The Smooth Black: Part 30

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The Smooth Black: Part 30 ************ Little had been done to the room as Madam had intended to use it as storage for books, notes and eventually some of her pets in the jars of the green. Of late, with Celeste's arrival at the house, Madam had been using it for her more private works, the only real modification to the room was the installation one of the silver domes at the center of the ceiling, through which Hose lowered into the room. She hung some 8 feet above the floor surveying for any sign of movement, dispite the fact that she was some 4 times the size of her quarry she knew better then to just go to floor level to search as she had learned over the years that a cornered unbroken pet could be dangerous no matter how small. She remembered one incident when reaching between two book cases for a half inch tall girl who suddenly scramble up her arm and nearly gouge out one of her eyes with her bare hands, for her efforts Madam allowed her a week to "play" with her, Hose was quiet disappointed that she only lasted 3 days, Madam's response to this, "Pace yourself Dear, pace yourself." *************************************************************************************************************************************** When Hose saw the clutter of objects Celeste had been made to push to the floor she could tell they had been picked through, and saw a small puddle of the black from where Janet had cut away her corset with a shard of broken glass, "Twas clever of ye to have her cast these thing to the floor. I trust ye hath had time to fashon a weapon?" Hose stated to the seemingly empty room, hoping to hear her or see movement but saw none. She coiled slowly over the room trying to see any sign of Janet, "Ye have caused quite a stir this night, but that is just as well for Mistress enjoys a strong willed pet, it makes their breaking all the more sweeter." "How long did it take to break you snake?" a small defiant voice called up, Hose smiled, "More than a year, come out, see if ye can out last me." she replied then listened for where her response would come from, "Not interested!" "Do ye truely ye can get away?" "Doing pretty good so far." Hose lightly laughed to this, "If ye knew the one ye bested as I ye would not boast thy victory so highly. Come ye out." it was Janet's turn to laugh, "Your going to have to kill me first!" Hose's eyes narrowed upon the lab table from under which the last response had come from, the middle of the cable which she sat upon draped around one corner of the large lab table and constricted, moving one side of it some four feet from the wall and leaving Janet completely exposed. *************************************************************************************************************************************** "Shit!!" Janet said in amazed shock at the strength displayed by her cable, Hose lowered toward her, "Prey for death all ye like, it shall not have thee til Mistress says it to be." All at once Janet pulled the weapon she'd made from behind her back, it was a sling shot made from a twisted paper clip and a tightly wrapped rubber band, sitting in a lauch cup made of scotch tape was yellow push pin, which she drew back and let fly. Hose veared right but caught the pin in her shoulder, she let out a hiss of pain and grabbed for one of the tubes on her pack. As Janet ran for the corner of the lab table still near the wall Hose saw that she had stuck 6 more of the push pins into the base board of the wall in a line toward the corner, she pulled out another one and shot at Hose again. Hose quickly rose upward, the orange pushpin stuck in her cable just below her legs, a thick drop of the hydrolic like fluid ozzed out. As Janet prepared her next shot Hose pulled from her pack an inch wide half circular shaped razor keen blade, used mainly for shaving in the preperation stage of Madam's pets, as she fired Hose used it to deflect the white pushpin, which stuck into the back of the lab table, at the same time spraying a stream of the green fluid across the remaining pins in the wall. Her ammo gone Janet scrambled behind the leg of the lab table and into the corner of the room. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Again Hose's cable wrapped around the corner of the lab table and pushed the other side away from the wall revealing a long unused radiator pipe jutting up 4 inches in the corner, Janet had managed to pry up the floor cover and was preparing to slip down inside the space between the pipe and the floor. As Hose went to stop her Janet drew back on her weapon to fire her last pushpin but Hose slashed out with her blade, cutting both the back of one hand and the rubber band of her slingshot, which whipped Janet across the cheek. Janet flung the pushpin and the remains of her weapon at Hose then painfully slid herself under the floorcover. Hose pulled up the cover wider in time to see Janet use another rubber band wrapped around the pipe to shimmy down it, Hose sprayed more of the green down at her but she swung herself around out of the line of fire and disappeared into the dark. *********************************************************************************************************************************** "She