The Smooth Black: Part 28

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The Smooth Black: Part 28 ************** Over the next several weeks Madam Hatter would show Celeste the workings of her house and the many pets she had collected over the years, aswell as the day to day operations of her many businesses and companies. Celeste did well in helping Madam in the running her outside affairs and she had a genuine fascination for the strange sciences that both Madam and the other Hatter's had discovered and developed over the centuries and had she had the opportunity to simply study these for the rest of her life she would have been happy. It was when it came to the Hatter philosophy that kept her from fully embracing this new life, she tried to find justifications for what was done to them, she would ask Madam why a particular pet had been "Taken", at first Madam would tell the stories of their aquisitions, hoping this would be the thing to get her to indulge herself fully but eventually she grew weary of her constant questions, "They are OURS! That is all you need to know!" was her last answer. *********************************************************************************************************************************************** Nor did she understand why that once a pet had been made small that they needed to be further punished and tormented, Madam's response was that "such creatures" had to constantly reminded who was in control or they would either try and take advantage, try to escape or even organize themselves into a revolt. Madam relayed several bizarre and grusome accounts of pet revolts over the centuries, still she seemed unable to fully involve herself with Madam's games. While she did get a sence of great power over those that cowered at her feet, and loved holding them, feeling the tiny human forms as they moved upon her own flesh, she could never fully bring herself to the cruelty that Madam so enjoyed, not even with her own pet, the woman who had tried to kill her. *********************************************************************************************************************************************** For Lita life was a day to day Hell as she was handed back and fourth between Madam and Celeste, often fetched by Hose, who could make even the simple act of transfering her from one room to another an ordeal. Madam would insist upon having Lita involved in many of their games as she felt Celeste was far to delicate with her and hoped to show her that Lita could bear up to even their most excessive play. Still she found Celeste could at times not even get through some of their sessions. Madam would tell herself that she was simply lossing interest in her pet, it happened from time to time, even with herself. Hose however could see the truth, that Celeste did not have passion or resolve to be the Mistress Madam wanted her to be, but ofcourse said none of this to Madam. And so it went for Lita, she bore Madam's, and occasionally Hose's, attentions and would have done so for the rest of her existence.......had Madam's house not been invested with rats. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** It was not uncommon for a Hatter house to have such pest problems, as many of the properties they owned were often handed down or purchased from older families either in or out of the Hatter clan, infact Madam had bought this current house knowing it had once belonged to a former Hatter mistress back in the late 1700s, she herself had fallen to once of the pet revolts she'd told Celeste of. She had also been informed by Beverly Simms that it had rats and had it fumigated before begining work on the inside, for the few rodents that remained she sent Mr. Sloat to purchase some traps of various sizes, a few of which Lita would later put to use. She had heard nor seen any real sign that they were still present until one night as she sat in one of her playrooms at a small table with a specially built armature that allowed her to hang her pets bound before her and adjust for their differing sizes. She sipped upon a glass of cognac as Lita hung bound by string in one of Madam's more intricate and agonizing knot configurations, she was angry as Celeste had once more opted to leave one of Madam's games early, as a penalty she would keep Lita for the evening and further informed her that "This would be the LAST time she would not finish a game they had started" Lita's pleadings and gibberings had only begun to calm her anger when Hose entered from above, "The rats hath returned my Mistress." she stated calmly. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** Madam looked up to see that Hose had several bad scratches on her arms and stomach and a bite wound on her shoulder but was not distressed in the least by it, Madam gave a sigh to this, "Hold on." she said as she went over to to some nearby shelves. Hose lowered down to get a closer look at Lita who hung gasping her pain as her arms and one leg tied up painfully above her back and the string winding tightly around her torso, through the ringlets on her breasts and coiled deeply around her other leg as it was held strait down, tied to a raised ring of the black rubber of the table top. "Be this one of the bindings ye used upon me?" Hose asked curiously, "hmmmm? Oh not quite, she has feet after all." "Oh aye." Madam brought over a small bottle of alcohol, a bottle of the healent and some gauze strips and began to tend her wounds. Hose only winced slightly as the alcohol was applied to her injuries and seemed to enjoy Madam's attentions, all the time Lita looking on this scene, an insult to her agony. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** "How many did you see?" Madam asked as she finished applying the healent, "I heard the scitterings of three possibly four but only saw the one, would ye care to see it's carcass?" Hose asked simply, "Not necessary. I suppose I'm going to have to call in a special cleaning team now. God I hate having them fumbling about, they always have to shut down systems when you need them the most." Madam complained as she put away bottles and gauze, "Might we not take some form of action upon the vermin ourselves....may hap create a form of gas to rid us of them?" Hose pondered as Madam sat down and poured herself another cognac, "I don't care for using gaseous forms of chemicals, to unpredictable." Madam aimed her device at the rubber top of the table, a small half inch swell of the rubber grew, separated from the table and formed into a tiny cup, she poured a couple of drops into it and gestured to Hose, who made a curtsy manuever upon her cable before taking it, "I thank thee my Mistress." she said and began to drink, again in full view of Lita. Madam smiled to herself as she drank, "Hmmmm I remember Master Carlose had some interesting effects when he used a gaseous form of the red upon a rather large number of party goers in Brazil, did I ever tell you that tale?" "I think not my Mistress?" Hose said happily in expectation of one of Madam's "fine" tales. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Madam had no sooner begun her story when they heard Lita's strained pronouncement, "I' them for you!" Madam turned to the tiny dangling form, Hose looked to her aswell, angry to be cheated of her story, "What did you say?" "The....the rats I'll ....kill em for's what I do!" Madam gave a huff to this, "It's what you DID, and you weren't very good at it. No firearms or propaine tanks to hide behind." Lita painfully continued, "All I would need is....some kind of blade." Madam reached into a drawer in the table and took out a 6 inch scalpel like blade with a sharply curved tip which she laid to the side of Lita's head, "You mean like this?" she said and gave the blade a sudden flick to the side, not cutting her but causing her to cry out and spin sideways on her line. "What do you think Hose?" Madam asked, "I think that even should she be able to find the vermin that she would merely open her throat to them rather then bare anymore of thy grand attentions." As Lita spun around to once more face her she used the side of the blade to stop her movement, "She has a point." Lita strained to look up at her, "Then.....what have you got to lose?" Madam suddenly flicked the blade toward Lita's neck, she gave a wimpering scream then suddenly the string around her loosed, she began to painfully twist an jerk down out of her bindings like some grusome yoyo until she fell to the rubber table top in a heep. Madam leaned in toward her, "I'll tell you what, I am going to give you a chance to prove your skills to me.....but be warned, if you fail me or try to escape, pray the rats get you before 'I' do." ***************************************************************************************************************************************** Celeste was not happy as to how her pet was to be used but Madam reminded her that had she not left their game with Lita so soon that she might have been able to decide differently, and so it was that 8 AM the next morning that Lita was brought to one of the old walls, the base of which had a hole that had been obviously chewed. Madam set her upon the floor and as she stood back up Lita called up, "I ...I need a weapon...please." To this Madam pulled a 6" inch hatpin from the collar of her coat and dropped it, Lita jumped back as it stuck in the floor before her. Madam laughed then noticed Hose as she stared down at it, to this she used the knuckle of her index finger to stroke her stomach, "Fear not Hose 'That' pin is in a display case along with the laces." to this Hose smiled widely. "uhh the ah heels...I could better move without them." Lita asked meekly, "It would be better for her to climb around in those walls." Celeste offered, Madam gave an exasperated look then used her device to reconstitute the boots until the heels were gone and the toes and rear of her foot were left exposed. Once this was done Madam gave her one last set of instructions, "You will have until 4PM this afternoon to hunt, kill and drag the carcasses of no fewer then three rats out of the wall to this spot, if you are late or get any less then three you will be punished. And if you are thinking to try and get to the outer walls to escape, know that a man in my employ named Mr. Sloat has a very large dog specially trained to track down such runaways. And don't think to hide in the walls from me, you WILL be found. Now..set to work." With all this said Lita entered the hole in the wall. *************************************************************************************************************************************** For the first two hours Lita stumbled around the inside of the wall cavity, constantly pulling cobwebs and clots of lint from her body in disgust, she infact had every intention of doing just what Hose had suggested, finding a rat and letting it tear her throat out. Mainly because she could nolonger stand the pain but also nearly as bad was that to them she was nothing to them but a little toy, not even able to so much as frustrate them into killing her. Even on the two occasions she had been arrested, though amazingly never charged, she had been treated as someone dangerous but even the woman she'd almost killed now cupped her in her palm and stroked her like a little animal, she hated them both but could do nothing and so hated herself more. About the third hour in the walls, having managed to kill only a daddy longlegs that got to close, she heard the sounds of scittering feet above her, in the dim light filtering through cracks in the plaster she saw three tails dragging along the edge of a beam above. *************************************************************************************************************************************** Having stuck the hatpin through a fold in her corset Lita found plenty of hand and foot holds in the dried wood to climb and soon was up to where she'd seen the rats. As she began to trail them she saw that there were three, a large male and two smaller females, as Lita drew closer the male caught a wiff