The Smooth Black: Part 24

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The Smooth Black: Part 24 ******** Dina and Tina made their way through a darken hallway, staying close to the walls, trying as Sarah suggested to follow the houses original walls to the outer areas and hopfully back to where they had come in. Along with her scalpel Dina carried a tiny vial, about the size of a gallon jug to her, which had a handle made of medical tape and a tiny piece of cotton stuck to it's cap, this was a small amount of the healant that Nurse Owen had given them. As they turned another corridor Tina saw tiny metal device push out of one of the rubber walls about less then a half inch, it was tubular in shape and had several small black glass surfaces around it's sides. "Wha What is that?!?" Tina stammered, Dina waved for her to get back behind the corner, "I think it's some kind of sensor, they may know we've escaped, we better...." but before Dina could finish the thought she saw that more of the devices from the rubber walls they'd just past. As they both pressed themselves against the old wall Dina noticed she was standing against an old wall plug, now nearly as tall as she was, "Dina....What are we going to do???" Tina whispered desperately, Dina looked from wall plug up to Tina, "I think I got an idea.....your going to hate it." _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Anna was shaking as her bin was pulled and she saw Madam Hatter learing down at her, "And how are we feeling this evening?" Madam said as she gave one of her large near human-sized breasts a tap with the toe of her boot, causing it to jiggle and Anna to sob with fear. She then pushed the bin back into it's slot and turned to look upon Nurse Owen and Sarah as they glared up at her. At that moment Hose lowered from above, "The system be online, no sign of them as yet my Mistress." To this Madam gave a seemingly absent nod and began study the various contents of the higher shelves, ignoring both their gaze and the terrified whispers of Nurse Owen's other patients. ************************************************** "I heared you had visitors this evening. How sad you didn't see fit to inform me." Madam said as she put down one object and picked up another, a motorized breast pump attached to a plastic bottle. "Yes....they were hear for a short time." Nurse Owen said in an even tone, "Atleast an Hour my Mistress, judging by the holes cut in thy walls....and the movemwent the rack." Hose said smiling down at Owen, "And in all that time it never occured to either of you that my Pets don't usually CUT their way into rooms?" Madam said as she continued to study the pump. Sarah wheeled forward, noting as Hose lowered down to a possition between her and Madam,"Yeah CUT as in they were armed with scalpels! What were we suppost to do?!?" Madam merely rolled her eyes at this, "Sarah, dear, you were with me for part of that time, if you'd had the sence to keep your mouth SHUT you might not have implicated yourself. So do be quiet." Owen stepped forward, "She is right they were armed and highly irrational, if I had made any attempt to raise an alarm they might have started hurting the other girls." Madam raised an eyebrow to this, "And...after they had left?" "I thought YOU would come in and hurt them." Owen stated coldly. ************************************************** Madam laughed lightly to this, "A good instinct." She began to unscrew the the plastic bottle for the breast pump, "Hose, fetch me little Mindy would you." Owen tried to bar Hose's path but but she merely rose up and over her then down to the bin with the square cut in it's front, Owen could hear screaming and the skittering of tiny feet as Hose pulled it forward then leaned down into it, she turned to Madam, "Please if if you have to punish anyone" Suddenly as Madam Hatter trained her device at her Owen's corset reached out and bound her arms to her sides. Madam then knelt down and pushed Owen against one of the shelves, her fingers undoing her bib like front, "Oh never fear my little Nurse you will indeed be involved. Tell me, are you still giving quality milk?" Madam asked as she stripped off the medical tape from one of her nipples. "Aye my Mistress, tis still quite sweet." Hose said happily as rose up with the screaming inch and a half woman dangling upside down by one foot, Madam held the small plastic bottle up so that Hose could stuff the struggling figure into it's opening. As Mindy hit the bottom she looked up to see as Madam screwed the breast pump back on and began to scream up in terror. Madam then brought the bottle and pump to Owen's eye level, which widen in horror as she saw Mindy as she hammered at the sides of the bottle and pleaded to her to get her out, "M Madam....Mistress please...." Owen pleaded