hath gone under the floor boards my Mistress." Hose said as she hung before Madam upon her cable, head bowed, the yellow pushpin still in her shoulder, an offering to her Mistress for her punishment. Madam took the pin out with her thumb and forefinger then rolled it between them as she turned to Celeste, finally flicking it at her face, Celeste winced as it bounced sideways off of her cheek to the floor, "Fetch your Rat Catcher....if you can keep from bungling that!" Madam said coldly, Celeste rushed out. Lita was awaken from her small brass tissue box turned bed by a crying Celeste, who blubbered her story to her as she got ready. When brought to Madam she was given simular instructions as Hose had been, "I want her alive and in relative good health, only as much damage as needed to bring her back, understood?" Lita smiled up, "You can count on me Boss!" "That would be refreshing change for the evening." Madam said glarring at Hose and more at Celeste. The floorboard around the pipe was pulled up so Lita could fit and Hose used her water tube to wash the green from the pipe so she could climb down. She went down some 3 feet until the pipe ended at the sub floor, she found the rubber band broken nearby and followed what looked like small tracks in the thick dust, but finally, when she could hold it in no more, Lita sat down and began to laugh at the thought of her "Great Mistress" being made to crawl by a three inch woman, she laughed for a good ten minutes. *********************************************************************************************************************************** "Where the fuck are you you little bitch!?!" Lita mumbled to herself as the fourth hour of her search began, unlike Barbra she had no sounds of crying to follow, and even the tracks had all but disappeared and Lita was growing frustraited, what she didn't realize is that the reason she hadn't been able to track Janet was because Janet had been tracking her since the first hour and a half of her search. She could tell Lita knew her way around but was otherwise an amateur in the art of man hunting. As Lita moved into a shaft of light from the floor boards above a small voice called out to her, "So, who are you?" Lita turned suddenly, pulling one of her pin like blades from her pack and held it to ready, "Me....I'm the Rat Catcher." Lita said with a cruel snear, there was a pause in Janet's response, "So......was this the job you always dreamed of or what?" All at once Lita realized how much pride she'd taken in calling herself "Rat Catcher" and suddenly felt foolish and small, but as she was about to scream out some obscenity when Janet spoke again in a calm almost gentle voice, "Look I haven't been here as long as you have, I.....don't know what they've done to you but if you help me get out of here, hell come with me, we could get some help and put these bitches where they belong." *********************************************************************************************************************************** Lita laughed bitterly at this, "Yeah? Well I got a look at the outside of this place, it's in the middle of fucking nowhere, it'd be a long ass walk if we were big, at this size we'd be animal chow. And even if we got to the nearest town I have it on good authority that she owns the cops!" There was another pause then Janet spoke again, "Well uh if we can get to a phone I know people we could call, I used to be in the military, they could get the Feds...." Again Lita laughed bitterly, "And you think we could call from here? You got a quarter for a payphone? Face it bitch your fucked!" "Looks like we're both fucked you mean?" Janet replied, Lita laughed, "Yeah but I'm less fucked then you, I bring you back I get a nice little snack and day or two of not getting fucked with by Madam." Lita stepped a little ways out of the light to try and see where Janet was, "And where does that leave me?" Janet asked calmly, Lita took another step toward the shadows, "You come quietly I won't hurt you." Lita lied. "I'll pass." Janet replied. "Come on, it won't be so bad. You wimper when she wants you to, call her Mistress, lick her where she wants you to, she'll get bored with you and put you in a cage. That's how it works around here, you'll be a natural." *********************************************************************************************************************************** There was another pause before Janet spoke again, "You know girl, your a real nasty piece of work, you want to stay and play Rat Bitch, that's cool. But you mess with me I will fuck you up, got that?" In the dim light Lita caught a glimps of her, "Oh yeah? Well lets see what you got girl!" Lita bolted toward her, Janet ran for the space in the wood slats she had found incase her "little talk" had gone wrong and dove into it. Lita slammed shoulder first into the slats and reached in, managing to grab a fist full of her dredlocks, just then the spear Janet had made from a straitened out paper clip and a pushpin held on with both scotched tape and wrapped with a rubber band stabbed out, sinking deep into Lita's thigh. As she howled with pain Janet pulled free and slipped into