of her sent and turned to face her. Lita stumbled to a halt as she faced the male rat nearly twice her size, she pulled her pin free and held it to the ready as the rat screeched his warning for her to leave, "Come on!!" she screamed, terrified but wanting to get it over with but he continued to screech, finally she ran at him and thrust her pin before her, hoping a good jab would insight him to attack but as the pin's point stuck into his snout he reared back, his forepaws vigerously rubbing his wound. At that moment Lita saw fear in his eyes and felt a rush of adrenalin as something larger then her was afraid of her, she ran at him and stabbed him in the abdomen, he jerked backward and climbed up the wall with his forepaws to turn and run, Lita tried to pin his tail to the wood but missed. As the rat scambled forward one of his mates had wondered back to see how he was dealing with the threat only to have her mate climb over her, nearly knocking her over the side of the beam, as she tried to pull herself back up Lita saw her and stabbed her pin sideways, sticking her in the neck and causing her to fall to her death. Finally Lita cornered the male, he turned to face her once more screeching his rage and fear, Lita was in a full bloodlust and charged in without hesitation. For Lita what happened next was a blur, she remembered stabbing, kicking and even biting into the sticky fur, she distinctly remebered the two bite on her arm and shoulder but the next clear memory was the thick spray of blood in her face and the huge dark thing before her twitching to it's death, she felt thick globules of blood sliding down her face, arms and breasts and began to scream a tiny primal howl of joy. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** As Madam had afternoon tea and slowly read the paper Celeste paced back and forth as she worried about Lita, so irritated by this that Madam waited til three minutes after 4 to finally put down her paper and announce, "Well....let us see what our little killer has been up to.......Shall we?" As they turned the corner, and Hose lowered from the nearest dome, they found three dead rats lined up neatly on the floor, Lita was at the hole in the wall, muttering obsenities as she hauled a fourth rat through the hole by it's tail. Madam looked to Celeste who had a strange sense of pride on her face and gave her a nod, as Lita pulled the rat into line with the others she looked up to see Hose smiling down at her and strangely she felt pleased to have impressed the most bizarre of tormentors. Lita then began to head back to the hole, "Where do you think your going?" Madam demanded, Lita looked up, her face red with the blood she'd shed, and smiled widely, "I'm going to get the other two." Madam raised an eyebrow in approval and again Lita felt that sense of pleasure again. Madam turned to Celeste and smiled, "I think that this little experiment has worked out quite well and I think that your pet should therefore be this houses offical Rat Catcher....if you agree that is." She looked down to Lita, who looked up to Celeste silently pleading, "I agree." she said with a smile. Madam nodded, "Very well, treat her wounds, feed her, then put her back in the wall, I want 6 more by midnight." "That shouldn't be to hard, the walls are lousy with 'em." Lita called up, Madam gave a huff to this and walked off, for Lita the best part of her "comment" was that she got away with it. By midnight Lita had gotten 10 more rats. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Over the next year and a half Lita went on many more hunts and killed a countless number of rats, through Celeste Lita was able to get the tools she needed for her hunts, Madam begudgingly having her pack of tiny pins and blades made for her but Lita would also find other things to help her hunts beneath the floor boards, this included the smaller mousetraps Mr. Sloat had bought and the half a strait razor, that strangely enough had been left over from the pet revolt from the last Madam to rule this house. Lita was by no means beyond being the subject of Madam's games, especailly when she fell short of her quota of kills and caused her begin to leave any baby rats alone so that the walls would aways be well stocked and that there would aways be a need for a Rat Catcher. Lita found she could get on Madam's "Good side" with some of her antics. One night as Madam was fixing herself a drink and instructing her to get no fewer then 7 rats Lita asked if she could have seven of the plastic Swizzle sticks from her bar, bemused Madam gave them to her, the next morning Madam and Hose found a line of 7 headless rats, their heads nearby on Swizzle stick pikes sticking up from between the floor boards, Madam and Hose were greatly amused. But Lita found that her greatest leeway came from Celeste, who she sensed that dispite their history had begun to feel guilty for what she'd done to her. Still she didn't know how far she could press this in her favor until one night, about three months into her new duties, when she over heard a conversation between Celeste and Hose. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** On some occasions Lita was able to sneak out of the wall into some of the rooms, always when Madam was out of the house and Hose was busy with her work, on this day she'd found a mint candy that had dropped to the floor and brought it back into the wall in hopes of eating it after she'd made her quota. When she finished early and hid just inside the hole in the floor boards and eat her little prize, in the back of her mind she was disgusted with herself that she was " reduced" to eating food off of the floor. Suddenly she heard the floor boards creak above her, she peared up between them and saw it was Celeste and relaxed figuring she could let her wait a little longer. Celeste looked from the hole in the floor to the 6 rats lined up on the floor then to her watch, "May I help thee my Mistress?" she turned to see Hose lower into the room, "Oh no I'm just waiting for Lita." Hose eyed the hole in the