." Grand Madam said as she poured herself another glass of red wine but as she turned back she saw Lylia was still staring down at the at the strange images upon the page before her, "I'm sorry....weren't you Done!" she said as she gave the tiny chainleash a sharp pull, causing her to both bend forward and jump up as the tiny links pinched her small pussy, "I ...I'm sorry Mistress...sorry!!" she wimpered as she went to her knees and lifted the page over, being careful not to damage it in any way. Once the page with it's new twisted wonder laid exposed to them Lylia stood up only to find her Mistresses face nuzzling her head and neck, one hand's fingers wrapped around one of her legs, sliding the index finger back and forth between her thighs, "There are far lovlier atrocities further in....if you'll let us get there." Grand Madam whispered as she slid her tongue down the side of her face and neck, dispite the restaint of her bars Lylia leaned back, kissing and licking the tongue as it slid back into the great lips behind her just as....the phone rang. ****************************************************************************************************************************************** "Who the fuck is that at this time of night!?!!" Lylia shouted angrily, then grew frightened as her Mistress gave her an annoyed look, she then eyed the phones clock and saw it was a little past 3AM, "Valid question." she replied then gave her tiny buttocks a flick of her finger raising a tiny "Oooooh!" Grand Madam picked up the phone and pushed the button for what she saw was one of the encrypted lines, "Yes?" the small voice replied, "Be this Grand Madam Red?" "Yes, Hose? What is it? Is there a problem?!?" Grand Madam asked concerned as Hose rarely called, the last time being the incident with Lady Kajira, "Aye....there thy earliest convenience could ye come out to the house?" "What is it Hose!?!" She asked more insistent this time, there was a long pause, she thought she heard her take a breath as she finally spoke. "My......Madam Hatter nolonger rules this house! .......I shall tell thee more when ye arrive. I cry thy pardon for the lateness of this call." and with that Hose hung up. "Hose?... Is that the one you told me about?" Lylia asked but her Mistress didn't reply as she pushed the call button for another of the encrypted lines, "This is Grand Madam Red! Who is on duty?......Good put me through, we have an emergency!" ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ By 4:32AM two 12 man strike teams of the Hatter's Elite Guard were briefed on what little was known about the situation, given the most current schematics of Madam's house, given a summary of Hose's abilities and possible battle tactics, which were considerable, and sent on their way. The mission objectives were to take the house bring in any survivors, including any pets or civilians involved for questioning and establish what had happened to Madam Hatter, failing the taking of the house the teams were given a "Writ of Action" signed by Grand Madam Red herself, authorizing them to destroy the house and all occupants, either with the explosives they would bring with them or by airstrike. At 4:53AM the first team repelled into a clearing about a mile from Madam's house from a modified Blackhawk helecopter in whisper mode. 4 minutes later the second team were dropped off a mile up the road leading to Madam's house by four vans made to look like Gas company trucks, as a gas explosion would be the cover story should the house have to be destroyed, and then proceeded to set up a road block. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** 5:21AM, it is still raining as team 2 encounter Mr. Sloat and Luke about a quarter mile from the house, still searching for Tina and Dina, he surrenders his firearm and gives up without incident and is taken to vans that are serving as temporary H.Q. 5:32AM, both teams signals the other that they are within sight of the house, a technician from team 2 finds the hidden computer terminal in the front yard and hacks into the houses systems, he finds that defensive systems are active but not in full defense mode, and gives the codes to shut them down totally. 5:44AM, when it is confirmed that all outer defensive systems have been shutdown the head of operations Mr. Kadeem gives the word to storm the house, both teams rush all the entrances at once, finding them unlocked they enter in staggard two by two formation. 5:59AM, a report comes back from both team leaders, outer areas of the house are secured, no resistance has been met. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** 6:15AM, the rain is begining let up, two of the vans have parked infront of the house and reestablished the H.Q. 6:27AM, two of the strike team members exit the house and gives Mr. Kadeem the first report from inside the house, he learns that Hose is in custody, Madam Hatter has yet to be found. 6:32AM, Mr. Kadeem and 5 technicians and biochemical specialist enter the house. 8:04AM the rain has stopped, a 30s era, burgundy colored Roll Royce arrives at the roadblock, a call is relayed to Mr. Kadeem that Grand Madam Red has arrived, Mr. Kadeem advises that she wait until the search is complete, she refuses and is waved through. 