The Smooth Black: Part 34

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The Smooth Black: Part 34 ************ "Uhh Tina lift them up?" Dina asked as she knelt beside the unconscious Lita, Tina stood near her head, chewing on her thumb nail, "I ahhh better not...I don't want to "lose it' again." she said meekly, Dina nodded her head in frustraition, "Yeah thanks!" The "Pink" injected into Lita had by this time completed it's strange restructuring of her body, her hair was everywhere, long enough to reach the tops of her thighs if she were standing, her breasts had finally settled to some four and a half times the size they had been, Dina was now trying to get her pack of blades off of her, incase she were to try and finish their fight when she awoke. Dina saw the chain on her remaining ringlet and used it to lift the breast up, amazed by it's weight, Tina giggled at the site inspite of herself, "Shut up!" Dina said annoyed, finally she could see the silver "R" shaped buckle, after a little fumbling with it she found that lifting up at the bottom unlatched the four straps holding it to her, "OK I got it loose, think you can pull it out from under her?" Tina gave her a smirk as she knelt down, took one of the loose straps and tugged it from under her back, her head and shoulders dropped to the floor, Dina held her fist ready to hit her again if she tried anything, but Lita bearly stirred. ************************************************************************_______________________________________________ One night in her former life Lita, dressed in a raggedly cutoff T-shirt, leather skirt and "Dok Martin" style boots, went into her favorite bar, her favorite because she'd been going there nearly a month and she hadn't been thrown out as yet, she had been talking to a guy she liked for the past several nights and was hoping to hook up this night, he had a shaved head and a cool tribal tattoo running down his neck and back, he knew nothing of the tattoos significance, he just thought it looked cool. The trouble was that he was already talking to this tall bleach blond girl who had her big tits practically in his face, this however did not deter Lita. "Hey Baby! You still owe me a dance." Lita said, as if the bleach blond wasn't even there, bearly looking at her she responded, "Beat it squirt!" As she turned back to talk to him Lita grabbed her by the hair and drove her head into the bar. ************************************************************************************************************************************* As she dragged her off of her bar stool Lita dimly heard the bartender yelling as she watched the guy begin to smile, pleased to have two women fighting over him, she slammed her against the nearest wall, the bleach blond threw one slap which Lita easily blocked, she then pulled out her double edged knife and held it to her throat, she could only stand there and cry mascara tainted tears and wonder why the guy wasn't doing anything. As the bartender continued to yell the guy walked up smiling at Lita, who smiled back, "These what you want? Tell ya what...." As she let out a squeek of fear Lita cut open the front of the bleach blonds bra like top, and used the blade to peel each side back from her breasts, " get a good look, have yourself a feel. When your done....come to me for the ride of your life!" He smiled widely, revealing the missing tooth infront, "I think I'll just skip to the 'ride' thanks!" She released the bleach blond but pulled the remains of her top out of her hands, sobbing and naked from the waist up she ran for the door to the hoots and laughter of the other patrons of the bar. As the bartender pulled the bat from behind the bar she knew she'd lost another favorite hangout. In her former life she and her new companion went to a few more bars and clubs then spent the rest of the weekend in his appartment fucking and watching his collection of Kung Fu movies, in the dream she was having things took a different turn. ************************************************************************************************************************************** As she once again drove the bleach blond into the wall Lita noticed right away something was different, the woman she held was nolonger a bleach blond, her hair was a natural golden blond, her face had changed aswell, she was now a far more beautiful woman with pearcing blue eyes. She seemed taller and was not scared of her or her knife in the least, even when she cut her top off, the knife in Lita's hand seemed suddenly cumbersome and hard to hold. "These what you want....?" Lita began as before but was cut off as the guy, the bartender and the rest of the patrons in the bar began to laugh loudly, suddenly she felt two stabbing pains, one in each of her nipples, she looked down to see her small breasts begining to swell under her