The Smooth Black: Part 32

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The Smooth Black: Part 32 **************** Lita raised her half strait razor, preparing to drive it down upon Hose's neck, she gave her dislocated shoulder a kick trying to get some kind of response, pleading or atleast a howl of pain, she gave her nothing and dispite the agony of her skull fracture, only looked up at her with dilating blue eyes in an expression that was almost serene. Suddenly Lita heard a loud cracking below her as Hose's cable pulled quickly upward and ripped up a 10 inch section of the floorboard that Celeste had fused it to, causing Lita to flip over onto the floor. "Fuck me!!" Lita said in shock as she saw Hose wavering unsteadily some 2 feet above her, fighting both the cumbersome chunk of wood and her own pain for control of her cable. In a quick spinning movement Lita got to her feet, grabbed up her razor and pulled a spear like blade from her pack, which she flung up at Hose. Hose reared back on her cable, allowing the tiny weapon to stick in the underside of the board, she reached for the nozzle of the green as Lita scrambled away in a zig zag motion for her nearest entrance into the wall. ************************************************************************************************************************************* Hose fighting to remain conscious, followed with whipping jerking thrusts on her cable as Lita headed for an open electrical outlet in one of the old walls, the one she had entered the room and watched Hose and Celeste's confrontation from. Hose sprayed a stream of the green in a line after Lita and hit her feet and ankles as she dove into the opening, she hit the inner wall hard and unable stand she frantically crawled as far as she could, which wasn't very far as the paralysis quickly spread up her body and left her face down in the thick dust to await in helpless terror for Hose to come for her. Hose however had reached the limits of her injuries as she began to finally lose consciousness, she used the last of her concentration to slow her descent to the floor then passed out. ************************************************************************************************************************************* Some 15 minutes later Madam Hatter, who had gotten part of Hose's call, found her upon the floor, she quickly disengaged her from her cable and rushed her to one of the labs and spent the bulk of the next two days fighting to save her life. Once she had managed to stabilize Hose's condition enough Madam called Mr. Sloat to the house and sent him to find Celeste, "Bring them back if you can but otherwise follow them. I will call you for your progress reports and join you when I can And try to use as little outside help as possible. Now go!" Mr. Sloat did his best to follow her but found Celeste surprizingly more elusive then even Madam had suspected and he was forced to call for assistance from Hatter security personel. But the real "red flag" came when Madam was forced call for a "Lady or Sir" to watch her house when she joined the search, this was something Madam had never had to do since Hose had become self-sufficient and told many, including Grand Madam Red that something had gone seriously wrong not only with her apprentice but possibly with the "Angel of Prague" herself. ********************************************************************************************************************************** Lita was paralyzed for about 6 hours until finally the green's effects began to fade, fortunately for her she had been far enough into the wall for Madam Hatter not to have seen her, and it would be several hours more before Hose would be able to tell Madam what had happened. Lita was able to go deeper into the walls to hide but found that unlike her relatively short hunts where she would be able to leave at the end of the day and get a bath and a place to sleep, or of late a hosing down and a cage to sleep in, that day to day life in the walls was a pitful existance to say the least. Often she traveled in near total darkness, at times hip deep in lint and filth, spaces in the walls were either to hot or to cold and sleeping was sparce at best as she was constantly having to deal with lice mites and other tiny vermin. A spider bite that at her normal size she might not have even felt gave her violent shivering spasms for two days. Only the rats seemed to avoid her as in her rage at her situation began to kill and torture any she found, all the time cursing Celeste her betrayal of her and herself for not having used her time in the walls to escape, believing that they now actively looked for her. __________________________________________________________________________________________ The true irony was that Lita would of had a near two week window of opertunity to escape with no one to look for her, Hose was recuperating from her injuries, unable to move for much of this time, Mr. Sloat and Luke were sent to find and follow Celeste and Madam Hatter, once sure Hose was going to make full recovery and that the "Lady" sent to take care of her house was in place and fully instructed on the houses functions, joined Mr. Sloat in his search. And as for the Lady herself she was less interested in finding some minor wayward pet then in possibly securing Madam's house for herself. Ladies and Sirs often had to wait years to be granted a house of their own some used