The Smooth Black: Part 29

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The Smooth Black: Part 29 *************** When she was sure Dina and Tina were going in the right direction Lita got ahead of them so she could set up "the Pincushion". Everything had to be perfect otherwise she could lose one or even both of them, the most difficult thing was that Madam wanted them alive and in relative good health, the biggest one was going to be the problem, she'd surprized her before with that tantrum she threw, she was going to have to break something on her, and the one with the bellyring looked to be a scapper aswell. "But I'm going to do it right this time, bring Madam the bitches and her scalpels, no fuck ups this time!" Lita felt sick to her stomach thinking this way, with Celeste gone her life was going to be shit, the best she could hope for was that Madam would approve of her work and put her in a cage until she felt like letting her hunt again, and she knew Hose would fuck with her every chance she got after what she'd tried with her. And as she worked she wished that Celeste hadn't fucked everything up. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ It couldn't be said that Lita was happy in her strange new existance but she had atleast found a balance, however precarious, that she could live with, Madam was pleased that she was getting rid of the vermin in her walls while Celeste was convinced she had a new friend that she could pour her heart out to and in helping Lita somehow endure day to day cruelties that Madam indulged and forced her to partake in. She even seemed to enjoy deceiving Madam by secretly spoiling her pet under her nose, such as helping Lita smuggle food and other items into the walls to store at her many basecamps and stashes, Lita was even able to try caviar once, though at her size it turned out to be a sickening experence. Hose knew what was going on but said nothing to Madam, it was none of her buisiness afterall how a Mistress treated her pet and felt that Madam would handle the situation in due course, this however did not keep her from "correcting" Lita when ever possible, but Celeste was able to keep Lita mostly away from Hose and to a lesser degree Madam. **************************************************************************************************************************************** Madam was not happy with the lack of progress Celeste was making but had gotten to a point where she was tired of pushing her and decided to step back and see if Celeste curiosity of the dark sciences around her might tempt her to experiment on her own. Madam had decided to go on a short trip to L.A. to attend a party thrown by one of the more respectable of the Hatter's poor relations, a film producer who used such parties to gather prospective pets for the Hatters, mainly would-be actors actresses and models that no one would miss. It was here that Madam met Barbra Creps, she had come to the party not looking for a producer or manager but a doctor, her first words to Madam were, "Who did your work?" beleaving her beauty had to have been surgically done. As Madam listened to her drone on about herself, digging herself in deeper as it were, she realized that Barbra had a mental illness know as "Dismorphia" an unrealistic vision of what own body should be and had been trying to find a plastic surgeon to do the work she needed, none would touch her. When Madam asked what she wanted done, to her surprize Barbra produced a CD-Rom that held her vision of her perfect body image, Madam was intrigued and led her to her personal laptop. ************************************************************************************************************************************ Barbra was a fairly attractive woman,with long auburn hair and a nice figure, but as Madam looked upon the images of her ideal form she could tell that Barbra had serious problems, the poser image showed she wanted breasts atleast three times larger then her current moderate size, she wanted her legs to be nearly half their length longer, and had included some text she'd found on bone lengthening surgery, such butcheries the Hatter's had left behind centuries ago. She wanted her buttocks hips to be quite wide, to resemble someone she reffered to as J-Lo, but it was her waist that was the most radical alteration as it tappered shaply inward to an impossible degree, reminding her of Sarah's dwindling mishap, "About that wide." Barbra said to Madam as she held her thumbs and forefingers in a circle. But beyond all this Madam could see the desperation in her eyes, all the doctors had turned her down and reality was begining to close in on her, if she didn't find some quack stupid enough to try she would either commit suicide or try to do them herself and wind up dead or maimed in some mental institution, "Fortunately the Hatter's had a far more artistic use for such obsessions." Madam thought. ************************************************************************************************************************************* Madam laid her hand gentely upon Barbra's thigh, "I can do this for you dear." Barbra stared unbeleaving for a moment as she had no thought that this woman might have a way to make her dreams come true, "Your a Doctor?" "After a fashion. We could start right now this very night. But you must answer me this one question." Barbra laughed with nervious