T-shirt, two tiny stains of blood appeared over each nipple. Before she could fully react the former bleach blond snatched the now large knife from her hand, "Or would ye prefer these?" she said as she slit open the front of Lita's T-shirt with one downward slash, revealing her own expanding breasts, though to Lita the ringlets, which now strangely had a tiny peuter dragon on each, seemed to expanding faster. ************************************************************************************************************************************* Lita stepped back from her only to trip over her now oversized boots and fall into a sitting possition, as she tried to get up her feet left her shoes and socks, her hips easily slid out of the leather skirt and thong, the guy knelt down and plucked the remains of the T-shirt off of her now less than 2 foot form. Lita turned in a circle alternately looking up at the ever larger giants towering over and laughing down at her and her breasts that seemed to somehow grow even as she continued to shrink. Finally she tried to run for the door but the former bleach blond threw her knife, sticking it in the floor infront of her causing her to fall backward, before she could try to get to her feet again a huge pair of thumbs and forefingers reached down and took ahold of each nipplering and lifted her screaming form upward. Unable to reach the rings to relieve her agony Lita could only hang there helplessly as the former bleach blond presented her to the guy, "Do ye wish her?" she asked simply, he slid his middle finger up between her breasts and the fingers on either side on the outside of the breasts, then made a fist trapping them between his digits and caused her to howl a tiny wail of pain, he began to pump his fingers in and out, "Hmmmm squishy!" he mused causing the former bleach blond to laugh. ************************************************************************************************************************************** Suddenly the sounds of hundreds of tiny feet skittering across the floor could be heard, Lita looked down and her eyes widden at what she saw. No one in the bar seemed particularly phased as hundreds of rats swarmed across the floor to the feet of the guy and the former bleach blond, as they gathered around them they went up on to their hind legs and seemed to be begging for something, many of them were horribly wounded, deep sliced in their flesh, limbs broken or hacked off, nails and or other sharp objects impaled through their hides, one rat had three of it's legs impaled by several such implaments and held it's fourth limb in it's mouth, the other rats made a path for him and helped him along, another rat had it's head completely severed but held it's head in it's forepaws as it to begged up to them. Finally the guy snapped the fingers of his free hand with a realization, "Oh I get it, the squirt here owes them a dance!" And as Lita pleaded up he held out his hand over the teaming hord below and opened his fingers letting her drop screaming to them. _______________________________________________******************************************************************** "Sweet! This is perfect!" Dina said as she went through the compartments of Lita's weapons pack and produced a rough coil of paper, "What is that?" Tina asked, Dina smiled up nerviously, "It's a know like for a loaf of bread. Now help me turn Ultra-vixen here over on her stomach!" To this Tina slid the toes of one foot under Lita's side and in one quick motion rolled her onto her stomach, this sudden movement coincided with the end of Lita's dream. "AHHHG Wha What the fuck!! Nooo!!" Lita screamed as she tried to get up, only to have Tina's foot press her head and shoulders down to the filthy floor board, "Shut the fuck up!!" Dina hissed as she pulled her arms up in back of her and tightly bound them with the twist-tie, Lita was horrified how easily she held her arms dispite her struggling, "What did you do to me!?!" she wimpered, "Near as I can tell turned you into a Rus Meyer figurine! Now I'm going to ask the questions and your going to answer them, and if not Tina here is going to start pulling limbs off and sticking up into you, Got it!" Tina winced as Dina said this, still shook up by what she had done earlier. ************************************************************************************************************************************** "Yes! Yes!" Lita sobbed, Dina laughed up to Tina, "I guess all her fight went into her tits! OK is there a way past this 'temple of doom' bullshit?" "Yes, if you climb over the plywood there is space on either side!" Lita said quickly, "Enough for Tina here?!" Dina demanded, "Yes I think so!" Dina gave Tina a reasuring nod then continued, "Any other fuckups like you coming after us?" Lita shook her head, "No I don't think so....unless Madam got someone new