8:07AM, the sun is begining to shine, Grand Madam Red and her apprentice arrive at the house. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ As they walked through the frontdoor of the house the tall black woman clad in a long dark brown leather coat and matching pantsuit was forced to remove her hat as she ducked under the door frame, Shirazia was still unused to her new 7 foot 4 inch height, a strange and wonderous "coming out gift" from Grand Madam Red upon becoming her apprentice, feeling it a far more fitting stature for a potential Hatter Madam then her original height of 4 foot 3. As they entered they were met by Mr. Kadeem, "Grand Madam, Miss Phipps." he said with a slight bow, "Good morning Mr. Kadeem, what do we have here?" He began his report, "Team 2 found a hired hand, Marco Sloat, outside the house with one of the tracking dogs, he said he'd been called to the house around 2AM to hide some vehicals and trackdown two escaped pets, because of the rain the dog hadn't had much luck picking up a scent, he says he didn't know of any trouble between Madam and Hose but hadn't seen Madam. I've worked with him before I tend to believe he doesn't know what happened. The teams entered the house and met no resistance, so far they have found evidence of several small fires, all were long put out, and damage to an inner wall from what looks like a flood of the black polymer, simular to what Master Ridges did during his pet revolt in Seattle but we haven't found any bodies, pets or otherwise, as yet." ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Grand Madam nodded impatiently to this, "Have you found Alice.....Madam Hatter yet?" he shook his head, "We found a room with a small hanging bondage costume, the pet looked to have been dwindled out of it. On the floor infront of it was some puddles of the black polymer that looked as if they could have been Hatter garb, we didn't want to go in any further until we could scan with thermals incase she was to small to see." Grand Madam grimaced at the thought of Alice becoming so small, "What of Hose?" she asked, "They found her immediately, she gave up without a fight, she was disengaged from her cable system, weapons and visor, she complied without incident but would answer no questions until you arrived, we decided not to press her." Grand Madam gave a slight smile to this, "Hmmmm Just as well, you'd have gotten nothing. Well take me to her." And with that Mr. Kadeem showed them the way. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Shirazia did her best to stifle her giggle as they came into the entrance to the living area to see a darkly comical sight, as two of the Elite Guard in full combat bodyarmor held the barrels of their HK MP5 machineguns, equipt with nozzles to spray concentrated burst of the green, on to the display table where Hose laid face down, arms held strait out from her sides, and naked, save for the brace-like mechanisms on the stumps of her legs. As Grand Madam Red entered the guards gave a bow and backed away from the table at her gesture, she then circled the table looking down at her, Hose made no move or sound until Grand Madam spoke first, "Well....thank you for not killing any of these fine gentlemen atleast." Hose turned her face toward her, "There would have been no point in killing them Mistress." she said simply, to this Grand Madam leaned down toward her small head, "Very well then. What IS the point of all of this then?" she then straitened up and gestured for Hose to rise, she pushed herself up on to her knees then with head bowed struggled for something to say until, " hard to know where to begin Mistress." She paced another circle around the table, "Well let me get you started shall I? Where is YOUR Mistress? Is she dead?" Hose shook her head, "Nay Mistress! She be....." Just then another of the Elite Guard entered and bowed to Grand Madam, "Mistress! We believe we've found Madam Hatter...." he began, "If that be in her Den, ye have indeed." Hose finished. Grand Madam raised her hands slightly then let them fall with a slap to her thighs, "Well! Let's go see shall we? Shirazia be a dear and bring Hose would you?" "Yes Grand Madam." she said as she scooped Hose up into her gloved hands, Hose stretched out in her palms and looked up at her, "Be thee Grand Madam's new apprentice?" Shirazia looked down at her, her dark sunglasses hiding her eyes, "You might want to hold off on the...small talk until later.....if you even HAVE a later." "Oh aye." Hose replied simply. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** " someone out's me...!" A small voice called out through the den as Grand Madam, Mr. Kadeem and Shirazia carrying Hose entered, while the Guard stood by the door, the voice came from within Madam's Tophat which sat upside down upon her desk next to her device, as they peared over the brim they saw Madam Alice Hatter, ruler of this house, now only 4 inches tall, bound naked at the bottom with loops of the hats rubber around her arms and legs, her right foot was wrapped with a thick bandage and looked misshapen and larger then it should be. Madam looked up to see the huge face of her former teacher staring down upon her, "gr Grand Madam I.....!" she managed through her humiliation. Grand Madam took a moment to compose herself before she spoke, "What happened to her foot?" Hose shifted alittle in Shirazia's grasp, "Her foot was injured baddly during her initial dwindle. I tried to use one of the methods to bring it down to a more proper scale with her next treatment but that was the best I could achive. I had hoped to do a controled dwindle upon the limb itself but time grew short upon thy arrival." "Initial Dwindle?!? What....?" but before Grand Madam could continue a shrill scream escaped the hat, "She's still alive!!?!! didn't kill her!!?!!" ******************************************************************************************************************************************** "Calm down dear." Grand Madam said as she sat at the desk, "Put her down here would you?" Shirazia placed Hose were she pointed as she turned the Tophat onto it's side and rolled it around until Madam was held upright, as she looked out at her former pet she sneared angrily, "Just as well, I want to see you suffer for what you me!!!" Hose smiled "I merely finished what thy own incompetence hath started!" "You...vile whore!!! You took me while I was helpless!!!" Madam spat, "And how did thee become so helpless in the first place!!!" Hose replied in disgust. Just then Grand Madam wrapped her knuckles onto the desk, the sound causing Madam to cry out in fright and curse herself for doing so, Hose, more use to such outburst at her size, merely looked to it's source. "That's enough! I did not come all this way just to hear two small creatures bicker, I can stand near my own pets cages during feeding time to hear that! What I wish to know is how my most gifted apprentice LOST CONTROL of HER HOUSE!! And how A PET gained control!" Once Grand Madam was satisfied they were focused she began again, "Now we'll start with Hose...." "Why her first!?!" Madam yelled up, loathing how small her voice now sounded, Grand Madam leaned toward her, her eyes seeming to pierce through her, "Because I wish to hear from her FIRST! And if either of you speak out of turn again I will throw you both into the green until I am in a better mood, and I wouldn't expect that to be very soon! Now Hose begin!" Madam felt a shudder run through her as she realized that for the first time in a very long time she had absolutely no control over her own life. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Hose told her version of events from the time when Tina and Dina were first deteched in the house through her preperation and dwindling of Madam, she was only interupted once when describing how Tina and Dina had gotten away from her at the main entrance of the house when Madam sneared and said, " Hmph Well done!" to this Grand Madam replied, "You might want to curb that smugness, from what I've heard these pets escaped you twice and left you somewhat worse off from what I can see." Madam winced from this barb and remained silent until Hose finished. It was then Madam's turn and took a little longer as she tried to explain the reasons for some of her actions, reason she herself found she didn't believe, at the point when she tried to explain leaving them in the mixing room Shirazia shook her head in disgust which Madam saw, "Wipe that look off of your face apprentice!!! How dare you even be here without my bidding!" she raged up, Shirazia smiled down, "Well atleast I'm not the one shrunk down in my own hat in my own house!" Grand Madam glared up at her, "No you have NEVER had a house and do not yet understand the realities of possessing one! Now please contain yourself and allow her to finish!" The tall woman bowed her head in shame, "Sorry Grand Madam." Then Grand Madam turned and glared down at Madam, "And she is here at MY bidding! Now continue!" Madam fought back tears of rage and humiliation as she did so. ********************************************************************************************************************************************** When both were finished Grand Madam stood up and reguarded them for a moment then turned to Hose, "There is just one thing I would like you to clairify for me. Why did you take it upon yourself to judge her unworthy, to further dwindle her?" Hose took a breath before answering, "I did it....out of love." "Love!!!!" Madam screamed in outraged, Hose turned to her with a sad sweet look upon her face, "Aye it be love....of the Mistress ye once were to me. I hath watched thee slip away from me for a time now, and I blamed it upon thy Celeste but though I lay some blame upon her still it be thy sad obsession to make that weakling over in thy image that brought thee thy downfall this night. I had hoped that cost of her last betrayal to thee would bring ye back to thy senses to the the goddess I worshipped!" Hose began to cry at this point and dispite her rage Madam could see the pain in her was real, Hose continued, "But.....but when I saw thee.....upon thy knees, bloody and dwindled....when I saw fear in thy eyes, I knew ye could nolonger be my or any others Mistress! Even if ye found a way to restore thy size for short periods of time the other Hatters would see the defeat in thy eyes and ye would be but an even more pitiful outcast among them! I have heard ye talk of such outcasts with scorn, I knew that the Mistress I knew in better days would not wish to spend the rest of her days living in fear for thy waining possition until finally falling to a lesser Sir or Lady or a mere pet revolt! And so...out of love for the Mistress ye once were, I completed thy fall so that ye might atleast find new purpose and strength as a pet, in the way I found it with thee." Madam strained against her bonds as she shrieked her fury, "I'll Never .....never be......a vile you!!!" ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Grand Madam looked down at her saying nothing for what was to everyone were long moments then took a breath, "One last question. What did you think I would do to you upon discovering this?" Hose wiped her eyes and stood tall upon her knees, "I had no expectations of thy will Mistress. I hoped that thee, having once disciplined me to thy satisfaction, that ye might take me into thy own house. But I know that what I hath done will most likley warrent my destruction or being transformed into some more agonizing but harmless form as an example against such future treachery. But I am prepared to bare whatever the cost, for my love extends to the Hatters themselves, for the wonders they have both shown and made of me and.....for the Mistress whom I still love weather she knows to or not." Hose finished her statement and bowed her head. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Grand Madam Red nodded to this, then took from her purse her personal device, it's handle a rose red in color, and a tiny vial of black liquid, "One thing you should have well learned by now my dear, you can NEVER truely be prepared for anything." she stated as she removed the silver cap and poured the vials contents into her own palm, when sure every drop was in her hand she took her device and pressed a series of controls on it's handle and the liquid began to form into a shape. Shirazia tore off her glasses, her brown eyes wide with shock, Mr. Kadeem's mouth dropped open in awe, even the Elite Guardsman at the door stepped in to stare at what formed upon her hand. Hose put her hands to her mouth and began to shake as her own wide eyes teared up. And as the shape took it's final form it was Madam, pulling with all her fury a her bindings, who broke the silence as she howled, "Noooooo!!!!! You can't be serious!!!!" Sitting in Grand Madam's palm was a tiny Tophat, large enough only for Hose. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Grand Madam Red looked up to the others in the room, her demeanor became firm and offical, "All of you in this room attend what I am about to say, because you are about to witness history! I hereby take Hose as my newest apprentice! And as I feel she has studied long and hard 'unrecognized' in this capacity for these many years, upon my return to my own house I shall offically declare her a Lady Hatter! I shall continue her training until such a time as she will be able to function as a full member of the Hatters and take her place as a full Madam among them. Further more this house and all it's holdings shall be held in trust until she is ready to become it's Madam...or I decide otherwise! And as she has run this house for so long she shall act as it's custodian. As I have proclaimed this so shall you all swear yourselves witnesses!" Grand Madam gestured to each, "I Swear Grand Madam Red!" said Mr. Kadeem, "I uh Swear Grand Madam Red!" the Guardsman said, "I Swear my Mistress!" Shirazia said. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* "Are you insane!?!! She....She is only a...!!!!!!" Madam shrieked, Grand Madam tipped the hat up a glared down upon the tiny raging woman, "I have known 'WHAT' she is for a long time now! And I had hoped you would have seen it.....but you took her as granted, an extension of your own ego. And were that not bad enough you tried to force your own Daughter to become as we, even when she refused you! I.....warned you that she was not strong enough to be a Hatter and to force her was cruel....even beyond what WE are capable of!" Madam began to breath heavily as she stared up into the huge face of the woman she had once worshipped that now loomed down upon her with a look of disappointment, "Then.....then what of me?! What of Me!?!" she pleaded up, Grand Madam's eyes shifted, "That I'm for Hose to decide, as she has taken your house. You know how this works Alice." That was when Grand Madam saw the fear in her tiny eyes, "Grand Madam......Aunt Katheren please......I know I have had...problems...that I should have listened to you, I know that now! But don't do this, with your help I can bring myself back!! Please!!!" ******************************************************************************************************************************************** In that moment a memory that Grand Madam had been thinking of all morning as she road in the rain to the house came back to her once more, it was of time long ago when she and her young apprentice Alice had spent the weekend at a Dutches Penelope's house in England and decided to take the