joy, "What?!?" Madam turned the laptop screen toward her, the image of Barbra's "perfect form" rotating in a circle, "Is this EXACTLY what you want?" She took Madam's hands in hers, "Yes! Yes!!" she said breathlessly, Madam smiled, "Then let's get started." They left the party directly and got into Madam's car, she made two phone calls along the way, one to get the location of the nearest of the Hatter "Workshops", which was feed into GPS computer in her BMW, the other was to have assistances to meet her there and help set things up. Normally a member of the Hatter's would simply be granted the use of facilties of a local Master's or Madam's House but most receintly two of the Hatter's in the L.A. area were nolonger present, one a Master was dead after a very bloody pet revolt, while a Madam had mysteriously dissapeared, a possible accident involving the "Red", such things sometimes happened. A Lady Jetta would assist Madam, Ladies and Sirs were those who had graduated from their apprenticeship to a Master or Madam, they had all the privileges of a full Hatter member and would often stay as guest from House to House until a Grand Madam or Grand Master would grant them a House of their own. Lady Jetta was in hopes of becoming the new Madam of the L.A. area and was thrilled to be working with Madam Hatter. ************************************************************************************************************************************** Barbra did not become fearful or even ask questions, not when the plain house in the hills interior was revealed to be made up silver and black rubber or even when she was told to strip and lay upon the sectional table, at one point she even held the tray of needles as Madam and Jetta applied them to her flesh, it was only when the first pains of her transformation seized her that she felt fear, by then it was to late. Because of the intricacies and difficulties of her transformation it would not be until a day and a half later when she became fully conscious and found herself laying upon a rubber floor in a huge room naked, the only light shinned down upon a large circular mirror set upon a large plastic base that looked strangely familiar to her. As she struggled to her feet she felt twinge of pain in her waist, her legs seemed to long and clumsy and as she got to her knees she felt and saw in the dim light her new breasts swaying before her. Finally she managed to get to her feet and stumbled over to the mirror and looked at herself in awe, everything she had asked for had been done but she did not see the idealized vision of herself she had longed for, she saw merely a person in a strange and painful form staring back with growing horror. "Don't you like your new body dear?" Madam's voice boomed out of the dark. "mmMiss Hatter?" she called out meekly looking about the darkend room. Suddenly the lights came up and Barbra screamed at the sight of Madam towering over her, she realized at once what had happened as she backed into the mirror, that she realized was the compact from her own purse, "What happened?!? What went wrong?!?" she pleaded up, in the background she heard Lady Jetta laughing. Madam knelt and set the laptop onto the floor and opened it, "What did I ask you? You said you wanted EXACTLY what was on this screen." Barbra slowly walked up to the laptop and stepped up onto the keys, getting as close to the screen as she could, all at once she realized what Madam was refering to as she was no bigger than the 5 inch image on the screen. She knelt down, inspite of the pain of a waist to which the bone and muscles were to small for her upper and lower halfs, and began to weep upon the keys. ************************************************************************************************************************************ Two days later Madam showed her latest acquisition to Celeste and Hose, she was set upon a small table at the entrance to the living area of her house that she often used to show her latest pets, she was clad in thigh high boots and a corset which helped to support her tiny waist. Barbra walked in a circle, staring up at the giants around her then focused on Hose, she looked at her not with fear but with wonder, liking this Hose lowered closer, Barbra reached up and touched the cable she set upon, Hose reached down and stroked her hair, "Aren't ye a pretty one." Barbra smiled up, "You you think I'm pretty?" Hose smiled down, "All of my Mistresses wonders be beautiful." As Hose took her pleasures of Barbra Madam told her to take care as she was still quiet delicate for either Hose's or Madam's games, still she had an idea as to how to use her to entice Celeste into her play. ****************************************************************************************************************************** On her trip Madam thought that maybe she had pushed Celeste to far to quickly, she had remembered that during her apprenticeship under Grand Madam Red how devistated she'd been over the death of her first pet, and Celeste had lived a far more sheltered life then she herself had. And so it was that a night after her return from L.A. that she told Celeste to come to one of the older rooms with her device for practice. Celeste had only limited success using her device, she was able to liquefy the rubber and shape it into preprogramed forms but had not been able to manipulate it beyond that. The old room had