while I was out of it. She put me in green shit for...." "Who gives a fuck?!" Dina yelled. Suddenly a large red object dropped down and splatter onto Lita's back, Dina looked up to see that the wound on Tina's cheek was bleeding again, "What was that!?! What was that!?!" Lita screamed, to this Dina slapped the back of her head, "Shut up! Keep your face on the floor and don't even think about moving or I'll slit you open like a pillowcase!" *************************************************************************************************************************************** Dina got up and walked into the pincushion then returned with the small vial of the healent, "Kneel down." she called up gentley as she pulled lint and wood chips from the cotton ball taped to the top. As Tina kneeled before her and held her face close to her Dina tilted the vial slightly until she felt a slight wetness on the cottonball then set the vial down, "OK I don't know if this stuff will sting alright?" she said as she applied it in a short dab to the wound under her chin, "Oooh that feels pretty good. Kinda tingles." Tina said, to Dina's amazement the wound simply closed up leaving only the stain of blood around it. She began to apply what was in the cottonball to the rest of their wounds but choose not to take any more from the vial as she wanted to conserve it. "What now?" Tina asked finally, "I'm going to scout ahead, see if there is enough room for you and if there are anymore nasty surprises waiting for us. You hear anything coming down that wall you leave tits and come after me OK?" Tina nodded with a smile, Dina started back into the pincushion then turned back, "Hey did real good back there." Tina's smile widden, "Yeah you too!" __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hose waited in the hallway for Madam's return, watching to see if Lita, or atleast the tracking device in her pack, began to move with her visor's sensors. As she waited Hose could not help but to again feel disturbed by her Mistresses actions of late, there was a time that an escape like this, as unlikely as an escape 'like this' might have been, would have been considered an interesting diversion, she would have had the patients to wait and possibly come up with an even more entertaining punishment for their transgretion. Hose had experenced such patients on many occasions over the years. During her own breaking Hose had come to know and respect Madam's patients, which to her seemed to be able to out last death itself. ************************************************************_____________________________________________________ During one of her escapes from her cage, Hose had tried to drop a vase onto Madam's head, she did somewhat better with a bust of Ceaser, spliting open her eyebrow, upon another escape, sure she had been unseen by Madam, she found a rather sharp shard of the vase and climbed up on to the canopy of Madam's bed and waited, hoping to drop upon her when she went to bed. Madam however sat in a chair beside the bed and began to read a book, so Hose waited, and waited, and waited as Madam calmly leafed through page after page for what seemed hours. Eventually Hose nodded off only to find herself pulled from her hiding place by the stumps of her legs and hung upside down infront of Madam's face, she plucked the shard from her grasp, "Was this to be used upon me?" she taunted as she used it to draw a circular slash across her heaving stomach as Hose raged over her defeat. It was only many years later that Madam would tell her she had waited over 6 hours for her to fall asleep, this was one of the many things she had grown to love about her Mistress. _________________________________________****************************************************************************** All of this was before Celeste had become Madam's apprentice, Hose wished she had simply refused her in the first place, though she wondered if Madam might have let it end even that early on, she wished Madam had given her to another master or mistress rather then keep her as a constant reminder of her failure and as it turns out a constant distraction. When Madam was abroad there were times when Hose hung before Celeste saying nothing as she hung there weeping or signing her dead idols arias, wanting to push her fingers into the mouth hole and cause her to swallow her own tongue, just so Madam could finally move on. She hoped that with this incident that her Mistress could finally move on, now with Mixer dead Madam might put Celeste in her sted and her house could get back to it's proper state. Just then Madam returned, "Has she moved?" she asked sternly, "Nay my Mistress." Hose replied as she eyed the large claw hammer in her hand. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ " I .....I was thinking about what you said.....about taking me with you!" Lita said meekly as she layed on the floor board, "Oh gee what a shock." Tina said bitterly, trying not to even look at her, Lita continued, "I I know some ways out if you took me with you....." "That offer's closed!" Tina said flattly, amazed how little pity she had for her, "Listen I know what I did was wrong and and I'm sorry but.....I could bearly stand up to her shit when....when..." Tina licked her lips as she got up and walked around Lita in a tight circle, "That must be weird, one minute your able to do that 'Xena warrior princess' bullshit..." suddenly she grabbed the remaining chain connected to her nipplering and yanked her to her feet, "....and the next you turn into some weak big tited striper piece of shit." As Tina, the sweet taste fully in her mouth once more, began to squeeze and kneed on of her breasts with her free hand Lita struggled in vain to pull her hands free, "No no please..." she pleaded, horrified by how weak and pathetic she now sounded, "You were going to feed us to that bitch and you got the nerve to beg for help?! Well fuck you!!" Tina hissed into her small face as her larger fingers slid down between her legs. ************************************************************************************************************************************** "Tina! Let her go!" Dina yelled as she ran out from the pincushion, "Hey Dina, you find out anything, there enough room for me?" Tina replied calmly as her middle finger slid into the tiny orifice causing Lita to cry out, "Yeah yeah! There's plenty of room! Now let her go!" Tina gave her an angry look, "What the fuck you care about her!!" Dina responded, "I don't! It's you I'm worried about! Your going to regret doing this and she ain't worth even that!" Tina look to the floor and nodded, she pulled her fingers out of Lita and wiped them on her now long hair as she knelt weeping to the floor. "I'm sorry just gets away from me sometimes. I......" Suddenly all three were startled by a load impact at the base of the wall they stood within. *************************************************************************************************************************************** Madam drove the claw of the hammer into baseboard five more times until she opened a ragged 5x3 inch hole some 5 feet from where they stood, spilling light into the darken area, Lita began to wimper and Tina began to say something, Dina held her scalpel under Lita's chin and put a finger to her lips as she looked up to Tina. Madam's voice began to roar threw the small space, "Lita! Come out where I can see you! And you had better have something for me!" Tina looked down at Dina and mouthed without speaking, "She doesn't know we're here!" Immediately Dina grabbed a fistful of Lita's hair and hissed into her ear, "You answer her! You tell her you got us but you have us trapped and can't get us out right off and you need time! And if I hear anything that sounds like a code or anything that doesn't sound right I will lop off one of your big tities throw it to her and let you bleed out, Got me!!!" Lita nodded quickly and tried to compose herself to speak to Madam. ************************************************************************************************************************************** "M Mistress? I hear you! I got them trapped but I gotta figure out how how to get them out....the big one is alot more tough then she looks.....I need time." Madam looked at Hose then down to the hole in the wall she had made, "I have invested all the TIME I am going to on this annoyance. Leave HER, bring me the smaller one and MY Scalpels THIS INSTANT!" There was a pause in Lita's reply, "G Give me a few minutes.....she's kinda behind the big one." Madam rolled her eyes in frustraition, "You have 2 minutes! And I want her and my scalpels IN TACT!!!" Madam turned to Hose once more, "What are your thoughts?" Hose thought breifly, "She be lying, atleast in part, either the larger one got away or she hath killed her." Madam nodded, "Whatever the case I think our Rat Catch has had her last hunt in my walls." ************************************************************************************************************************************** "You hear that bitch? In fucking tact!!" Dina spat into Lita's ear and threw her down to the floor, close by she saw Lita's pack and walked over to pick it up as Tina spoke, "What are we going to do!?! When she doesn't come out she's going to crash her way in here!!" Dina started to put on the pack as she replied, "I don't think she can get right in at us, a couple of the walls meet here, even with a sledgehammer it would take her hours to get at us." Tina shook her head, "She could still break that hole wide enough to send in that Hose bitch!" Lita began to desperately whisper up from the floorboard, "No no she won't! Hose tried to come after me in a place like this