the dark of the wall, Lita pride at the slats until she realized she was gone, she looked for her for a few more hours but it was the last she saw of her that first day. *********************************************************************************************************************************** "What do you mean you don't have her!" Madam said angrily, Lita stumbled back from this, almost falling back into the hole in the floor, "sssShe's running scared, she got under some boards where I couldn't get her!" "It would seem she hath gotten ye." Hose said, eyeing the wound on her thigh, "Yeah kinda the way she got 'Ye!" Lita replied with a smirk, Hose merely smiled down at her. "That's enough! You made me a promise to get her, you failed." Madam took a step toward her when Celeste spoke, "Uh Look it's been a hard night for everyone...." "And who made it so?" Madam replied bitterly, Celeste, tired of Madam's constant reminders of her failure, glared at her as she continued, "She won't be any good to anyone exhausted!" Madam threw up her hands, "FINE! Do what you will with her, but tomorrow I EXPECT Results!" And with that Madam and Hose left. Celeste tended Lita's wound and cleaned her up, as Lita eat the piece of cheese cake Celeste had given her she tried to convince herself it had just been a bad day and that tomorrow it would be different. ******************************************************************************************************************************** Next morning Celeste put Lita into the floor early, before Madam had risen, Lita went to get a few items, including her half strait razor, the 6" inch hatpin and three of the mouse traps. She set the traps in areas she knew would lead to the outer walls then began to probe every small opening she could find with the hatpin. About hour 5 of her search she saw movement in an open area under the floor in the distance, as she got closer she saw Janet carrying a large clump of lint on her back, "Some kind of camouflage bullshit." Lita thought and moved in closer but suddenly lost sight of her. As she got to where she'd seen her she found the area littered with clots of thick lint and shreds of old paper. Holding her hatpin to ready she carefully stepped through the ankle deep debris, then, out of the corner of her eye she saw the tip of the pushpin spear sticking up from a mound of lint. Lita seemed to step right past it then suddenly turned and stabbed into it, "SNAP!!" One of the mouse traps she'd set earlier that day was sprung by her weapons tip, as it sprang up she fell back into a sitting possition, only to realize her hip was up against the wood base of a second trap. All at once she slid her self away from it, holding her pin up to guard her head, "SNAP!!" the trap snapped closed on to her pin bending it and bounced up and came down on top of her head corner first. *********************************************************************************************************************************** "GODDAMN IT!!!" Lita shreiked, then heard taunting laughing nearby, "Were those little old traps for me? God girl they would have to be pretty stupid rats not to see those, never mind me." As Lita looked for where the sound was coming from she saw the pushpin spear still in the lint and smiled, "Stupid huh? Well you left your weapon here asshole!" Janet just laughed, "That's OK I got a better one, you can keep that, consider it a trade." And with that Janet left, leaving Lita to try and figure out what she ment by "a trade". Two hours later, upon finding evidence that Janet had climbed up into one of the walls, she found out as she found one of her basecamps had been raided. A piece of cake wrapped in plastic had been torn open and eaten, a piece of candy bar was gone, a cap of wine was over turned and had long since dried and a 2 inch sowing needle, safty pin and string for climbing were gone. And on the wall was scratched "Thanks for the room and board Rat Bitch, Love J" One of Lita's advantages over Janet, her lack of food , was gone and she herself had feed her. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Lita would stay in the wall another 5 hours but return empty handed, upon which Madam insisted on showing her something. Lita soon found herself bound in the same configuration that Janet had been, over the next 4 hours as Lita hung from a small stand on her desk in her den, pleading for release Madam calmly did some work on her computer, finally Madam turned to her, her index finger stroking the tiny sex between Lita's up twisted legs, she gasped with strange muscle spasms, "It's interesting, this particular binding makes it so that even an orgasm can cause intense pain, Hose actually taught me this, amazing what she learned in that brothel. Janet was in this for 4 hours and didn't do nearly as much wimpering as you did. I came up with a very interesting punishment to use on her for this little escape attempt, if I don't have her by the end of tomorrow......I'll use it on you, am I clear?" "Yes yes!!!" Lita wimpered. Celeste entered at that moment, "It has been 4 hours." she said staring at Lita's prostrait form, Madam took a pair of scissors and began to cut the string, then suddenly handed them to Celeste, "Here! Since