The Smooth Black: Part 26

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The Smooth Black: Part 26 "Did.....did you hear that?" Tina whispered nerviously, they both stopped and listened, it started with a few taps at first then began to grow more frequent, finally Dina smiled up at her knowingly, "It's rain, hitting the roof. Sounds like it's coming down pretty good to." Tina nodded as she realized she was right, "Yeah. I wonder what that is going to feel like, like we are now I mean?" Dina thought about this as this question brought home the fact of what had happened to them and how different and potentally dangerous the world they were escaping to could be. "Well it's got to feel better then what that "Psycho Bitch' is going do to us if we don't keep moving!" Tina could see that dispite her efforts to sound tough that she was just as scared of what they might find but also knew she was right about what Madam Hatter would do if she got them and they continued on the journey within the walls of Madam's house in silence. ********************************************************************************************** Lita balanced upon a bent nail some 11 feet above, watching as her quarry passed beneath her, a large crack in the plaster spilled light into a section of this wall cavity and allowed her to finally get a good look at them. She saw as Tina frantically pulling a filthy cobweb from her face, "Great! the big ones a pussy, that'll make it easier." she thought to herself, then caught site Dina's bellyring, her first reaction was, "That is so cool!" then she thought of her own pearcings and was chilled at the thought of what Madam Hatter might have, and still could do to her own. "God how I wish I'd never even heard the name Hatter!" she thought bitterly. ___________________________________________________________________ Lita's flight on Buisness Class, where she introduced a young Executive to the "Mile High Club", turned out to be the highlight of her trip to France. She would only be able to spend an hour in Paris, "Even less then Hitler had." she mused to herself, when a message from her employer told her that Miss Hatter was staying in a secluded Hotel in the South of France. She was sent directions and money enough to rent a car, which was hardly the souped up sports car she'd envisioned herself driving through the French countryside. As she had little of her advanced payment left, spent on yet more partying and a waredrobe for her trip that she'd never get to wear, she was forced to sleep in the car, her attempt to spend the night at a Youth Hostel ended when she got into a bad knife fight with a couple of British Soccer fans, she won but was forced to run before the police got there. ******************************************************************************************** When she finally arrived at the Hotel she got some good news, atleast it seemed to be at the time, Miss Hatter had extended her stay for personal reasons, so Lita had a little more time to figure out how she was going to "Take her out". She was unable get ahold of a handgun or even a rifle for that matter so it would have to be "upclose and personal", she had managed to sneak into the Hotel and steal a maids outfit. Once she had gotten the room number she got a tray with a bottle of champagne and headed for the room, hoping that no one else would be with her. ********************************************************************************************* She was surprized by how young the woman who answered the door was, and how tall, she had expected a woman in her 50s but she didn't look anywhere near that old. "Complaments of the Managment Ma'am." she said, the woman smiled and allowed her to enter, Lita quickly looked around to see if anyone else was in the room, she had checked in alone but Lita felt a woman who looked like this must have some guy hanging around, "Uhh How many glasses will you need Ma'am?" Lita asked, "Oh I am here alone today, you can put it over there thankyou." she replied. As she set the tray down she picked up the small coil of piano wire and slipped her fingers into the rings at it's ends. "Have a Goodday Ma'am." Lita said, "And you aswell." She replied as she turned back toward the Bathroom to finish dressing. ****************************************************************************************** All at once Lita turned and looped the piano wire over her head, but at 5' 3" she could only get the wire partly over the much taller woman's head and as she tighten it the wire cut into the bridge of her nose. Lita yanked back hard pulling her off balance then looped wire down around her neck. As she struggled for her life Lita began to feel the rush and tightened her grip on the wire, "This was it!" she thought, "Her dream had come true, she was now an international hitwoman!" There was just one problem.......the woman she was killing was NOT Miss Hatter. ___________________________________________________________________ Lita strained with all her might as she used the rusted nail to pry up the arm of the mousetrap, setting the release mechanism was the hardest part, as she had