The Smooth Black: Part 33

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The Smooth Black: Part 33 *************** On one of her early hunts Lita found an odd structure within a wall made up of two 4 foot by 3 foot pieces of plywood nailed to a floor brace and leaving a 3 inch space in between, the other side was flush with a wall support but one had an 1/8th inch space which allowed light from a crack in the ceiling above to shine through and give the illusion that it is open on the other side. She found that there was space on either side behind the boards and that with little effort she could climb in behind them without being seen, after chasing a rat in and killing it a few days later Lita got an idea. She found a wood screw and used it to drill holes through both sides, then brought all the pins, nails and any other thin sharp objects she could find and stored them behind the boards. She had managed to chase as many as 10 rats into this space at once and stabbed them to death through the holes, once able to make her quota within 20 minutes. She affectionately came to call it "the pincushion" *************************************************************************************************************************************** The first nail slid in, scraping the side of Tina's thigh as she cried out to this two more slid in on either side of her hips, effectively trapping her, still two more slid through, one over her right shoulder close to her neck, the other under her left arm, scratching her deeply. "Hold on Tina!" Dina yelled as she tried to rush over to help, a nail slid out nearly catching her in the head but managed to block it with her scalpel as she ducked it. Just within reach of Tina another nails slid out right infront of her face, as she lean back to avoid it another nail slid out through her bellyring and into the hole opposite, "hehhehheh Dead solid perfect!" she heard someone hoot from the other side of the board, "Fuck!!!" Dina screamed enraged as she found herself trapped. "Dina!?!" Tina cried out, "I I'm OK! See if...." But before Dina could finish what she was saying a figure dropped from the top of one of the boards, her feet landing upon to nails holding Tina's upper body, causing her to scream with fear, "Well well well well well! What the fuck have we got here!?!" Lita, the Rat Catcher happily said down into Tina's terrified face. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Her signal hath stopped here my Mistress." Hose said as she read the tiny digital readouts of the tracking device in Lita's pack from her visor, she and Madam Hatter had come to a section of the old wall only about 15 feet from where Lita had trapped Dina and Tina, "Can you see their heat signatures?" Madam asked, Hose adjusted a control on the side of her visor then shook her head, "Nay! I can see that there be heat signatures but no individual ones, there be to much lead in the paint on these walls, it tends to disperse the signals." Madam nodded with frustraition to this, "We'll give her another few minutes, if she hasn't moved by then I'll kick in the wall and find out why, she had either better have them or be dead! I swear if that little fool so much as smugges my Father's scalpels I'll use them to cut her arms and legs from her and leave her to squirm about her precious hunting ground for the rest of her miserable existance!" Hose looked to her Mistress, surprized how much the scalpels ment to her, having never heard Madam speak to her of their significance. ****************************************************************________________________________________________ Laurence Emit Hatter was a prominent Doctor and surgoen in his day, he was partnered with two other Doctors who prefered do the checkups on the richer patients and let him do the more "unpleasent" duties, this was just fine with him as he loved his work. His wife Celeste had died at childbirth leaving him a Daughter named Alice whom he loved, when she was 5 years old he brought her into his operating room, sat her on a bench and let her watch as he operated on a woman with an infected gallbladder, Alice was shocked at what she saw and heard, as while the woman had drunken a large quantity of gin there was no other anesthetic at this time. When she looked away at one point he calmly spoke to her, "I know it is difficult to look upon at first, but if one looks close enough you can see beauty....even in the pain." Alice turned back and continued to watch and in many ways never turned away again. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Over time he let her watch more operations and was happily amazed by the intelligent questions she would ask, sometimes she would even hand him his instruments and more often than not give him the right ones. He did not, or would not see how this effected her outside his home, how her morbid curiosities drove away the few childhood friends she would make. One day he would come home to find that she had taken his prized scalpels from his office and dissected a neighbors small dog, which she assured him had died naturally. After he scolded her about taking things without asking him he spent the rest of the day quizing her on what organs were which, she did very well. She would tell him that she wanted to be a surgeon just like him, he would only smile to this, not wanting to hurt her feelings as the times in which young Alice grew up in being a Doctor was only one of the things she would never be able to