The Smooth Black: Part 27

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The Smooth Black: Part 27 ******* Dina saw the mousetrap at the last second, she hunched down and thrust her scalpel upward, springing the trap it's bar snapping just above her head, then all at once the trap was jerked upward , threatening to pull her scalpel out of her hands as Lita pulled up on the line connected to it. With all her strength Dina pulled her blade loose and swung at the trap, splintering off a piece of the bulsa wood base. Quickly she turned to Tina, who was still tied to the gutted dying rodent and screaming hysterically, "Tina!!! Lift me up goddamn it!!" Dina yelled. To her outrage Tina grabbed her bellyring and lifted her up to the string holding her. Just then another mousetrap swung out of the darkness toward Dina, "Shit!!" she cried and swung wild at the trap, it spun with the strike, hit the wall and was triggered, bouncing back and struck Tina on the side of the head. Dina managed to quickly cut the string causing the rat to fall with a liquidy thud to the floor. Letting go of Dina, Tina fell into a sitting possition and quickly squirmed back against the wall crying hysterically, "Come on we got to get out of here!!!" Dina said as she run up infront of her, all at once Tina saw something swing out of the darkness toward her back. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Madam Hatter returned to her newer home in the states with Celeste and her new pet Lita, she was bound in the traditional black rubber corset and thigh length highheel boots, to which she had an amazingly difficult time adjusting to as she rarely wore regular high heels, let alone the near 90 degree sloping monstrosities they had bound to her, her tiny silver nipple rings, that Monsieur Chapeau had graciously found for her, were connected to two tiny three inch silver chains, that could either be connected to the back of the corset or to a ringlet at the end of a 5 foot leash. Upon entering her house, to which Madam vehemently reminded her that the shabby look of the outer exterior was merely to mask the more intricate constructions within from prying eyes, Celeste placed Lita upon the floor, then as she rose gave the leash a light tug which nearly caused her to fall to her knees, "Come along." she called as one might to a small dog, "a All right!" Lita yelled up and unsteadily trotted on her heels to keep up. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************** As they got into the inner areas of the house they came upon what currently acted as the main entrance to the living quarters, Madam turned and smiled with pride, "Now I wish to show you one of my finest Wonders......Hose." Both Celeste and Lita looked up in awe as a silver dome in the ceiling rolled to reveil an opening and a long coil of black cable lowered, the foot tall woman standing up strait upon it's up turned end. Hose had only been told that someone was coming to stay at the house, she eyed Lita on the floor as she lowered to face Celeste, then her arms spread out as she made a bowing gesture, "I welcome ye to the House of Hatter. All that I am is yours." She was speachless for some moments, amazed by the strange being before her, while Madam was glad to have made such an impression upon her she was a little annoyed that she so openly showed such emotions, especially infront of two pets. Finally she spoke, "I ...have never seen anything like it in my life." Madam smiled at this, "Oh but you have my dear, you just wouldn't remember it." ***************************************************************************************************************************************************** All at once Hose looked up and did something she almost never did, she smiled with genuine warmth, "Be ye Celeste?!? Why I hath not seen ye since thee were a babe...." "HOSE!" Madam snapped angrily, "How dare you speak to her in such a manor, She is YOUR MISTRESS! Second only to ME and you will address her as such! Do you understand!" Hose bowed her head, "I cry thy pardon and thy forgiveness My Mistress." Celeste gave a nervous laugh, Lita hid behind her boot at the begining of this outburst, " It ah it's alright...." "IT is most certainly NOT!" Madam said enraged, "Hose.....fetch my riding crop!'" she said still staring at Celeste, "Aye My Mistress" She wound over to a small stand in the corner and pulled a 2 foot riding crop bound in brown leather with a silver figurine cast in the shape of a woman from the hips up, her back arched in either pleasure or agony. Though fairly heavy for it's size Hose managed it easily enough as her years with Madam had allowed her develop a unique strength, she then wound over between them, held it up in both hands and presented to them with head bowed. "Take it." Madam insisted, with shaking hands Celeste took the crop from her, "Hose....assume the possition." Madam commanded. Hose reached between her own breasts and undid the "H" shaped clasp that held the four crossed straps of her pack and let it fall from her back to hang from the tubes that connected to her cable. She then laid herself into Madam's open palms, she held her forearms together infront of her so that Madam's fingers could close around them, the fingers of her other hands closed around the stumps of her legs held within the cable. She then held Hose out to her. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************** "This creature has shown you disrespect infront of your own pet! If you are to dwell within this house as my apprentice, if you ever hope to someday have a house of your own NO infraction, no matter how slight may be overlooked. Now you WILL punish her for her insolence!" As Madam finished this lecture she looked from the ridingcrop in her hands to the small form who laid patiently waiting before her, "b But she's so......small?" Madam rolled her eyes angrily to this, "If she bleeds, if something breaks we will mend her. She will bear up to it or she won't, in which case we will move on to another, maybe that thing cowering at your boot, now Begin girl!" Celeste rose the crop in a shaking hand and swung down, raising only a light smack sound from the small buttox. To this Hose looked up to her, if she could have seen her eyes beneath her visor she would have seen annoyance. "What was that?!? Harder Girl!!" Again Celeste swung the smack a little louder, "Harder!" Madam commanded, this time her swing was a lot harder, causing the flesh to turn bright red. As she continued to strike ever harder Lita watched from her still new and bizarre perspective as the two towering women played their twisted game, but it was what she saw on Hose's face that shocked her the most as she gasped out almost orgasmicly from the assault, her small hips swaying between each strike. Celeste continued, horrified as the small naked buttocks and back grew an ever deeper scarlet and bruised, and with her next strike a half inch split opened on her left butcheek, Hose gave a short out cry of both of pain and pleasure. "That will do." Madam said simply. ************************************************************************************************************************************************* As she opened her fingers Hose shook a little as she rose up strait and breathed a quivering little sigh, a droplet of blood welled from the split in her buttock and ran down her thigh to the black rubber cable she set upon, she turn to Celeste and bowed slightly, "I thank thee for thy correction My Mistress." she then turned to Madam, "I noted that thee hands seemed a bit cold, would ye care for a hot beverage?" Madam nodded to this smiling, "Yes that would be just the thing. I have this lovely tea from the orient you must try. Come along." Hose rose up into the dome, the droplet of blood falling to the floor near Lita, which to her was like some grusome water ballon bursting in a thick splatter, suddenly the chains on her breasts jerked her to her knees, she looked up to see Celeste looking down at her, "Get to your feet!" she hissed in a whisper, not so much in anger but in growing fear of the person she most loved. **************************************************************************************************************************************************** They went into a small sitting room where Hose had already set out the place settings, when the water was hot enough Madam filled the tea server and got the scones and butter on to the tray and brought it over to the small table, she also got some gauze strips and a small bottle of the healent. Only when both she and Celeste were seated and had their first servings of tea did Madam hand her the healent and gauze and instruct her on how to apply it to Hose's wounds. She was amazed by the feeling of Hose's torso as she laid face down over one of her palms as she used the gauze to dab the healent over her bruised and beaten back and buttocks, she was astonished when she saw the split flesh begin to close itself up, Hose giving a low sensual hum and a slight sway of her hips. But what amazed Celeste the most was how as Madam spoke that her conversation could range from such topics as her research, her pets, her buisiness and even family gosip and all of it seemed as common place as if one were discussing the weather. ************************************************************************************************************************************************* "Well bring her up here, let Hose have a look at her, she will be taking care of her from time to time after all." Madam said, as Celeste gathered Lita into her hands she was a little annoyed at how delicately she treated her pet, and hoped it was just that she wished to make this first charge last until she would be allowed to create a next. She unhooked the chains from the leash and set her to stand unsteadily upon the table, she turned around stairing at the cups saucers and utensils, simple items that now dwarfed her, "They are very amusing at this stage aren't they, everything amazes them, some even enjoy their new size, it doesn't last ofcourse. Hose what do you think of her? You both have something in common, you both tried to kill me." Hose coiled in a circle above Lita as she stared up in terror at her, "Tis hard to believe, even were she of a larger stature. Mistress might I touch her?" Madam gestured to Celeste who gave her a