a small table with a lamp, a bottle of wine, two glasses and Barbra on top of it, Madam had relaxed the rule of not drinking during a game for the night as it was such a simple game. They sat upon the chairs and Madam poured a small puddle of the black rubber out infront of Barbra, who stumbled back in fright, she currently wore only the corset. Madam aimed the device at the pool of rubber which began to move toward Barbra, "Consider this a 'little' fashon show, we are the dress makers, she is our model." Madam said as the tendrel like droplets streamed up one of Barbra's legs, over her torso, she slapped and clawed at it but it kept flowing up her body until finally taking it's final form. Celeste burst out laughing as Barbra found herself in a mock nun's habit, Madam smiled, "Your turn." ************************************************************************************************************************************* It was the best night Celeste would ever have learning the ways of a Mistress from Madam, the game seemed harmless enough and she had had enough to drink so that Barbra's scared wimpering didn't seem so bad. Barbra was both horrified by the way the black rubber slid over her flesh remaking itself and humiliated by the bizarre things they made her wear, Celeste would create more and more twisted versions of the fashons she'd seen in magazines and on the Paris runways, often amazed at how much like real cloth they could look, she even asked Madam if she could try and change the color but found she was unable to create any consistant shades, only the 60s style bell bottom suit looked right with it's psychodelic colors. Madam told her it was hard to do colors through the sensors in their hats and often had to preprogram them in but was pleased to no end she'd offered to try. Madam would create different bindings and other adornments she'd used or seen on other pets, such as the hoove like extentions that Mixer had created for little pony, at one point she even manipulated the rubber into a crude human upper torso on Barbra's back, the tiny misshapen hands kneeding her breasts as a featureless head nuzzled and gave her mock kisses as she turned in a terrified circle. ************************************************************************************************************************************* "Well....I think we should put our little 'wasp waisted beauty' away for the evening if we want to be in any shape for that meeting tomorrow afternoon." Madam said as she drank the last of her wine, Celeste got a devilish grin, "One more." she said and trained her device on Barbra, the black began to ozze all over her body, the rubber around her head made itself into an almost ant like shape complete with antene, the rubber around the fingers extended into insect like legs, a thin framework that resembled insect wings extended from her back and a tail with mock stinger grew down from her buttocks, "Now she's a 'real wasp!" Celeste giggled, Madam laughed and gave her a hug, "Fine work my dear, maybe we'll pick this up tomorrow. Now....where did I leave that damned cage? Oh well, we can leave her here I suppose." Madam trained her device on Barbra, her wasp costume melted and ran down her legs, as she went to her knees the rubber harden her lower legs adhering the table, "Hose can feed her in the morning, come along dear." As Madam left Celeste poured herself the last of the wine, she smiled down at Barbra and whispered, "Had a good time little wasp, night!" and staggerd slightly after Madam. ************************************************************************************************************************************* After Celeste left Barbra began to weep, for her the night was a devastating as any of Madam's other games as her dream of the perfect form that she thought would make her beautiful and desirable had insted made her a laughible little dressup doll to amuse two cruel giantesses. She had hoped, upon seeing Hoses strange alien beauty, that atleast she would be a thing of beauty to them but insted she was a "little wasp woman" to be mocked, all she wanted to do is run and hide. Then as she cried she saw that Celeste had left her device on the table close to her, she reached out for it and as she touched it she felt the rubber around her vibrate as the microscopic mechanisms within it awaited the next command, she touched the tuning fork like end to the rubber around her legs and pressed to button she had seen Celeste and Madam use to melt it. All at once the rubber around her legs collapsed into liquid, leaving her only clad in her corset, quickly she got up and climbed down the cord of the lamp to the floor, then looked around the huge empty room until she found her hiding place. ************************************************************************************************************************************* "She hath gone down here, my Mistress." Hose said as she pointed to the split floor boards that had tiny foot prints of the black rubber leading to it. Madam looked from the floor boards to Celeste enraged, then snatched up her device from the table and held it up to her, "THIS IS POWER!! If that little fool had had the where with all to have taken it with her she could have brought this whole house down around us! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!" A tear ran down Celeste cheek, "....yes mistress..." she managed, "I don't think you do........because of your bungling one of MY pets has escaped. Fortunately YOU have the perfect pet to rectify this situation." With that she slapped her device against her chest, which she grabbed with both hands and said, "I'll go get her!" ********************************************************************************************************************************** Lita was thrilled to be hunting another of Madam's pets, and a whole inch smaller then her to boot. She hadn't seen many of Madam's other pets and when she did she was often in the middle of one of Madam's games to occupied to notice, hunting a human being for a change was going to be a real treat. Madam had given her 4 hours to find Barbra, she found her within the first 20 minutes, all she had to do was follow the sounds of sobbing as Barbra was woefully unprepared for trip under the floorboards, the place she'd found to hide was a filthy lint and cobweb coated corner. "God you are a weird looking fucker!" Lita said as she took a fist full of her cobweb coated auburn hair and stood her up, she tried to pull free only to have Lita back hand her, "Please don't hurt me!" Barbra pleaded, "Fuck you! Comeon 'Jesica Rabbit' your going to make this little jaunt worth something. You got a 5 minute head start, move that fat ass!" she said and slapped her buttocks with the flat of her half strait razor, causing her to stumble off into the dark. Lita would use the bulk of the next 3 hours to taunt and torment Barbra, fully enjoying being the tormentor for a change. As the second hour of her "cat and mouse" game drew to a close Lita sprang out of the dark and swept her legs out from under her, sending down face first into the dirt and filth, Barbra was suddenly grabbed painfully by her breasts hauled to her feet, causing the small of her tiny back agony, "God your filthy, maybe old Madam will lick you clean huh? You one of those sick lesbos like them huh?" Just then she caught the wiff of something coming and knew that there were two of them, "Tell you what 'betty boop' you can be of some use to me." And began to pull one of the elastic bands she'd found out of her pack. ************************************************************************************************************************************* Lita found an old nail jutting out of a cross beam in the floor, she wound the elastic around Barbra's chest and arms and hung her from it, cut a small slash in one of her calves then waited near by in the dark. Before long 2 big black rats began to mill around below Barbra, one sniffing at the droplets of blood on the lower floor, the other sniffing up between her kicking legs, "Please don't let them eat me!!!" she wailed, in response one of the rats screached at her, the other sniffed then nipped at her wounded leg causing her to cry out. "I'll do anything! Please!!" "Yeah I bet you would you lesbo cunt!" Lita replied, to this one of the rats turned a screached a warning. She waited until the rats took a few more nips and her pleas became incoherent babbling, "You'll do anything huh? Then watch me work!" Lita lept in, her razor and a blade from her pack were flailing and soon Barbra was covered in the rats blood. As Barbra hung there wimpering Lita wiped down her weapons with an old piece of rag she'd found, she knew that her "cat and mouse" game was pretty much over, just then she remembered something she had near by that might give her Mistresses a chuckle. ************************************************************************************************************************************* "That's not what I sent you for!" Madam said as she saw the 2 rats laid upon the floor boards, she, Celeste and Hose had come in at the four hour mark, Lita was just climbing up on to the floor, "Don't worry boss you'll love this." She reached back down into the hole and began to haul up on a string, tiny whines and cries could be heard, finally a small rectangular piece of wood could be seen, "Up ya go!" Lita said with a grunt as she pulled the mousetrap upward, Barbra's breasts clamped painfully in it, As she got to the top Lita took her by the hair and dragged her across the floor to Celeste's feet, who gasped at the site, Madam and Hose smiled down enjoying the show Lita was putting on. She tilted Barbra's head up to Celeste, "Say it!" she spat into her ear, "I...I'm sorry Mistress, I will never do it again!" Barbra wimpered, she gave her hair a hard pull, "Louder!" "I heard her just fine!" Celeste insisted. Madam gave the mousetrap a tap with the toe of her boot, causing her to cry out, "Well done Rat Catcher." she said as she bent and gave Lita's tiny head a caress, dispite her disgust Lita nuzzled her finger the way she'd seen Hose do, "Be sure to give her a piece of cheese for me." Madam said to Celeste as she rubbed a strand of cobweb from her finger with her thumb. Madam noted the cuts and abrasions on Barbra and the the dark shade of purple the ends of her breasts were turning, "Hose take her and get her tended to, Celeste tend to yours." ************************************************************************************************************************************* "Come on Celeste, I only lowered the trap bar on her tits, if I'd sprung it it might have taken em off!" Lita said up to Celeste as she bathed her in the bowl of warm water, "That's not the point! She seem