do. *********************************************************************************************************************************** When Alice was 16 her Father would contract typhoid and die, she was devistated by this but enraged when his partners swooped in and took everything,she bearly managed to keep his scalpels, they gave her a meager allowance, then began to charge her rent for living in her own house. When she confronted them they were shocked to learn she had a better grasp of her Father's finances then they had thought and angrily told her to take what they gave her for as long as they chose to give it to her and in the meantime try and find a husband to take her off of their hands. Her attempt to go to a lawer were met with ridicule and she was laughed out of the man's office. Fortunately her great Aunt Katheren had offered to let her stay with her, she had always enjoyed seeing her Aunt as a child and had come to admire her as a woman who held power in a time when most women had no such freedoms and was amazed that dispite her supposed age she was still a very beautiful woman. At this time Grand Madam did not have to wear so much red as her hair was still a bright scarlet and the flecks of grey had only begun to creep in. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Though she made no outward mention of it to her Aunt, Alice found her life in her household, the outer facsimile of one at any rate, a life draining bore, which consisted mainly of her learning useless talents like needle point and floating from one party, outing or other simular gathering to another, socializing with useless people all in an effort to make herself a mere ornament for the arm of a fool who would treat her like pet for the rest of her life, all the time left to puzzle how an intelligent woman like her Aunt could put up with such a frivolous existance. *********************************************************************************************************************************** So it was at the Spring Ball that Alice found herself where she usually wound up sitting at the end of the evening, alone at a table situated between the young ladies chatting with each other about their hair, their dresses, who they danced with that evening and would occasionally giggle in her direction, and slightly closer to where the men discussed more relevent issues, hoping to atleast to hear some intelligent conversation. On this night several teachers and students from a nearby medical school were invited to celebrate graduation, one of the more boisterous of the students began to brag how he had saved a man during an operation, as she listened to his detailed description of his actions she could bear no more. As he finished she walked over and told him that the reason his patient had almost died was that he had opened him up wrong, angry, drunk but laughing her pulled Alice to the center of the group of men and announced that, "This little strumpet believes she could have done the operation better. But please tell these esteamed gentlemen how to do this surgery!" She began to accurately explained not only how the operation should be done but the other ways it had been done in the past. When she was done the young man was harshly dressed down by his teacher, who told him he would seriously have to rethink his "letter of recomendation" for him.However, dispite having proven her knowledge, or because of it, she was asked to leave, from the other end of the ballroom Grand Madam Red watched and had seen everything. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Frustraited both by the incident and what it had shown her of her life to come she took the long way as she walked back to the summer house she stayed in upon her Aunt's estate, as she walked past the stables the Medical student she'd embarrassed and two of his fellow classmates lept out of the dark and grabbed her. As she was flung into one of the stalls he lept on top of her, pulled out his surgical knife and cut open her corset, she neither screamed nor showed any fear, just glared up at him, "Now my little strumpet.....I'm going to give you a special anatomy lesson! Gentlemen alittle privacy if you please, I swear you will have your turns." The two laughed and closed the gate behind them, they laughed when they heard a wimpering sound as they shared a bottle of wine. But as the minutes dragged on they grew impatient and finally burst through the gate only to be stopped dead in their tracks by the site before them. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Alice paced calmly back and forth at the back of the stall the surgical knife in her hand, covered in blood, one breast exposed from his earlier cut and groping, but their attentions where fully on their classmate. He laid alive but motionless at the bottom of the stall, a hatpin had been driven into the base of his neck into his spinal cord in such a way as to leave him unable to move from the neck down, his clothes had been cut from him and several incisions had been made in his chest and stomach, several organs had been removed and laid upon the straw in the order of removal, only his heart and lungs where untouched, the remains of her panties he had torn off were shoved in his mouth, which she knelt down and pulled out. "Now you offered to give me an anatomy lesson....why don't you start by explaining just what organs I took out of you AND in what order." she said in a calm instructor like tone then tapped the side of his face with her shoe, "Now