and her damn cable nearly brought half the house down on us both!" "Oh well fuckyou very much." Dina said dismissively as she buckled the straps together in front of her, impressed by the fit, "How do I look?" "Like a fucked up dominatrix superhero, What are we going to do!!?!" Dina reached up as high as she could and took one of the red needles from the tube on Tina's back, "I got an idea." Tina began to chew on her thumbnail again, "Am I going to hate it?" Dina smiled up nervously, "No....but I might." ________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Your time is up! Come out NOW!!" Madam yelled as she struck the wall with the hammer three times, "m Mistress!" a tiny voice sounded from the hole in the baseboard, Madam and Hose peared down at it, "Well....bring her out!" Madam ordered. After a couple of seconds of the sounds of tiny scaubling voices one said, "Get out there fucker!!" and Lita was kicked out into the light, she stumbled forward, off balance from both her new form and oversized breasts, and fell face first infront of Madam's right boot. Madam massaged the bridge of her nose with frustraition, Hose began to giggle at the site of Lita's new form, then stifled it as she saw her Mistresses anger growing, "Mistress it it wasn't my didn't tell me about the needles!" Lita pleaded up, the toe of Madam's boot raised slightly then lowered onto one of her breasts that were sprawled out before her causing her to scream in fear and pain, "Ofcourse I didn't tell you about the needles, I didn't want you getting anymore of your stupid ideas. But it seems your stupidity knows no bounds, DOES IT!!" she scolded as she gave her toe a slight turn causing her to scream again. ************************************************************************************************************************************** "I gotta tell ya Hats....if that's the best you got, I ain't impressed." a small voice taunted from within the baseboard, Madam eyed the hole with surprise, "Well....this is rather bold of you. I hope for your sake you have my property." there was a small laugh, "Yeah sure, tell ya what, you reach in and I'll give them to you." Madam gave a light laugh to this as Dina continued, "Well if your afraid you could always send in your 'freak on a leash' to get them." Hose smiled at this and lowered over her Mistress'es shoulder, "May I my Mistress?" she asked cheerfully, Madam rose a hand for her to stop as she stared down at the hole, "Do you think you are impressing me with this bravado, this fool had a boastful streak, look at her now." again Dina laughed, "We did that to her and don't you forget it." *************************************************************************************************************************************** "And where is your dear friend? Did this vile little animal injure her...or worse?" Madam asked, trying to sound matter-of-fact but Hose could hear her anger rising, "Oh she's here, she's just a little freaked, you know the size thing and all. I'm just trying to show her you ain't nothing to be afraid of." Hose laughed at this, in small part to calm her Mistress, "It would seem Lita's stupidity hath infected this one." Madam was not amused, Dina continued, "Let me tell you something freak, you take away all this bitches money, her 'James Bondage' shit and she is no better then the assholes my Mom used to drag home from the bar to live with us. I remember this one fuckup, he couldn't keep a job worth shit but he loved fucking with my Mom's head, one morning he made her make his breakfast 5 times, just to fuck with her. Then one day he made a mistake, he tried to fuck with me, after a week of playing with his head I put him down a flight of stairs, little bitch was crying when he left that night. Yeah the only difference between you and him is a dick, but from what I've seen you could take care of that....." ************************************************************************************************************************************** All at once Madam drove the hammer into the wall infront of her, "HOW DARE YOU!!! How dare you compare ME with the loathsome trailer trash you crawled from!" Dina felt terror in that moment and was about to run down toward the pincushion, then the sweet taste came into her mouth, all at once the idea of how small she was, of how this huge woman was enraged at her and that only a few inches of plaster and wood kept her from crushing her underfoot, all these things began to excite and arouse her, and she knew she had to use it to buy the time they needed. "Oh fuck you cunt! You want to impress me, stick that red shit in your arm and come in here and face me down, otherwise stay out of our way and if your lucky you can haul your sorry ass out of the country before we bring the Feds back." Hose lowered toward the hole, her face now stern, "Ye do not