The Smooth Black: Part 35

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The Smooth Black: Part 35 ********* "Go out to the room near where the black caught her, see if you can find the other one." Madam said in a nearly even tone, "Aye my Mistress." Hose replied, there was a pause, "Well! What is it?!" Madam asked angrily, "The track of my platform hath been damaged. I shall hath to take a longer route to those rooms." Hose replied, "Then set to it!" Madam ordered. With much of the inside of the wall torn out or smashed flat by the flood of the black Tina was able to clearly hear this conversation as she pulled herself out of the rubble, she found that the wall she had just cut through with her scalpel was now one huge gaping hole reaching to the dislodged section of the ceiling leaving she was totally exposed and unable to go backward or forward. Desperately she tried to think of something, then strangely three images came into her mind, the first of the black grabbing ahold of Dina, using the straps of the rubber pack themselves to do so, the second of how Lita's rubber legging melted as she was shocked by the wire connector and finally of when Dina cut the rubber glove like bindings from her arms back at in the mixing room, how they continued to reform themselves until they lost contact with her skin. Tina thought that if the rubber was somehow interconnected and in someway cued to their skin that it would keep it's shape no matter how little of her skin made contact. ****************************************************************************************************************************************** Quickly she used Dina's scalpel, which she still clutched in her hand, and began to cut off the taller of her two boots but was careful not to lose physical contact with it, the boot kept trying to rewrap itself around her leg but she managed to pull it away and hold it out at arms length. She saw a thin broken piece of wood and stuffed it inside as her cut in the boot's side closed up, making it not only look like it had a leg in it but made that leg look broken. She got behind a fallen 2x4 and slid the boot under it, still holding the upper edge with her fingers, and pushed wood chips and small chunks of plaster under the edge of the board to make it look solid with the ground, then took one of her four remaining needles of the red and squirted it around the upper side of the boot flush with the board to mimic a blood stain, careful not to get any on her. She reached for large slabs of plaster and piled them around her to hide beneath, she held the scalpel in her other hand ready to use incase her ruse failed. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** She had just barely finished as the panel in the ceiling slid open, a cloud of dust followed Hose as she lowered down into the room, clearing her throat as she pulled her blade and tube of the green from her pack, she looked about the room appalled by the damage the black had done. "Come ye out! Thy fleeing be done!" she called as she surveyed the broken wall, she was about to activate the thermal scan on her visor when she saw the small boot protruding from under the 2x4, her weapons to the ready she lowered in for a closer look. Tina held her breath as Hose came within inches of her, she wondered if she could even get a proper swing with the scalpel if it all went to hell, Hose held her blade in a defensive posture as she nudged the boot with the green tubes nozzle, it moved slightly, the piece of wood inside let out a muffled crick sound that sounded as if it could be a broken limb. Tina saw her eye the "blood stain" she'd created with the red, and hoped she might try and taste it to see if it were real, she looked to Tina as if she were buying it, then suddenly Hose raised her blade. **************************************************************************************************************************************** Tina was about to leap up when she realized the Hose was deflecting a falling piece of plaster, a creak from the slopping ceiling above caused Hose to pull out to a safe distance and allowed Tina to breath again. Hose knew that the black would keep it's form on dead flesh for a while after death and thus concluded that Tina was dead. Unless other wise told by Madam she would comeback when the ceiling was better stabilized to search for her Mistress'es scalpels, thinking it a pity that Sarah nolonger had the strength to be of help with the cleanup. Another creak from the ceiling caused Hose to look up, she shook her head with the thought, "Such damage for two wayward pets!" surprised at her anger with her Mistress. Tina saw her look her way once more and saw a sad expression come over her face, "How sad sweet one, now I shall never know thy flesh." Hose said, meaning every word, then rose up into the open panel. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Tina waited until she was sure Hose would not return then crawled from under the rubble for a second time, as her fingers released the boot it instantly disolved into a black puddle, she quickly found her own scalpel and listened as Hose told her Mistress she was dead, she felt elated, until she heard Dina"s tiny howl of despair and Madam tell her how she would have to "Bare the punishment for both their transgretions". Tina began to pace back and forth among the rubble and nearly tripped on her remaining boot, she sat down and used the smaller scalpel, Dina's scalpel, to cut it off of her foot, she tried to think of what she could do, "Escape" was the only answer she could think of, she knew she was no match for Madam or Hose or whatever other horrors they had in this house. The best thing she could do was get to her cellphone call the Police or FBI or ATF, who ever was able to take this mad woman down, this was the best way to help not only Dina but Nurse Owen and the others. Once able to convince herself of this Tina picked up the scalpels, the tube of needles and the vial of the healent and made her way to the outer rooms, unable the shake the sick feeling. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Celeste hung the way she had when Tina had last seen her, her head was bowed and she seemed to be singing something softly, as Tina walked past she found that she recognized the song as the one that was played on all the news shows the week that that opera singer died in the plane crash. She wondered if she should try to cut her down or tell her she was getting help, but decided against it, again telling herself the best way to help was to call for help. She found that the black rubber tunnel, which was actually a method of storage for the black until it could be properly programed, was just wide enough for her to crawl through without it constricting upon her, just outside the tunnel her bag of tools sat where she'd left them, she was awed by how strange they looked to her now at her new perspective. She pulled the cellphone from the pocket on the side and laid it on the floor, opened it up and pushed the ON button, again amazed how strange such a once simple action had become. As the phone came on a strange tone eminated from the earpiece that she'd never heard before **************************************************************************************************************************************** "Their jamming it!" she thought to herself, she got up and began to pace back and forth, thinking that she should just take the phone and get out of the house, if she got far enough away she might be able to get a signal out. At that moment she heard Celeste at the end of the tunnel begin to speak, "No no please.....don't cry! I know it's bad in here but.....please don't cry." she said to seemingly no one. "She's totally lost it!" Tina thought, then she began to think of Dina, how she had saved her from the Rat Catcher, how she had stalled Madam long enough for her to escape and how she was now in Madam's hands going through god only knew what. Tina knew that even if she were able to get help that it would take time, time in which Dina could either die or become as crazy as this poor woman. She decided that she had to go back and try and get her out, maybe try to get some of the others if she could. Terrified but determined Tina made her way back through the rubber tunnel, past Celeste and past the half open buck knife that had belonged to her former boss Jack, who now squirmed over Celeste's flesh beneath the rubber, weeping as she tried to comfort him with her words. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ "I must did have me a bit raddled back there. Heheheh Strangely I almost.....almost mind you, feel I should apologize as I like to be at my best....even for lowly animals such as yourself." Madam said as she removed her dented tophat and placed it onto a featureless mannequin head spiderweded with small silver sensors, she then pressed a series of commands into a keyboard at it's base. As this program ran she turned back to the full length mirror and examined the split on her eyebrow and bruise on her shoulder and applied healent to them as she continued to speak, "As you might have guessed, well as you must have guessed I have had some family problems of late and they have weighed heavily upon me." Just then a tone from the Mannequin's base sounded, she eyed the readouts on the small screen and seeing no damage to the micro circuitry picked up her device and used it to return it to it's proper shape, then replaced it upon her head, "But I asure you that from here on out you will have only my best efforts.........mmmmm I do hope you were able to atleast get some of that." ***************************************************************************************************************************************** Madam looked down past the black rubber bra she's changed into to the pair of rubber panties she wore with the small violently kicking legs and tiny struggling hands protruding from the front of them, her hips swayed slightly as she pulled them out from her waist and Dina's head and shoulders out of her vagina, she bent the waistband downward until her slick gasping little face was turned up to hers, "So tell me dear.....are you now fully convinced that my Daughter IS NOT in there?" Dina spat her excess juices from her mouth, "Sorry........I guess you prefer her up your ass!" To this Madam smirked down at her, "Were it not for that damned navelring of yours I might take you up on that." Madam used her device to seperate Dina from the pantied and took her struggling form to a small rubber surfaced table, as she was laid on to it Dina tried to from beneath Madam's fingers but she easily held her in place, Dina bit into the end of her index finger causing her to smile, "Oh you are a scrappy little thing aren't you, how sad it must be for you to be so small and helpless as to be held by merely two fingers." Madam said tauntingly, "Fuck you!!!" Dina spat up, "Ready to go again so soon are we?" Madan replied with a titter of laughter. **************************************************************************************************************************************** "You took your time with such a simple