begin." *********************************************************************************************************************************** As the two men stared down in horror their classmate began an agonized jabbering of all she had done to him, when ever he got something wrong she gave him a hard nudge with her shoe and told him to begin again, about the fifth time through he began to go into shock and lost consciousness. Alice looked at them, finding that she quite enjoyed the fear upon their faces,"Any questions?"she asked simply. Finally the larger of the two learched out of the gate and vomited, the other one stumbled back toward the gate pointing a shaking finger at her, "th th th The Constable w will see you hang for this!!!" he shrieked in a high pitched voice, she was greatly amused by the piss stain spreading on the front of his trousers. He took his remaining classmate's arm and they ran out of the stables to the sound of her laughter. *********************************************************************************************************************************** As Alice put on the now dead medical students coat from the railing he had put it over, an action that had given her the perfect opertunity to use the hatpin, she thought how she should be frightened about the prospect of being arrested and hung or even guilty over for what she had done but she felt none of these things. In truth she felt only relief, since her Father died her life had become one long slow moving nightmare to which she seemed destined to remain in for rest of her days, now atleast it would be over. She walked back to the summer house, cleaned up, no small task, threw out the coat and her dress and went to bed, it was the best sleep she had had in a long time. In the morning she was suprized to find breakfast waiting for her as always but eat heartily, she then got dressed in one of her finest dresses, "The Dress she was to be hanged in." she thought with a chuckle, and waited until her Aunt arrived. *********************************************************************************************************************************** She came alone, carrying of all things a hat box, her demeanor was her usual pleasent mood and Alice wondered if she even knew, "Well my left quite a little mess in my stables last night." she said in the same pleasent tone, Alice was shocked by this reaction but remained outwardly calm, "I suppose you wish me to accompany you to the Constable?" To this Grand Madam Red laughed, "Oh heavens no my dear!" Alice was now visiblely perplexed but did her best to recover, "I see...the's to be a madhouse for me then?" To this Grand Madam laughed all the harder, "That would be an even a worse scandal then a mere murder." "MERE MURDER!!!" Alice roared, Grand Madam held up one hand to her, "My dear I knew from the first time I set you upon my knee as a child and listened to you spout surgical jargen to me that you would serve me in some way. But not until last night was I sure how." For the first time Alice became a little frightened, "What are you talking about!?!" Grand Madam Red tapped her fingers on the lid of the hat box and a wimpering sound eminated from within it. *********************************************************************************************************************************** "What is in there?!" Alice asked hesitently, Grand Madam smiled, "Consider it your coming out gift, welcome to the Real Hatter family." She undid the ribbon and lifted the lid, Alice's eyes widden with astonishment as she saw that one of the men who ran from the stables, now only 6 inches tall and tied spread eagle to the bottom of the box. As she slowly reached in and drew a single finger down his heaving chest he let out a series of high pitched shrieks, which Alice found aroused her, ".......How!?!" she managed to ask finally, Grand Madam Red's face nuzzled the side of her's, "Let me show you. The other is waiting, besides binding him I've done nothing else knowing you would want to see it done. What you did last night showed you have the talent but only need the knowledge to become a proper Mistress," She finally managed to tear her attention away from the squeeling thing before her to look into her eyes, "Show me!" *********************************************************************************************************************************** Alice, holding her new toy in it's container, was lead by Grand Madam Red to the house and into the lower catacombs where the last of her attackers was hung naked by leather straps on his arms and legs, still screaming about what the Constable would do to them. She watched and listened as Grand Madam Red prepared him for dwindling and when the time came she allowed her to push the plunger on the syringe and as she watched the screaming man dwindle to his 6 inch height she realized her hand was massaging between her legs through her dress, seeing that she was about to pull it away Grand Madam held it where she had it, "Never be ashamed of feeling such desires infront of me! That is reason of our being!" she breathed into her ear, which made her cum, she would take the blood oath less then 10 minutes later. *********************************************************************************************************************************** She toyed with her new pets for awhile but would eventually find that while she like to destroy male pets ego from time to time she prefered to break and toy with women, those either of privilage or strong of will. On one