have a clue what kind of fire ye play with girl!" Dina giggled, "Hey Hose, if you got half the guts I think you do you could take this bitch yourself, strangle her with that cord of yours or stick that red shit in her. Yeah that would be fun wouldn't it?" as she said this Dina began to slide her fingers into her pussy. *************************************************************************************************************************************** Madam smashed the hammer into the wall again then laughed humorlessly, "Is that your grand plan dear, turn my pets against me? You have no concept of what I have done to bend them to my will, oh but you shall!" Dina giggled again, "So....who's Laurence Emit Hatter? These are his scalpels right?" Madam's hands clinched into fists, Hose heard the handle of the hammer creak under the pressure, " not part of this conversation!" Madam said in a slow burning rage but Dina continued, "Oh come on who is he? Not a husband, your to much of a dyke for that, maybe.........I know , he's your Daaaaaady isn't he!" Madam closed her eyes, squeezing tears of rage from them, "It all makes sence, tits out there told me what you did to your daughter....." Lita began to wimper as she felt the pressure on her breast begin to increase, Dina continued, " He fucked with you, you fuck with her, nice little 'Family' tradition you got there." "Shut up!" Madam whispered, "So where is she? How small you make her? What did you do to her?" Dina taunted, "Shut Up!" Madam repeated louder, Dina giggled again, "Oh I know.....she's stuffed up in your pussy, been there alnight I bet, hell it's where she came from after how's she feel?" *************************************************************************************************************************************** "SHUT UP!!!" Madam howled and began to swing the hammer into the baseboard of the wall, tearing another chunk of wood from it, Dina ran a little ways down the inside of the wall cavity, laughing out at her, "Missed me bitch!" Madam swung again, hitting above the baseboard and sinking the hammer's head into the plaster above, "Mistress!" Hose called to her but as Madam tore the hammer, and a nearly foot long gash out of the plaster, her backward swing nearly connected with her and caused her whip herself out of the way and nearly collide with the rubber wall on the opposite side of the hall. As Madam swung again, her foot lifted off of Lita's wounded breast and she scrambled to the edge of the wall away from her attacks on it and huddled sobbing with fear. Dina continued to taunt her, running back and forth behind the baseboard as Madam struck the wall over and over, "Swing you big bitch!!" Dina shouted out up through a hole in the plaster, adrenalin and the 'sweet' pumping through her system, Madam saw her tiny face in to hole and swung down with all her might for her. As the hammer hit the top of the baseboard the head broke off of the wood handle, flew up and struck Madam across her eyebrow, spliting it open, then continued on causing Hose to vere out of it's path it hit the rubber wall. ************************************************************************************************************************************** Madam dropped the now useless handle and put her hand to her forehead as she stooped over from the pain, listening to Dina tiny howls joy, "Yeah! Yeah!! That was fucking great!!! What are ya going to do now bitch!?! All that fucking tech and you can't even work a fucking hammer!!" Hose slowly coiled to her Mistress, "Is....thy injury bad my...." Madam slapped her away and kicked at the baseboard, the toe of her boot sticking into the hole in the plaster, Dina pulled one of the pin blades from the pack and drove it into her large toe as far in as she could. Madam screamed her pain and yanked her foot from the wall, stumbling back into the rubber wall, as Dina laughed she tore the pin blade from her toe and realized that it had come from Lita's pack. Hose pulled her blade from her own pack, "How well shall ye laugh without thy filthy tongue!" but as she lowered toward the wall Madam called her away, "Get back! wish to see what I can do!?! Then I will show you!" With that she took out her device. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** Madam trained her device on the rubber wall and adjusted the controls to maxium output, so much so that Hose, Lita and even Dina could feel a reaction in the rubber they wore, soon the rubber wall began to ripple and sag at it's center, as the mechanisms in the rubber of the wall had been sitting for a while they were slow to react at first, then all at once the wall collapsed into it's liquid form, a large bureau on the other side crashed to the floor. Lita scrambled back from the torrent of black fluid that washed toward her, then just as suddenly it pulled back and pooled at the center of the hall, then with another command from her device Madam sent it flowing into the holes she'd made in the baseboard. "Fuck me!!!" Dina cried out as she bolted for the pincushion bearly ahead of the black as it flooded into the wall cavity like water. **************************************************************************************************************************************** The problem was the black rubber was thousands of times denser than water, the wall bowed out and the support beams cracked, "Mistress!!!" Hose yelled as plaster from the ceiling began to fall upon them, a large chunk hit Madam, denting her hat and baddly bruising her shoulder, Hose dodged on her cable side to side avoiding the larger chunks, Lita clung to the baseboard screaming hysterically. "Hose can you see the trackining device's signal? Is it moving!?!" Madam demanded as she continued to control the black, Hose coiled a loop of her cable above her head to deflect the plaster as she used her visor, "Aye my Mistress!" she yelled finally, "CONCENTRATE ON IT!!" Madam ordered as she coordinated her device and the mechanisms in her hat with the visor. *************************************************************************************************************************************** The plan was that while Dina was distracting Madam that she go ahead and use her scalpel to cut a way into one of the outer rooms, in hopes that while Madam was trying to get at them in the walls they might have time to get out of the house. Tina had hacked a large enough hole for herself to slip out and was putting the vial of the healent out on to the floor when she heard the sounds of plaster cracking, timbers breaking and Dina screaming, "Get out of the fucking wall!!!" Dina had just climbed down over the pincushion when the flood of the black washed in and caused the plywood to burst out sideways with such force that they broke through the wall and caused a section of the ceiling above tilted downward nearly 15 degrees. "Dina over here!!" Tina screamed, she saw the light from the hole and sprinted for it as fast as she could but as she was within reach she was suddenly jerked backward as a splash of the rubber connected with the pack and caused it to begin to interact with the rest of the black. "Tina help me!!!" Dina pleaded as the pack's straps began to constrict around her like tendrils. *************************************************************************************************************************************** Tina jumped into the wall and reached for her, grabbing the center of her scalpel with one hand and the edge of a wall beam with the other. Then as Hose saw that the black had reached the pack, Madam caused it reverse it's flow, "Tina!!" Dina pleaded as she held the scalpel with a deathgrip but in the end the pull was to much and Dina disappeared into the black. "Nooooo!!!" Tina wailed, suddenly she heard a loud crack above and looked up to see wood and plaster falling toward her, she bearly had time to scream. **************************************************************************************************************************************** Though the black was to thick for Dina to breath in the lack of oxygen caused her to pass out, and as the black flowed back through the wall, breaking out a large section of it in doing so, her unconscious form was washed to Madam's feet. Much calmer now she turned to Hose, "Go out to the room near where the black caught her, see if you can find the other one." "Aye my Mistress." Hose said as she rose up to the dome, billows of dust floated down as she rose up, then coughing, suddenly lowered again, "Well! What is it!" Madam asked angrely, "The track for my platform hath been damaged. I shall hath to take a longer route to those rooms." Hose replied, amazed by the damage, "Then set to it!" Madam ordered, Hose nodded and rose up once more. *************************************************************************************************************************************** When she was gone Madam knelt to claim her prize, plucking the still unconscious Dina from the pool of the black and pulling the warped pack from her back. "Mistress.....if ...if the other one got away... into the walls...I'll go after her for you!" Lita stepped forward toward Madam, who laughed down at this, "And what exactly do you think you could that?" Lita dropped to her knees and laid herself upon the toe of Madam's boot weeping, " could fix me! Make me the way I was! You have drugs.....please I'll....I'll do anything!!" Madam shook her head as she looked down upon her, "You have to be the most vile pathetic creature I have ever had the displeasure of owning." With that she kicked her into the pool of the black, as Lita tried to get to her feet Madam trained her device at the pool, strands of the black