The Smooth Black: Part 37

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The Smooth Black: Part 37 **************** "Wow!! Is that bitch fucking pissed!!!" Tina said with a frightened laugh as she and Dina sprinted down the hallway, Dina was still in shock over Tina's reappearance and her sudden rescue and could only try to keep up with her. As Tina rounded the next corner she suddenly slid to a halt and waved for Dina to follow her to edge of a small cabinet, "Come here come here come here! Look I got the healing stuff back here, you do up your cuts and and stay out of sight! I gotta, I gotta do something, I'll be back!" she said twisting the matchbook in her hands, "Please don't leave me!!" Dina pleaded, both of them were shocked how vulnerable she sounded, Tina went down on one knee and put a hand on her shoulder, "Listen I got to go make another distraction! She is so batshit right now I'm not even sure it will work but I gotta try. Just stay here and if I'm not back in a little while head down that hallway, at the end there is a lightplug cover by a door, push it to one side and you'll see a hole I cut, it leads out to the room were that girl is hanging where we came in. I will try and meet you there or outside! Do you understand!?!" Dina nodded quickly, "Yeah yeah! I just can't believe it!" Tina smiled, "Well we ain't out of this yet!" she cautioned, "No I mean I can't believe you came...back....sorry." Dina eyes shifted to the floor, Tina hugged her, "It's OK honey I know. Look we are going to get out of this.....together alright?" Dina hugged her back. Tina reached behind the cabinet and pulled out the cling wrap bag containing the four remaining cotton balls soaked with alcohol and kerosene and her larger scalpel, as she turned to leave Dina called up to her, "Hey Tina! You did real good back there!" Tina smiled back, "Fucking A right I did!" ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ "VILE......LITTLE ANIMALS!!!" Madam howled as she pushed her way through the only half open exit she had made with her device, her boot skidded upon it's now warped sole causing the seared flesh within to shoot with pain, this was nothing compared to her right hand, the back of it badly burned, cling wrap melted into the flesh but as much as these pained her it was her blinding rage that she felt the most. She stormed for the door at the end of the hall, not really knowing where she was going at that moment, only knowing she wanted to destroy the two who had caused her such pain and embarrasment, but as she reached for the doorknob with her wounded hand Hose suddenly coiled around her forearm in a firm but gentle grip. Madam was so shocked by this that she was momentarily jolted from her rage, "My Mistress, I prey thee...let me tend thy wound!" Hose pleaded up to her. *********************************************************************************************************************************************** As Madam watched Hose reached into a compartment in her pack and pulled out a tiny needle of the healent, she held it up to the light, pressing the plunger until she saw a tiny droplet appear at it's tip, then the fingers of her other hand took ahold of the edge of the cling wrap embeded in her skin, "I fear this will hurt thee." she said as she quickly tore up half of the melted mass, causing Madam to loudly hiss her pain through her teeth, Hose quickly injected a tiny portion of the healent into the area then set to tearing up the rest, speaking sweetly as she did so, "I remember the first time I did this for thee. That pet Linka had tipped the oil lantern upon thy leg, I was so nervous, heheheh I remeber ye saying how I hurt thee less when I tried to kill thee." Hose looked up from her work to see if her words had calmed her, Madam only stared down upon her sternly. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Hose continued her work upon Madam's hand, injecting the rest of the healent into three more sections of the burns where they would do the most good, all the time speaking in her same sad gentle tone, "I.....realize thy failure with Celeste hath weighed heavily upon thee.....but I ask of thee to remember that just wayward pets after all. Far more destructive then most aye and well worth thy wrath....but not thy rage. We shall get them surely, either by our own efforts this night or brought back to us in the morning by Mr. Sloat and his animal." Hose pulled away a few remaining shreds of the cling wrap and dead flesh, the flesh of the wound turned from a dark redish pink to a brighter healthier hue, Madam flexed her hand feeling the tight new skin as Hose coiled off of her forearm, "As ye see my sweet Mistress, thy wounds will heal, the damages be repaired and all will be as time and tide, one of thy interesting stories to muse over on some cold night by the fire as ye drink thy cognac." ******************************************************************************************************************************************* When she was finished Hose lifted up to face her Mistress, who seemed a little calmer, her eyes shifted down to the suprizingly bad burn on her thigh above her boot, "Hose do you have anymore of that healent with you?" she asked calmly, "Aye My Mistress!" Hose replied happily and began to reach into her pack for the other needle. Suddenly Madam's newly healed hand wrapped around Hose's upper body and slammed her into the plaster wall, "Because you may well NEED IT!!!!" Madam howled into her small face, "Mistress.....?!?" Hose said meekly , "How DARE YOU tell me how to run the affairs of MY HOUSE!!! One might think that the ranting of that little fool had given you ideas!!!" "No Mistress....I never...!" Hose pleaded, more hurt by the accusation then by any pain Madam had or might inflict upon her, again Madam pushed her against the wall violently, "NO? well then maybe it's because I have allowed far to much freedom that you think you even have a will to impose upon ME!! "No I never.....!!!" Hose insisted only to be slammed against the wall again. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* "It would explain a Daughter of MINE could fail so miserably as an apprentice...having YOU an uppity Pet who thinks more of herself then she deserves undercutting and sabotaging her every step of the way!!!" "I Never!" Hose spat up enraged, Madam leaned in close to her tiny face, "Well let me clairify things for you shall I!? Dispite all the TRICKS I have taught you, dispite whatever YOU think your worth to me, at heart you are nothing but a LEGLESS LITTLE WHORE!!!" Hose's mouth opened with a shuddering gasp to this, she saw her Mistress's face grow pleased that her verbal assault had caused her anguish atleast and she leaned back. As Madam's grip on her relaxed a little Hose pulled an arm out from under her fingers and lifted her visor up, Madam was taken aback by what she saw, though her eyes were filled with tears a rage burned in them that she had not seen in the longest of times, her voice was a dead calm as she spoke, "It be bad form to blame an underling for so many indescrepancies." ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Madam's face was agape with her rage at this insolence but as she began to again drive Hose into the wall her cable pulled her down out of her grip, enraged she drew her device, spun around and found that Hose had not gone up into the dome but had coiled up above her, her arms folded, looking down upon her with the same distain Madam herself might upon a lowely pet, "Do you truely believe that because of the few meager skills 'I' taught you that I would brook such INSOLENCE!!" Madam raged up, Hose smiled down humorlessly, "Oh aye, ye hath taught much, even more than ye may admit to or even realize. Tis a pity ye could not teach as much to thy late lamented Mixer....or thy poor precious Celeste, aye she might not have found herself in such a sorry state! But then maybe the great Madam Hatter be only capable of teaching her wonders to a legless little whore!!!" ******************************************************************************************************************************************** To this Madam roared her rage and rose her device, meaning to crush the remainder of Hose's legs within her own cable but to her shock Hose did not retreat or even show fear, she lowered down to face her, her hands reaching back for her nozzles, making her look like some twisted little gunslinger, her cable drew more slack from the platform up in the ceiling, it's coils preparing to whip forward, possibly to strike at her device from her hand or whip into her knees to break them, she'd seen her use that trick before. In that moment, before she could stop herself, Madam wondered, "Could I take her before..." Madam stopped this thought, hoping Hose hadn't seen it play in her eyes, knowing she must have. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* And there they were for what to both seemed an eternity, finally this long moment ended when Hose heard the tiny beeping sound from the earpiece of her visor, she calmly held up a hand to Madam then lowered her visor, and after what seemed long seconds spoke in an even tone, "There be another ye wish me to tend to it.....or should I let it burn?" Madam lowered her device and composed herself, "Just as well you tend it.....I've become bored with this." Hose nodded to this and began to rise up into the dome when Madam spoke again, "Don't think this....annoyance will be forgotten!" Hose looked down at her, "By that time I trust ye will be in better.....Form." And with that she was gone. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tina came to the entrance to one of the inner areas of the house that had some rather expensive antique furniture set at either side of the door, Tina flung two of the cotton balls as high as she could at larger of them then lit one of the remaining matches, setting the other two cotton balls a blaze and quickly flung these at the furniture nearest the door, the fire spread quickly on the old wood. She then flung the empty but soaken cling wrap under a nearby cabnet and used the last match to set it on fire, in this blaze she lit the matchbook threw it under a chair but this didn't look like it would burn to far. On one of her first attempts at setting fires she had tried light one inside one of the damaged walls but the fire suppression system automatically activated and dosed the flames with a white mist, this had been the same system Hose had modified to spray the gasious version of the green on her methodical hunt for Lita. Tina watched as the fire began to spread and hoped it would give them enough time to get out, and worried that if it spread to fast and that Nurse Owen and the others might be trapped. Convincing herself that Madam's fire extinguishing system would contain the fire she turned and went back for Dina. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Upon Hose's leaving Madam turned back to the door she been going through and tore it open, nearly ripping the doorknod off in the process, she had strode halfway down the next hallway when she realized that this was not the direction she should be going in, she quickly turned back when she again stumbled on her warped boot. She began to train her device down to reshape it when she saw her hand was shaking and finally heard her own rapid breathing, "I am not losing control! I am not losing control!! I am not....LOSING.....CONTROL!!!" she ranted to herself even as she realized that she had. She began to draw her nails over the burn in her thigh, gouging it deeply so the pain could focus her mind. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* She thought how when she was at the Hatter gatherings that she would look upon those Hatters who sat gosiping of their heydays and taking all they had for granted with distain, often musing how the rejuvenation treatments were wasted upon them as they seemed want to live as old people, no fire, no imagination just pampered spoiled fools. And when she would hear of one of them losing their house to an ambitious Sir or Lady or a Pet revolt she would say how it was just as well to get some new blood in their place. And yet here she was in a place she vowed to herself never to be, an outcast to many of the Hatters because of Celeste's theft of Angelica, burnt and bloody from two mere pets bearly hours in her house but worst of all actually showing fear ...... to a pet, and in the end she could only wonder how it had all gotten away from her without her even being aware of it's leaving. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** "NO!! It had NOT slipped through my grasp, NOT YET!! And I will NOT allow it to do so!!" Madam thought in defiance of her own fears, she then vowed that she would regain control once and for all. This would start with these two escapees, they had to be found and destroyed in the slowest most brutal way she could devise, what was left of their bodies put on display in the Infirmary so that all of them would see what defiance ultimately lead to. Then punishments would have to be handed out to all who had a part in this fiasco, Nurse Owen, Sarah.......and even Hose. This hurt her the most to think of, she had come to love Hose very much but she had shown her fear and she could never be allowed to act upon it, she would have to break her again but given Hose's unique nature developed over their long years together she truely did not know how she would do this. "Put her into the green!" she thought as it might take years devise a way to break her, but if this failed to work....or if she resisted....she would have to be destroyed. A tear rolled down Madam's cheek at the thought of this, after all they had been through together but in the end she would do whatever was necessary to preserve and protect her house. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ As Hose lowered into the hallway a blast of hot smoke assailed her as the area below was ablaze, as she sprayed the walls with her water tube she touched the side of her visor, dropping the tiny microphone and calmly yelled, "Emergency Unit A to Dome 16A , fire suppression mode!" Within seconds a platform with a large cylindrical mechanism hanging from it came to a halt next to Hose's own, connected several tubes to hoses to valves and pipes in top of the pasageway then lowered a telescoping like section down through the Dome. As Hose coiled up toward the ceiling small metal nozzles sprang from the mechanism's sides and sprayed a mixture of water and a fire retardent mist in all directions. Within another minute the fires were all out, the mechanism signaled Hose that it had completed it's task and awaited her next command, Hose only stared down at the burnt remains, seemingly oblivious of the insistant signal in her earpiece or the thickening smoke around her as she thought, "How could she believe I would betray her!?!......How could she.........FEAR......ME!??!" Hose slid her hands up under her visor and began to weep as she knew that no matter what the outcome of tonights events that her life with her Mistress, the life she so loved, would never be the same again. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About the time Dina had finished applying the healent to her wounds Tina returned and they made their way down the hallway to the lightplug cover. Tina sent Dina through first then handed her the scalpels and the bottle of healent, then readjusting the tube of needles around her shoulder she climbed through. They walked quickly and quietly to the room where Celeste hung, who mumbled seemingly to herself as when Tina had last seen her, there seemed to be a silent agreement between them to leave her.......until they could send help back for her ofcourse. About halfway across the floor Dina saw it, "Oh shit! ....That's Jack's knife!!" Tina's eyes widened, "Are are you sure?!?" Dina knelt down beside the half open knife, remembering how she had once borrowed it from Jack and how small it had been in her hands and shivered at how it now took both hands to set it onto it's side, blade up, so she could see Jack's name scratched into it's handle. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** "Whose there?" Celeste said mournfully, Dina stood and yelled up, "Where's Jack!?!" Tina made shushing sound frantically, not wanting anybody to hear them, "You must go!" Celeste said in the same tone, "Jack!! Where is he!?!" Dina insisted, "He......he's here!" she said begining to cry, they looked around the room but saw nothing save for the small glass tray table of test tubes and vials chemicals set near where Celeste hung, "Where?!?" Tina said up finally, Celeste grew angry and began to yell down, "He's here! In here! With me, under the rubber!! She made him very very small! You can't help him! And all your doing is hurting him more by staying here and continuing to babble! Now Go!!!" ******************************************************************************************************************************************** "Jesus Christ!!" Tina whispered horrified, Dina stared up at the black rubber form trying to see if she could see his outline, as she did she suddenly thought of something that seemed to come out of nowhere, of how atleast once or twice a week she would get Jack mad enough to threaten to fire her, but he never did, he always payed her what he owed her and always treated her fair, "We have to get him out of there!" Dina stated, Tina could only look down at her and make a few confused pleading gestures with her hands but seeing Dina's insistence could only managed to say, "OK ....but how!?!" Dina looked around for a moment, "We cut the straps on her legs off of the walls then I climb up, cut them out of that thing and we all climb down, if I fall you catch me....OK?" Tina nodded quickly, "OK let's hurry up before they come....or we come to our senses!" ********************************************************************************************************************************************* "What are you doing there!?!" Celeste called down as she felt her legs being first shaken the pulled down toward the floor, their muscles twitched and spasmed after being held in one possition for so long, the began to feel a tugging sensation upon them, "What are you doing I said!?!" "Shut the fuck up!" Dina hissed as she began her climb up the straps of the rubber garment, she had to grip very hard as the rubber was extremely smooth, as she got to the legs she became worried, "Hey where is there...I don't want to smush him !" Celeste bowed her head , "He's....between my breasts." she said with a sigh, "Hah Figures." Dina said smiling down to Tina who laughed a little dispite her fear. As she got an arm around Celeste's neck Dina called down to Tina, "OK throw it up." Tina tossed the smaller scalpel strait up, Dina leaned out, causing Celeste to groan, and caught it at about the middle of the handle, almost losing her balance. She then leaned close to Celeste's head, "Alright here's what we are going to do, I'm going to cut open the rubber over your tits and pull Jack out, then I'm going to slit open the front of this thing so you can slip out and we can both climb down. That a plan or what?" Celeste shook her head, "You don't understand.....I ran as far as I could but she found me....and she'll find you aswell!" Dina put her small face right next to where her ear was under the rubber, "Now look you wanna stay here and play 'sex dolly' that's your kink! But I am taking Jack and when I go I am fucking gone, so you better decide real fucking quick! Jack I'm cutting in watch yourself!" ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Suddenly as Tina was looking up at them she saw a panel slide open in the ceiling, "Dina!!! Up there!!" she shrieked even as Hose lowered into the room and swung in a circle around Dina and Celeste, "Girl I know not if ye be brave, unhinged or stupid....and in the end it matters not!" Hose said as she drew her blade, Dina grabbed a fist full of the rubber on Celeste's shoulder and readied her scalpel to swing on her when she came in, "Leave her alone!!" Tina cried up helplessly, "Hose please....." Celeste began to plead but Dina gave the rubber a jerk, "Don't give her that! Come on bitch, you want to fuck with me? Let's fuck!!!" Hose came in all at once, Dina made a wild slash for her head but Hose blocked her strike with her blade, causing it to fly from her hands and fall to the floor, in the same instant Hose threw a hard palmheel into her chest and neck. Celeste gasped out as her small body hit her face then fell down the front of her toward the floor, Tina held out her arms to try and catch her but before Dina had fallen to far Hose reached out with her free hand and grabbed the bellyring jerking her to a halt. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Hose held her struggling prize out at arms length, Dina kicked and slapped at her uselessly, "Ye didn't think I'd let thee off so easily." Hose said giving bellyring a violent shake, "Hose please.....let them go..." Celeste pleaded, "Silence witless fool...this....all of this be thy doing!!!" Hose spat at her, this gave Celeste a direction in which to act. With all her strength Celeste swung her legs up and wrapped them around Hose's head and neck, "Uhhh Get thee off of me!!!" Hose yelled, she let go of Dina to try and pry her legs from her but Dina managed to grab her wrist. Tina stood with her arms ready to catch Dina if she fell when she saw something huge coming at her out of the corner of her eye, she dove just as Madam's boot stomped down where she'd been standing. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** "Thieves do return to the scene of the crime apparently." Madam said as she brought her foot down at Tina again and again she dove out of the way then brought the larger scalpel up to defend herself, Madam turned as Hose cried out in pain, Dina, seeing that she was about to use her blade on Celeste, grabbed a fist full of Hose's breast and swung herself over to the blade hand, "If you can't even handle these two how do you expect to challenge me?" she said with a smirk then turned and kicked out at Tina, who held the scalpel up infront of her and blocked the blow but was thrown to the base of the tray table. Dina bit Hose's hand as hard as she could, Hose drove the back of her head into her own knee until she released her but in doing so caused herself to drop her blade. Dina began to fall to the floor but managed to grab ahold of one of the dangling leg straps, this in turn jerk down on Hose's neck hard, nearly putting her out. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Madam knelt down and plucked the larger scalpel from the floor then reached for Tina, she frantically scrambled under the tray table and pushed it over causing Madam to rear back as the containers of chemicals crashed down infront of her. Enraged she kicked the table with enough force to send the tray flying up to the ceiling and shatter, raining glass down upon them, Tina was getting up on her feet a needle of the red in her hand, as Madam reached for her she stabbed at the hand but Madam was able to catch the small arm in mid swing, her thumbnail flicking the needle from her grasp, then lifted her completely off of the floor. As she held her struggling captive at arms length Tina kicked and slapped with her free hand until Madam brought the scalpel into view, then she just hung shaking in her grip as she brought the blade forward, "Noooo!!!" Tina squeeled as she suddenly made a flicking motion toward her. She felt the tube of needles suddenly grow loose and fall to the floor from Madam's cut, Madam then looked at the blade or a second, "You know dispite your misuses of it during the evening it still has quite an edge. You might bearly feel as it disembowels first." And with that Madam slowly moved the blade toward her heaving abdomen. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Suddenly Madam screamed in pain as Dina drew the smaller scalpel through her boot and across her wounded foot, upon seeing Madam's grip on her scalpel loosen Tina swung her foot out and sideways, slapping it out of her fingers. "Come on bitch! You ain't finished with me yet!!" Dina yelled up as she ran, Madam drove her foot down behind her. Madam gave Tina a half toss up, caught her and wrapped her fingers tightly around her shoulders, causing her to cry out in pain, and continued to try to crush Dina. Dispite the weeks of hanging useless Celeste's legs found the strength to cling to Hose, "Enough of this!!" Hose thought enraged and grabbed one of her tubes, adjusted it to needle mode and drove it into Celeste's thigh, "Oh god No!!!" she shrieked, Madam had just stomped down and missed Dina again, as she dove beside the buck knife, when she turned to see the last of the dose of the red pump into her Daughter, "HOSE!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!" ******************************************************************************************************************************************* As Dina began to scramble to her feet she saw the buck knife, it's blade still up turned toward the ceiling, while Madam was distracted she pushed it across the floor until it was under her highheel, she then swung her scalpel into the black rubber heel, slicing through half of it's width, as Madam turned toward Celeste her heel broke and all her weight came down onto the blade driving it deeply into her instep. Madam let out a gasping weeze of agony, and as she sank down to one knee it was Tina's turn to act. She worked one of her arms loose of Madam's grip and reached between her own legs and grabbed the two tiny injection needles she hidden between her buttcheeks while behind the tray table, as Madam took her device from the clip on her hat in order to crush Dina in her own corset, Tina drove the needle of the red into the wrist of the hand holding her, Madam's eyes widden with horror as she saw the tiny plunger depressed, "NOOO!!!" she screamed. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* As the first spasms of pain from red's dwindling effect hit her Tina was able to pull herself from her grip and fall toward her other hand, driving the needle of the green into it, as her hand went dead Tina and the device fell to the floor. Madam tried to grab for her but one hand wouldn't respond and the other suddenly fell short, "Shrink Motherfucker!!!" Dina cried out with glee and she did, one of her feet left her boot while the other dragged it's boot as it was still impaled by the ever larger buck knife blade, her rubber panties loosened, her once tight rubber bra now swayed uselessly under her now smaller breasts and her tophat drooped down over her eyes. But as soon as it began it ended leaving the great Madam Hatter only half her former size, she began to laugh insanely and pushed her oversized hat up from over her eyes with the wrist of her paralized hand, "Fools! Did you think such a small dose could bring me to your pathetic size? I'll still be able to rend you both limb from limb!!" With that she began to lurch herself forward. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* "See See if you can use that thing!!!" Dina yelled as she swung the scalpel as Madam swiped forward with her paralized hand, hoping the slash she recieved would cause her enough pain to revive it. Tina turned the device toward Madam and pressed down upon one of the featureless buttons on it's handle, Dina jumped out of the way as the tuning fork like end began to vibrate, Madam's bra fell to the floor and collapsed into liquid, as Madam began to crawl faster she pushed another button, this began to draw the puddle of black the bra had become toward her, washing over Madam hands, "Try that one!!" Dina pointed, Tina pressed it and the rubber instantly harden around her hands cementing them to the floor, Madam howled with rage as she struggled in vain to pull herself free, "No fun when your in the flytrap is it