The Smooth Black: Part 36

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The Smooth Black: Part 36 *********** As Madam entered Tina quickly grabbed her scalpel and hid on the far side of the cabnets base, praying that she hadn't seen her, Madam walked directly to the cabnet, Tina covered her mouth to quiet her rapid breathing as her huge tormentor stood only inches from her. Madam reached for the jar with the skeletal remains of Madam Liddia and turned it slightly, she then held up the half strait razor and compared it's broken end with that of the end protruding from the tiny skull, "Perfect." Madam whispered to herself and smiled as she enjoyed finding this last piece to an ancient puzzle. She unwound the rest of the masking tape from the end and threw it's wadded remains into the waste basket, reminding herself how she had to send those little "leftovers" to Mr. Sloat for Luke, then straitened the jar and placed the half striat razor on it's wooden base, she wondered whether she should try replace it onto it's broken end in the amber or just display it outside with a brief description of it's rediscovery. Madam frowned to this, "Better to rejoin them and put that little animal out of her mind once and for all." she thought to herself but realized it would have to wait until she was finished with her latest charge. *********************************************************************************************************************************************** Tina had breathed a sigh of relief into her hand when Madam turned to leave, just then the contents of the pale like container broke into a new tortured chorus of "Worm crawl in" causing Madam to walk back to the desk, Tina's heart pounded in her chest. Madam lightly tapped her fingersnails on the lid of the container, "Snails my dear snails. So how are you and your lovers fairing?" her reply was an incoherent jibbering sob, quickly followed by the sound of sliding wet flesh, Madam lightly laughed to this. Suddenly Tina saw her expression change as she looked down at the desk, her mind began to race with fear, "Oh God she sees something is missing! She's gonna tear this place apart and find me! She's gonna....." Madam gentely pushed the drawer of the desk fully shut, Tina didn't have the leverage to do so, "I hate when I do that." she muttered to herself as she turned and walked to the opening in the wall, which she closed behind her, "Oh fuck me!" Tina groaned as she sank to her knees, not sure how much more of this she could take. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ "There be little damage to thy adornment, which be well as it be a pretty thing." Hose said as she looked over Dina's bellyring, she wiped some of the soot from the red jem with her thumb, then tried to rub it off onto Dina's left buttock, "Yeah that's what I was fucking worrying about." Dina grunted as she still hung bound painfully from the stand, to this Hose gave the ring a light twist stretching the blistered flesh around it, "ARGHHA!!! You fuck!!" Dina screamed, Hose coiled around to face her, "Ye are going to restist to the bitter end. That be a good thing, my Mistress needs this, it shall put her to rights breaking thee as she hath had a trying time of late." Dina managed a laugh, "Yeah! She feels so guilty for fucking over her own Daughter so she's got to fuck with me to get over it, very therapeutic!" Hose smiled to this, "Save thy bile for thy next session with my Mistress, she will enjoy making thee pay for every vile syllable." ******************************************************************************************************************************************* "Y Your a fucking coward!" Dina spat, "Really? How so?" Hose replied uneffected by the barb, "You could take her down anytime you want but your such a whipped puppy you don't take advantage, you just bow and scrape to her like a little bitch! Your pathetic!" Hose stroked Dina's hair as she spoke, "Do ye think thee are the first to try to turn me against my Mistress or she against me for that matter? Do I fear her? Oh aye, I'd be a fool not to. Hath she broken me? ....Oh Aye, she hath taken me to my utter most limits and shattered them one and all, she hath given me pain that made me wish for death, she hath given me pleasure that I wished would never end, she hath stripped me of everything and laid me bare, she hath given me purpose I would never have dreamed of having. She hath shown me the blackest of wonders that thy own limited mind would only allow thee to scream thy witless terror upon. She hath shown me the depths of my weakness and the heights of my strengths. Do I love her.....Oh God yes, she is everything to me and I shall protect all she is......even from herself if need be." Hose looked away at that moment as she had said more then she had intended with that last thought. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* "Sick fucks both of you!" Dina hissed, shaken by Hose's speech, to this Hose grabbed the back of her smaller head and held her face up toward her, her other hand pulled her tube of the red from her pack, her thumb sliding a switch on the nozzle sideways causing it's end to narrow to a fine needle point, "Wh What are you doing!!!" Dina shreiked as the thumb of the hand holding her clamped down on her eyebrow and held her right eye open as the needle point was brought closer ans closer. Hose waited until she saw the tell tale signs that Dina was tasting the "sweet" in her mouth, then released her hold on her eye, which closed tightly, when she opened her eyes again she saw Hose's larger pussy hothering before her, dispite all her efforts to resist Dina began to kiss and lick at the oraface, Hose stroked her hair with one hand as her other reached through the strands of string that bound her and began to slide her middle finger up and down between the small legs. Inspite of the pain it caused in her extremities Dina began to jirrate, both to her own actions and Hose's attentions, she worked her small head up and down, side to side, in and out until both came to orgasm, Dina bit one of the pussy lips as hard as she could, Hose took her hair in her fist and pulled her away and up to her face, as Dina screamed her pain, fear and rage Hose kissed her smaller mouth passionately. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* "Aye I knew that my Mistress had exposed thee to the "sweet", it usually be either rage or fear that brings it out and as ye hath been raging all this night I thought a little fear might be the order." Hose said smiling down, her finger swiping away the excess cum from Dina's face as she cried, "sssSo what, you drugged me, big fucking deal, that wasn't me!!!" Hose nodded to this almost gently, "Aye it be the sweet but think ye all the things ye felt in that time, pain, horror, desire, longing , saticfaction, then think ye if thou could feel these with out the drug and 'For" someone, every minute of every day, if ye can imagine it, and I doubt ye can, ye would still only scratch the surface of the bond my Mistress and I have." Dina stared up almost mezmerized by this, then a loud voice spoke, "What are you doing Hose?" Madam said as she entered, Hose rose up to face her, "I merely wished to teach her of devotion my Mistress." Madam drew her finger up between her legs dabbing up the last of the cum, Hose gave her a sheepish look as she sniffed it then rubbed it between her thumb and forefinger, "So I see." Madam said sarcastically as she turned toward Dina, "Well your little 'lesson' will have to be tabled for the time being. I have something else to teach our little charge." ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Put me down you fucking bitch!!!" Dina shrieked uselessly as she dangled by her bellyring from Madam's fingers, she strode into the hallway lightly swinging the tiny flailing figure at her side, never realizing that Tina was watching nearby. Tina followed behind at a distance until Madam turned and aimed her device at one of the rubber walls, which began to part, she remembered being in this hallway before and possibly having come threw the very wall Madam now opened. Tina was relieved to see that Dina, while no where near safe, was atleast relatively alright but she knew that she wouldn't stay that way if she didn't get started. Quickly she made her way back to where she'd hidden her bundles, the largest was a sack made of the cling wrap filled with soaken cotton balls, the other three where small water ballon like balls filled with a redish clear fluid about and inch around, also made from the cling wrap.She saw that one of balls was starting to leak and didn't know how long the would stay together with what was inside them, so she took these and the scalpels to their possitions first, then went back for the cotton balls, the matches and the syringe then went to work. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Hey!....What are we doing back here!?!" Dina demanded in growing fear as she remembered the room, Madam knelt down until Dina was 6 inches over the floor the dropped her onto her back, before she could try and get up Madam waved her device over her, loops of the black rubber floor sprang up and bound her hands and feet and pulled her into a spread eagle position. She cried out as one of Madam's boots came down close beside her head as she walked toward the strange but familar figure in the corner, "Mistress.....Mistress please help me! They....their to big!" Allegra wimpered as the 2 inch woman struggled to maimtain her balance upon her 5 foot 11inch highheels, her tiny breasts had swelled to 4 times their size,hanging down to the top of the ring of 5 tiny injection needles