The Smooth Black: 25

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The Smooth Black: Part 25 ******** For Lita the worst thing about being submerged in the green fluid was that you didn't pass out or go to sleep, you could still feel, you could still see and worst of all you could still think, just very very slowly. When put in a large amount of the green fluid the last things you feel linger and are stretched out into long sensations that in themselves became torments, a curl of her short black hair was twisted into her ear creating an itch she could never reach up to scratch, as Hose had lowered her into the large jar she jerked up on the tiny silver chains attatched to the tiny ringlets that pearced each of the nipples of her proportionately small pert breasts, this pain had lasted to become a near agony, strangely enough Hose's actions were as necessary as they were cruel, for if Lita had not breathed in the green right away there was a danger that her lungs would have closed off and she might have suffocated. ************************************************** Lita's eyes were open and she could see the lab out side her jar threw a green haze, she had seen Hose and Madam Hatter look in at her for a breif few seconds then saw as they seemed to speed up, in reality her own perceptions had grown slower, she saw Madam and Hose speed by like the images from a movie running to fast, it reminded her of an old movie called "The Time Machine" where a guy sat on the machine and the world and time speed by. What first enraged then terrified her was that they didn't even look at her, not even once, she wanted to scream to them and bang on the glass but she couldn't move, yet another torture for a woman who used to love biking, screwing as many men she could in a night and getting into knife fights for fun. What terrified her most was that she was just going to be left there, that she would see cobwebs quickly formed around her and she would be left in this cold dark green Hell. ************************************************** Finally Lita saw Hose drop down into the lab like a twisted yoyo and rocket toward her, the next thing she knew she was torn out of the green into bright blurring light, she saw as she flew at what seemed incredible speed toward a sink. Hose had pulled the still 6" inch form of Lita out of the jar of the green by a rubber strap connected to the back of her corset and brought her over to the lab sink and moved the large hot water handle to the on possition, she then held Lita under it's flow. Once sure that most of the green was off of her flesh she grabbed her tiny ankles and turned her upside down, the shock of the water washing the green from her caused Lita to convulse,hooking the strap over the faucet Hose reached down pride open her mouth so she could vomit up thhe rest of the green in her system. Lita was only begining to come back to her normal state when she was laid upon the counter face up, she could see as Hose went over and got the two wires from the large battery, she wanted to scream as she reached down to touch them to her nipple rings but could only manage a wimpering moan. Lita convulsed violently until Hose finally pulled the wires off of her ringlets, she curled on to her side coughing and crying, "Yyy You fucking bitch!!!" ************************************************** "Little time for ye antics, Mistress hath need of ye." Hose said as she coiled over to a nearby shelf and picked up a small odd shaped backpack that had several silver pins and tiny blades sticking from it's top, Hose examined it for a moment as she put her fingers to her visor, "How long was I out pilgrim?" Lita asked as she struggled to get to her feet, her arms still bound to her corset by her forearm length open fingered gloves. Holding the pack in one hand Hose coiled down toward her, she grabbed the chains that had been slung over her shoulders and pulled Lita to her feet by her nipples, "FUCKER!!!" she shrieked with pain, "I said we hath little time, now come!" Hose took ahold of the strap on the back of her corset rose upward toward the dome above, Lita looked up with a forced smile and spoke in her well practiced if false bravado, "So...I guess you must be finally smelling the little fella I left in the wall." __________________________________________________ Tina's biggest fear about going into the wall was the possibity of finding, or being found by rats, she had had a fear of them even at her full height but now as she and Dina looked at the one before them she was more afraid of what had killed it. Both of them had wanted to vomit from the smell as it had been in the wall for over 6 weeks, both of it's eyes had been put out but this was not what had killed it, as Tina turned away from it she saw it's blood had been splashed across the inside of the wall cavity. One of it's forepaws and both rear legs had been pinned to the floor by two old soeing needles and a safty pin, it's other forepaw had been cut off and was partly sticking out of it's mouth, in other words after