you so love undoing my work you do it." She said and walked out. That night Lita sobbed herself to sleep, thus ended the second day of the search. *********************************************************************************************************************************** As the third day began Lita found another of her Basecamps raided and began frantically searching everywhere she could think of, the only good news was that Janet's tracks suggested she was having trouble finding her way outside so Lita began to focus in the areas that she knew lead to the outer walls. Some 5 hours into her search she heard a loud screaching sound, she knew it to be a rat in pain and figured that Janet might have been cornered by one, "You got that bitch trapped for me I might even let you live Mickey." Lita thought as she ran toward the sound but when she got to the scene all she found was a dead rat nearly twice her size, it had a stab wound in the mouth, two in it's neck and one through the eye, the killing blow but no sign of Janet. "Wooo girl! That was easy and kinda fun too!" Janet's called out from the dark, "You know if I get caught and brought back here, maybe I'll ask for your job! I'm sure Queen Bitch will find something else for you to do. Maybe toilet paper duty when she needs her ass wiped. Who knows she might even give you a cloth." Enraged Lita bolted toward the sound. ********************************************************************************************************************************** For the next 5 hours Lita was just behind her as they went deeper under the house but was always just out of reach, finally she got with in sight of Janet heading for an area she knew to be a dead end. "No more running little bitch!" Lita yelled as she approached Janet, who stood in a corner where two floor beams came together, no gaps under or ontop of them, Janet turned her needle in both hands ready to face her. As Lita stepped forward she was dimly aware that she was waking on a sheet of a 90 year old newspaper that had somehow slipped threw the floor boards, had she looked closer she would have seen the multiple tiny foot prints of Janet's from the night before. "From what I hear old Madam Hats got some interesting shit planned for you. But that won't stop me from having a little....." Suddenly as she was just within reach of her the paper she stepped on ripped, crumbled really, and she began to fall through a split section of the wood to the basment below. As she began to drop Lita let go of her half strait razor and clawed for the edge, Janet ran in kicking, punching and clubbing her with her needle. Lita slipped down a little further until her pack of blades and pins kept her from falling completely through, at that moment Janet's attack stopped and the point of her needle pressed up under Lita's chin, forcing her to look up and for the first time get a good look at her adversary. ******************************************************************************************************************************* Janet was still naked, except for the coil of string and small saftypin slung over her shoulder, she had a thin muscular body, her dark skin covered in dirt, scratches, cuts and a bite wound on her tone abdomen from her fight with the rat, her dredlocked hair covered with cobwebs, her eyes wide with rage, Lita saw a strange wild beauty in her. When she spoke, it was a slow deliberate but no less enraged tone, "OK girl, up till now I've been playing with you, play times over, I'm going to get out of here. I don't know what you got to do to make it right with the lady upstairs, kill a shit load of rats maybe but if you come after me again.....I'll kill you." Lita sneared up in her own rage, "I am going to make you bleed...AGHHH!!!" Janet drew the point of her needle up Lita's cheek, gashing it deeply, "That's the end of the conversation." Janet said simply, she kicked the strait razor out of her reach then walked past and to Lita's back, both so that she couldn't try to use any of the other weapons in her pack and so she couldn't see how baddly she was limping on her bad knee. Lita hung there a sobbed for a while and when she finally pulled herself out she began killing rats. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Madam, Hose and Celeste came in about the time Lita was hauling her 17th dead rat out of the hole in the floor, the one Janet had killed, Madam wouldn't allow Celeste to help her and so they waited until she'd set all 20 up on to the floor. "What is this?" Madam asked seemingly calm, "She's....real small, it it's hard to get at her in all the little places she can hide where I can't get at her..." "Should I make YOU smaller?" Madam asked, "NO no no, but I figure she'll try to go out into the yard and I figure the guy with the big dog could get her. Uhh Until then I got you these!" All at once Madam snatched her up and used her thumb to press her against the wall by her stomach, Lita painfully gasped for air, still holding her Madam knelt and picked up one of the dead rats, her thumb pulling it's tail to one side as she pressed it's anus into her tiny face, as she cried and gaged Celeste spoke up, "Please she...!" "SILENCE!!" Madam roared, causing