the time as an extention of their apprenticeship learning many different techniques and practices from other Masters or Madams, while others tried gaining favor to expidite this process and then there were those who tried to position themselves to replace a sitting Madam or Master of a house. Hatter history was full of stories of those who suddenly died or more likely disappeared only to have a guest Lady or Sir take over their house or had some scandle that lead to near exposure for the Hatters, many of whom wound up becoming mere lowly pets in their own houses. In the end this was excepted by the Hatter clan as a whole as one who ruled a house had to be strong enough and wise enough to keep it, even from their own brethren. ********************************************************************************************************************************** And so it was that young Lady Kajira, who had spoken to Madam at a recient party, shortly before an untamed pet named Janet had driven her own Father's fountan pen down into her throat, had learned of the incident with her latest apprentice and the possibilty of a scandle involving a dwindled famous person and managed to convince Grand Madam Red to let her watch her house. She immediately set out to make herself at home, drinking a fair amount of Madam's wine from her celler, using and abusing many of Madam's pets, only Hose was spared her games for the most part as her injuries made her far to delicate and her reputation as one of the best trained pets and highlight for many of Madam's guest made her far to valuble, still she made her intentions very clear to Hose that she was to be her new Mistress. However before the end of the second week of her stay Hose would call Grand Madam Red to inform her that Lady Kajira had had a mishap. ********************************************************************************************************************************** Already unhappy with the incident with Celeste Grand Madam Red was in a fowl mood when she arrived at Madam's house, upon which Hose presented her with Lady Kajira , now only 4 inches tall suspended in a small jar of the green. As Hose explained it the young Lady had been rearranging one of Madam's labs when she came across a vial of a highly unstable form the red, some of the old formulas could at times become overly volaitile, Madam tended to mark them and use in deluted forms. She had been unaware of her contamination until a hour or so later when she was well into one of her games with a foot tall pet named Talya, whom Madam had put into the green after she went violently insane after an extended session and felt she could do nothing more "meaningful" with her at that time, when she found herself shrinking in short spirts and found to her horror that no amount the netralizing agent had any effect. She bearly managed to escape her insane playmate and free Hose, who managed to subdue Talya and convince her that the only way to halt her dwindling was to let her place her in the green until she could be helped. ********************************************************************************************************************************** As Grand Madam Red looked down at the horrified expression on her now tiny face as it stared motionless out from the green Hose wound around next to her, "She hath said she was to be my new owner." Hose remarked. knowing her Mistress to be Grand Madam Red's favorite student, she smirked back, "Doesn't look like it now does it? Are you well enough to take care of the house now?" "Aye Mistress." Hose replied happily, Grand Madam opened her purse and put Lady Kajira's jar inside, she reached up and gentley caressed Hose's stomach with the backs of two fingers, "Well then get me the vial of this version of the red, perferably in something that Won't leak, and any notes you can find on it, I'll take care of this." She turned to Hose and smiled up in a strange admiration, "I do hope your Madam knows how very lucky she is to have you." Hose merely smiled sheepishly. ********************************************************************************************************************************** She would send Lady Kajira and the requested materials to Master Reginald in England, he was a briliant genetist, even by Hatter standards but had a tendency to be forgetful at times when it came to favors or what he considered minor projects. So it was that he merely glanced at the letter Grand Madam Red had written and some of the notes then left Lady Kajira's jar and the vial upon a shelf. Three years later, on a day when he was inbetween projects and bored out of his mind he spyed her on the shelf, looked at the lable he'd put on the jar, took another look at the notes and the sample of the red and within three hours had come up with a counter agent to stop her dwindling. Unfortunately he had misplaced the Grand Madam's letter so he considered the tiny naked woman squirming back to life on the table before him merely a pet, her demands that she was a Lady Hatter were severely punished, though he was impressed that she atleast didn't try to claim to be a Madam. She would continue to insist that she was a Hatter, saddly the only ones who came to believe her were her fellow pets, which tended not to help her at all. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Once Hose had reorganized her Mistress's house back to what could be best described as normal she then set to work on capturing Lita, she had no doubt that Lita was still in the house and thus began to use massive amounts of the black rubber to both seal off any possible exits out of the house and to isolate sections of the inner walls from one another, knowing she could not get every opening in a wall she would blanket a section with motion sensors and use a gasious form of the green and see where she ran. Dispite Hose's efforts Lita managed to stay ahead of her for a good while but in doing so was forced deeper into the house, right where Hose wanted her. ********************************************************************************************************************************** Hose's only real disadvantage was her lack of help, Mr. Sloat and Madam gone she had only the 6 inch Ming and Ling to assist and their 5 foot rubber tether that replaced the artery that had joined them at birth was a detriment in pursuing Lita in the walls, in the only chase they engaged in inside the walls, dispite the fact that they could more then match her blade for blade, she easily out manuevered them, litteraly tieing them in knots around a wood beam, finally cutting one of them up baddly and giving the rubber tether a deep nick, forcing them to quickly withdraw, needless to say that from that point on they would only handle the gas. Hose thought of bringing some of the other pets out of the green that had similar skills as Lita, but without Madam there did not trust them enough and couldn't be bothered to either have to track down another escapee or fend of some minor vendeta. ********************************************************************************************************************************** Hose herself would have two confrontations with Lita, the first early on as during the gasing of one of the walls she saw her pull herself out from behind a loose baseboard and scurried across a hallway to an outlet cover she had loosened for herself some months ago in her travels, Hose quickly pulled out her own curved blade from her pack and swooped down for her. Lita was trying to pull the outlet cover closed when when Hose ripped it out of her hands and squeezed in after her, Lita scrambled backward within the wall cavity swinging her razor wildly, Hose blocked her attacks and inched forward upon her cable toward her but just as she was about to get with in reach her cable became snagged upon the opening. Seeing this Lita pressed her attack, as Hose brought forward her nozzle of the green Lita sliced for her wrist, missing it but cutting the nozzle from it's tube, the thick fluid jetted uselessly to the bottom of the wall cavity until the packs inner valves shut off the flow. "Maybe you ought to make yourself a little smaller bitch!" Lita taunted as she began to pull another blade from her pack, only to have Hose's blade strike it from her hand. ********************************************************************************************************************************** Seeing that Lita was cornered against a wall beam Hose tried to make her cable coil her in futher but the stress from her cables movement snapped a wall support and cause a 2x4 as well as plaster and insulation to fall down upon them, "You fucking idiot!! Lita yelled as they ducked the falling debris. Hose quickly whipped her cable hard against the outer wall until she broke out a large enough opening she could escape through. Covered with dust and woodchips Hose switched her blade to her other hand and pulled her other nozzle of the green as she turned to the wall once more, only to find that the mini cavein she'd caused had effectively covered Lita's escape. With a certain annoyance Hose made quick repairs to her tube and nozzle and set to work gasing the next wall. ********************************************************************************************************************************** Lita was able to avoid contact for a while longer until Hose got down to the last two walls, both of which were already surrounded by the rubber walls of the inner areas which made it nearly impossible for Lita to get out of them, and as Hose began to gas the second to last wall, she could find only one way out, up into the tunnels where Hose's cable platform ran. When Hose got the alarm from the motion sensors in one of her tunnels she went up into a dome in an adjacent hall and moved nearly silently down toward where Lita was trying to cross into the last wall, as she got within 6 feet of of her she saw a sudden yellow flicker of light, heard a hissing sound as a dark object trailing a stream of rotten egg smelling smoke was flung at her. ********************************************************************************************************************************** Hose veared left, allowing the smoking circular object to bounce off of her shoulder as she drew her blade from her pack and continued for Lita, even as she used the half burnt match to light her last smoke bomb. This one she merely rolled out before Hose to cover as she pulled two pin blades from her pack and flung both up at Hose, who to her shock used her blade to block both, though coughing from the smoke her visor could see Lita's heat signature. Lita took a wild swing at Hose, who simply rose above allowing her to nearly fall into her own smoke bomb, she spun around and swung again, this time the edge of her blade slashed Hose's lower abdomen, she