floor, "Be she late again?" "No she has some time yet." "Would ye like me to wait with thee?" "If you like." Celeste said with a smile. They both waited, Celeste hoping Hose would begin a conversation, she began to hum to herself until Hose looked at her, "Mistress?" "Oh I'm sorry I was thinking of a song, an aria from one of my favorite singers, Angelica Porochov, they call her the "Angel of Prauge" Celeste said with a smile, "Oh aye I hath heard ye play this music in thy room." Hose replied, "Do ah you have any music you like?" she asked, Hose tilted her head as she thought about this, "I know that my Mistress listens to modern Jazz but I do remember hearing a musician the Mr. Sloat listened to as he eat in the kitchen once that i quite liked, I beleave he was called "Robert Zombie" ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Both Celeste and Lita, out of sight in the hole, laughed at this, Hose was merely puzzled by this, "Oh Hose I'm sorry I'm not laughing at you." "As long as my Mistress be pleased it does not matter." Celeste smile faultered at this, "Look Hose.....when we are alone you can call me Celeste if you like." All at once Hose's face became somber, she then did something she never did, she looked over her shoulder to see if Madam was in the room, she checked the readouts of her visor which told her she was still out of the house then raised her visor up, she blinked with the change of the light then allowed Celeste to see her pearcing blue eyes for the very first time. "Ye have asked of me to speak plainly with thee time and again and so I shall this once. I would ask thee to go to my Mistress and tell her that ye wish to leave her house. Ye may take a possition in one of her companies and by all means be with her as much as possible outside this place but ye can never be a Mistress of this or any other house for ye have not the strength or the stomach. And as much as thy leaving will hurt her it will be nothing compared to the pain ye will cause her should ye continue to pretend to be so and fail as ye must." Celeste was utterly shocked by this, it was both what she longed to hear and what she feared to hear and while part of her wanted to do just what Hose had suggested the other part of her, the part that did not want to disappoint Madam, would not let her. " dare speak to me like this?!" she asked finally, trying to sound like Madam, failing miserably, "If ye were the Mistress that Madam thinks ye to be I would not." and with that she slid her visor back over her eyes, "Do ye still wish me to wait with thee?" "No" Hose nodded to this and went back up into the ceiling, neither realizing Lita had heard every word. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** Lita waited another couple of minutes before coming out, "Mistress?" she called up, Celeste knelt and held her index finger down into the hole to help her climb up, something she would not have done if Madam were present, "Have you got any more of them down there, do you need help bringing them up?" she asked, still a little shaken from her talk with Hose, "No Mistress, just the quota.....sorry." Lita said in a strangely meek tone, using none of the usual bravado she had after a hunt. "That's fine, come on." she said as she laid out a cloth for for her to crawl upon, her body still coated with blood and filth. The rats would be left for Sarah to collect latter and Lita was taken to be bathed, fortunately for her it was Celeste and not Hose to do this that night. She was brought to Celestes room where she used her own device to remove the corset, leggings and open fingered gloves and set into a warm bowl of soapy water. As Celeste began to clean her off Lita did not make her normal comments or wisecracks but seemed strangely quiet, until finally, "Mistress?" she called up meekly, "What is it Lita?" Lita looked up with tears in her eyes, "I....I wanted to say that ...I'm sorry, for trying to hurt you....for trying to hurt my other Mistress. I was a bad person before and I did bad things and now all I want to do is keep you safe from the rats." Celeste teared up and smiled down at her, her index finger stroked her back, "That's wonderful to hear and...I forgive you." To this Lita leaned back and hugged her finger, "Thankyou Mistress Thankyou!" she cried with joy, Celeste smile, "Just do me one favor OK?" "Anything Mistress!" "When Madam and Hose aren't me Celeste." OK mistr...uhh I mean Celeste!" to this they both laughed. ******************************************************************************************************************************************** It would be the best night Lita would ever spend in Madam's house, Celeste would take her meal in her room and share a small portion with Lita, she would play her CDs of Angelica Porochov and they talked for the rest of the evening. Lita did not have to put the black rubber back on til morning and did not have to sleep in her little silver cage, Celeste made her a bed on her night stand by folding one of her fine silk scarf. Celeste fell asleep humming one of her beloved aria's, Lita sitting between her breasts feeling as her breathing slowed, Celeste would sleep better then she had in a very long time. When sure she was asleep Lita crawled up on to her pillow and made what was a surprizingly easy jump up on to the night stand, as her hunting had increased her strength and agility, she walked over to a small box of assorted chocolates that Celeste had a habit keeping there, she quietly as she could lifted off the cover and turned over the chocolate nearest her. She punched her fist down into it's underside, "aww coconut." Lita thought then turned over the next and did the same, "Custard yuck!" she punch into the next and jammed her hand as she hit the caramel, she loved caramel but at her size it was to hard to chew, finally, "Vanila Cream, Jackpot!" Lita began to scoop out the contents with a shard of the chocolate coating, she looked over at Celeste as she slept, "God you are so fucking stupid!" she thought with a cruel giggle. TO BE CONTINUED