The Smooth Black: Part 31

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The Smooth Black: Part 31 *************** The story goes that a Mother Superior entered a church in Prague for her morning prayers and found a beautiful baby girl wrapped in rags by the basin for the holy water, abandon by it's mother, the Mother Superior, nearing retirement, decided to raise the girl and named her Angelica. She grew to be a kind and lovely girl and as she sang in the choir her voice was considered so wonderful that she became known as "the Angel of Prague". Before long offers came for her to learn and perform her talent for others, at first she refused as she had decided to become a Nun but the Mother Superior told her, "Your voice is a gift from God and it should be shared with the world" Within 8 years she was one of the top Opera stars in the world. *************************************************************************************************************************************** A British tabliod reporter was assigned to find some kind of "dirt" on her, in his year and a half investigation he found that not only did she lead a pure and simple life but that 90% of her personal income went to the charities and churches in Prague, the reporter was said to have quit and found God. She was said by everyone who had worked for or even seen her only once to be the kindest person they had ever met and hestitated to use the term Diva to describe her. She performed every venue imaginable, from the Paris Opera house to the Houston Astro Dome. Then at the height of her career tragedy struck as the DC-30 chartered for her and her entourage crashed shortly after taking off from Heathrow Airport, it was the lead story in every major newspaper and TV news program in the world, Broadway dimmed it's lights and the bells in Europes churches rang for days until her funeral was over, when asked to speak of his rememberances of her on NightLine Poverotti wept. *************************************************************************************************************************************** How much more might they have been sadden and outraged had they known her real fate, that Angelica nor her entourage had never even gotten on to the plane as they had been gased into unconsciousness while a specialized team planted bodies of specified ages and sexes that had come from a storage unit located in Wales, set the plane for an automated takeoff and created a fault in the hydrolics that be found by the crash investigators as the cause. Her entourage would be used as "gifts" to Master Reginald and Monsieur Chapeau for their help, however reluctant. And Angelica Porochov herself was to be dwindled to a mere 5 inches tall.......all to bind Celeste to Madam Hatter once and for all. *********************************************************************************************************************************** The Hatter clan for the most part were not happy about her being taken, as it was always a risk to take someone of note who would be missed, added to this was that the more prominent of the European Hatters were outraged that not only had one of Europes premere artist been stolen but was to be taken.....".to the states". However as it had been done cleanly and with no problems or repercussions for the Hatters no action was taken against Madam Hatter and in truth it was bound to happen as once or twice a decade a celebrity of some type became someone's prize and the gosip it created made their get togethers all the more interesting. *********************************************************************************************************************************** When Celeste was shown her "new gift" from Madam she lunged for her and even got her fingers around her throat only to have Madam use a joint lock upon her and hold her until she collapesed weeping. They had met her only the night before as Madam had used her influence get them backstage after the concert and after a few fumblings of her words from nervousness in the presents of her idol Celeste spent much of the night speaking to her about her singing only to now have her screaming with terror before her. When she had calmed down Madam made her possition clear, that Celeste could still leave her house but she would never see Angelica again, " ....or you can return with me and as long as you TRY and become the Madam I Know you can be, I vow that neither I nor Hose will touch her. You may treat her as you long as you embrace what I teach you." "Can't.....can't you just restore her....I'll do anything after that if....." Celeste wept as she stared in at the tiny figure cowering at the far side of the cage, "This is not a game Celeste, it is a defining moment for you! I........WILL NOT allow you to throw your life away living some mundane existence when I know you are fit for greater things. NOW CHOOSE!" Celeste looked up at her enraged, "What choice is there!?!" Madam nodded, her features softened, "Believe it or not someday you will thank me, we may even look back upon this and laugh.............. I'll leave you alone with companion and see to our trip home." Madam left as Celeste looked into the cage, tears streaming down her face, "I'm so very sorry!" she whispered and cried all the harder. *********************************************************************************************************************************** "So......your the new fish huh?" Lita said from her cage as Angelica