swung again but this time Hose pivited around her and sliced a deep wound into the back of her thigh. Lita howled with pain as Hose reached down for her, all at once Lita grabbed the still smoldering smoke bomb and threw it up, striking Hose on the side of her head, she bearly ducked Hose's next strike as she dove for the opening into the last wall, Hose tried to reach in for her but she was gone. As Hose treated her stomach wound with the tiny needle of the healent from her pack, while hanging outside of the last wall, she heard the faint scream of agony as Lita was forced to use one of her few remaining matches to heat up one of her pin blades and cauterize her leg wound, Hose smiled to herself, while she had been unable capture her she had trapped herself at the center of the house and it would be only a matter of time. ********************************************************************************************************************************** Hose had sealed most of the possible exits Lita could use with the black and began to use the gas every few hours, while the gas would wear off in a short time it left Lita feeling sick, and though it also effected the rats it often drove them into the areas she was hold up and would have to fight off two or three rats upon waking. But the worst thing was while the gas dissipated in minutes it would coat her food supply so that anything she eat was tainted with the green, leaving her nearly helpless before the rats. The logical choice seemed to be start eating the rats she had long hunted, Madam had made many jokes about having her do so but Lita had never even considered the concept until this point, her first kill was an old rat but as she tried cut herself a chunk of meat she found him full of lice and their wormy larve and puked up what little food she had in her system. A couple of days later she found a gap in the bricks of one of the secondary chimneys where she might be able to light a fire to cook with without alerting Hose or burning down the house, she also found a nest of baby rats and killed one to eat, figuring it would be less likely to have any type of parasites, she found it to have a wild stringy chicken taste but it filled her up. a day later she decided to go for another of the baby rats when she found something even better, a way out of the wall and into the kitchen. ********************************************************************************************************************************** The Kitchen was a stainless steel and tile dream to Lita, lined with multi-leveled shelves and small ladders for the 2 foot cook named Sollie, a Swedish woman bound in a black rubber apron, which bearly held her swelling breasts and mock chefs hat, she happily if obsessively ran about cooking almost non stop, making both wonderful and intricate pasteries which she put into the mamoth refrigerators as well as vatts of the nutrient that would be given to the majority of the pets. Lita would only steal a small plastic cup of the nutrient on her first raid after Sollie retired, a day later she managed to get a cream puff like cake, it was the most wonderful thing she'd eaten in so long she nearly cried with joy while eating it. On the third night she saw Hose enter the kitchen and nearly ran when Sollie spoke up, "You come to eat yeah?" Hose nodded, "Aye, I wish meat this night." she said plainly, Sollie smiled widely, "Well I could make you...." she began, "Just Meat! Rare!" Hose ordered calmly. ********************************************************************************************************************************** As Lita watched Sollie made Hose a 2 inch by 1 inch piece of sirloin prepared with almost loving care and served it to Hose, who used a toothpick and her curved blade to eat it, as she finished Sollie came over with a small tea saucer with a tiny piece of cheesecake at it's center, which made Lita's mouth water, "Your desert." Hose took only a few bites as Sollie climbed down to a lower shelf to continue mixing the batter for a cake, taking an egg in both hands and cracking it on the side of a metal dish, prying it open to let the contents fall into the bowl. Hose coiled down to Sollie, sliding one of her hands under her ample breasts and massaging it, "A fine meal indeed, I thank thee. Tell me, Could ye cook a human say...half my own size? Were Mistress to allow it ofcourse." Sollie, far from being appalled by the idea, seemed to think for a moment, "I do not know....I mean I would have to look up something of a simular size....but I think I could." Hose smiled, "This one I hunt might be quite tough of her meat but she hath given me such annoyance on the search for her it would seem she should be of some use when I find her." She and Sollie laughed to this as Lita listen horrified. ********************************************************************************************************************************** As Hose left Lita saw that the cheesecake was still on the plate nearly uneaten, licking her lips, she waited for a while to make sure Hose didn't come back for it and that Sollie was going to stay down on the lower shelf, then slowly pushed the loose tile to one side and crept out on to the counter. Lita enjoyed the irony of Hose's neglected desert being the thing to feed her this night, she took one last look down at Sollie to make sure she was well into her cake making and at the silver dome above