to practically stand on top of it as she slid the triggering bar into the ready possition. When sure it was set she quickly jumped off, taking the nail with her, there was a tiny almost inaudiable creak as the spring of the trap strained to spring forward but held. She had three of the traps set and that was going to have to do as Tina and Dina had begun to pick up their pace and she would have to hurry if she wanted to get them before they got to one of the walls in the outer areas. ********************************************************************************************** She had two ideas as to how to stop them, she hoped to get the smaller one with the mouse traps, as she saw her as the one who could give her the most trouble, once she had her she figured the big one might panic and she'd be able to drive her toward what she lovingly called "the Pincushion". If the traps failed she might still get them both in the pincushion, but her timing would have to be just right. All at once she heard something above her, scurrying upon some of the boards above, she knew what it was, "God help me, I know it by it's scent!" she thought to herself, always amazed about what she had gotten herself into. However, if she acted quickly enough, she might be able to use "it" to her advantage. ___________________________________________________________________ As Lita continued to struggle with what she thought was her target two knuckles on a gloved hand struck the nape of her neck, hitting an area of nerves that shot a bolt of agonized pain through her neck and shoulders. Before she could fully react the large gloved hands took ahold of her own and twisted them until her fingers released the rings on the piano wire. As Lita's victim lurched forward one of the gloved hands took a fistful of her hair and drove her face first into a near by table. ********************************************************************************************** Lita was stunned for a few seconds and as she came around once more she saw what many would consider a truely rare sight as Madam Hatter knelt and tenderly craddled the woman she had tried to kill, "Celeste! CELESTE!! look at me sweet one!" Celeste opened her eyes and began to cough and cry as Madam looked over the scarlet wound on her throat and the heavily bleeding slice on the bridge of her nose, "I'm alright ......who.......who is she....could 'He' have sent her?!?" Celeste asked with fear in her voice that caused Madam to become enraged, not only at the would-be assassin struggling to her feet but at Celeste aswell as she still allowed the fear of "That Man" to corupt her. ********************************************************************************************** Madam stood up and pulled Celeste to her feet, making sure she faced her attacker, "You should know better then that! Even if your 'Dear husband' had been given the opertunity to hire an assassin, I tend to think he would have had a better taste in them, I give the fool that much." Lita got to her knees, one hand pulling a small fighting knife from the top of her stocking, "So who the fuck are you?" she sneared, Madam gave a harsh little laugh, "I believe I am your target." Lita smiled up, "OH" she said as she sprang for her. ********************************************************************************************** As with many of the Hatter's Madam had a knowledge of the Martial Arts, as many of their dealings often lead some form of conflict, Lita knew a few kicks and blocks but was mainly a street fighter, as she thrust her knife at Madam she easily side stepped this attack, throwing a short sweeping kick to her shin causing her to fall face forward to the floor. Celeste quickly went to the phone to call security, "Put that down!" Madam commanded her, still looking at Lita as she scrambled to her feet, "I'm going show you something about the world. And as I do I want you again to consider what I have offered you." she said as Lita came for her again. ********************************************************************************************** Madam continued to talk even as Lita ran for her swinging her blade wildly, "There are so many vile people like this and your 'Former' husband in the world...." Madam blocked Lita's next swing and slapped her hard, even though she could have easily killed her, enraged Lita went for her again, she continued to speak, ".....they lie, cheat, steal even kill for mere money or base desires or both. And that is the way of humanity for the most part...." Lita howled with rage and charged again, Madam's front kick stopped her, "We Hatter's have taken the arts and sciences that fools have forgotten or cast aside and made it into true power...." Madam blocked her next stab slapped her twice across the face, then pushed her away, again passing up several killing blows. As Lita staggered back Madam continued to speak, "....we take ...creatures such as this and make them into playthings of wonder, we use their own faults and desires to make them our Pets....." "Fuck you Bitch!!" Lita screamed now equal parts anger and fear and lunged for her