task." Madam said sternly as Hose lowered into the room, "I cry thy pardon my Mistress. I took the liberty to inspect the damage. The ceiling is stable for the time being but ye will need to shore it up with supports at thy earliest convenience. I was forced to shut down power to this outer section, though we have few...." Madam waved this off to Hose's nearly visible annoyance, Dina called up, "Nice going you numb bitch! I wish I had stayed ahead of you a little longer, you probably would have brought this shit hole down around your ears......AHHGHA!!!" Madam touched her device to Dina's bellyring and sent a vibration through it that caused her intense pain. Madam turned back to Hose, "All I wish to know is if you found my property!" ***************************************************************************************************************************************** Hose shook her head saddly, "Nay my Mistress. All I found was this." Hose flung the half strait razor down to the table, sticking it barely 2 millimeters from the side of Dina's face,causing her to flinch in terror, to Hose's surprise Madam seemed facinated by the crude weapon, "Where did you get this?" she asked as she slid a fingernail up the side of the rusted blade to the unwinding, slightly singed masking tape handle, "It was in the section of wall ye pulled this one from, Lita hath been using it as a weapon, she tried to behead me with it once." Madam smiled at this, "Well it seems our former Rat Catcher may have found a piece of Hatter history." ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tina was back in the hallway near where she and Dina had gotten into the wall, she could see that some of the rubber walls they had cut into as a diversion had yet to fully close up. She went to the nearest of these holes and began to cut into the closing breach, she opened it enough to look through and make sure Madam or any of her other pets were not inside, she saw only a desk and shelves lined with bottles and jars, she opened the hole a little wider and crawled through. She had no real plan, just the loose makings of one, she knew she needed to find something to create a diversion and something to use on Madam and Hose that kept her out of arms reach, atleast until she could get to Dina and get out. As she walked through the room she came to the base of an ornately carved wooden cabinet which design made it easy for her to climb up and was near enough to the desk for her to get over to without to much trouble. She left the larger of the scalpels and the vial of healent hidden behind the cabinet and tucked the smaller scalpel's handle under the tube of needles on her back and began to climb. **************************************************************************************************************************************** Soon she was up upon the main shelf of the cabinet, as she pulled herself to her feet she was startled by what she saw. Several specialized jars of various sizes where lined up on the shelf, each were set upon wood bases with gold placards set in the front, they all contained people, or in some cases their remains. They were set in order of size, the smaller to the front the larger to the rear. Toward the front was a test tube with a pair of thick glasses laid on it's base, within it was a 2 inch woman submerged in the green fluid, she seemed to be frozen in a scream, the placard read, "Dr. Susan Lee, dedicated scientist, 1978" Beside this was a small jar that contained what Tina thought at first was a 4 inch bald woman with look of despair on her face, clutching her oversized breasts, for the scale that is, in her hands but upon closer inspection she found it to be hermaphrodte with twisted versions of both sex organs, his/her placard read, "Talon, Former Master." But what shocked Tina the most was the date "1825" **************************************************************************************************************************************** The jar of green next to this was of a simular size but with two women floating in it, one was 3 inches the other a little under 2 inches, both were locked forever in a vicious fight, scratching and pulling at each others hair, the their tiny enraged faces so focused upon one another they seemed unaware of even being in the green, their placard read, "Fanny Brice, Lila Wilks, Locked in their own hate, 1929." Three larger jars were behind these, one held a 5 inch old woman who had to be in her 90s, the placard read simply, "Madam Rayna, Traitor, 1857" The larger jar next to it held a 6 inch woman who's arms were bound tightly by piano wire to the barrel of a Peacemaker .45 calliber revolver set on a stand on it's end, it's cylinder was open and five of the six bullet chambers had five bullets slid part of the way into them in a descending pattern, the sixth bullet was driven head first up into her vagina, but dispite what was obviously an agonizing impalement her beautiful face showed only a calm sad expression of defeat, her placard read, "Lady Marrie, Ruler of Mariposa, Thief, 1875" The next jar was filled with an amber fluid, laying at the bottom was a beautiful black woman,dead but perfectly preserved, her face was serene as if only sleeping, her placard read, "Nubbia, beloved pet, 1816 to 1818" **************************************************************************************************************************************** At the back and center of the shelf was the largest jar, also filled with amber fluid, the skeletal remains of a foot tall person, some of the bones were broken or missing, the skull