occasion when setting accounts with one of her Father's former partners she had the man tied to a chair in his own bedroom and forced him to watch as his foot tall wife and 17 year old daughter were made to pleasure her for hours. Finally when satisfied she held the small naked women, crying and slick from her own juices, up on a pillow before him as her current man servent Mr. Rommer held a pistol to his head and gave him a choice, "You may either take your two little loved ones and live in abject poverty for the rest of your miserable life, or have your brains blown out right here." Blubbering he made his choice and as his little family was sprayed with his blood and brain matter Alice remembered with great amusment how his wife howled with rage at his cowardess, she kept the two women for quite awhile. The other partner some weeks later awoke with his mistress naked in a dark empty room, only to find themselves presented in a box at the height of 3 inches to his long suffering wife, so greatful was she that she served the Hatters as an assistant even long after her playthings had expired from her attentions. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Alice would stay under Grand Madam Red's tutelage for 5 years, even though she had become a Lady Hatter within 2 years, the fastest any of her apprentices had achieved this, she would then be a guest of several different Hatters , learning different skills for another 4 years until finally usurping the House of a Master Talon. Like many of the men of his time had a dim view of women, dispite or maybe because many of the more powerful Hatters were women, he had taken his house from a female Hatter and took great pleasure in taking on female apprentices and even Ladies only to mentally toy with then ultimately dwindle them to his playthings. Upon hearing of Master Talon she knew what she was going to do with him, she first turned his mind games back upon him then used a combination of formulas not only to dwindle him to 4 inches tall but transform him into hemaphrodidic little thing, she especailly enjoyed his/her tiny wail at the development of the oversized breasts. After both she and his/her former pets were done playing with the former Master he/she was put into the green, she would take this interesting pet out from time to time, even introducing Hose to the fallen Master, she often thought weather she should use her more modern techniques to finish the transformation to full woman hood or just leave well enough alone. Upon her becoming a full Madam Grand Madam Red would confide in Alice that she was her finest student. _____________________________________________******************************************************************** Even as she thought of these things now Madam Hatter's mind aways returned her thoughts of Celeste, trying to figure out how it had gone so wrong, she wondered if she should let her lead such a sheltered life, maybe somehow exposed her to a harsher life, and not let Nannies and Governesses fill her head with all those "morals" that people alternately value then cast aside when ever convenient. Or maybe she should have ignored that Hatter taboo and trained her as a Mistress from the time she was born, it might have been worth the risk to both of them to have kept this tragedy from happening. She did not like thinking these things, nor having her Daughters failure constantly upon her mind as it had made her careless, as tonights little mishap had shown her, she wondered if Grand Madam Red had been right about giving Celeste to another Master or Madam but pushed that thought aside, "She had always wanted the best for her Daughter and if she wished to be no more then a mere pet then she could think of no better Mistress than herself" she silently, bitterly mused to herself. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ "OK my bitches, now one at a time, real slowly, I want you to drop your blades to the floor! Let's start with you princess!" Lita said as she held her half razor under Tina's jaw hard enough to be just short of drawing blood, crying Tina slowly held her scalpel out to her side, blade toward the entrance of the pincushon and let it drop. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Dina put down the tiny vial of healant and shift her scalpel to her other hand, grabbing it toward it's center, "Hey ring bearer, I know what your thinking, you figure you could throw that like a spear and take me off your bitch clean, right? Well that ain't got enough of a point to stick, the most you could hope for is to cut me real bad....." she pressed up on the razor under Tina's jaw enough to draw blood, "AHHH!! Dina!!!" Lita smiled at this, "You can sure as shit bet I'll cut princess a hell of a lot worse! Now drop the blade motherfucker!" Angrily Dina held it out infront of her and dropped it to Lita's approval. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Lita then jumped down onto one of the nails holding Tina's hips to face Dina, "That is a cool bellyring, I mean that. Not that you probably think so at the moment Hehhahhahahah!" Dina only glared back at her, Lita lightly tugged one of the chains on her nipples with her thumb, "Man I'll tell ya I am glad the numb bitch that shrunk me didn't have that twisted fuckers imagination, these are a pain in the ass enough!" Tina looked down at them, "Wh What are you going to do to us?!?" Lita looked up at her with a mock pouty look, "Awwww Well I'm going to take those scalpels you swiped out to old Madam Hats and tell her where you are, we'll figure out how to get you out, maybe she'll want to make you smaller..." she eyed Dina's bellyring again, "That could be pretty messy for you red, then after a little garbage disposal duty I'll get put back into my cage and try to get some real sleep while she's fucking you two over." *********************************************************************************************************************************** "Turn coat piece of shit!" Dina spat, Lita cocked her head to one side as she smiled, "I'm sorry...What did you say!?!" she asked as she kicked Dina in the face, "Let me tell you something ladies, that sisterhood shit didn't work with the last fucker who tried it and it sure as hell ain't working for you! Loyalty ain't worth a shit in this hole, I saw that wacko fuck up her own daughter, what chance you think you got with me!?" As Dina snorted blood out of her nose Tina desperately tried to reason with her, "P Please let us could come with us!" Dina glared up at her as Lita once more climbed up and stood on the nails holding Tina's upper body, "What happens then princess, huh? Either we get ripped apart by the dog one of her goons uses to track us down or we fight squirrels for acorn for the rest of our miserable little lives, which wouldn't be to long or we hope the next fucker who found us didn't screw with us even worse!" "You think there IS anything worse out there?" Dina offered, to this Lita shrugged, "You may have me there red, but the answer's still no!" *********************************************************************************************************************************** "Listen hate Madam right?!?" Tina asked suddenly, "Hey she is God in this like the real God Yeah I hate her!" Tina continued, "Well if if you let us go we can give you something.....something that you could use to get even with her!" Lita gave her a annoyed look, "What the fuck would that be?!" "We've got some needles from her lab, they have the stuff that shrank us and other drugs...." "Tina don't...!!!" Dina began to yell, "You got a better suggestion!" Tina snapped back, "If you let us go we'll give you the needles. You could bring her down to your size, maybe smaller, maybe have enough to do that Hose-thing!" To Dina's surprize Lita stopped her ranting and began to think. **********************************************************____________________________________________________ Lita thought it was the cruelest thing they could do to her, "give her hope", she had tried to push any such thoughts away as it always seemed to hurt her in the end. She remembered the day she'd given up any thought of escape from the house, it was shortly after she'd begun her hunts in the walls, she'd cut up a rat pretty badly but it managed to run from her, as she followed the blood trail she realized that she was heading for the outer wall, it was early in the day, Madam was out and it would be hours before they knew she was gone. As she got closer to the outer wall she began to fantasize about what she would do, how she would hike through the woods until she found a house with a phone, she could call an old friend named Eddie, he had helped her out on a few jobs in the past, boy would he be fucking surprized. She began to see daylight through the old cracked wall, it was so bright she thought it had to be a beautiful day out. She thought how she might be able to make this little misadventure work for her, maybe become some kind of a micro-hitwoman she could get in anywhere, take out anyone, poison them, slit their throats, she could probably use a modified .25 calibre handgun and no one could catch her, no one would even suspect. *********************************************************************************************************************************** The rats blood trail lead her right to an opening in the outer wall, she could feel a breeze from outside the air smelled wonderful. She thought how she might be able make enough money to find a Doctor to help her, and maybe, just maybe the next time old Madam Hats went on one of her trips she might be able to settle up with her, find her hotel, wait till she went to bed, climb up her bedspread, use her razor to slit her throat and as she opened her eyes one last time say, "Remember me Cunt!" Lita burst out of the opening........then stopped short at what she saw. The rat had made it out of the house only to finally bleed to death, a large crow had wasted no time and as Lita watched began to rip chunks of meat from the fresh carcass. This sight brought Lita crashing back to reality, even if she escaped the man with the dog she'd probably get eaten by some other larger animal in the woods or die of exposure and become this or some other crows meal. And even if she could call Eddie, he was a scumbag, the only reason he'd never crossed her was because she'd have killed him, that had now changed, he would have his own uses for her and she would probably spend the rest of her life sliding herself over his filthy dick for whatever crumbs he could shake from the bottom of a pizza box. As the crow sqawked for her to get away from him she realized that escape was useless to her and spent much of the time in the wall that day crying, she didn't even get credit for the rat. _________________________________________________*************************************************************** Madam Hatter had beaten her and kept doing so, even if she had the needles to use against her Lita knew that somehow it would