again. ********************************************************************************************** Madam caught the blade hand and twisted it until the knife fell into her own hand, still holding her wrist she flipped the knife around and slashed each side of Lita's face, then spun her around infront of her and held the knife to her throat, "...what I offer you is to be able to leave the fear of such animals like your husband behind and give you the power to twist such as them to your pleasure." With that she cut Lita ear to ear, again not not deep enough to kill just to draw blood, then drove Lita to the floor at Celeste's feet. ********************************************************************************************** Lita began to crawl for the door, running from a fight for the first time in her life, only to have Celeste begin to kick her until Madam Hatter stopped her with a gentle caress to her cheek, "No no my dear, never in anger, she is below that now. If you accept what I offer you, what will be done to her must be a disciplined ritual. but fear not for the rest of her existance she will wish I had opened her throat here." As Celeste looked down into Lita's defeated eyes with hate she simply said, "I accept" and so Lita became Celeste's first Wonder. ___________________________________________________________________ Madam Hatter had helped Celeste out of a very tragic and abusive marrage to a man who had tried first declare her insane then kill her for her inheritance. In her efforts to settle accounts with both him and what turned out to be several mistresses Celeste would learn of Madam's true talents and nature. At first Celeste was convinced, or atleast tried to convince herself out of her love and gratitude to her, that those Madam enslaved were somehow evil or wrong in someway, she would learn later on the truth and by then it would be far to late. ********************************************************************************************** Monsieur Chapeau was gracious enough to allow Madam and Celeste to use his villa for Lita's preperation and dwindling, by this time she had long since stopped trying to fight her way out and gave up the name of the man who hired her, even before she was dwindled. In time Madam would settle accounts with this man, making sure that everything was taken from him, including both his wife and mistress. And when he was broken and defeated, and Madam was sure he could not cause her or the Hatter clan any further annoyance, his Wife and mistress were returned to him in two bottles at the height of 3" inches. Over the next couple of years he would be watched, incase he decided show his tiny lovers to anyone. Madam would learn he had taken a night job at a convenience store and when his shift was done he would go home to his one room apartment and play with them, at times making them fight for his effections in a dish of vegitable oil. Somehow one of the surveillance photos of one of these matches got on to the internet, a minor annoyance to be sure but she was having the culprit looked for.******************************************************************************************** Madam paced nerviously as Celeste made the preperations upon Lita, except to give direct instructions upon the process she forced herself not to interfere with her as this was her first Pet and as such was hers to decide how small and what adornments she would wear, still she practically bit her own tongue when Celeste chose to remove the nipple rings, rather then utilize them as she herself intended to do with Dina's bellyring. Among his many reservations Monsieur Chapeau felt that Madam was rushing her into her first Pet but Madam dismissed this. Celeste was as fine a chemist as herself and so she had no doubt of either her ability or her conviction. ********************************************************************************************** Monsieur Chapeau prefered a more gothic look and feel to his "play rooms" as opposed to the silver and black sheen of Madam's own, but he did make use of the black rubber. Lita was held spread eagle by straps of the black rubber horizontally within a small stone room with a drain at the center of the cobble stone floor, as Celeste prepared her and Madam and Chapeau looked on. Lita writhed and struggled as she removed the tubes from her anus and vagina and their contents sprayed to the floor, Lita was well past any dignity as she continued to plead up to her, "Listen, listen listen.....I ...I'll kill the guy who sent of charge......anyway you want him done...please!!!!" When Celeste finished hosing her off Madam presented her with a tray that held an antique syringe filled with the dose of the red fluid that Celeste herself had mixed, as she brought it over, Lita's eyes widden in horror. Madam took Chapeau's hand with excited joy as this was the moment she had hoped for for so long, for Celeste to finally join her, in her world. ******************************************************************************************** Lita looked up and pleaded in last quiet whisper, "...please..." Madam thought for one moment that she saw Celeste hesitate, then saw