the rat had been blinded it's own paw had been tormented with it until it chewed it to pieces. What finally killed it was one of the four small 2 peny nails sticking out of it's back and sides, leaning against the rats neck was another nail with a rock tied to it with an elastic band, which had been used like a crude sledgehammer to drive them in. ************************************************** "Wh What the fuck could have done this?!?" Dina asked horrified, "Th The Rat Catcher..." Tina answered in a hushed tone, "You remember what Nurse Owen said got at that other girl, the one that got her arms and legs pinned...." her voice trailed off and she began to shake, Dina put down the vial of healent and reached up, taking one of her larger fingers in her hand, "Listen to me! fucked up as it is, doesn't change anything, we still have to get out of here. We...we aren't rats OK, we got the scalpels we got the needles. If that Rat catcher or Hose or anything else comes for us....we cut it to ribbons or shrink it to a dustmite!" she said this stomping one of her highheel to the floor, causing Tina to smile, she smiled up, "Now come on I need you." Tina's smile wavered a little, "I....hope I don't ...let you down." Dina smiled widder, "You havn't yet, now let's go." Tina nodded and they both made their way around the desicated carcass. __________________________________________________ Lita Howard's all time favorite movie was "Le Femme Nikita", the original French version, upon leaving the theater she got her hair cut like the title character and went back for the next show, she knew right then she wanted to be a Hit woman. Her parents had long since given up on her when she left home, her first hit was for Eight hundred dollars, a group of Hooker pooled the meeger sum together to have their pimp, which she emptied a 25 caliber automatic into his face for what she called her "Taxi Driver Special" This would be story from her past that would get even a smile out of Hose, she would use a portion to get her nipples pearced. Over the next couple of years she would make several more unremarkable kills and manage not to get arrested, after making about half of what she was to get for kicking an old woman down some stairs for insurance money, she went to springbreak in Florida, there she met a drug dealer at a party. His brother in Brazil was the Number #3 Druglord and wanted to be Number #1, Lita convinced him to fly her in and let her kill the Number #2 man. She would spend 4 days in Brazil, watching her prey for the first day and a half, when she saw a hotdog stand near where he got into his Limo she got an idea. On the third day as he, his girlfriend and bodyguard walked to the car she ran up, took one of the propane tanks from the stand, she fired the first 2 rounds from the 44 Magnum into the bodyguard, flung the tank into the car and emptied the rest of her ammo into it. The tank exploded, killing the Druglord, his girlfriend, his driver and a little girl walking with her mother across the street. Again she got away and spent her last day in Brazil buying all the newspapers she could find as rememberance of her biggest hit yet, she was disappointed to learn that most of the newspapers talk more about the little girl being killed then her hit. __________________________________________________ "Thy Rat Catcher my Mistress." Hose said as she and Lita lowered from the Dome in the hallway, dispite herself Lita shuddered slightly, "Fully awake I hope, because you have work to do." Madam said as Hose dangled her infront of her face, she lightly brushed her finger nail against the bottom of her tiny feet, which were clad not in the usual highheels but kneehigh boot like wear that left her toes and heels open, she enjoyed as Lita squirmed at her touch. "What's the job?" Lita said evenly, Madam smiled at her attempts bravery, "Well one of your..."talents" might find it a welcome challenge, especially after being out of action for so long a time. Two of my pets have escaped into the walls, they have taken two antique scalpels, these are family heirlooms, I want them back undamaged, one is a foot and a half tall the other 5" inches, you can damage them as you have to, but nothing as extreme as your antics with Janet, I have my own plans for them. And I want them as soon as possible, none of your stalling." ************************************************** Lita straitened up as she hung before her, realizing that Madam "needed" her she grew a little more confident, "OK....we deal for that! First I don't want to be put into that green shit ever again! Second..." All at once Madam snatched her out of the air and slapped her against the wall, and pressed her thumb into her abdomen, her nail driving up under her tiny breasts, as she hung there wimpering Madam took the two tiny chains between the thumb and forefinger of her other hand, "Still living that sad illusion that your some world class assassin, well your not, you are a pathetic little creature with a minor if amusing talent that any mangy cat could preform