as Madam smiled, "All you have to do is answer my questions before poor Mindy gets her fill." And with that she started the pump. ************************************************** When Nurse Owen first arrived there were very few "patients" for her to feed and as her breasts kept making milk she had to constantly milk herself. Madam had found some amusing games to play with her, after a screaming match with Madam about what she wanted her to wear she was bound face down upon a black rubber floor, then the area she laid upon was sunken down about a foot into the floor, the pressure on her breasts caused the milk to run freely, even Madam herself was surprized at the speed at which the milk filled the space, Owen could not swallow enough of her own milk and soon was about to drown, with the last gasp of air Owen cried out for Madam, after she was rinsed off with near scalding water she put on the uniform Madam had given her, she could have simply formed it around her using her device but Madam enjoyed watching her little Nurse's final defeat. However Madam decided to allow her the pump as to keep down the sour milk smell if nothing else, Owen would put the excess in a small refrigerator in the infirmary and as the amount of patients grew she had needed the pump less and less. Her pleas for Madam to stop were nearly drown out by the harsh buzz of the pumps action. ************************************************** Mindy crawled away from the white plastic straw like fixture that hung fron the center of the pump above until she was pressed against the inside of the bottle, covering her ears to the nearly defening hammering vibrations of the pump, the milk first spat the flowed down quickly washing over her feet, she looked out to see the distorted image of Owen as stared in at her in helpless terror. "So........what did they have with them?" Madam asked calmly as she held the wide horn like end of the pump over her breasts while fondling the other with her fingers of her free hand, "....Sc Scalpels..." "And...." "Some some tiny syringes....!" Madam waited until the bottle was over half full before continuing, "What was in them?" "uhh I uhhI think...." "You had better KNOW, she hasn't got much time left." Owen saw the small pink outline of Mindy pressed against bottle, her tiny face bearly visible at the top as it tilted back gasping for the remaining air, "Uhhh 5 of the red 3 of of the pink!!! That's all I know!!!!" Owen said paniced now, Madam smiled, "Now did you give them any help, any directions...." All at once Owen saw Mindy's face disappear in the milk. ************************************************** "THAT"S ENOUGH!!!" Sarah yelled and reached up for Hose's coil and swung her downward, her upper body hit Madam's wrist causing her to drop the pump, as it fell to Owen's feet she stomped on it breaking the pump and cracking the bottles neck, which allowed the milk to drain out. "Twisted brute!" Hose yelled and rose up her coils wrapped around Sarah's shoulders and tightened, Sarah let out a howl of pain as it constricted around her with such force her wheels were lifted off the floor. "Don't kill her." Madam said with what seemed only minor annoyance, "Aye my Mistress!" Hose said with a snear, Sarah hung there trying in vain to break free. Madam turned to Owen just as she pushed the now half empty bottle with the coughing and weeping Mindy inside under the shelf with her foot, I must say Nurse Owen I am not very impressed with how you are running my Infirmary." Owen stepped forward, rage in her eyes, "If you have a problem with the way this Infirmary is run, you take it up with me!" ************************************************** Madam reguarded her for a moment then beaconed Hose over and whispered something into her ear, still holding Sarah Hose lowered toward Owen, pulling one of her tubes from her pack, adjusting it's nozzle to needle mode, and as she came face to face with Owen she grined widely. All at once Hose whipped backward on her coils and drove the needle into Sarah's neck, "NOOOO!!!" Owen screamed, Hose then released Sarah, her tires hitting with a jerking bounce, she bearly noticed as she grasped the injection point on her neck and began to gasp with fear. "What?!? WHAT DID YOU GIVE HER!?!?" Owen demanded, Madam smiled as she looked from Owen to Sarah, "It seems she is still capable of causing trouble with that muscular little to take it away from her." ************************************************** Sarah could feel her strength starting to fade, she looked down at her forearm and watched as it grew first less tone then thinner, she felt herself slip down in her corset as her back and lat muscles began to contract and grow smaller. To Owen it looked as if Sarah was deflating like a ballon, only her breasts were growing, to about