her fingers go to the wound the piano wire had made upon her throat, she lightly traced the syringes point across the thin cut on Lita's heaving sweat drenched throat. Chapeau brought Madam's hand to his lips and kissed it, "She prolongs the agony, yours aswell, No?" he whispered, causing Madam to smile. Celeste thought of the last year she had spent having her life torn out from under her by a man she thought loved her and a friend she would have died for, how she with Madam's unique help gotten through it only to have her life nearly ended by this vile little person. And with that thought she plunged the needle into Lita's neck. ********************************************************************************************** For hours Lita's mind had raced with all the possibilities of what they were going to do to her, White slavery was the front runner in her mind, that the syringe was full of heroin and she'd spend the rest of her days in a drugged daze as men used her in all manor of ways, but as she felt the substance course into her and begin it's strange work, all this became wishful thinking as she felt her body painfully contract. She saw not only her perspective upon those who watched her change but could see the greater details as her world grew around her. She struggled against her bonds, which seemed to threaten to pull her apart, Chapeau would wait til the last second before using his device to adjust her bindings. Celeste loomed forward next to her ever smaller form as she was suspended four feet above the floor, "No ....No more smaller!" she screamed up, horrified at her ever quieter voice. Finally, to Madam's joy, she stopped at the perfectly perdetermined height of 6" inches, " a perfect dwindle." ********************************************************************************************** Celeste gasped with awe at the pleading form held prostrait before her, she reached out and touched the flesh of the squirming thing, amazed by it's heat. "Please......don't leave me like this!!" Lita whaled up pathetically, in response Celeste pulled something out of her pocket and held it in her closed hand over Lita, "Remember this?" she asked and opened her hand, letting the piano wire uncoil, one of the finger rings bouncing off of her heaving stomach. Celeste dragged the ring up her body as she spoke, "You never gave me a chance to plead, to beg for mercy." As it got to Lita's shoulder she let it slip over, then grabbed the ring with her other finger and looped the wire around her tiny neck, "Let me show you something my Dear Husband tried on me, it's called auto erotic exfixiation." With that she drew up on the rings with one hand while the smallest finger on her other hand began to massage between her legs. ********************************************************************************************* "Have a care sweet one, Pets can be both amazingly resilient and incredibly fragile." Chapeau warned, as she continued to knead the tiny orifice and Lita gasped for air and watched in utter helplessness as the giantess raping her with a mere pinky finger began to go to a dark grey, the cable around her throat cut off both air and blood to her brain. Finally just as Lita had all but stopped moving Celeste unwrapped the wire and as she drew in a deep breath of desperately needed air and incredible orgasm hit her, she writhed and convulsed with it until falling limp and spent. As Celeste ran her fingers over the tiny breasts of her new pet she turned to Madam and Chapeau, "You know I really should put some tiny rings in these pearcings, maybe use them for a little leash." Chapeau smiled widely, "I'm sure I can find you something." Madam hugged and kissed her with pride as Lita softly wept with but the first of her violations. ___________________________________________________________________ "Christ what is that sound!?!" Tina cried as the blood curdling squeeling continued, "It's some kind of animal!" Dina yelled as she looked up into the dark above them to see where it was coming from. Lita waited for the right moment as the two circled below her looking up to find the source of the horrifying sound. At that moment Tina dropped her scalpel and covered her ears, "This was it!" Lita thought. Dina saw something fall out of the darkness, "Tina look out!!" she called as the loop of string fell around Tina and tighten around her neck and under one arm. Then something else fell, it was preceeded by thick droplets of blood, as it jerked to a stop infront of her Tina was jerked up strait to face it. ********************************************************************************************** Tied to the other end of Tina's string was a rat, it's abdomen sliced open and as it hit the end of the string it's intestines spilled to her feet, still alive and in agony it began to claw and bite at her, hysterical she tried to back away but her feet slipped upon the entrails. Trying not to vomit Dina rushed over to try and help, "Tina lift me up so...." at that moment she saw another object fall toward her, a rectangular object, in that last instant she realized what it was.....SNAP!!! TO BE CONTINUED