rubber began to rise upward and form a sphere with large openings around her, a strand grabbed the chain on her breasts, another coiled around the other breast tightly, other strands grabbed and pulled her arms and legs out to her sides until she was held spread eagle at the center of the of the forming sphere. *************************************************************************************************************************************** "Mistress please!!!" Lita cried up, in response Madam dropped the pack of blades into the pool next to her, and as she trained her device upon it the pack began to melt and it's blades pulled toward Lita's sphere. To her horror the blades began to slide in through the sides of the sphere toward her flesh, "No Nooo please!!!" The tips of the blades were held around her breasts and waist, just close enough to cut and prick her flesh but cause no serious damage. When complete Madam kicked the sphere loose from the pool, as it rolled she was stuck buy the blades causing her to cry out in pain, "It hurts it hurts!!!" to this Madam began to laugh. ************************************************************************************************************************************** As Hose returned to the hallway she smiled down at the sight of Lita rolling across the floor in her strange new cage, "Well?" Madam asked impatiently, to this Hose bowed her head, "I am sorry my Mistress, part of the wall fell upon her, she be dead." All at once a shrill shriek came from Madam's right hand, "Nooo!! You.....murdering fucking bitch fucking killed her!!!" Madam closed her hand tightly around Lita's weeping form and brought her close to her face, grinning with glee at her anguish, "Oh it would seem YOU shall have to bare the punishment for both of your transgetions against me all alone." As Dina continued to weep Madam called Hose over and gave her instructions as to what was to be done with Lita, she could not hear them and Dina was beyond caring. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hose lifted the sphere containing Lita up through the dome and through the tunnels above the ceiling, all the time Lita pleaded with her, "Listen listen I....I'm really sorry about trying to kill you.....I didn't mean it! Listen you you could keep me all to yourself, I'll do whatever you wanted me to do, anything!! Just tell her you did what she asked you to with me and you could keep me hidden and and I'd be yours!!" Hose chuckled to this but said nothing more. At one point she left Lita in the tunnel as she went down into one of the spheres, 2 minutes later she returned with a small plastic cup with a thick light brown substance in it, she rolled the sphere over until the space between her spread legs was up on top, she then began to smear the thick substance down over the inside and between her legs. "What is that!?!.....Wait is that....peanutbutter!?! Look! Look, if that's what your into that's cool! Just get me out of this thing OK?" When Hose was finished she licked her fingers off , picked up the sphere and continued on, "Come on Hose where are we going!?!" Lita pleaded **************************************************************************************************************************************** The basement of the house was surprisingly spartan, Madam prefered to have her playrooms on the upper floors so except for some colliums of equipment there was very little else, the floor itself was a dirt surface and if one sifted through it they might find the tiny bones of the pets from the first Madam of this house. Hose lowered from a service panel and dropped to sphere and it's crying occupant to the dirt floor, "Hose? come on....don't leave me here!!!" Hose rose upward then finally looked down into her pleading eyes one last time and smiled, "Fair thee well....Rat Catcher." Then she was gone, leaving her in darkness. They didn't keep her waiting long, the smell of the peanutbutter drew them in, "Get the fuck away from me!!!" she screached as one rat stuck it's head into the opening near her left breast, sniffing and taking a nip, one of the blades cut it's snout and it squeeled it's pain and pushed her away, causing her to roll until she was laying sideways. She could hear the next one coming in, and could tell he was a big one, there was a time she had loved hearing the sounds they made, it ment that her hunt was about to begin, she never realized how much those few minutes of freedon from being a mere pet had been to her until she'd been put into the green. But now as she felt his hot snout sniffing, licking and nipping up the inside of her thighs and between her legs, the only thing she could think was "........................................................get away.................................................................................................." TO BE CONTINUED