bitch!" Tina hooted ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Inspite of her dwindling Celeste held Hose as long as she could, her ever smaller legs threatening to break Hose's neck, then, still holding the nozzle in needle mode she drove it's point into her calf and twisted it, a tiny shriek escaped the deflating rubber figure as Hose was finally able to break free, coughing and gasping for breath it was not until she heard her Madam cry out her rage of her entrapment did she finally see the bizarre sight of her once powerful Mistress dwindled to half her size and trapped in her own black rubber. "Look out!!" Dina yelled as Hose whipped down at them and drew her tube of the green, coating the device with a thick lair as the two jumped away, Dina took a swing at her causing her to rear back, Tina ran behind Madam and picked up the tube of needles, then pulled the last needle of the green from the tube as she ran for Madam's impaled foot and kicked the buck knife as hard as she could. As Madam screamed her pain Hose looked toward her in time to see Tina fling the needle at her head, quickly she swung the nozzle she held to block the projectile, at the same time Tina sprinted across the floor, grabbed ahold of Dina's bellyring and scrambled up with her into the rubber tunnel, a jet of the green striking the flaps just behind them. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* "Brave, unhinged or stupid......they be all three I suspect." Hose thought as she reguarded the rubber tunnel, she then turned to see her Mistress's plight and found she was both amused and outraged by the sight, "Hose! HOSE!!" Madam demanded, "Ye had thy troubles managing but two mere pets as well I see." Hose said absently as she saw and coiled over to retrieve her blade. Madam turned her head as far as she could to see what Hose was doing and caught site of Celeste's now totally deflated rubber prison and thought she heard a faint cry from within it, she saw Hose take up her blade and begin to rise up to the open panel, " much of the red did you use on her!?!" Madam asked, almost pleading, Hose stopped her ascent and glared down at her, "Even in thy ruination ye still mew for that....sow!!!!" she spat in disgust and whipped upward into the open panel, "HOSE!!!" Madam cried up after her. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tina lowered Dina onto the floor at the other side of the rubber tunnel then they both ran out into the outer rooms where they had entered only earier that day, "We're almost out! We just.....?" Tina looked down to see Dina sobbing, "I....I almost had him.....I was so close.....if if.." Tina knelt down beside her and hugged her, "You did all you could baby but now we have to get out of here OK?" Dina nodded and they began to make their way past the stairs that now towered over them like a monolith. Suddenly a picture on a wall by the stairs that had been sliding silently sideways flew to the floor as Hose burst out and coiled infront of the old frontdoor of the house, her blade and tube of the green held to the ready, as Tina and Dina pressed against the side of the stairs Hose began to shout, "Ye hath taken part in the fall of a great woman!! And I shall take thee to task for it!!!" "Oh fuck!" Tina whispered and looked down to Dina, " got an idea?" she nearly begged, she looked up at the stairs above them then whispered up, "Yeah I think I do....and I'm pretty sure we're both going to hate it!" ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Hose's eyes scanned base of the walls for any movement, the doors to the inner areas to the house were locked and they would not risk going back into the tunnel should her Mistress have freed herself, she knew they would have to get past her to gain their freedom. Just then she saw Tina's head quickly poke up from behind the foot of the stairs, with incredible speed Hose wound over as Tina ran along the edge of the staircase and as Hose pursued her Dina jumped down from the fifth step, swinging her scalpel down with both hands meaning to cleave her skull in two. Hose knew this trick as she had used it a few times, in the last instant she raised her blade and blocked the blow then drove her elbow into Dina's ribs but as she fell toward the floor she drove the scalpel's blade into the side of Hose's cable and opened a 6 inch slash from which hydrolic fluid jetted out hitting the ceiling. Hose did her best to control her descent but hit the floor face down with a jolt. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Quickly Hose disengaged her legs from her now useless cable, the twisted coil of main tubes that fed her nozzles was released from her pack with a popping hiss, still holding her blade she crawled forward and tried to prepare for the next attack. Suddenly Dina ran up behind her, grabbed the side of her mask and drove her small fist into the back of her left ear three times, screaming as she did so, "You fucking freak!! I'm gonna fucking kill you!!!!" again Hose threw her elbow back catching Dina across the face, she then reached back trying to grab an arm or a leg and found the bellyring. She flung Dina forward underhand, causing her to summersault backward and land hard on her stomach and bellyring, Hose then crawled forward and raised her blade to drive it into Dina's skull. Just then Tina ran in from the side and kicked Hose in the ribs as hard as she could, sending her flying into the baseboard of the staircase, her blade bouncing out of her hand. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** "You OK?!" Tina asked as Dina struggled to her feet, "Yeah! Let's finish this!" she said as Tina handed her the scalpel and took the last needle of the red from the tube, they then both began to stalk toward Hose, who rose up onto her knees to meet them. She pulled her tube of the red from her pack and aimed it at Dina, who laughed, "No good bitch! I heard all your air pressure bleed out when you pulled youself out of that thing!" Hose smiled to this, "Oh sweet one...there always be a little pressure left within the pack." Just then she turned the nozzle toward Tina and sprayed it's last stream, hitting her between the breasts, "Jesus!!!" Tina cried as she dropped her needle and tried to frantically wipe it off of her skin but it was already in her system. "Fucker!!!" Dina screamed and began to swing on Hose, who adjusted the nozzle to needle mode and prepared for the attack as she spoke, "Aye ye might be able to take me....might...but as ye do thy Dear one dwindles and she be to paniced to use the counter agent ye have brought with thee. Choose girl.... me or her!" ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Dina let out a growl of rage as she ran for Tina's side, who was sinking to her knees with the first spasms, quickly Dina reached up and pulled the blue needle from the tube on her shoulder and drove it into Tina's thigh, a bolt of cold pain shot through Tina's entire body then centered on the area where the red had hit her, finally within the next few seconds the pain and the spasms of her dwindling were completely gone. "Tina! You alright!?!" she nodded crying and hiking up her now loose corset as she stood shakely up to her now full 13 inch height. "You sure!?!" Dina insisted, "Yeah yeah!" she replied wiping her eyes, with this assurance Dina turned back toward Hose, she was gone. Dina looked around in all directions, wondering how a woman with no feet could move so fast, "She can't have gone far!" Dina said angrily, "Who gives a shit!" Tina said in a pleading weary tone, "Let's just get out of here before that psycho comes back with a lazer or something!" Dina nodded knowing Tina was right but hating leaving either of them alive. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ As they got to the front door they found an old mailslot, Tina lifted Dina up to it and reached out through to lower her as far down as she could until she could easily drop to the porch, as Tina crawled through the tube with it's remaining needles dropped from her shoulder and they decided to leave it. As they came to the edge of the porch they found a driving rainstorm was in progress, " wondered what this was going to feel like, let's find out!" Dina said up to her as they began to climb down the porch steps. The cold drops pelted their small bodies relentlessly as they made their way across the lawn to the tree line, hoping once under the trees they would have some cover. As they got to the edge of the lawn Dina tripped, as she got to her feet she realized her boots and corset were melting, Tina also found her corset turning to it's liquid state as they had left houses field of transmission that kept the black in it's constituted forms, soon the rain had completely washed the black from their bodies leaving them totally naked. Dina looked up and yelled over the pouring rain, "Well we're small, naked, it's pissing down rain, we're heading into the deep dark woods and all we got is a scalpel to defend ourselves with." Tina smiled down, "Fuck it!" she said happily and held down her hand, Dina reached up and took it, first she then Tina began singing "Ding Dong the witch is dead." as they skipped into the night. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ It took Hose nearly an hour to get back into an inner section of the house where she could call for her spare cable platform, once she connected herself and her pack to the new cable she called for Mr. Sloat then made sure the house was secure, the fires were all out and no other pets had tried to escape. When these task were done she mentally prepared herself for what was next and found she both dreaded and anticipated what was to come and strangely this seemed the right mindset to her. So taking a deep breath, noting to herself how it shuddered, she went to her Mistress. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Madam waited for over two hours for Hose's return, screaming her rage, crying her humiliation, calling for Celeste, she would constantly look back at the black scarecrow like figure, trying to see any sign of movement, listening for any sign of her calling for her, there was nothing. She then turned her attention to her device that laid before her, she knew she could lean forward and activate the button to liquefy the rubber holding her hands to the floor with her tongue, the problem was that it was coated with the green and would paralize her almost instantly, "Frozen on my hands and knees licking my own device. Wouldn't that make a lovely picture for the Christmas card!" Madam thought bitterly. She tried once more to pull her hands up from the floor, knowing full well it was useless, and as she braced both knees against the floor she screamed in pain as her foot shifted against it's impalement, the buck knife blade that had expanded within her wound and broken a bone in her foot as she dwindled. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** This brought her to the worst part of her humiliation, that she had dwindled in her own house, become SMALL, she had horrible visions of herself at the next Hatter gathering as her pears looked down upon her snickering or outright laughing at the tiny Hatter in their mist, or worse, being striped naked and made to wear one of the serving tray gowns bound around her shoulders, forced to serve finger sandwiches to those who she once......."NO!!! That will NOT happen to ME!!! I am a HATTER and I WILL find a way back to my proper form!!" she raged at herself. She knew of a process that could temporarly restore 70 to 80% percent of the mass to those who were dwindled by the red, depending on how small they had become or the mixture of the red used, it could last between a week to a month. "I might even be able to bring Celeste back up to...." Madam had begun to think when she realized that she was still thinking of keeping Celeste with her in someway and that her obsession with her Daughter had brought her "to THIS" and yet she could still not let her go. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** At that moment Hose lowered into the room saying nothing as she stared down upon her ruined Mistress, Madam glared up at her, "WELL!?! Did you atleast get them!?!" she demanded, "Nay, they hath escaped." Hose replied calmly, "You FOOL! " Madam hissed enraged. Hose made a slow circle around her, finding a growing admiration for Tina's and Dina's crude but effective work upon her Mistress. "I'll have to call for Mr. Sloat...." Madam began, "He hath been called already. He hath hidden the vehicles of...'thy guests' and set to work with his animal." Hose stated calmly as she lowered to face her Mistress, "I don't give a hang about the cars I want them BACK!!!" Madam demanded, "Ye should be more concerned about thyself." Hose repied in the same calm tone, Madam's eyes narrowed upon her, "Get me out of this!" she said in a low threatening tone, to this Hose gave an almost curtsy motion upon her cable. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Hose pulled her water tube from her pack and rinsed off the device, turning it with her free hand to be sure all of the green was off of it, she then picked up the device with both hands and coiled herself in back of her Mistress, "Where are you...ARGHHHG!!!" Madam howled with pain as a loop of Hose's cable wrapped around the handle of the buck knife and quickly wrenched it from her wound. Seeing a good amount of blood running from the split in the boot Hose used the device to mold a small section of the boot into what could be best described as a black rubber cast, "I could have done that! If you think this curries favor with me you are saddly mistaken! Now free my hands...THIS INSTANT!!!" To this Hose only lowered down behind Madam, suddenly she felt her over size rubber panties begin to melt, the liquid they became did not drip off of her but ran between her legs and congealed over her vagina, "What are you...........................................!?!!!!" Madam's eyes widden with her outrage as finally realized what Hose was about to do, "DON"T....YOU....DARE!!!" ******************************************************************************************************************************************** "NO!!!... NO!!!!.... NOOOOOARRGHAH!!!!" Madam roared her rage and pain as Hose gripped the rubber flap between her legs and her cable lifted her to slowly, agonizingly tear out Madam's pubic hair follical by follical until with one good tug she was stripped bare. Hose then coiled around and held the flap containing the white pubic hair up before her shocked eyes and smiled widely, Madam began to shriek with an animalistic rage, shaking her hands and body, coming as close to freeing herself from the rubber as she would ever come, all the while Hose merely hung before her, seeming to bask in her outrage and humiliation, finally Madam managed to form words, ".....YOU....DARE...DO THIS......TO MEEEE!!!!!" Quivering with her rage as she awaited a response, Hose relished this sight a moment longer before doing so, "Why would I not dare it? In truth what dare be there in such a thing? I hath watch ye this night...nay for sometime now casting away thy greatness. And for what? For what is little more then a tiny empty suit of the black. No there be no daring here, thy weakness be laid before me, ye can nolonger be my Mistress...and thus can nolonger be a Hatter!" ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Madam let out a gasp of shock, she struggled to say something, anything, then finally bowed her head and began to weep. Fascinated by this Hose coiled down and closer to look upon her face, that was when Madam's head snapped back up, her eyes blazing with tears and fury, she lurched forward, her mouth opening wide to bite Hose's small head from it's shoulders as she had thought to do so many years before. Hose saw this coming from a mile away, she moved slightly to the side out of the path of this assault, her free hand pulling her tube of the green from her pack, adjusting it to needle mode and stabbing it into her neck, freezing her in her enraged moment. Hose ran her fingers over Madam's sweat drenched cheek, her smile faultering a little, "Believe it or not there be a certain remorse upon me, remembering all the years we hath spent together and all thee hath taught me. But I feel a great excitement aswell as I wish to show thee all I hath learned....'First hand." Hose touched a control on her pack, Madam did not need to be able to look as she heard the panel above slide open and the manicals she had bound Jack with earier that evening lower to the floor. Hose peared into one of Madam's rage filled eye, seeming to look for the woman trapped inside them, she then gently kissed the cheek below it and smiled once more, "Brace thyself my former Mistress.....thee hath farther yet to fall." TO BE CONCLUDED