turn to her in her own, "What's your name girl?" Lita asked, "I am Angelica." she said the fingers of one hand winding a locke of her long brown hair around them, a nervous habit she had had since she was a child, "Hey your that singer she's aways talking about ain't ya?" "I sing yes." Angelica replied, "Well welcome to hell baby! Say you know anything by Madonna....Owww!!" Lita suddenly felt her nipple chains jerked from behind as Celeste's fingers reeled her to the bars of her cage, "Leave her alone!" she said angerly, "Shit I was just talking to her!" Lita whinned, "I'll save you the breath, she's an artist, your a murdering little animal who kills rats, you've got nothing in common! And if I see you so much as bat an eye at her I'll let Hose play with you for a week, understood!?!" Celeste didn't bother to wait for a response as she picked up Lita's cage and nearly flung it onto a bureau as far from Angelica as she could, "Fucking bitch!" Lita muttered under her breath. "I....don't think she ment me any harm." Angelica spoke as Celeste walked back to her, "She aways means harm, don't trust her! I....Madam wants me to bring you to sing....I'll tell her no if...." at that moment Celeste heard Lita say, "Yeah just say No, that's how it works." with a bitter laugh and shot her angry glance, "No, it is alright...I will sing for her." Angelica replied. *********************************************************************************************************************************** It took all of Angelica's concentration to sing as she saw the bizarre menagerie of Madam's private dinning room milling around her cage, Celeste had insisted on using "real silverware", though Madam had made her leave her 6 inch human knife, fork and spoon laying in their possitions, saying that it was best not to further confuse them, thus she was constantly reaching across their prone bodies. At one point Madam's spoon was intently listening to one of Angelica's songs, dimly remembering a time she had worked in a record store, when she turned and collided with fork, causing both to fall and spill Madam's cut of meat and diced carrots to the table, "Oh you clumsy little fool! Celeste let me borrow your spoon please?" Celeste began to hand her the spoon she was using when Madam rolled her eyes, "Not 'that' one dear, you." the spoon girl by Celeste's plate got to her feet and trotted over as Madam took the spoon and fork inplaments in her fingers and lifted the women bearing them up off the table, "Discipline your fellow utensils." Madam instructed. As Hose coiled in for a closer look the spoon girl wound up with her spoon implament and struck first on then the others tiny buttocks, both screamed into their mask like gags and shook their small heads trying to plead for their punishment to end. Angelica stopped singing and stared at the twisted scene, Celeste just looked down at her plate not wanting to see it at all, Madam took note of this, "Oh do atleast try to get into the spirt of the thing!" she chided, Celeste look up to her, "I don't like to play with my food." she said flatly. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Madam set the two back onto the table, she instructed Celeste's spoon to clear away the mess and her utensils to get her fresh servings, "Pity you didn't bring Lita along, there's a little bit of grissle we might have enjoyed watching her chew upon." Madam said with a chuckle, "She's doing her job! Hose said their were some rats seen in the kitchen." Celeste said in the same flat tone, Angelica was visibly shaken by this news, Madam smiled at this, "You know I was thinking of Lita's little transgretion of the other week and I think that once she's got the rodent population down to an exceptable level that you might think about putting her into the green for a time, it's a good punishment for a pet of her type." Madam said as she took a bite of meat from a still shaking fork, "I thought the green was just for the critically injured?" Celeste asked somewhat disturbed, "Oh it has so many different uses, our silverware for instance, their duties are so specialized that once we are done with them, they are cleaned up and stored the green. At times up to two thirds of my pets are stored in the green, it keeps their reactions fresh and it's better then letting them constantly stumble around under foot and getting in trouble." Celeste and Angelica were horrified by this as Madam continued, "And with different mixtures you can create some intriging uses, here is a fine example." *********************************************************************************************************************************** Madam took a drink from her glass with the 4 inch woman bound head to toe in the black rubber acting as it's stem and set it down infront of Celeste and Angelica, Madam pointed to one of the drink girls who walked over bowed forward so that the tube connected to the top of her mouthless mask could fill her glass with wine, the black rubber figure strained as the globe shaped glass she held upon her shoulders grew heavy with the fluid, "I was once forced to take a business class flight to Japan and met this very disagreeable stewardess....oh I beg your pardon, 'Flight attendant' who couldn't get my drink order right and seemed to hold her own incompetence against me. To make a long story short once I'd taken her to her physical and mental limits, which wasn't that long a process and I made her into this lovely snifter