set around her waist, the silver bar with four of the tubes of the red still on her back, Madam took a moment to admire her handywork. **************************************************************__________________________________________________________ Toward the end of her stay with Monsuier Chapeau, he and Madam went to a bikini modeling contest in hopes of finding potiential pets, it was here that she first saw Allegra, her real name was Anita Fowler but she had called herself Allegra ever since she had her growth spurt at the age of 17 and decided to go into modeling. She was now 23 and her career had gone nowhere, the contest offered among other cash prizes a photo shoot to be "possibly" used in the next Sports Illustrated Swinsuit issue, her only real obstacal was a model named Susan, though an inch shorter then her she had the most beautiful long legs Allegra had ever seen. Upon seeing that to get to the main stage the models would have to go up a large flight of stairs, and that Susan took off her highheels when off stage Allegra got an idea, she took a razorblade and sliced into the heels, just enough to weaken them. ****************************************************************************************************************************************** When her turn came Susan excitedly ran up the stairs, about two thirds the way up her heel snapped and she fell backward fracturing her skull, as she was rushed to the hospital the contest was delayed an hour but Allegra didn't mind as she was now " a shoe in" she thought with a laugh. What she didn't know at the time was that Madam, who often wondered backstage at such events, had seen her act of sabotage, aswell as her look of satisfaction as Susan was taken out. Upon her winning the contest Allegra was invited to a party at Monsuier Chapeau's villa, she would never be seen again, eventually her modeling contract went to the first runnerup,upon her recovery Susan was also offered a shoot by the company that ran the contest, in order to avoid a lawsuit, her career has gone quite well since. Meanwhile Allegra would be dwindled to 6 inches, played with mercilessly by Chapeau, Madam and even the then still 3 foot Carlotta with whom she shared a cage on the flight back the states, a day after they arrived at Madam's house she would throw caution to the wind and demand Madam return her to her former height, which Madam did, after a fashon. __________________________________________________________************************************************************ Allegra teetered back and forth, the new weight of the swelled breasts completely throwing off the already precarious balance she had only begun work out, her eyes covered she could not see her Mistress, only hear her and feel as her huge form quickly circled her, causing her to be further disorientated. On her third circle around Madam reached out a finger and gave one of the breasts a jiggle, nearly causing her to stumble, "My those do look a bit heavy for your little form, I don't think they flatter you either. But please have a look for yourself." With that Madam used her device to open eyeholes in Allegra's mask, as well as remove the silver bar from her back and let it rise back up threw the dome even as Hose lowered down. For a few seconds her tiny eyes blinked as she once more became accustomed to the light, finally she was able to look down at herself, "Noooo! I'm ....I'm a freak!!" she shrieked shaking her head violently, wrenching her arms as she tried to cover her face but found her arms still bound up behind her. Madam's fingernail went up under her chin and tilted her head up to face her, "Oh what a shame and you were doing so well after your last fall....if only it hadn't been for that little whore." ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Madam's nail lightly traced to the side of her cheek and turned her face down toward where Dina layed, "As you can see her 'act of cruelty' did her little good but I imagine that is 'little' consolation for this." Allegra began to cry as Dina glared up at Madam, "What are you fucking playing at now!?!" Madam gave her a bemused look, "Why I am putting your theory into practice. You in your pitiful attempt at escape you did a great cruelty to this poor girl and as you pointed out earilier such a cruel act should be repayed....should it not?" Madam leaned in close to Allegra's small head and began to whisper, "Tell you what I will do, I will let you take whatever amount 'justice' you wish, short of killing her ofcourse. And if I am pleased with the result MAYBE I will halve you little burdens." Madam did not ask for a reply, she didn't have to, all she had to do was look into the tiny eyes as they stared with rage down a Dina. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* As Hose lowered closer to the floor for a better vantage point Allegra began her jerking steps toward Dina, nearly losing her balance as Madam used her device to adjust bottoms of her heels, fusing their very ends into single blade like tips, when finished Dina gasped as she saw them slice deeply into the rubber floor with her next step. "Hey listen! Look I ...I was trying to help my friend....I'm sorry please...!" Dina pleaded but Allegra kept coming and as she saw Hose and Madam begin to laugh down at her she grew angry once more, "Don't let them fuck with you like this! No matter what happens she will fuck you over! She'll shrink one of your tits and make the other three times as big!!" To this Madam looked up to Hose and Mouthed, "I should write that down." causing Hose to smile widely. Allegra was almost over her when Dina screamed up one more time, "Don't give 'this' to them!! ARRGH!!!" As Allegra's heel came down it deeply slashed the inside of her right calf. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* "Oops! 'Sorry little babe!" Allegra hissed down at her as she raised her other boot and drove it's bladed heel down toward her left thigh, Dina tried to twist it out of the way but was again sliced deeply, "ARRGH!! You stupid fucking slut!!" Dina raged up, to this Allegra picked up her other heel and did a surprisingly wide sideways round kick, the tip of the heel slashing Dina's forehead, then unsteadily spun and landed it next her waist. Madam tittered with laughter, "So dear, what do you think karma now?" Dina shook the growing globule of blood from her forehead and stared up at her with fury, "Doesn't mean you ain't gonna get yours, right up the ass!!" Madam grinned down at her, "Oh you will be a fine one to break!" Dina smiled up humorlessly, "Then shut the fuck up and let tall tits take her next shot!" Allegra stared down outraged and rose the heel she'd just slashed her with. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* As she drove it down toward Dina's side, Dina suddenly shifted her hips sideways as far as she could, the heel connected with her bellyring, though this caused her burns pain the impact also caused Allegra to lose her balance, before she could set her heel back upon the floor Dina wrapped her thighs around the supporting heel and began to shake it side to side. Allegra screamed as she began to lose balance, she quickly drove her flailing heel into the floor a quarter inch from Dina's hand, she held on to the heel as long as she could until Allegra pulled up with all her might, "Shit!!" Dina screamed in pain as her inner thigh was again slashed as the heel jerked free but in doing so she once more lost her balance and forced her drive this heel into the floor and as she did so the heavy breasts swayed and caused her to lose her balance once more. "Don't trip! Don't trip! Don't trip!!" Dina hooted up with almost insane laughter, wondering if she was indeed going insane, Madam merely shook her head exasperated, "You little fool, you would expect a model to atleast be able to walk on heels." she remarked, Hose was mildly impressed by Dina's resolve and amused by Allegra's plight but wondered why her Mistress seemed to be taking Dina's resistance so personally. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* It took Allegra three more sideways pinwheeling steps before she finally regained her teetering balance, sobbing with fear and the pain of her efforts, Dina turned to look up at Madam grinning at her frustraition, "Like I said, 'I ain't impressed." Madam went to one knee and stared into her tiny face, "OH you will be my dear! YOU WILL BE!!" she hissed in a seathing whisper, she then stood up and looked to Allegra, "Unless you wish me to under take this little sluts earlier suggestion about your 'TITS', I suggest that you stop your sniveling and......." Suddenly Hose rose up, put a hand to the side of her visor and yelled, "Mistress! Fire!" Madam's head snapped toward her, "Where!?! HOW!?!" she demanded, " Multipel Locations! Near the damaged sections! It could have been some of the wiring before I shutdown main power!" "Activate the fire suppression systems!" Madam ordered as she began to open the wall once more. As she began to leave Dina called up to her, "Feel free to burn to death!" "Pray the fire gets YOU before I return!" Madam said angerly as she stormed out. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Madam grabbed a fire extinguisher from one of the other rooms and met Hose in one of the hallways near where she had flooded the wall with the black, only to find Hose had used her water tube to put out a patch of fire on a wall, "What started it?" she asked intently, "I do not know, it be not electrical and there be no fire in my passageways." Hose replied then again her fingers went to her visor, "There be another fire, two corridors dowm!" she said pointing in the direction her visors sensors told her, "Set to it I'll be along!" Madam said. As Hose went quickly up into the dome Madam turned to follow when she saw something on the floor, she knelt down and picked up the half burnt match, still smoking from it's recient use, all at once she remembered the holes Dina and Tina had cut in the rubber walls, " a DISTRACTION!" Madam thought as she crushed the match in her fingers. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Jesus did you hear her!?! The fucking place is on fire!! Look if if you use your....heels to try and cut me loose I can help you get out maybe even get you out of those things!" Dina pleaded as Allegra made her way back toward her, she stared down her eyes filled with tears and rage, "You! You did this to me! Made me a freak! So take a good look because I'm taking out your fucking eyes!!" she shrieked down as her next step grazed her shoulder. As Dina looked up she saw Allegra raise her right heel up over her face but she did not flinch or even think about trying to move out of the way of her strike, Dina thought if she pushed her head upward just as she thrust down that the heel would be driven into her brain and kill her instantly. Strangely she was not afraid, that was not why she would do this, nor was it a loss of hope, though she knew there was none, in the end it was simple spite for when Madam returned she would find her toy was dead and be pissed off to no end. "Can you even aim that fucked up pump bitch!" Dina taunted up, Allegra rose her knee as high as she could and drove the heel down toward her face. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Suddenly Dina saw a hand reach out of nowhere and grab the heel, stopping it's blackrubber blade a mere half inch from her face, a silver blade sliced a foot length from the bottom of the heel, "Nooooo!!!!" Allegra wailed as she began to hop backward upon her longer heel, desperately trying to keep from falling, about her fifth jump something in her hip gave and she screamed in agony. As she began to fall she spun around on her upright heel and seeing that she falling toward the wall she frantically kicked up her shortened heel and braced herself against the wall, the blade on her upright heel had corkscrewed into the rubber floor so it did not slip, her other heel braced against the wall she shifted her weight painfully side to side on her damaged hip to keep from falling to either side. Dina saw none of this as she stared up in shock at the one who had saved her, "Tina!!?!" ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Quickly Tina flung the melting heels end aside and began to cut Dina loose, then tucked the small scalpel under the tube of needles around her shoulder, "They...they said you were dead!" Dina managed, "Yeah I fooled them! Look, I don't know how long my distraction is going last so we gotta move!" As Dina got to her feet she saw the book of matches and two cling wrap sacks of fluid and the syringe which Tina picked up, "Get the Matches and let's get....." Just then the wall next to the one Tina had cut into began to part and Madam strode in, "Back from the dead I see, your going to find it was NOT worth the trip!" she said bitterly as she walked toward them. Dina and Tina began to back away in a half circular patern toward the hole Tina had cut, Madam saw this and was prepared to cut them off. "Fuck!" Dina hissed, "Dina light a match now!" Tina said not looking at her as she flung one of the sacks infront of Madam's feet which burst spraying it's contents before her. It took Dina three frantic tries until the match lit, almost dropping it as it seemed to nearly explode from her new perspective, quickly Tina grabbed it and flung it into the fluid which ignited. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Tina and Dina ran for the hole only to have Madam simply step over the flaming pool, "Like to play with fire do you? I should introduce you to a game I played with your little friend earlier. I wonder if you'll have the bladder for it?" "Light another one!" Tina whispered as she held up the syringe as if to stab Madam with it, "Y You stay back or....or...!" Madam laughed at this, "Or what? Do you even know what is in that syringe you little fool? YOUR MINE! Except it!" Tina continued to aim the syringe at her, "I'm warning you don't take another step!!" Madam smiled and took the step, Tina depressed the plunger and sprayed a stream of it's contents at Madam, it struck the middle of her thigh, down the side of her boot and across the floor to the flames behind her, as the alcohol/kerosene mix hit the fire a line of flame ran up the side of Madam's leg. Tina flung the second sack but to her horror it merely bounced off of the toe of Madam's boot. Then just as Madam leaned down to slap out the flames on her boot the sack rolled into the dying stream of flames and burst in a popping explosion setting her boot, hand and hair on fire. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* As Madam flailed to put the flames out Allegra screamed as her movements threatened to topple her over. "Yeah!! Burn bitch burn!!!" Dina howled up in savage joy as she held the second lit match, "Get to the fucking hole!!" Tina screamed at her. Suddenly Hose dropped down into the room, "Mistress!!!" she cried out in alarm, Tina touched the tip of the syringe to Dina's match and sprayed a flaming stream from the still half full syringe up at her, Hose whipped out of the path of the crude flamethrower, her coils coming within millimeters of striking Allegra, though her upper body wasn't touched her cable was set on fire and she was forced to use her water tube to put it out or have the hydrolic like fluid run out and leave her helpless. As Tina went for the hole Madam's boot struck her a glancing blow causing her to hit the wall and drop the syringe. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Seeing Tina was in trouble Dina went for the syringe, Madam saw this and drove her boot down on to it, this was a mistake as what remained in in the syringe reignited her still smoldering boot. As Madam tried to stomp out the flames once more Hose swooped down on Tina, seeing her coming she pulled her scalpel out and swung, Hose reared back and pulled her own blade, as Tina swung again she pulled out a needle of the pink and tried to drive it into her neck, Hose blocked the scalpel with her blade and caught the needle hand, prying it from her fingers, then backhanded her with strength enough to drive Tina to her knees. Suddenly Hose looked up toward the sound of a high pitched scream to see Allegra being swung down at her by Dina, she struck the side of Hose's head, shrieking as her shoulder was dislocated, before she could recover from this Tina punched Hose as hard as she could, dazing her and causing her to coil back from Tina next swing with the scalpel. Madam, the fires on her person finally out, went for Tina, seeing this Dina used every ounce of her strength to swing Allegra up at her, the tiny breasts slapping against her left eye, "Run!!" Dina yelled as sprinted for the hole. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Allegra's peeping wails reached their zenith as Madam furiously clutched ahold of her, causing all of the needles around her waist to inject her, and flung her to the floor where she laid convulsing. Tina scambled for the hole flinging the matches in ahead of her, Hose coiled after her but as she got to the hole Madam jerked her out of the way and reached in .Tina had just crawled through when Madam's hand clamped ahold of one of her legs, as she was pulled back into the hole Dina reached for her, "Uhh No! Light another match!!" Tina yelled as she grabbed the last cling wrap sack she'd left outside the hole and broke it over Madam's hand, as this was her burnt hand the alcohol/kerosene mixure reacted with her wounds and caused her fingers to spasm with pain. As Tina scrambled from her grasp Dina flung the lit match and the hand was engulfed in flame. Madam tore her hand from the hole and slamed it against the rubber wall, and to Hose's shock continued drive her wounded fist into the wall long after it was extinguished, screaming her rage. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some hours after Madam and Hose had left the room the tiny twisted thing that had been Allegra pulled itself out of her now oversized corset by her dislocated arm, which had only shrunken to half it's size, sliding upon the one of the breasts that had not shrunken at all. The leg with the hip injury had also shrunken very little while other leg was less then a quarter inch long, both of which twitched and spasmed as they were unacustomed to nolonger standing in the heels. Much of the rest of her body had dwindled to various sizes, ripping muscles and breaking bones but as much of her brain had been damaged, not only by what had become an overdose from the aphrodisiac needle but by half of her skull shrinking smaller then the other half, her shattered mind now mixed all sensations into a twisted singular sensation that was beyond both agony and pleasure that even a healthy mind could never comprehend. She would pull herself a short ways then stop and reach down between her twisted legs to masterbate, her other arm only 5 millimeters long reached down to massage the nipple of the 1/8th inch breast. She would do this until the thoughts of her broken memory would tell her, "Well as fun as this is.....I got to get to a shoot in the morning." then began to crawl again until she once more reached between her legs, she did this until she thought, "Well as fun as this is.....I got to get to a shoot in the morning."..............TO BE CONTINUED