even Hose to stop giggling. She continued rub the filthy oraface into Lita's face as she spoke, "Do you think I give a "RAT'S ASS" about these! They are nothing to me, YOU are nothing to me, but you made me a promise and you shall keep it! And if anyone other than you brings her to me I shall dwindle you to a fraction of an inch, insert you into this rotting corpses ass and BURY IT!!" With that she flung the rat down with the others and placed Lita near the hole in the floor, "Water!" she ordered Hose, who took her water nozzle from her pack and rinsed Madam's hands, the drops falling over Lita, who used the droplets to scrub her face frantically. "I ah I'm sure after a goodnights sleep...." Celeste began but Madam cut her off, "I'm sure our Rat Catcher wants to get right back into the walls and make good on her promise to me, don't you dear?" "yYes Mistress." Lita wimpered as she crawled to the hole. The third day was over and as midnight came and the forth day began, Lita went berserk. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Lita began by going to what she called her private weapons stash, much of which was extra traps, objects for the making of potential traps and weapons, two books of matches and five novelty smoke bombs she'd conned Celeste into getting her, she'd hoped save them "for a rainy day" , now it seemed to be pouring. She then used three smoke bombs to force every rat and atleast two moles out of hiding and into the areas where Janet had any possiblity of getting to the outer walls in hopes of blocking her escape. Some of the rats went up into the house, some of the rotten egg smelling smoke force Hose coughing down out of one of her pasage ways but it was also effective in forcing Janet out of hiding. Dispite what she had convinced Lita of Janet was by no means having an easy time in the walls and floors of Madam's house. Lita's efforts had managed to both keep her constantly moving, yet unable to get to the outside, her knee was begining to swell as her injured knee was stressed to it's limits. Janet didn't know how long it would be before her knee gave out and if the house she'd been brought to was in the middle of nowhere she knew she had to get out soon. Janet hated the idea but she was going to have to kill this Rat Catcher. ***************************************************************************************************************************** Four hours into her search Lita heard the sound she'd been waiting for, the short cut off squeal of a dying rat, it was close by. Soon Lita came to the body of a rat one and a half times her size laying near a 5" inch long piece of 2x4 left over from the house's last renovation some 90 years before. The rat was killed with a single stab to the eye, the sowing needle still in it's skull, "That may mean she's wounded!" Lita thought hopfully, then she saw tiny human footprints in blood and began to follow them. They lead her out past the block of wood, she followed them so intently she didn't notice that the dead rat was moving as Janet crawled out from under it, she did not go for the pin in the rat but intended to use the noose of string she fashoned, the hardest part would be getting it past her pack of blades. As Lita followed the prints past the block of wood the tracks ended where Janet had begun to step backwards in her own tracks, by the time she heard Janet run to and jump from the block on to her back it was to late. *********************************************************************************************************************************** In one motion Janet slipped the noose between her blades and around Lita's neck, she braced her good knee onto the pack and pulled with all her strength. Lita choked and gagged as she tried to shake her off but Janet held on, "Why couldn't you just let me go Goddamn it! Why did you make me do this!!" Janet screamed tearfully. Lita, fully aware of the irony of herself being strangled to death, began to pass out and as her vision dimmed she saw him stalking toward them. The large black rat, seeing it's mate dead began to screech it's rage, Lita had one last idea. She lurched forward toward him and spun around at the last second, Janet so intent on stranging Lita did not see or hear the rat until it bit into the back of her thigh. In terror Janet began to climb over Lita's shoulders, baddly stabbing her hand and foot on her blades in her pack as she did so. Drawing in her first ragged breath Lita reached up, grabbed Janet and pulled her down before her at the same time front kicking her as hard as she could, Janet hit the floor and slid toward the dead rat. Instinctively Lita did a wild spinning kick that sent the rat back on his haunches, as she staggered to stay on her feet she saw where she'd dropped her strait razor and snatched it up, and as the rat came at her again she drove it between it's eyes, the rat fell to it's side, convulsed twice then died. *********************************************************************************************************************************** As Lita pulled the noose from her throat she caught sight of Janet crawling toward the other dead rat and reaching for the needle in it's eye, with one jump Lita lept from where