was nearly intact but had a 2 inch piece of rectangular metal lodged through the top just above the left eyebrow. As Tina looked closer she saw the curling line pattern etched into the side of the metal and all at once realized that this was the upper half of the strait razor Lita had cut her with just that evening, she looked down at the placard, "Madam Liddia, First Mistress of this House, 1691 to 1769" All at once Tina felt incredibly small, not just in size but in the scope of her own life as compared with the twisted history around her that stretched back hundreds of years. She could see other jars on the shelves above and couldn't imagine how many more rooms filled with such jars there might be, she wondered how she could possibly face such a woman who had done such things.....for so long. In the end Tina realized it was because she had no other choice, she decided it was time to get over on to the desk and began to do so. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hose watched as Madam began to tie the struggling Dina with strng in one of her many configurations, as she saw the desire in her Mistress'es eyes it seemed like old times once more. Dina was strong of will and the death of her companion would make her especially hard to break and Hose felt this to be a good thing as the challenge was what both Madam and herself had come to enjoy. Her Mistress had taught her, mainly first hand, that breaking a pet was not merely causing them to scream their pain or weep their dispair, the preperation and dwindling often did this, to truely break a pet was to take them to their utter most limits of endurance then take them beyond, to a point where they will do anything for your mercy, even things against their very nature. The method varied from pet to pet, the mere act of dwindling itself was enough for many, Hose remembered one who bore weeks of Madam's most elaborate games but in the end it was when a mere feather was drawn back and forth across the bottoms of her feet for less then an hour was what finally caused her to crack, and there were so many others aswell. *********************************************************************________________________________________________ Hose remembered the librarian named Hellen, she had taken a possition at one of Madam's libraries in the city, though not unattractive Madam found her "a bit pudgy" for her taste and most likely would not have taken her, had it not been their disagreement over reading material. It seemed that Hellen did not wish to stock books that she considered "filth", such books as "The Karma Suitra", once she had made her possition absolutely clear Madam knew she had to have her. She was dwindled to 5 inches tall and though terrified remained defiant, in a proper prudish manor befitting her former possition. At one point, as Madam was about to place her into her panties, she pulled free of her fingers and began to fall to the floor. At the last second Hose whipped down and grabbed her ankle, jerking her to a hault a mere inch above the floor, "Well caught!" Madam said amused as Hose brought her struggling kicking captive up before her eyes, "A rather foolish move for one of your supposed intelligents." to this Hellen spat, "I'll never eat you vile woman!!!" Madam raised an eyebrow to this, Hose was suprised by what she said next, "Hose...put her in a holding cage." ***************************************************************************************************************************************** Hose didn't understand why her Mistress had seemed to let Hellen off so lightly for her transgretion but did as she was told, when she returned to Madam she found she had taken two sheets of the special hard plastic out of storage and was using her device to manipulate their shape, "Did you hear what she said to me Hose, ...'Eat you out'. Hardly the words of a scholar are they?" Madam said, almost instructor like, "May hap she be trying to shock thee with the most vile words she could think of?" Hose offered, Madam shook her head as she continued to work upon the plastic, "No I don't think so. I remember when I went to her office, there were dishes of candy and cookies everywhere, most half full or less, she's a very plump woman for how attractive she is, don't you think? I think that she's traded one sin for another and....I intend to take her gluttony away from her...or atleast put it just out of reach." **************************************************************************************************************************************** When Madam was finished Hose saw that she had created a clear plastic dinner plate, it was about a foot and a half in diameter, at it's center was a 6 inch circular base that extended down an inch beneath the bottom of the plate and had empty space inside it, there were five holes around the sides of the base and two more at the bottom in the top of a small rectangular indentation at one side. Madam held her latest creation up infront of Hose looking at her slightly distorted image through the clear hard plastic plate, "Hose, fetch our little librarian." Madan laughed as Hellen struggled in vain while Hose inserted the tiny catherters into her anus and vagina, running the other ends through the holes in the bottom of the base, a little later a small plastic packet would be connected to their ends to catch her waste, once this was done Madam used her device to seal Hellen face up into the plates base. As she peared in at her, her tiny wails escaped through the holes in the base, she smiled, "The next time you EAT..... I will be the first thing you taste....all you have to do is ask. Until then you will be my new dinner plate and I intend to have some very wonderful meals." Both Madam and Hose laughed as Hellen pressed against the plastic and howled her useless rage. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** And so it was that Madam would eat atleast two meals a day off of the plate which held the starving Hellen as she watched elaborately prepared food eaten just mere millimeters from her face, Madam often eat to the mixed sounds of Miles Davis music and Hellen's screaming her curses up at her, enjoying both. Madam was pleased to find that her cook Sollie was helping things along in her own way, by setting Hellen's plate up so she could watch her prepare each meal. Madam choose not to see her before the meals, prefering to discover how her ever thinner pet looked at the end of the dinner, likening it to the prize one might get in a crackerjack box, much to Hose's and her own amusement. Hellen went from trying to reason her way out of her cruel little prison to pompously denouncing Madam to finally begin spewing some of the most depraved gutter language Madam had ever heard, though this soon gave way to quiet sobbing as her strength faded and her hunger grew. Dispite all of this Hellen held out for a good while, so much so that Madam instructed Hose to put a small amount of the nutrient into her water so that she would last but still remain hungry, Madam became concerned that the continued lavish dinning would begin to register upon her own waistline and thus at the three week mark decided to bring out the big guns. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** Hellen's plate was saved for desert at which time Madam indulged in Strawberry short cake with a heated chocolate syrup topping. As Madam took her second bite she heard a tiny pathetic wimper from beneath her plate, "Please.......please let me have some!!!!" Madam took her third fork full from over where Hellen's now gaunt face peared up, "You know the rules dear. mmmmhm" Madam replied as she scooped her helping into her mouth, thinking what a marvelous cook Sollie truely was, Hellen began to sob, "Yes yes I'll.....I'll do it just please....!" Madam drew one of the tines of her fork in a circle over the pleading face, the squeeking sound it made caused Hellen to wince, "You'll do....What?" Hellen closed her tiny eyes as she spoke, "I' you out....." Madam smiled and picked up the plate, she looked up to Hose who had been giving her an update on the houses systems, "I'm going to finish my desert in my room." Madam said with a wink, Hose smiled and quickly followed. **************************************************************************************************************************************** Once Madam had undressed she laid upon her bed, she held the plate above the silk sheets between her legs and used her device to first release the tiny catheters then open a hole in the bottom allowing Hellen's frail form to fall to the covers. As she struggled upon her shaking legs Madam took a fork full of the shortcake and slowly held it down toward her but as she stumbled for it the fork was lifted just out of her reach, as she continued to reach up for the fork she was drawn deeper inbetween the looming thighs, a tiny droplet of the chocolate syrup dropped on to Madam's skin and Hellen ravinously went for it, sucking and licking upon the flesh to Madam's amusement. As the fork rose up over Madam's crotch Hellen grabbed fistfulls of the white pubic hair and used what little strength she had to pull herself up, " promised!" she wimpered weakly, that was when the finger of Madam's other hand pressed her down upon the lips of her vagina, "And I said that MINE would first taste in that little mouth of yours. So I would suggest that while you have the get started." Madam said as she scooped the helping into her mouth. ****************************************************************************************************************************************** Hellen strained as she pryed at pussy lips, briefly Madam squeezed them shut to her efforts but decided she was to weak for such teasing and allowed her entry and soon she was kneeding, groping, kissing and licking the pink flesh within. As she worked Madam's finger stroked her sweat drenched back, "Now dear tell me....tell me about the REAL you." And she did, as she took breaths from her labors the story of her college days spilled from her, of how she tried every drug she could, slept with any one, male or female or both at once, how she had an affair with one of her Professors whose class she was failing, how she gotten pregnant and how he paid for the abortion and how she used the paperwork from this to blackmail him and how finally he confessed himself to his wife and the faculty just before killing himself. And upon finishing her tale Madam came, pressing her small weakly struggling body into herself as she did so. ****************************************************************************************************************************************** Madam held her spent pet up to eyelevel and smiled, "Time for your desert." she said placing the plate infront of her and Hellen on to it's edge, to which she dove into the shortcake and began to drive fistfulls into her mouth, seeming to want more to get the taste of Madam's thick juices out of her mouth then sate her hunger, so much so that she puked up her first helpings but then jammed more cake into herself until finally kneeing weeping at it's center, remembering the rest of it, how the school had