pretty baddly beaten up." she said sternly as she gently use the wash cloth on Lita's back, "Hey she did most of that herself! Hell she nearly got herself torn up by those rats, I saved her cartoon ass!" Celeste nodded to this, "But still that trap business...." Lita looked up giving her her " bestfriend smile", "Hey 'C' she made you look bad infront of Madam, that shit can't stand in a place like this. But the next time one of those others acts up, you just know that the old Rat Catcher's got your back." Celeste smiled down, "Thanks, that means alot." Lita gave her a thumbs up, "Anytime babe." marveling in her mind how stupid her Mistress was.With that the incident was pretty much closed, Madam was "cross" with her for a few days but when she came down and showed her an enraged Lita, whom she'd given black rubber mouse ears and rat tail while she was sleeping, Madam laughed heartily and all seemed forgiven. She did not see Barbra after that and when she asked Madam about her she made a half comment about how she was unavailable and Celeste thought no more about it. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Two months later Madam would aquire Janet, she was the polar opposite of Barbra, a very proud black woman who served in the military until a knee injury ended that career, she moved into private security and did well, saddly it was a Hatter building she worked for. One night a Hatter threw an impromptu party for other Hatter members, as the buildings security was understaffed at the time it was decided to use the more trustworthy of those "not in the know" to guard the lower office levels. Sometime after the party was well under way one of the young Hatter Sirs had slip out the festivities with a pretty young girl from Texas and went down to the lower floors for some privacy. When he produced a syringe of the red the girl began to scream and tried to fight him off, Janet heard the screams and ran to find them as he got the needle into her arm. She maced him, got the half full syringe out of her arm and quickly got the girl to an elevator, the Sir followed, it was a mistake as Janet broke his knee and his nose. The girl got away but not unharmed, as the elevator got to the loby she found herself less then 3 feet tall. She would spend a harrowing two weeks in the city, nearly being commited as some "delusional midget" but managed to get bus fare back to Texas. It is said she became a bartender and would have dealings with the Hatter's again. ************************************************************************************************************************************* Janet was shocked when the backup she called for seized her insted of the attacker, she fought back as best she could, breaking one of the other securitymen's jaw, but was beaten and taken up to the penthouse level where to her horror she would become the main focus of the Hatter's party, which lasted all weekend. Dispite the vile and twisted things they did to her Janet continued to fight back even as she was dwindled to half her size, where she used a silver saltshaker rapped in a cloth napkin to beat one Master's face bloody. Or when dwindled to 1 foot where she jammed an old style fountian pen deeply down the throat of a Lady Kajira or even at her final height of 3 inches where she bit into the eye of a horrified Madam Gilda. In the end Madam Hatter, facinated by her spirt, longing to break it, got her as a party favor. ************************************************************************************************************************************* When Madam returned home Celeste was taking care of some of her buisiness affairs so she never got a chance to see Janet, Madam felt it was just aswell as she wished to make her a personal project for herself, though Hose was on hand to watch and comment. At one point Madam, so impressed with Janet's resistance, liken her to Hose herself, most likely to get a rise out of her attentive pet, Hose simply disagreed as she felt Janet had more hope of and focus on ecsape. She did however see one thing in her that reminded her of herself, she could see in her eyes that she had the patients to wait for opportunity. And so about two weeks later Madam had stayed up late with her "project" in one of the older rooms that was being converted into a lab, Janet hung from a small metal stand on a desk, tied by string in one of the configurations Hose had shared with her Mistress, as Madam prodded her with a dental probe in an effort to get Janet to refer to her as Mistress insted of "Queen Bitch". Both frustraited and impressed by Janet's resolve Madam desided to go to bed and leave her to hang there until morning, "Good night dear." Madam said pleasently, "...Night....Queen Bitch!" she managed through her pain. ************************************************************************************************************************************* Celeste had been working on recreating one of the more rare formulas in the Hatter archives, Madam could have had Mixer prepare it but wanted Celeste to practice, needing to have another look at the formula she entered the room and began to look though a stack of papers when she heard, "please....water....please." She turned toward the desk and gasped at the site of the 3 inch woman hanging with her arms and legs bound agonizingly up behind her, dispite all the time she'd spent in Madam's Celeste