was closed, then began to scoop handful after handful into her mouth. The taste was incredible and seemed to linger on her tongue, she didn't seem to be able to get the next fistful into her mouth fast enough, after what seemed a long time Lita looked slowly up to check the dome, only to see Hose hanging directly infront of her, her arms folded infront of her grinning widely, "Shit a trap!!" Lita thought at once and tried to turn and run back across the counter but she seemed to be moving in slow motion and she was as the green Hose had injected into the cheesecake had slowed her reflexes and reactions to one fourth, she tried to jump off of the dish but what was a leap to her was just her straitening out her legs and falling forward, she fell to the counter and toppled over the edge, Hose started to reach for her then saw where she was falling to. ********************************************************************************************************************************** "No!!" Sollie yelled as the filthy 6 inch woman fell into her bowl of cake batter, the fall had been to fast for Lita's mind in it's current state to process so the next thing she knew was that she was emerced in a thick fluid only to suddenly have a huge hand grab her by the head and haul her upward, "Filthy little beast, you ruined my cake!!!!" Sollie wailed and began hitting the backs of her legs with a metal whisker, the pain bringing Lita back to full and painful speed. "That be enough!" Hose said as she unhooked Lita's pack, letting it fall to Sollie's feet, who then flung her to the shelf and held her down with the whisker, "Do you still wish me to cook her for you!" Sollie said pressing down on her harder, Hose smiled down into Lita's terrified eyes, "Nay. I think her meat need a bit of tenderizing first and I beleave my Mistress will want to do that. Hmmm Be it not interesting though, as ye might use cheese to catch a rat so ye might use cheesecake for a Rat Catcher?" Again they laughed as Lita trenbled in terror. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ "Welcome home My Mistress!" Hose said happily as Madam Hatter returned from her nine week search for Celeste, Hose saw a strange saddness in her eyes that she had never seen before, "I...hope thy search was successful." Hose said eyeing the velvet bag she carried, Madam's responce was listless, "I....found her if that is what you mean. I'm glad to see you are well." Hose smiled, though it was forced, and continued, "I hath good news my Mistress, I was able to captured Lita in thy absence." Madam nodded, "Show me." As Madam entered her main lab she heard Lita cry out, "M Mistress .....uhhh.....p please let me....uhhn.....let me down...AHAGH!!!" She looked to the central table to see Lita hanging from a stand with her arms and legs tied up behind her as she swung back and forth over a razor blade held upright, she tied in such a way so that she could only pull and hold her stomach and thighs up for a short time as she swung over the blade, the criss cross slices on them showed she was not always successful. ********************************************************************************************************************************** With great pride in her work Hose turned to her Mistress but saw neither amusment or anger in her face, to Hose it was worse, it was a weary saddness, "Very nice Hose." she said plainly, then placed velvet bag on to the table and removed it's contents. Hose was not entirely surprized at what she saw, the naked foot tall form of Celeste staring out in horror from a large container of the green, Madam looked up to Hose, "Take her out, strap her to one of the holding stands, 'crucifixion style' , in keeping with her martyrdom theme, do little else until I return...I'm going to get dressed, I may take a while." As she turned Hose asked, "What of Angelica?" "She's dead." she replied simply and began to leave when Lita again called out to her, "You got the bitch....uhhn ....good she made...Uhhn...made me hurt....Uhhn...Hose I didn't....Uhhn....didn't...!!!" Madam looked down at her with the same weary look, "If I were you, having been deeply involved the self destruction of someone who I once cared for and nearly killing my prized possesion, I would not be drawing attention to myself were I you." she then left as Lita cried out in pain again and Hose held back her tears for her Mistress. ********************************************************************************************************************************** The Chase had ended a few miles south of the Mexican boarder where the Cadilac convertable Celeste choosen to try and evade detection crashed and exploded, presumably with Angelica inside. The incident had been a surprizingly costly one for the Hatters, though their secrets were kept, aswell as Madam herself, she would be punished both finacially and even physically for Celeste's actions and while the matter was considered closed she had lost much respect among many of the other Hatters. But in the end it was the loss of Celeste herself that caused her the most pain, yet dispite the gentle urging of Grand Madam Red she would not let her go, even if she was to be only a mere pet. ********************************************************************************************************************************** In what to her was a flash of movement Celeste found herself pulled from the container of the