asked her to leave, how friends and lovers alike shunned her, how she decide that the only way to get any kind of respect was to become the prudish bookworm she'd always hated and deny her past only to become this squirming thing upon a plate of food and her own filth. Madam held up the plate and broken Hellen to Hose, who had been watching in silent fascination, "Well? What do you think?" Madam asked, Hose pulled a tiny piece of the cake from one of the larger untouched pieces and slid it over her back, scooping up some of the strawberry and chocolate syrup then brought it to her lips, "I think she be a rather untiddy eater my Mistress." she said as she eat, much to Madam's amusment. _____________________________________________________****************************************************************** As Hose remembered, after her ego cracked Hellen became rather plyable, saying little, wanting only food and sex as she had fully embraced her role as Madam's plaything. Both Madam and Hose enjoyed and used her for a good while, sometimes as either reward or punishment for other pets, eventually though as Hellen showed no sign of being taken to any other level of experence or even being able to preform some minor useful task Madam put her into the green, she would some time later give her as a gift to a new young Master at the party of his Assention Ceremony to become a full Master Hatter. Hose had most loved how her Mistress had taken the time to find the perfect method to break her, she hoped that with this nights events, and hopefully the events involving Celeste behind them that her Mistress might finally be able to move on and create even stranger wonders yet. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tina threw the scalpel over to the desk first not wanting to cut herself with it as she made her jump, she the took a running jump from the display cabinet over to the desk, as her feet landed they slipped on the smooth mahogany surface and slid in a sitting possition halfway across the desktop until she ran into a pale like container, as she got to her feet she heard the sounds slimey flesh sliding over itself, Tina took a step back, though she could have easily lifted to cover to see what was inside but had no desire to. All at once a twisted rasping voice began to sing, "Worms ..crawl in and worms crawl your belly and out your mouth..." Tina stumbled back then suddenly felt a stab of pain in her foot. She looked down to see her ankle had run into the tip of an old fashon silver syringe laying upon a folded cloth along with 4 spare needles of varying lengths, "Oh shit!" Tina yelled as she knelt to check her foot, but the needle had not even broken the skin and the syringe was empty. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* The desk had an ordered clutter to it as Madam used it mainly as a small work bench, aside from the pale and syringe set there was a pen, pad of paper, an antique bunsen burner that used kerosene, large jar of cotton balls, a small ball of string and a box of plastic cling wrap the rolls end pulled toward to edge of the desk, Tina looked over the side and saw a waste basket at the bottom of which was a small pile of odd shaped redish-pink bundles tightly bound in the cling wrap. Tina had a grusome idea of what they might be and like the contents of the pale didn't want to know for sure. On a short shelf above at the rear of the desk was a line of bottles with different chemicals, among them Tina spotted a large bottle of alcohol, as she looked from it back to the cling wrap she remembered something from her childhood. **************************************************************************************************************************************** On a Summer day that both her and her older brother were home and bored out of their minds they got some plastic bags and a can of gasolene from the garage and made fire bombs, when their Father, a Fireman, got home he "wailed the tar" out of both of them, the first and last time he had ever done such a thing, he would later explain why he had been so angry of the things he'd seen in his work and they never did such a stupid thing again. Her Brother eventually became a Fireman aswell, saddly she would lose both of them in a massive chemical refinery fire in the city the year before. After this she seemed to shutdown emotionally and throw herself into her electrical work, strangely when she first saw Dina the day before she'd reminded her of how she used to be. In that moment she wished she could see her Father and Brother again and yet was also glad that they couldn't see her..... like this. **************************************************************************************************************************************** Tina shook these thoughts aside, she knew if she were going to do this she would need matches or a lighter, as there was a bunsen burner on the desk she figured that there maybe matches in the desk drawer, she laid down, reached over the edge and pulled at the wood handle with all her might until the drawer slid out enough to leave a tiny space where she first used her scalpel then the pen to pry it open enough to look inside, to the far left she saw a 3 inch by 2 inch book of matches face down at the front of the drawer, the words on the back of the matchbook read, "A small tokken of our appreciation for you interest in investing in this bold gaming venture." over this was stenciled in red, "For Promotional use only" As Tina pulled them out the matchbook opened and she saw that there were eight matches left, she wished they had been the wooden matched but then thought that they would have been harder to carry and would have made noise. As she turned it over she finally got a look at the picture on the front. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Considering the size of the canvas it was a well drawn picture, it showed a pair of dice rolled to snake eyes, a blackjack hand of cards and a stack of pokerchips all set at the base of a tall martini glass, in the half full glass sat a tiny naked woman wearing only a cowboy hat and holding a toothpick umbrella stuck through an olive like a parasol, she smiled at the viewer and playfully kicked her feet over the edge of the glass. Above this scene were two words, the word Sidewinder was spelled out in the coils of a cartoon snake, also smiling at the viewer and winking one of it's eyes, both the "S" and "W" were capitalized, the word Casino was spelled out in block letters with tiny rhinestones in them. Tina rolled her eyes at this, thinking how Madam must have thought this pretty funny, as she looked at martini girls smiling vacant face she said, "What the fuck are you smiling at?" ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ "As you can see it is slight variation on your little punishment of Lita, consider it belated praise as I was in a foul mood upon the day I first saw it." To this Hose seemed to puff up ith pride, "I thank thee my Mistress!" Dina's arms and legs were painfully bound up behind her back as she hung horizontally from a stand as she swung back and forth over a lit candle, her bellyring touching the flame, "I would keep yourself moving my dear...I would hate to see you jewlery damaged by the flame." Madam playfully chidded. The way in which she was tied Dina could pull upon her arms and legs to keep herself moving but would cause herself intense pain in doing so, and dispite all her efforts the bellyring became hotter and hotter and began to sear the flesh around it, still Dina remained defiant, "Y You running as...dry of...ideas are of....cum?" To this Madam tapped her forehead with her finger and slowed her momentum, she screamed out her pain and rage and began to jerk her arms and legs again, dispite the agony she continued, "Uhhn uhnn!! Old....whipcord got all the ....ideas....running the just a......fucking poser.....dried up old....ARHHGH!!!" Madam's fingers pinched on to her red hair and held her motionless over the candle, the bellyrings red gem began to turn black and the dragon began to melt in the flame, Madam knelt close to Dina's agonized face and turned an ear toward her, "I'm sorry dear .......what was that you said?" ****************************************************************************************************************************************** Dina began to breathe in loud gasps, then finally grunted, "I said.....I gotta....Piss!" Two small yellow droplets welled from between her legs, rolled up her stomach, down the bellyring, sizzling as it they went and put out the small flame with a sputter. Madam stared down into her face as she smiled up dispite her pain, "Well.....guess you better ask Hose there what to do next." Madam looked up to Hose, who seemed as surprized as she, then back down at Dina, then all at once began to laugh. She gave Dina push and sent her swinging back and forth over the smoldering wick, "You are truely going to be a wonderful creature to break, your crude upbringing has given you the strength to make it interesting. I am so glad that other weaking didn't survive for now I can spend more time with you." Dina contiued to swing saying nothing, only coughing with the growing smoke, Madam waved her hand fan-like to clear the smoke, "What's wrong dear? No more of you whitetrash quips to spew?" ******************************************************************************************************************************************* When Dina finally managed to look back up at her, her eyes were filled tears of rage, "Someday....all the twisted shit you ever did is gonna come back on you ....and if I have to be here I hope I live to see it!" Again Madam stopped her swinging with her finger and used her fingernail to crane her neck up to look at her, "And is that how life is supposed to work? All cruelties repayed I mean." Hose could see that her Mistress was begining to formulate some special punishments for this pet. Madam took the candle and put it on to a nearby shelf, were her eye caught the half strait razor, she picked it up and balanced it in her fingers, "When I return I think we shall explore this little theory of yours. Hose watch our little 'moralist' until I return." As Madam left Hose lowered down, stilled Dina's swinging and turned her face toward her, "So.....Would ye care for me to share some of my 'ideas' with thee?" she said smiling into Dina's terrified eyes. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tina had only been able to make three of them, she decided to use the cotton balls for the rest of what she needed, hoping they would work. The hardest thing was getting everything off of the desk to the floor but made a harness out of the cloth and lowered them to the floor with the string, throwing it and the cloth behind the desk when finished. Once everything was down on the floor she began to bring it to the hole in the wall out into the hall and around the corner out of sight, the last things she had to get were her scalpel and the bottle of healent. She had just gotten to where she had hidden them when she suddenly heard the wall begin to open, Tina stared up in horror as Madam entered the room. TO BE CONTINUED