nod. ************************************************************************************************************************************************* Before Lita could fully react Hose lowered down and grabbed her chains and pulled her toward her, "ggGet away from me you fucking freak!!!" she screamed and swung at her wildly, clipping one of her breasts and nearly falling off of her heels. To this Hose grabbed a fist full of her hair, which was most of what was on top of her head, and held her at arms length, "I see ye choose to keep her hair." Hose said simply, Lita continued to struggle, " Hmmm Celeste felt she would have look foolish, I tend to agree. Go ahead Hose, feel free to sample her." Madam said as Hose's past indescretion seemed forgiven. Hose pulled Lita's head toward her waist, pressing her tiny face against her pussy, Lita clawed and scratched at her waist and thighs, "No get the fuck away from me....I'm no Dyke!!!" she shrieked. All at once Hose lifted her up by her hair and chains until her face loomed before her wailing face, "Ye are whatever my Mistresses say thee are!" Madam rolled her eyes as she took a sip of her tea, "Do stop her caterwauling." ************************************************************************************************************************************************ As Celeste looked on in shock Hose took a tea spoon from the table and rose up with it and Lita dangling by her hair, Hose then leaned back on her thighs until she was in a sitting possition, then threw Lita over her lap and switch the spoon to her right hand, at which point Madam spoke up, " sure to clean that spoon when you are done, the filthy little creatures been on the floor all day." "Aye My Mistress." she said happily as she began to swing the spoon downward. Celest stared dumbfounded at the sight of the foot tall woman hanging upon the long cable as she used a tea spoon to brutally spank the 6" inch woman before her. She continued to beat upon Lita until her peeping cries desolved into sobbing pleas, " ...please..I'll do it....I' it!" Hose lowered her to the table where she fell weeping, Hose pulled to her knees by her chains then again pressed the tiny face to herself , "Now...set thee to work....little Dyke." Sobbing Lita began to kiss and lick the larger oraface, Hose moved her hips side to side, enjoying her tongues fumblings and the heat of her tears. Madam reached over the table and used her index finger to stroke Hose's quivering stomach, "That is one of the things I enjoy about Hose, she does love to carry on a theme." Celeste watched as Lita continued to pleasure Hose, trying to remain stone faced, trying to remember that this wimpering thing had tried to kill her, to kill Madam, but deep down she was horrified. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ At the last second Tina reached out and grabbed Dina's bellyring jerked her to one side as the third Mouse trap swung down at them, she ducked as low as she could, letting the trap hit the wall behind her. As it was triggered by the impact it sprang forward and closed on Tina's hair, "Shit!" she heard from the darkness above then suddenly the trap jerked forward, as her hair was pulled her head snapped forward and a sudden sweet taste filled her mouth. Tina stood up and pulled the trap from her head, tearing out a fair clump of her own hair, and yanked down on the string. High above Lita yelled out as she was almost pulled off of her 2x4 ledge as the string was torn out of her hands. Hearing her Tina flung the trap up toward the sound, one of it's corners bounced off Lita's shoulders but she managed to hold on. As Dina was getting to her feet Tina picked up her scalpel and began to hack at the other traps, "COME ON!!! Come down here you little cunt!!!" Tina howled as she reduced the bases of the traps to splinters, "Tina....calm down!" Dina said almost meekly, Tina spun to face her causing her to stumble back, "That sweet shit is in my mouth if I don't do this....I'll 'DO' you, unless that bitch comes just let me work it out!" Tina hissed down at her then went back to destroying the traps, Dina just nodded and kept watch for any more attacks, shaking with fear of both of them. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************** Eventually Tina's tirade ceased, Lita watched as Tina knelt down to whisper something to Dina who finally dared to get close to her, and after a little more whspering gave her a hug of support, they then picked up their items and made their way around the now dead rodent and continued on their journey in the wall cavity. Lita was shaking as she got to her feet and began to trail them. She cried and muttered to herself as she went, "Rusty! th That green shit made me rusty! Fucking bitch messed up my traps, never going to get more,not from that bitch! That big ones going to fuck with me just like that Janet cunt! Pincushion! Get 'em in the fucking Pincushion!" As continued her pursuit Lita thought that once again something she had thought she'd figured all the angles on had once more "Flipped around and bit her in the ass." Such had been her life in Madam's house. TO BE CONTINUED ________________________________________________________________________________________________________