green, sprayed off with hot water and bound to a silver framework stand at one end of the lab table, two hard backhands from Hose brought her back to full awareness, she stared at Hose in shock as now they were almost equal in size, "h Hose!? Oh god I I'm back I....!" "Silence...Pet!" Hose hissed in disgust, "Please I'm sorry for hurting you but...Ahhh!!" Celeste began only to have Hose grab her hair and jerk her head close to her face, "Do ye honestly think thy fumbling attack be the source of my anger! My Mistress has damaged me far worse in our games and we hath laughed together in our orgasms of them! But thy stupidity hath caused great pain indeed! Ye hath stolen the light in My Mistress's eyes, rest ye sure I shall do whatever it take to thee to put it alight once more!!" She let her go with a jerk and turned to Lita, who still swung over the razor blade as she had for the past two days, took out her circular blade and waiting for the forward swip cut the string holding her. Screaming Lita hit to table top face first and continued to scream as Hose cut her arms and legs free, "Silence fool! I give thee an opportunity to greet thy former mistress, if ye wish it." ********************************************************************************************************************************** Hose lifted her by her nipple chains to Celeste's face, which Lita clung to until she could grab a fist full of her hair, then, dispite the pain in her arms and legs, held herself up and began to punch Celeste as hard as she could in the face, "You stupid fucking bitch!!! Fucking try and screw me!!?! You fucking cunt you...We had it all and you fucking threw it away!!!!" Suddenly she was jerked backwards by her chains by Madam's fingers and flung to the table top where she almost tumbled over the edge but bearly stopped herself, "She raises an interesting DID have it all!" Madam said trying to sound calm but bearly able to contain her rage and saddness. Celeste, one eye swelling shut began to cry in fear, "Wh Why did you bring me back....what's the point!?!" Madam saw a droplet of piss form between her small legs, she scooped it up in her fingernail an held it to Celeste's nose, "Do you know what that is? That is your own fear, I had hoped you'd never have to smell this again!" as Celeste tried to turn her head Madam pushed the droplet into her face causing her to cry all the harder. "But you chose....YOU CHOSE to let others rule you, that bastard of a husband, a tiny singer.....a pathetic piece of SHIT who tried to kill you!!! .......Well if you wish to be ruled then I WILL RULE YOU!! Hose get a messure of the black and the special catheters!" ********************************************************************************************************************************** As Hose got what Madam had requested she pulled a silver syringe from a drawer filled with a purple substance, "What is that!?! What are you going to do!?!" Celeste yelled as Madam injected her in the stomach, an itching began to spread thoughout her skin and grew more and more intense until she writhed in agony, "Please please it itches!!! Make it stop!!!" As she looked down at herself she saw a locke of her hair fall from her head to the table top and suddenly remembered what the purple fluid did, "No not my hair!!!!" she wailed as every hair on her body began to fall out, Lita covered her mouth as she laughed, not wanting Madam or Hose to hear her. As Hose coiled over with the items Madam turned to her, "I'm sorry Hose did you want to add 'hers' to your collection?" she asked as she used her index finger's nail to scoop up the now loose pubic hair, trying to lighten her own mood, "No!" Hose replied flatly, having nothing but contempt for Celeste, to this Madam rubbed her fingers together, letting the tiny hairs fall before Celeste's face causing her to sob harder. ********************************************************************************************************************************** Celeste's stand was set over the lab sink and Hose sprayed her off with water, her skin made overly sensitive by the purple fluid, she gasped with what was now an over powering sensation. She was then dried off and had a beaker of the black placed under her feet, Madam aimed her device at it causing the black liquid to slowly run up her legs. Madam held up the special catheters up to Celeste's face and touched another control on her device, causing the 1/8th inch barbs to spring from the silver tips, her small face was a gape with horror, "W w What are you going to do!?!" Madam's eyes were filled with her rage as she spoke in a deadly calm tone, "I am going to show you what it is to be....nothing, to be completely ruled by another. Some day, a long time from now, I will remind you what you could have been and when you BEG me to give it back, that is when I will let you go, give you to some Master or Madam as a minor gift because you will be dead to me and all you will be left with will be your.....poor choice!" With that she slid the catheter nozzles between her struggling legs and up into her anus and vagina just as the rubber covered them. She the held up her device for her to see and as she began to touch the control Celeste screamed out once more, "MOTHER NOOOO!!!!" She depressed the button and as the tiny muffled clicks were heard Celeste arched her back arms and legs with her silent agony, Lita, inspite of her hate for her, covered