by using a thin lair of a weaker compound of the green within the inside of the rubber, this causes her metabolism to be some 5 to 6 times slower then normal and as such even a minor sensation can stretch for hours." She slowly rubbed her thumb back and forth on the inside of one of the tiny thighs until an agonizingly slow movement in the leg was seen, " mean people can still feel in the green?!?" Celeste said, Angelica looked with pity into the tiny eyes staring out through the clear plastic holes, "Oh yes, and depending upon the strength of the mixture even the smallest sensation can be stretched out to a near endless span of time." Madam said proudly, Celeste thought of Barbra and the others in the infirmary the pain they were feeling slowed to an agonized crawl for god knew how long, "Could we not talk about this while we eat please?" she said finally, Madam rolled her eyes to this in frustration but relented, "Very well, it is your first night back after all, just remeber we WILL be discussing such things soon enough." *********************************************************************************************************************************** Madam looked to Angelica and smiled, "Your in good voice tonight my dear, I'm glad to see your dwindling did little to effect your singing. I think your preformance earned you a little treat, Cutter a small piece for our little Diva." The foot and a half tall muscular woman used the knife implament on her right hand to cut a thin half inch slice from the roast and used two pronged fork implament on her left to transfer it to Madam's fork, who in turn took it to Angelica, "Thankyou." she said to fork who only stared blankly at her. "You tend to sing alot of songs about god." Madam said as she ate, "Yes I feel my voice is a gift from God and so I sing his praises when ever I can." she said simply to Madam's amusement, " You might find it interesting to know that my family served your church for many years, since the Inquisitions, if people truely knew some of the atrocities we'd been asked to preform in your gods name, even well after the times of the Inquisitions they'd demand cruise missles be sent into the Vatican." Celeste glared at Madam but it was Angelica who answered, "I know men, even those of faith have used the word of god for their own ends but it is the true intent of those words that I beleive in, and I know that God will see me through this." *********************************************************************************************************************************** "Aye that be god's trouble..." Hose said, then looked to Madam, "...if I may my Mistress?" Madam gestured for her to continue, she coiled down toward Angelica, who stepped back in fear, "Thy god 'sees' all but tends not to act. As I recall I cried out to him.....but my feet were still taken. And ofcourse despite thy praises ye have sung to him ye still find thyself dwindled and encaged. I believe that thy god, should he even exist, be merely a voyeur, and in turn this would make my Mistress his most blessed for the sites she hath shown him." Madam smiled and reached over, caressing the side of Hose's head with her finger, which she nuzzled sensuously, "That's enough!" Celeste snapped, Angelica looked up into Hose's eyes with a strange pity, " sorry your pain has lead you to this." Hose merely smiled down at her, "My pain hath been the making of me and, with my Mistress's teachings, will one day thy own pain shall show thee that thy strengths lay not with some outer deity but at thy own limits of endurance." Madam grined widely to this, her fingers gentlely pulling her over to her, "Cutter, a piece for my 'little preacher'." As Cutter sliced off another piece Madam grabbed fork by the waist, took the meat from her and held it up to Hose, "I thank thee my Mistress." They began to eat again, Angelica sung another song of God, with great force in her voice, Celeste was silent for the rest of the meal. *********************************************************************************************************************************** For the next three months Celeste continued her apprenticeship with Madam, who now involved her in crueler and crueler games with her pets but was never satisfied as she could tell Celeste only went through the motions, each night after these sessions she would cry herself to sleep to the sounds of Angelica singing softly. Celeste would try to spend every spare moment she could in the lab researching the red in hopes of finding someway to reverse it and hoping Madam didn't realize what she was doing, Madam was annoyed enough that she was lavishing Angelica with such luxuries as fine silk clothes insted of the black and a bed made from a brass tissue box, and would constantly tell her how much of a waste it was to coddle her insted of using her faith in god to break her, this fell on deaf ears. Lita meanwhile found she was allowed only intermitent hunts in the walls and often found herself at the mercy of Madam and Hose, this time with no objections from Celeste. Dispite what she'd done however Celeste resisted putting Lita in the green as Madam had suggested, besides it seemed a far more interesting punishment to let her bitterly watch from her cage as Angelica enjoyed all the freedoms she use to. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Then one night Celeste came back from the lab to find Angelica gone from her room, frantically Celeste searched from room to room for her until finally finding her in of all places Madam's livingroom, infront of the big screen TV. Playing was the end of a concert where several Opera stars had just finished singing, Madam was on the couch leafing through several papers, pretending not to notice Celeste had entered, Hose was nearby watching the concert. Celeste knelt down infront of the cage, "Angelica are you alright!?!" she asked, she could see she had been crying but was otherwise unharmed, "It is alright she merely..." "There was a concert in memory of her, as you were busy in the lab I took the liberty to bring her out to see it." Madam said still going through the papers, Angelica wiped the tears from her eyes and turned to Madam, "Thankyou for letting me see this, though it is sad that everyone thinks I am dead, it gives strength to know they still care." Madam messaged the bridge of her nose, "Yes I thought you might think something like that." *********************************************************************************************************************************** Celeste stepped between Madam and the cage, "What is this all about?!? You don't do things out of the goodness of your heart!" Madam stood up to face her, "I've been going over your work, won't work, I did some study along these lines myself, you'll get 20, 30% growth at most." with that she flung the papers into Celeste's face, "My work? How dare you....!!" Celeste managed but Madam cut her off, "How dare I what?!? And just what did you think I would do if you'd succeeded? Say 'good show" and let her go, they just did a PBS special on her fool! She can't leave...EVER!! This has to end Celeste!" A look of horror spread over her face, "W What do you mean!?! You said as long as I did as you said...!" "No...I said as long as you TRIED to become the Mistress I know you can be that no harm would come to your little Diva. THIS isn't trying, so....we're going to start FRESH!" *********************************************************************************************************************************** "What do you mean?!?" Celeste said, backing closer to Angelica's cage, as if to somehow defend her, Hose, not knowing what Madam had planned coiled closer, Madam continued, "What I mean is that one week from tonight you and I are going to a Hatter party in New York, there will be several fine prospects for pets, you WILL choose one, male or female I don't care which, you will dwindle it, you will BREAK it's will and if I am not satisfied or you DARE refuse I will strap you into a chair and make you watch as I remove dear Angelica's larynx!" At that moment Celeste face turned into a stoney deathmask and she spoke in a cold tone, "If you touch her I will kill you." At first Madam was shocked at this, then suddenly tittered with laughter, "You know dear....that would be so more impressive if I didn't know how you'd been bested by a 3 inch woman." In the next instant Madam drove her palm heel into Celeste chest, driving her to her knees. *********************************************************************************************************************************** "You are a sad petty woman!" Angelica said enraged, Madam looked down into her cage, Hose seeing Celeste trying to struggle to her feet toward her Mistress, lowered between them but Madam raised her hand to calm everyone. "You know dear I am going to let have that little barb, because I want you see as I turn her from a weaking who allows husbands and the smallest of creatures to run and ultimately destroy her life to one who shall rule over you more completely then any god you pray to. Seeing that moment in your eyes will be just as wonderful as if I broke you by hand. So I suggest you both make use of her wonderful voice over the next 7 days because one way or another it shall cease to be an issue. Now take your pet and leave my sight!" Celeste silently got to her feet, took the cage and went back to her room, she did not cry this night but asked Angelica to sing to her, she knew one thing was certain, she and Angelica had to leave Madam's house once and for all. *********************************************************************************************************************************** "That's OK Hose I'll clean her up tonight." Lita who had just dragged her last rat out of the wall and Hose who was about to take ahold of her nipple chains looked up, after the incident with Janet Lita had been taken by Hose for her cleanings and if lucky dropped back into her cage, she was rarely lucky. "Are ye sure Mistress?" Hose asked a little disappointed, "Yes, I'll take her, you can go." Celeste gentley gathered her into her hands and walked away, leaving Hose to ponder the sudden change in attitude toward Lita. To her surprize Lita's bath was the same as it had been before, Celeste was as gentle with her as ever, she even talked and joked as she used to, when she was finished Celeste took the dish of water away while she dried off, then came back with something behind her back, "Lita I have something special for you." Celeste said with a wide smile, Lita became frightened, "w What?" *********************************************************************************************************************************** Celeste produced a small dish with a small piece of cheesecake, about the size if a wedding cake to Lita, and a small plastic cup of wine and a thimbel to drink it with, Lita was dumbfounded until finally managing