she was on to Janet's back, her knee coming down between her small shoulder blades, and in one quick motion snatched the needle from the rat's eye and drove it down into Janet's out stretched forearm, pinning it to the floor board. Janet's howl of pain was cut short as Lita stood up and drove the heel of her foot down on to the back of her head, "That's what you get for fucking with me in my house!!!" Lita shreiked in a rasping voice as she paced back and forth infront of her fallen enemy, "Thought it was pretty funny what you did to huh!?! Well I'm gonna show you, I'm gonna show those bitches upstairs, that cunt Hose and every other freak in this place....nobody fucks with the Rat Catcher!!!" *********************************************************************************************************************************** Small but horrifying wails of agony echoed through Madam's house, as she had been outside checking with Mr. Sloat about his and Luke's search of the grounds she had been the last to arrive at the scene. She first saw Celeste, who stood against the wall, her hands cupped over her mouth, tears streaming from her horrified eyes, then she looked to Hose , who calmly pointed to the floor. Janet hung from the baseboard, her arms were stretched out strait and pearced through the forearms with rusted one inch pins, both her breasts were run through with the small saftypin she had taken from Lita's basecamp, which was then closed, her left side had been impaled just below her lung by the needle she'd taken, Lita did this to keep her from pulling her other impalements free. A roofing nail had been driven through the meat of one thigh but Lita had been unable to drive it into the wood behind it very far so she used another one inch pin on her calf. The right leg had a rusted sowing needle with a broken eyelet driven through her bad knee, as Janet shook with her agony the lower leg wobbled as only a little flesh and a tendon held it to the rest of her leg. Lita, spattered with blood, turned around, hoisted the nail with the piece of cinder block wrapped on to it with a rubber band on to her shoulder and smiled up, "And I got two rats to!" and wave her hand toward the Rats no one were looking at. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Madam reached down and pulled Lita's breast chains from off of her shoulders and lifted her up by them, Lita bearly had time to drop her makeshift sledge hammer and grab her chains to keep them from ripping from her nipples as she was pulled upward to Madam's enraged face, "WHAT DID I TELL YOU!!! I said IN TACT!!" she roared, Lita clung desperately to the chains and stammered, "I I I Igot her ....for you! I I e e even punished her ....for you!!" Madam gave the tiny chains a violent shake, "YOU DON'T PUNISH!!! I DO!! What am I to do with her now!?!" Madam's answer came in a small agonized groan, "Why...don't ya grow some guts an....finish me ya self ....Queen Bitch!" Madam looked from Janet still defiant eyes to Lita's terrified ones, "You can see my problem here can't you?" Madam asked almost matter-of-factly. She then reached out to Celeste and turned her face from stairing down a Janet to face her, "I blame YOU for this, if you didn't spoil her so much she would do as she was told. And now since MY pet is unable to preform I'll be taking yours for the evening! Hose, get what's left of that to the infirmary. As for you Celeste....kindly do your blubbering where I can't hear it!" With that Madam left, swinging Lita in one hand as she pleaded up pathetically, Celeste waited until she was out of sight to break down. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Celeste had only seen Nurse Owen twice before that night, both times Madam and Hose were with her and the visits were brief, this night however she stayed after Hose had gone and watched as Nurse Owen and the others fought to save Janet's life. At one point, as the pain killers wore off and Janet began to wail, Celeste turned away only to meet the angry up turned eyes of Sarah, "What's wrong? She not getting you off?" Celeste was horrified by this, Owen spoke up, "Sarah don't start anything here, we don't want anyone else getting hurt tonight." Celeste shoke her head, "No I I didn't want this to happen I...." Owen spun around and pointed up at her, "How dare you say that! You come in here wearing that damned hat, holding that damned machine, hold the leash on that God damned Rat Catcher, whatever that is?!! live here under Madam and you have no responsibilty!?!" Celeste tried to say something but only a tear ecsaped her, Owen was unmoved and turned back to Janet, "If you really want to know what Madam is truely capable of, wait until I am done and I'll show you." *********************************************************************************************************************************** It took a while but Celeste stayed until Janet was stablized, then Nurse Owen took her on a tour of the infirmary, the thing that truely horrified Celeste was how much of it she already knew about, she had seen Madam do many of these things, made to help with some of it but somehow forced herself not to feel or dwell on their aftermath, and she realized why. At first it had been out of her love for Madam, then out of her fear of losing Madam's love but of late it had been her fear of Madam. Owen moved her as quickly as possible through her recovering patients as her presents frightened and agitated them and moved her on to those suspended in the jars of the green. Many had had bad dwindles, objects like pins in legs or implants had caused grusome injuries, some simply had some part of their body not shrink or shrink to small. Others had accidents or been crushed in some game gone wrong. It was when Celeste saw a familar face that she gasped out. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Barbra floated suspended by a line running under her arms, her tiny face showed both pain and a deep saddness, the corset was gone from her waist, which was cork screwed almost completely around so that her buttocks were facing almost forward. "What.....what happened....what did SHE do?" Celeste gasped through her fingers, Owen just staired up at Barbra's jar, tears welling in her eyes, "She....did it to herself. A couple of days after your little 'fashon show" and your Rat Catcher brutalized her she tried to kill herself by forcing her upper body through the bars of her cage and somehow tried to twist herself in half, damn near came close to doing to. I treated her for 5 days before her condition deteriorated and Madam, 'Not wanting to waste her' , had her put into the green as she calls it. You know what she told me made her want to end it? It was thinking about when you called her a wasp!" Celeste shook her head and backed away, "It seemed so...harmless.....I'm sorry ....I'm so sorry!" her foot met with one of Sarah's tires, "Hey lady unless your going to go up and blow that bitches head off or shrink her down so we can have her, who gives a fuck how sorry you are!" Celeste ran out of the infirmary, Sarah rolled over and let Nurse Owen cry on her shoulder. *********************************************************************************************************************************** Lita was brought back to her cage in Celeste's room and thrown in by Hose, there she sat shivering with pain and fear from Madam's punishment, wishing only that Celeste would get back give her a bath, not sure that even that would make her clean. All at once she became aware that someone was in the room and looked up to see Celeste standing near by stairing blankly down at her, "Hey 'C' ....M Madam was kinda rough on me tonight......s she get on your case anymore...." All at once Celeste reached into the cage and clamped her hand around Lita and pulled her up to her face, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!!!" Lita wimpered as her body was squeezed and the bones in her chest seemed to bend, "...please your...crushing me!" "ANSWER ME!!!" " she dis'ed us...disrespected look bad....!!" Celeste shook her head, "NO don't you DARE put my name to this, that was all YOU!!" she hissed. At that moment Lita looked into her eyes with pure hate, "It was your fuck up! If you hadn't let her go.....this is all I have!!!" Celeste flung her back into the cage and walked to the door, then turned back, "What ever else happens tonight just know this, your free ride is over!" she then left Lita to again weep. *********************************************************************************************************************************** What was called Hose's room was really a 30 foot shaft at the center of the house that was converted from one of the house's old main chimneys, from here the platforms for her cable had access to the entire house. She had disengaged herself from her cable for the evening and laid in her shelf like bed, but was to unsettled from the days events to sleep, so she listened to her audio book on CD of "Stephen King's:The Drawing of the Three" which interestingly she had gotten with it's companion volumes from Grand Madam Red after her Mistress had loned her to her for an interesting weekend. Just then she heard something in Madam's bed chambers and muted the sound. She had found she could hear into Madam's room and often fell asleep to the sounds of her bedtime play. Tonight however she heard as Celeste told Madam she was going to leave her house. Madam was at first enraged, then tried to reason with her then grew enraged again. But Celeste, to Hose's amazement, stood her ground, then to Hose's utter astonishment she heard Madam "plea" for her to stay but Celeste refused, there was the sound of a slap but Celeste's were the last words she heard, "Unless you intend to use your potions on me I am going to be leaving in three days. I'm sorry this if this hurts you." She heard Madam's weeping for the rest of the night and wept for her. *********************************************************************************************************************************** The next day Madam did not leave her room at all, and except for telling Hose of Celeste decision said nothing more on the subject, Hose tried to give her breakfast and lunch but she didn't touch it, later that evening Hose brought her some cognac, she took that and watched the news for a while before falling a sleep. Celeste meantime made her plans to leave the house, speaking to Hose only to ask where her luggage