her mouth with the horror of what she'd seen. Finally she fell limp with her unconsciousness and only when the black rubber finally covered her Daughter's tiny face did Madam allow her own tears to flow. ********************************************************************************************************************************** There were times when Hatter's indulged in "normal relationships" , some used them as extended foreplay to gain a desired pet, but many felt it "cleansed ones palate" as it allowed them to see how the rest of humanity lived and refreshed them for their games. More often then not these relationships ended in the normal fashon, usually the outsider feeling their lover was hiding something from them, never realizing how lucky they had been never to find out. And so it was for Madam Hatter's last male lover but weeks after the affair ended she found herself with child, and was delighted by the idea. The next 8 months would be the most wonderous of her and Hose's lives, Hose bearly surviving some of her more intense mood swings, some other pets not so lucky. She would have a baby girl and name it Celeste, Hose was fascinated by the "little miracle" but would only get four days to study her as the Hatter's strictly forbid having children involved in any of their rituals, either as pets or even as apprentices, this was inspired by some tragic and horrifying event in the past that the Hatter dared not speak of even among themselves. ********************************************************************************************************************************** Madam tried to raise Celeste as best as she could, and dispite her double life they were quite close. As it was rare for a child of a Hatter, after coming of age, to be chosen to be an apprentice it seemed she was to be destined to become one of the many Hatter poor relations, then came her tragic twisted marriage to which Madam was forced to reveal part of her secret life to her Daughter. Madam had hoped that she would somehow be able to finally bring her into her life and against her better judgement and advice of Grand Madam Red and others she tried to do just that. ********************************************************************************************************************************** She simply stared at the now featureless limp figure before for a long time until finally speaking, "While I was upstairs changing I recieved a call from Monsuier Chapeau....he's invited me to his villa in Cann through the festival.....hmmm it seems I still have atleast one friend. Will you be alright to look after the house until I return?" she asked, knowing the answer, "Aye my Mistress." Madam looked over to Lita who stumbled back in fear, "Put 'that' into the green!" "the The what!?!" Lita asked up in terror, they ignored her, "Aye my Mistress. And Celeste?" Madam looked over to the still unconscious form and her rage came back, "No! Hang her up in the room under construction! I want her to feel every second I am away in real time. Just keep her alive until I return!" ********************************************************************************************************************************** Lita was put into the green for the next 6 weeks, she had hoped that the rat she had killed and left in one of the inner most walls might smell enough for them to send her in to get it, such was not the case. Celeste was hung in an old room that was in the process of being converted into one of the black rubber rooms, Madam had ear marked it to be Celeste private lab in better times. Celeste cried out for her mother but she was gone, she tried to reason with Hose but she would not reply and except for feeding her and changing her possition from time to time so she didn't suffocate she did nothing more as Celeste was now below her contempt. And there she hung alone until a woman named Dina came in sometime later. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ "Tina! Watch your scalpel, this wire is hot." Dina said as she gestured to the ivory white connector with the old fraid asbestos bound wire running through it, the scent of rust cooking off of it, Tina began to suddenly giggle, "What's so funny?" Dina asked annoyed, "Bitch should of let us finish the wiring before shrinking us!" They both began to laugh at this. When they'd finished they turned to find that the passage ahead narrowed to only 3 inches wide, "Shit!....Any way around?" Tina asked a little scared, "No.....but I can see light at the end, it doesn't look to far. Look I'll go first, if it gets to tight for you let me know and we'll see if we can double back OK?" Tina nodded slowly, "O OK." knowing with the Rat Catcher after them that going back wasn't a real option. While Dina could almost walk fully forward, Tina had to shuffle sideways, one arm over her breasts to keep them from being scraped on the wood, she began to notice small holes on the surfaces of the wood on either side of her, "Dina? What are all these holes for?" Dina smiled up, "You know how some of these jerkoffs get when their bored and got tools, they probably...." Just then she realized something, that many of the holes were stained with a dried redish-brown substance, the same substance her feet were sticking to on the floor board below. "Shit! Tina we gotta get out of here right now!!!" "What!?!" "Just move!!" but it was to late as the first nail slid through. TO BE CONTINUED