to say, "I....I don't get it....why?" Celeste bit her lip, "I was wrong....I was having problems with Madam and I took it out on you. You did what you did because you were looking out for me. This is my way of saying I'm you forgive me?" Lita smiled up, "You know I do 'C'!" she yelled up, in the back of her mind thankful for her continued stupidity. The rest of the night was again like old times, they laughed and talked and Angelica even sang her a rendition of "Like a Prayer", Lita was so happy, and drunk, she gave her some of her cheesecake. Eventually the wine went to her head and Lita fell asleep, Celeste scooped her up and placed her upon a folded towel on a nearby bureau. As they watched her sleep Angelica looked up grimly to Celeste, " not like using her." Celeste shook her head slowly, "If you knew what she was capable of.....besides we are going to need her." *********************************************************************************************************************************** The next night was nearly the same until Celeste made her offer, "Uh Lita....I wanted to talk to you about something." "What 'C'?" Lita asked with a mouth full of pudding, "Uh Madam has asked me to do some buisness in New York and I'm going to be gone for two weeks." Lita swallowed hard as her eyes filled with terror, "Oh shit, those two will be all over me, especially that fucker Hose..." Celeste made calming motions with hands, "Hey it's OK I got an idea. Do you think you could stay in the walls for two weeks?" Lita thought for a moment, being in the walls was no picnic but alot better then the alternative, "I think so, but I'd need some supplies." Celeste smiled, "That's OK I can do that but if you do this you'll have to keep your quota of kills up Alright?" Lita grinned up, You can count on me 'C'!" The next day Lita went into the walls to hunt, during the course of the day she met with Celeste who gave her bundles of supplies to take to her basecamps, Hose saw one of these drop offs but said nothing. *********************************************************************************************************************************** On the morning before she and Celeste were to go to New York, Madam was called to one of her buisinesses as important papers had somehow not been signed, dispite having been involved with transaction Celeste chose to stay home and pack for their trip in the morning. When Madam was gone she set Lita into the walls, telling her she would meet her with more supplies around noon. "Lita! Lita where are you damn it?!!" Celeste yelled into the space in the base board at 5 minutes of 12, "Be there a problem Mistress?" Hose asked as she checked one of the wall sensors at the other end of the hall, "Oh Lita's late is all!" Celeste said sounding annoyed, just then Lita made her way to the opening, "Hold yer water 'C' I'm pretty sure your early!" Lita yelled out, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR NOT COMING OUT!!!" Celeste yelled suddenly, Lita became confused, "No no that's not what I...." "YOU WANT ME TO REACH IN FOR YOU!?!" she yelled again, causing Hose to coil over, "Mistress?" Lita became angry, "What the fuck are you talking about?!?" As Hose got near her Celeste she reached into the space but insted of grabbing ahold of Lita she pushed her index finger down onto one of the blades in her pack until blood was drawn, "OWWW!!! YOU LITTLE BITCH!!!" she screamed, as she stood up she kicked the base board as hard as she could, "You fucking crazy!!!" Lita screamed frightened as she retreated back the way she had come. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Her finger in her mouth she turned to Hose, "She said she wasn't coming out! She stabbed me the little...." Hose merely folded her arms and sarcastically said, "Hmmmm, I Can not imagine how thy pet could have gone so wrong." All at once Celeste jabbed her wounded finger into Hose's chest, causing her to rear back, "Know it all do you PET? Well then you go get her, I've got packing to do! I'm sick of that little bitch!" And with that Celeste stormed off. "That....fucking cunt!!!" Lita said in enraged shock as she realized what was happening, "Not not letting her get away with it!" she muttered to herself as she made her way back to the opening. Hose was still pondering what had just happend when she heard Lita call up, "Hey pilgrim! Listen up!" Hose looked down and smiled widely, "Oh I hear thee." Hose said, suddenly a loop of her cable whipped into wall above the opening, smashing a large hole in it, "Shit!!" was all Lita had a chance to say as Hose reached in grabbed her by her hair, picked her up and held one of her nozzles of the green in needle mode infront of her right eye, "Thy stupidity astonishes me!" Dispite the pain of her scalp Lita held her hands up palms open, "Uhhh Listen listen sh she's playin us both, she's going to take the singer and run!!" "Ye be lying!" "No no she's been giving me food all week, while your fucking with me they're going to book!!" Hose dropped Lita to the floor, she hit hard, "Aye...this be to stupid even for thee. Do thyself a favor and stay where ye are." Then Hose rose up into the dome, Lita got to her feet, "Fuck that! I don't want to miss this!" *********************************************************************************************************************************** Celeste had taken some 35 thousand dollars in cash, travelers checks, some credit cards and Madam's pearl handled