was stored, she said nothing to Lita but she could see what was happening. At one point late in the day Lita asked, " take me with you?" Celeste didn't reply, she didn't have to. *********************************************************************************************************************************** The day after this Madam was up and out of the house almost before Hose had risen and was gone all day. Celeste continued to make her plans to leave the following day, that night as she prepared for bed she heard a gentle knock on her door, "Celeste....may I come in please?" Madam asked in a quiet subdued voice, Celeste opened the door to find Madam still dressed in her buisiness suit, not even wearing her hat. "I'm not going to change my mind." Celeste said firmly, "I just wish to talk is all." Celeste allowed her to enter, Lita ducked down low in her cage, terrified to let Madam even catch a glimps of her. As Celeste went back to getting ready for bed Madam offered to let her brush her hair for her, she allowed it. As she did Madam spoke of old times outside her house bringing a smile to her face more than once, finally when she was finished Madam asked, "I can't convince you to stay can I?" "No you can't." Celeste said, "Then atleast let me give you something." She picked up her purse and took out three envelopes. *********************************************************************************************************************************** The first was a deed to a house, "It's 25 miles from here, no pets, none of the black in it." Madam said, the second held a contract for the presidency of a pharmaceutical company, "No direct connection to me, I don't even buy my chemicals there. I know you wish to be out of my life but I don't want to be out of yours but if you wish to tear up the contract and sell the house I.... will respect your wishes. But I would like to ask you to come with me on a trip before you leave?" "To where?" Celeste asked suspiciously, Madam handed her the thrid envelope, inside were two tickets to the London Royal Opera House for a concert by Angelica Porochov, known as the "Angle of Prague" Madam smiled, "I beleive she is your favorite. I want you to leave me having atleast one good memory of me after all." Celeste threw her arms around her neck and kissed her, "Thankyou, thankyou!! And you'll see, my leaving is for the best." Celeste said greatfully, "I know dear." Madam said warmly. *********************************************************************************************************************************** The next day Celeste left pretty much on schedule, Madam convinced her to leave most of her bags and she would send them on to her later, Madam gave Hose some final instructions then went to get the car, Celeste turned to Hose, "Thankyou Hose, you were right." Hose nodded, "My Mistress will be heartbroken for a time but she will some see it be for the best." "Uh It will probobly be hard on you, I hope you'll be able to bear up to it." Hose smiled, "I aways have." Celeste held out her hand, Hose laid her tiny hands on her index finger and she gave them a gentle squeeze, "You take care Hose." "Fair thee well....Celeste." *********************************************************************************************************************************** Hose used Madam's absents to get some much needed maintainace on the house's systems done, though she also took time to play her own games with Lita, which Madam had fully endorsed, Hose's constant reminders of how different things were going to be with Celeste gone added to Lita's torment and Hose's enjoyment. Four days after they had left Hose was in one of the labs fixing one of Madam's spare devices and listening to the news, often marveling at the madness of the outside world, when she heard a report that a chartered plane carrying the Opera star Angelica Porochov had crashed shortly after take off killing all onboard, "Oh how sad, it shall put such a pall over Mistress's and Celeste's time together." Hose thought and wondered if Madam might want to extend her stay to console her. *********************************************************************************************************************************** As it turned out Madam returned exactly on schedule, Celeste was with her. "I have wonderful news Hose, Celeste has decided to stay!" Madam said joyfully, "Has she my Mistress?" Hose said as she looked to Celeste, she had a pale haunted look on her face, she held a small square object cover with a red satin cloth in what seemed almost a death grip. Madam continued, "Further more she has acquired a new pet. Well come along dear show her to Hose." Celeste almost stumbled as she went to the small display table, even before she pulled the cover off Hose had a dreadful feeling what was under it. Standing at the bottom of the ornate cage, clad in a black rubber characature of the dress she wore at her last concert the 5 inch tall Angel of Prague shook with terror at her new surroundings. "Well....what do you think Hose?" Madam asked pleasently, "She be lovely My Mistress." Hose said outwardly but in the back of her mind she thought, "Oh my sweet Mistress, what hath thee done?" TO BE CONTINUED