found she could still be shocked by Madam's cruel games, as she peared in closer Janet managed to look up into her eyes, "please water!" she pleaded. Celeste went to the lab sink in the corner, ran cold water into a small glass, took an eye dropper, which she carfully rinsed and brought it over. "Slowly now." she said as she held the dropper to her tiny lips and gently squeezed, Janet sucked the droplet in but began to cough, "I...can't swallow like this!" she wimpered as the drop gathered around her chin. Celeste found a pair of scissors, she hesitated, making sure that she cut the string the right way, as many of Madam's bindings had to be cut just right or she might strangle, Finally she cut the 2 knots that realesed her into her palm and laid her on the desk. Again she used the eye dropper and this time Janet was able to drink, "Please.....please don't let her hurt me anymore!" she pleaded up pathetically, Celeste looked down with pity, "I'm going to have to put you in a holding cage but I'll get you some more water, OK?" To this Janet curled up into a fetal possition. Celeste found a small cage but when she turned around Janet was gone. ***************************************************************************************************************************** "Where did you go, come on out dear." Celeste said as she looked around the desk, something else was also missing from the desk but she didn't realize it yet, "Come on, your only making things harder!" Then from behind some books she heard a tiny whine, "Don't let her hurt me again!" Celeste leaned in and slowly pulled the books out. All at once she felt something scamble from the top of the books into her hair, "What do you think...OWWW!!" Celeste suddenly felt a stabbing pain at the back of her neck as Janet, one hand wrapped in a locke of her blond hair, stuck the dental probe into the base of her skull. As Celeste tried to reach back Janet pushed the probe in a little deeper, "Don't you even fucking think of trying that again bitch!!!" Janet shreiked, "Now listen up! I got this thing sticking in where your spine meets your brain, if you so much as scratch your fucking ear I will shove this in, give it a stir and your a fucking ragdoll! Got it?!? ....Say yes or no, I wouldn't be doing any goddamn nodding if I were you!!!" "YES! YES!" Celeste said frantically. Janet, dispite her pain and the near two and a half weeks of hell she'd been through, she smiled as feeling Celeste quivering under her in fear was a real rush. "OK Princess, now without straitening up or any sudden moves, I want you to push everything on this desk and these tables off on to the floor! Don't even fucking bother asking, just do it!" ************************************************************************************************************************************* Slowly Celeste, still hunched over with Janet on her neck prodding her with the dental probe, went from table to table, using her forearm to slide everything to the floor, which was soon littered with stick pins, elastics and broken glass. When she was done Janet issued more orders, "OK now turn toward the door and 'slowly" lay down on the floor!" "But the glass AHHHH!!!" Celeste cried out as Janet twisted the probe, "I didn't say please bitch, now on the floor!!!" Celeste tried to brush the glass out of her way as she got to the floor but still got a few cuts, "Now crawl!!" She crawled slowly brushing more glass out of her path until she got to the foot of the door, "OK here is how this works, I'm going to count down from 5, when I get to 1 you reach up, open the door and get out! You move before I get to 1, you don't move again! I'm going to leave this thing in your neck so I suggest you go get Queen Bitch to take it out, and tell her next time she better kill me! You ready? Say it!!" "Ready!!!" Celeste yelled in a sob. Janet began to count, "5...4..." she let go of the probe, "3...2.." she got down on Celeste shoulder, "...1!!" Janet jumped off and scrambled under the nearest lab table As Celeste scrambled to her feet and bolted from the room, slamming the door behind her. "Shit!" Janet spat as she had hoped she might leave the door open, now she would have to find another way out, she quickly began to look over the objects on the floor for something to use. ********************************************************************************************************************************* Celeste frantically ran bent over through the house until she found Madam giving Hose her final instruction for the evening, when she saw Celeste she insisted before helping her to know what had happened, sobbing she blirted out what had happened. When she was finished Madam could only stare at her in a cold rage as she bent forward pleading with her to take the probe out, she turned to Hose, "Go get that little slut, I want her in relative tact and undwindled. Beyond that use your own descretion." she said in a strained calm, "Aye my Mistress." Hose replied and rose up into the dome above. Madam pushed the hair on her neck out of the way a carefully pulled the dental probe from her flesh, as Celeste straitened up Madam held the probe out to her in her palm to show her, as Celeste looked down at it crying Madam's fingers closed around it in a fist, her back hand drove her to the floor. "Your weakness disgusts me." Madam said coldly as Celeste wept at her feet. TO BE CONTINUED