Walther P.P.K. and with Angelica huddled in the pocket of her coat was heading for the entrance of the living area when Hose dropped down before her, "Uhh did you get her? Well uh keep her on ice until I get back. I'm going for a drive." Hose did not move out of her way but remained calm, "I know what ye are doing. A fair plan , it might have worked." Celeste thought of going for the gun but didn't think she could hit Hose with her speed, "Hose....I have to get out of here...please!" Hose nodded to this, "Aye, ye should leave. I did not realize the depth of my Mistress' obsession with thee, this be the only way for ye to leave. Ye will have to disappear, see none whom ye know. In time hopfully my Mistress will take this as a betrayal and never want to lay eyes on ye again, this be the best ye can hope for now. But.....Angelica must stay!" *********************************************************************************************************************************** Celeste shook her head, "No I I won't leave her!" Hose held up a tiny finger, "Listen to me, ye do not understand the risk my Mistress hath taken for thee, not only for her but for the Hatter Clan itself, if she be seen outside this house they shall take a great vengence, not only upon thee and thy charge but possibly upon my Mistress herself." Celeste began to cry, "I....I'll keep her out of sight, no one will ever know..." Hose slowly shook her head, "Ye can not keep that promise, ye were unable to dominate one who tried to kill ye. She will beg thee to take her to friends and family and ye will relent or ye will try to get her help, none of this can be allowed. Her lott be cast, ye must leave her and go." Rage crossed Celeste's face, "NO! I will not leave her here to be destroyed like Barbra and Janet! Or become twisted like Lita....or YOU!" Hose's face grew stern, she rose above Celeste, her hands dropped to a ready possition by her nozzles, "She would do well to learn the lessons that I have, as would ye! I be done coddling thee, ye have one final chance to leave this house in the form ye came in. Ye will walk slowly to the display table, place Angelica upon it and leave praying I never see thee again!" *********************************************************************************************************************************** Celeste slowly walked to the table, she reached into her pocket, "I'm sorry........Hose." pulled out her device and aimed it at Hose, she tried to melt her cable but the brace like mechanisms on the stumps of her legs allowed her to keep it's rubber whole, incase part of her cable got into Madam's line of fire when she used hers, she could however still cause it to move. As Hose pulled one of her nozzles of the green out Celeste used her device to whip her against the wall, dislocating her shoulder, Hose whip away from the wall and grabbed for another nozzle with her good arm, Celeste caused her to whip upward sharply, her small head and shoulders connecting with the ceiling, fracturing the back of her skull. As Hose began to drop, Celeste controled her fall setting her on the floor gentlely, with Hose near unconsciousness she was able to melt the front of her cable and adhere it to the floor board. She took off her hat placed it on to the display table and placed her device inside it. She looked down at Hose who struggled painfully to look up, "I'm....very sorry Hose." "Save....thy ...pity ....for thyself!" she managed to hiss up. Celeste looked into her pocket to check on Angelica and left. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Hose struggled to remain conscious as she touched the side of her visor and activaed the tiny microphone, "M..Mistress' cellphone!" she said and waited through the ringing until Madam answered, "Yes?" "Mistress....Celeste hath gone....with...." Just then Hose's visor and cowl were violently torn from her head, the pain causing her to cry out, "Say, your kinda pretty under there, back of your head is pretty fucked up though." Hose look over to see Lita with half strait razor in hand grinning down at her, "Shit, you should of just shrunk the bitch. Funny YOU getting fucked up cause you showed mercy hehhehheh that's fucking hilarious!" she hooted and slapped the side of Hose's ass with the flat of her razor, "Ye....seem very pleased....for one who nolonger...hath...Celeste's tit to suckle." To this Lita slashed the side of Hose's face the her razor, and as the tiny drop of blood welled from her cheek, she began to pace back and forth before her and rant. ***************************************************************************************************************************** "Let me tell ya how this played out pilgrim, when old Madam Hats comes home I'm going to tell her how 'C' tried to run with Angelica when you 'bravely' tried to stop her but she pasted you to the floor and when you tried to call for help she went nuts and snipped you little head off with some scissors and took it with her. Man she will be so pissed she'll probobly have that bitches brains blow right out, not that there was much to begin with, and all the time I'll have your head pinned up in the walls as a trophy, least till it starts to smell. Who knows, maybe I'll even get your old job!" Hose rose her head and inspite of her pain began to laugh, "Thy stupdity still astonishes me!" Lita raised her razor and prepared to hack down into her neck, "You tell Mile Standish hello for me when get to hell OK." TO BE CONTINUED