with far greater efficiency!" With that she gave tiny chains a hard pull causing her to wimper, "I'm sorry.....sorry!" Madam continued, "And if I could stomach the filthy creatures YOU would be it's first meal. So here is my final answer to any deal you wish to propose, you will go into that wall, GET my property, GET my pets and whatever else they may have with them and either bring them out or secure them for my retrieval, THEN you may BEG me for the privilege to drag that carcass you left in my wall and bury it! And if you have pleased me I MAY give you something to dig with." With that she moved her thumb and let Lita drop, she screamed as she dropped the short distance to Madam's hand, she used her fingers to turn her over onto her stomach then held her up to Hose, who placed the pack onto her back, Madam used her device to both free her arms and form the rubber line Hose had dangled her upon into a harness to hold the pack on. Madam then lowered her to the floor infront of the open electrical outlet, she jumped off of her palm on to shaking legs, "Now SET TO WORK!" she commanded and Lita scambled inside. ************************************************** Madam stood up and turned to Hose, whose hand was to the side of her visor again, "Is the tracker working?" she said quietly, "Aye my Mistress. She seems to be climbing upward in the wall, might she be trying to trick us again?" Madam thought for a moment, "I'll let her have some leway, she does know how to hunt, but if she fails me in any way......I'll make her time with us up till now seem as a pleasent dream." Within the wall cavity Lita began to climb upward, to what she called one of her "Basecamps", she knew she could get a better vantage point on any movement in the walls from above, besides she wanted to see if she had anything left in her stash. ************************************************** About 8 feet above the floor was a 2" by 4" about 3 feet long, possibly used as part of a brace to hold up the wall until fortified, from here she was able to look over the edge and see all the way to the far wall in the dim light provided by cracks and holes in the wall. As she climbed up to the edge her hands felt for and found the small keychain light shaped like a handgun, still oversized to her, and turned it on, aiming it toward the wall to keep her prey and Madam Hatter from seeing it. She then crawled over to her stash, this consisted of a dried out piece of chocolate cake, inedible, a tall cap from a shampo bottle half full of wine, there was some dust and the remains of a dried out spider husk floating on top of it, she scooped these out, flung them aside, lifted out a small drop of it in her palm and began to such it into her mouth, warm as piss but good. Finally she came to the Hershy's Kiss, it's point knawed off, she carefully opened the foil and bit off a few small chunks. "Down to buissiness" she thought to herself and leaned over the side to look for her prey. After a minute or so she caught their shadows as they made their way to the corner of the far wall, they weren't making good time but ofcourse didn't know all of Lita's shortcuts, she'd be able to catch up to them easily. She looked up and saw that her favorite weapon was still sticking in the wall where she had left it. Dispite all the "nice pretty silver" weapons Madam and later Celeste had given her it was the lower half of an old strait-razor, it's handle made up of masking tape for padding was her most used weapon, in her hands it was like huge meat cleaver. It was her favorite because she found it, she made it usable, it was HERS. ************************************************** As she reached up for it her chest twinged from where Madam had pressed her against the wall, as ever Madam's pain brought her crashing back to reality, she pulled it free and looked it over, hating to see the reflection of herself in it's rust flect surface. At that moment she heard them as they discovered the dead rat, she couldn't make out what they were saying, and didn't care, all she knew was that it was good to be hunting again and if she were going to be Madam Hatter's "Pathetic Little Creature" she atleast had someone to take it out on. __________________________________________________ The money she got for killing the Druglord didn't last long, bad weekend in Atlantic City, and she was looking for work again. As fate would have it one of the Hookers who hired her for her first "job" had made good, becoming the Mistress of a prominent buisness man, he had a problem that she thought Lita might be able to solve and so put her intouch with him. It seemed his family buisiness was in the midle of a hostile takeover and his only way out was that the architect of the takeover be illiminated, as she had been rumored to have had shady dealings the finger of guilt was less likely to point to such a respectible buisiness man as himself. For Lita it was a dream come true, she would be given free passage to France for her biggest pay day yet, all for killing one Miss Hatter. TO BE CONTINUED