whole household, servants and all. She remembered how they had chased the dwindling Dutchess out into her courtyard as it began to rain and placed her in the birdbath and watched as the rain filled it and the 3 inch woman struggled to stay afloat, all at once they looked up at each other and saw how the rain had ruined their hair and dresses and began to laugh like schoolgirls, dancing around the birdbath as the tiny Dutches screamed up in terror. And of how they later they laid naked by the fire, letting their new playthings crawl upon their flesh, remembering how strong and beautiful Alice appeared in the firelight and thought how sad it was to see that strength now gone. Grand Madam turned her eyes away as she spoke in a sad whisper, "I'm.....sorry Alice...the die has been have fallen from our grace." She stared up in utter shock at this, then her tiny face twisted with hatred, "Yooooou...feeble minded...painted whore!!!! When I am done with this curr I will tear your house apart brick by brick!!! I'll bring you so low that I will grind you under my heel!!!! I'll...." To this Grand Madam Red merely turned the Tophat over and let the fallen Madam scream her small muffled rage in it's darkness. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** She turned to see that Hose had yet to take the tiny Tophat from her palm but just kneeled there weeping and shaking with terror, as a thing she had never even dared allow herself to dream had now come to pass and was still afraid it was but some elaborate game upon her, "I......I do not understand!! I never ment ......I.... !?!" An index finger gentley reached under her chin and tilted her head up to face Grand Madam's lips as they tenderly kissed away the tears from each tiny eye and whispered, "You thought what you had done would end your life didn't you? Well in a way it has, your old life is over, your new life begins today. It will not be an easy road but if I am even half right about what you represent I know you will be among the greatest of us!" With that she kissed her forehead and placed the Tophat upon her small brow, Hose reached up to touch it making sure it was real. Grand Madam turned to the stunned guardsmen, "Well?" Mr. Kadeem and the Guardsman went to one knee, Mr. Kadeem pulled out a small metal that was the creast of the Hatter Elite Guard and held it toward Hose, "As we stand in your protection and grace so we now serve you!" they said in unison, Grand Madam was about to tell Hose how to reply when she spoke, "Thy...service honors us." she smiled down at her then looked up to Shirazia, who extended her hand toward Hose, "Sister" she said,Hose reached up and grabbed the tips of two fingers and smiled up, "Sister!" she replied happily. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Grand Madam scooped Hose up, holding her like a new born babe and turned to Mr. Kadeem, "You may dismiss the strike teams, give them my thanks for their efforts. Have the technicians reactivate the house's systems and check them over for damage, tell them they will need to stay on a few days as we are going to need to change codes and make some modifications. Have that Mr. Sloat and his dog continue their search and give him whatever help he needs, I want those pets found. And find out what you can about the people taken here last night. see if anyones missing them yet." Mr. Kadeem nodded, "Yes Grand Madam Red, Miss Phipps...uh Miss Hose." Hose giggled softly to this as he left, Grand Madam looked down at Hose and smiled, "Now let's get you back to your cable system and see if that little cook of 'yours' ......Sollie is it? Let's see if she can whip us up a proper breakfast, we have much to discuss. Come along Shirazia." she said as she left the room. As Shirazia walked to the door she saw the Guardsman still standing there looking confused, she didn't blame him, "What the hell just happened!?!" he asked, she put her glasses back on and smiled, "That was history baby, mark and remember it." And with that they walked out, neither realizing that the small cries of rage from under the Tophat had turned into heaving sobs. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Grand Madam Red and Shirazia stayed at the house for two more days, Shirazia helped to synchronize Hose's hat to the houses systems and helped create a smaller version of a device to control the black rubber with, Grand Madam contacted people in the Hatter's service who could help with running the buisnesses and financial dealings of the house and teach Hose to take charge of some of them in time. Tina and Dina had yet to be found, the heavy rain of the night before had caused some minor flooding and made efforts to track them nearly impossible, the flooding however did provide a plausible explanation for the disappearance of the five people taken at the house the night before. It was hoped that they had drown or otherwise died of exposure but Mr. Sloat was told to keep searching and Chief Mackey was instructed to keep his eyes open for anyone who might be harboring them. Upon their leaving of the house Grand Madam assured Hose that she would return on monthly visits and check in by phone every few days. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* As they road back to the city the normally talkative Shirazia was silent, after about 15 minutes of this Grand Madam put her hand upon her knee and smiled up at her, "My dear the one thing I have always prided myself upon in my dealings with my apprentices is that I allow them to speak their minds....only occasionally dwindling them afterward." she said with a light laugh. Shirazia smiled a little but as she began to speak it faltered, "It just bothers that......I mean to Not punish her for Dwindling her Mistress is strange enough but to make her your make her a Lady and give her use of the house!?!" Grand Madam nodded to this without anger, "If you are concerned that I will not honor my obligations to you as my apprentice DON"T BE! I think you will be a fine Madam one day and I ALWAYS honor my word!" Shirazia shook her head to this, "I'm more worried about the other Hatters! I may still be new to but I have seen that a lot of them can be vindictive! There are a lot Sirs and Ladies that have been waiting years for houses and will want to know why a pet got this one! And the Madams and Masters will never accept a pet as one off them! And I can only imagine that the other Grands are going to have something to say about it!" When she was finished Grand Madam smiled up to her once again, " have given this a lot of thought to this, havn't you my dear? There is one thing you have not asked me about though, and that is why I had that particular vial of the black with me?" ******************************************************************************************************************************************** In that moment it suddenly occurred to Shirazia for the first time that the black in the vial had to be specially made as the micro circuitry within a Hatter Tophat had to be tuned to a given houses systems and she herself had helped do this. Grand Madam saw the realization in her face, "I have known Hose for a very long time, a great deal longer than before you were even born, she, her Mistress and myself have had quite a few interesting adventures together, and I have always known her to be something special. A while ago, when spending a weekend at Alice's old house in England, I asked to borrow Hose for the night. Hmmmmhmm Even in those early days when the black was still new she had already learned ways of using that cable of hers to give such pleasure, I remember laying atop the silk sheets wrapped only in her coils, VERY Satisfied, kissing her breasts, tight little stomach, between those wonderful little thighs, you must ask to spend the night with her next time we come, she has enough slack even for those wonderful long legs I gave you. Anyway, after...we had finished I began to talk with her, trivial things at first but soon we began to talk of many things about the Hatters themselves and I was amazed how knowledgeable and wise she truely was about these things. And as dawn came and we drifted off to sleep I felt that I had conversed with one of the finest 'Hatters' I had ever known. Upon returning to my own house I created that special little measure of the black in hopes that Alice would one day come to me and ask that Hose become her apprentice but she never......" Grand Madam turned away for a moment, fighting the tears back as she thought of her fallen Alice. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* When Grand Madam composed herself she continued, "As you can see I have been thinking about these things for a while now. As far as the other Masters and Madams being offended...let them, many of them have become complacent and sodden! And as for the 'up and coming' Ladies and Sirs....well most of them have more in common with Wisconsin serial killers then any of the great Hatters of old! Present company excepted ofcourse dear. And I can only hope the other Grand Hatters see her as I do, that she is more than a mere pet in revolt, that she is what must ultimately come from what we Hatter's create, she maybe very well be our future!" Shirazia reguarded her Mistress for a moment then began to smile, "You know what that means don't you Grand Madam? That means if Hose is future then she is only the first. And that means that other Hatters will be enslaved by their most cleaver pets.....maybe even you." In that moment Grand Madam had an image come to her, of her pet Lylia standing upon a table in her library a long pin in her hand as she herself, only 3 inches tall, hung naked from the front of her, her tiny wrist each maniceled to a ring in her breasts, she smiled down at her and lightly ran the point of the pin down her back and between her small buttocks,there was fear in the tiny Grand Madam but desire as well "What should we pierce first little Grand?" Lylia would coo down to her. Shirazia saw the strange image play silently across her Mistress's face, a smile grew and she thought she saw her sway slightly on her haunches, "Hmmmmmmmm wouldn't that be an interesting day." she finally replied sensuously. Little more would be said of Hose or the future at that time as at some point on the long ride back to the city Grand Madam and her apprentice began to make passionate love in the back of the Rolls. NEXT EPILOGE