go sideways on her, as her little relationship with Celeste had. She hated how she had even managed to somehow shrink her very dreams, from dreaming of being a world class hitwoman to now just hoping she could please her enough to be able to beg for the privilage to drag a rotting rat carcass out of the wall, two if she counted the one she gutted earlier, and bury it only to hope this pleased her enough to put her in a small cage with water and a tasteless neutrient as food for a night or two and pray that Hose didn't feel like "settling up" after. Lita now knew how truely small and pathetic she'd become, and the only power she had left was to take these women's dreams of escape away from them. *********************************************************************************************************************************** ".........well......?" Tina asked meekly, stiring Lita from her thoughts, that was then she noticed the clear plastic tube slung over Tina's shoulder and began to smile, "Well princess....!" she began in a loud happy tone, then swung her razor, Tina cried out as it stuck into the wood beside her head, at the same time Lita reached over the back of her shoulder until she grasped one of the syringes and pulled it free, "....I already got me one! Oooooh Pink, pretty!" Lita chuckled as she held it up in the dim light. "Fuck!" Dina whispered to herself, Lita continued, "So which one of you bitches want to tell me what this shit does? Hmmm How about you princess huh huh?" she taunted as she playfully jabbed the needle at Tina's face, she began to cry hysterically, "Come on! Leave her alone!! It's a a estrogen type stuff....uh makes your tits grow!" Dina yelled up, nearly pleading. Lita held the needle's point right near her eye, "You think if I jammed this into your eye you'd grow a tit there?" Tina tried to turn her face away, Lita switched the needle to her other hand and pulled her razor from the wood then slapped her on the side of the face with the flat of the blade, "You look at me bitch!!! You fucked up my traps now I'm going to fuck you up!!!" When tina opened her eyes again they were filled with rage and her mouth began to fill with a sweet taste. *********************************************************************************************************************************** "Leave her alone Fucker!!!" Dina screamed up, Lita pointed her razor down toward her, "Shut the fuck up or the next" Lita looked down to see the side of Tina's nose nuzzling the inside of her left thigh, she saw a strange glazed look in her eyes and an even stranger smile on her lips, "I'm sorry about you traps baby...let me make it up to you." To Lita's horror he larger lips began to kiss up the inside of her thigh, "Get off of me!!" she screamed and drove her other knee into the side of her cheek, Tina merely looked up in irritation, "Hey not so rough! Just relax." Dina could see the strange look in her eyes, "Look! Listen ...Madam did something to her, when she gets scared she gets strange she....!" Dina pleaded, " I said shut up or....Ahhhaw!!" All at once Lita felt a huge tongue lick up her inner thigh and over her small pussy, "Fucking Dyke!!!" she shrieked and slashed her razor down the left side of Tina's cheek to her jaw. *********************************************************************************************************************************** As the blood welled into a single grotesque droplet Tina looked up at her with a strange sad expression then to Lita's shock it quickly turned to that mixure of rage and lust that Dina had seen in the hallway earlier, "I said...Not....!" she yelled as she drove her forehead into Lita's pelvis, causing her to lose her footing and drop down, her legs straddling the nail near Tina's neck, "....So...!" Tina yelled and again drove her head forward, connecting with Lita's chest and face, causing her to drop the needle, "....Fucking.....!" as Tina continued both her sentence and her assault Dina desperately tried to free herself, and as she shook the nail felt something give and figured that the nail was held in place by a piece of wood or something and began to shake it harder. "....Rough!!" Tina's fourth headbutt all but knocked Lita nearly senseless, though she still kept a deathgrip on her razor, she felt a huge hot tongue slide up over her face then down her neck and finally settle on one of her small breasts, suddenly she was brought back to full terrified consciousness as huge teeth bit down upon it. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Lita began to scream hysterically, afraid she might slice herself she beat the side of Tina's head with the makeshift handle of her razor, causing the masking tape to begin unspooling, to this Tina shook her head back and forth until her teeth ripped the nipplering free, Lita grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled herself up until she balanced upon the nails holding Tina once more, as she looked down at the wound on her breast she saw Tina grinning up at her, ringlet clinched between her teeth, the chain dangling over her chin, "Mmmmm Tasty." she said through her teeth. "I'm gonna cut your fuckin head off!!!!" Lita howled and raised her razor to strike the killing blow. Suddenly Dina, scalpel in hand, scrambled up the nails holding Tina and tackled Lita, causing both of them to tumble down the other side of her, amazingly without either's blades cutting them, and toward the opening of the pincushion. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Dina had managed to land on top of Lita, so she was the first to get to her feet, she looked up to Tina who stood there shaken by what she had allowed herself to do, "Tina shake the nails around, their braced by blocks or something!!" As she yelled this Lita sprang to her feet and swung her razor before Dina was prepared, fortunately in her zeal to gut her with one slash she forgot about the bellyring, her blade clinked off of it, Dina slashed out with her scalpel, cutting her deeply on her bicep. "I'm gonna cut your fucking head off an stick it up into that bitches cunt!!!" Lita shrieked enraged and began swinging her razor wildly, tiny chips of wood flew everywhere, Dina held up her scalpel to block her blows, hoping not to lose a finger or even a hand to her onslaught. As they got to the edge of the pincushion Dina made a stab for Lita who used her razor to trap it against the edge of the plywood, Dina threw an over hand punch to the side of her face, in response Lita sidekicked her hard sending her flying backward, bearly managing to keep her weapon. ***************************************************************************************************************************** As Dina struggled to her feet she realized she was close to the wire connecter they had past earlier and as Lita came rushing in she noted that her heels and toes were open while she still wore the rubber high heels. Lita began to again swing wildly, he blade raising dents in the scalpels handle as Dina held it up cross ways before her as she retreated backward, Lita began to grin viciously, "Yeah bitch! Your running now ain't ya! You never should have messed with a Hitwoman!!" And as Dina backed up to the connecter she braced the rear of the scalpel against the wall and held the blade end infront of the bare wire, "Yeah well you never should have fucked with an electrician!" As Lita swung down Dina let the scalpel go and jumped back, there was a bright flash and a blue spark jumped from Lita's razor into her arm and down her body, part of her corset warped and legging of the foot flat upon the floor collapsed into a puddle as the mechanisms in the rubber were shorted out. Outside in the corridor an old light fixture sparked loudly near Madam's head, Hose coiled up for a closer look, "Not good, I do wish we could get our systems completely off of the old wiring." Madam mused, Hose nodded, "Tis a pity we could not have had these electricians finish the rewiring before dwindling them." To this Madam massaged the bridge of her nose in frustration. ******************************************************************************************************************************** The jolt drove Lita backward, she collided with Tina's knee, who had just barely freed her self, and fell to the floor, still dazed she stared up as the woman towering above her knelt, holding something in her hand, "You asked what this did I believe." Lita's eyes widden with horror as she saw her drive the needle of the pink down into her wounded breast. "Shit!" Dina said in shock as she stepped over, Lita scrambled backward away from them on her hands and feet until collided with the wall, all the time her eyes never left her ever growing breast. Strangely the wound healed it self but in doing so the nipple grew wider and larger to an almost grotesque size even as the breast continued to expand, her other breast took a little time to catch up but soon both swelled to well past three times their size. "What the fuck you do to me!!!" she shrieked hysterically, her voice had become a slightly higher pitch, seeing in their faces that her transformation was continuing. ***************************************************************************************************************************** "So this is what the pink shit does." Lita thought amazed, she saw her hair was growing, out from the "Le femme Nikita" haircut she'd managed to get Celeste to keep it cut in near enough the fashon, out and down past her shoulders, she saw as the wound on her arm close up and seemed to take most of the muscularity with it. Tina watched as her now bare legs muscles seemed to contract in on themselves, her hips became wider, her stomach muscles contracted making her look to Tina like one of those pictures of women from the sixties. As Lita struggled to her feet she could found her weapons pack was now far to heavy as all the strength she had developed in her time in the walls was completely gone, she cupped her hands under her now huge breasts and stared down at them in disbelief then looked up a Dina, "I'll ...I'll fuckin kill you for this!!!" she shrieked and lunged for her, Dina punched her dead in the face, an impact now more than enough to knock her unconscious and as she fell to the floor, Tina finally dropped the now empty needle, "Fuck me!!" she exclamed in astonishment. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ "She hath not moved my Mistress, it be possible they hath killed her." Hose said with little remorse for Lita, Madam ran her fingers through her white hair in frustration, "When am I going to learn not to trust in the talents of such a miserable creature! Especially one who has cost me so much.....!" Hose watched her pace back and forth rubbing her face with her hands, deep down feeling anger at her Mistress for being unable to leave Celeste out of thoughts once and for all, finally Madam stopped her pacing and turned to Hose, "I am becoming very bored with all these is time we end this!" TO BE CONTINUED