twice what they had been. The sweat that poured down her stomach found less and less resistance as the abdominal muscles shrank until they were invisible under the softening flesh. She cupped her hands upon her growing breasts and saw as the hands themselves grew thin and delicate, "NOOOO!!!" Sarah screamed in her now higher voice, "Ah yes even here, as you were, you still had pride in the body you created for yourself.......pity you didn't use it better." Madam said as she used her device to retighten her corset. She parted her own breast to try and see what was happening with her tiny legs which had begun to twitch, strangely very little happened to them, they lost only some of there definition but remained the same size, whatever caused them to shrink the way they had was now maintaining their status quo. ************************************************** As the process finished Owen was shocked how small Sarah looked as she hung weeping at the center of her wheels, "Oh yes you may go comfort her." Madam said with a sigh as she released Owen's arms, Owen rushed over, pulling her arms free with a liquidy pop, Sarah lurched forward, her arms nolonger having the strength to control her mechanism properly, Owen took her head in her hands, "It's OK, it'll be alright." she whispered, then she turned to Madam, tears of rage in her small eyes, "This was MY responsibilty!!!!" she shrieked, Madam gave her a bemused look, "Ofcourse it is, and this is the price for sherking that responsibilty TO ME. Remember it next time you have uninvited guests." With that Madam turned to leave, Owen called up to her, "Dina said.....if you get in her way she was going to inject you with as many of those syringes as she could, feel free to come in for treatment if that happens!" Madam looked back and smiled indignently down at her as the door slid open then left. ************************************************** Hose coiled down to Sarah looked into her face, which still showed it's rage upon her now softer features, "Make ye sure ye can still 'pull thy own weight', otherwise Mistress might find other uses for thy 'girlish figure'" And with that she to left. When she was sure she was gone Sarah tried to move her wheels forward, but with all her new strength could only manage a half inch, "I can't even move it...." she sobbed, Owen went over to her and hugged her again, "Listen it is going to be OK." She turned around and began to speak to everyone in the room, "Everyone....Sarah has helped us all out in the past, now she needs our help, we are going to get through this and get her through it, alright?" All at once from all the bins they yelled out their love and support for her, and Sarah wept again, this time with gratitude. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Ye should see this my Mistress." Madam Hatter walked down the corridor and looked where Hose was gesturing, at the base of each of the rubber walls little holes had been cut, there were 5 or 6 of them down this corridor and as she looked down the next she saw atleast 5 more. "A most clever diversion." Hose mused, Madam shot her an annoyed glance, "All they are doing is delaying the inevitable and dulling my Father's scalpels in the process. We will have to check them all. Start over there." Madam and Hose began to go from room to room checking for Tina and Dina but found nothing, then as Hose came down into the hallway once again she noticed a small pile of white dust near the base of one of the houses old walls, as she looked closer she could it was plaster dust and was piled under an old plug outlet which had a screw missing. She called to Madam and as she came over Hose easily dislodged the metal cover, revealing a great deal of space within the walls. Madam lightly brushed the edge of the opening with the toe of her boot, "Hose.....fetch the Rat Catcher." __________________________________________________ Dina had to admit, Tina was a trooper, she was terrified to come in here but she did it, and even though she was horrified and sickened by the huge clods of dust and cobwebs that were like sheets of filthy cloth she kept her cries of disgust as quiet as her own. Fortunately there was more then enough room for Tina to stand and enough space between the plaster was and the support beams for her to squeeze past, Dina had been more concerned about herself getting past with her now huge bellyring. The walls were in poor condition so light streamed through cracks hear and there so they had atleast some light to work with, Tina got the idea to use the sides of the scalpel blades to reflect light to where they needed to see. Suddenly Tina screamed, Dina quickly rushed over to where she stood, "Shut up they'll hear...." Dina began then saw what Tina had seen and had to stifle her own scream. TO BE CONTINUED