The Smooth Black: Part 23

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The Smooth Black: Part 23 ***** Madam Hatter stared with cold rage at the Mixing table, it was a lot of damage for the mere escape of two pets, there was a pile of melted rubber and broken glass upon the floor at the far side of the table where the acid spilled by Tina had warped one of the corners caused several test tubes and beekers to tumble to the floor. Another lesser solvent had been spilled across the front of the table, causing less damage but shorting out the panels opening mechanism. She saw within the open panel that several of the small injection needles were missing and she had no way of knowing what was in them as the remaining ones had been smashed, Dina's idea. But to her the worst was that two of her Father's antique scalpels were gone, the fact that the last physical rememberance of her Father had and were being pawed over by such vile little things made her ill with rage. ************************************************** And at the center of this little devastation was the deflated garmet of Mixer, laying face down as it had when Dina and Tina left, Hose coiled down next to Madam as she stared at it, "I..." was all Hose got out when Madam suddenly whirled around grabbed Hose around the chest and shoulders and slammed her against the nearest of the rubber walls. "WHAT were you going to say MY LTTLE DEAR!! Because it sounded DISTINCTLY like I TOLD YOU SO!!! And I wouldn't advise you continue that thought!" She felt her tiny chest heave with a sigh, Hose looked directly into Madam's face, her own face completely calm, "Nay my Mistress, I merely wished to ask how small she might have dwindled." Madam did not care for her flat tone as she seemed be trying to get as near to defiance as she could. With her other hand Madam raised her device up between them, "Let's find out shall we?" ************************************************** The Black Rubber was a revolutionary creation of the Hatter's, it was a liquid polymer laced with hundreds of thousands of microscopic mechanisms and circuits, with the use of special device the circuits could form the rubber into either preprogramed forms or even new forms feed into them by impulses from relays in Madam's Tophat. The Rubber around Mixer was special, not so much for it's color but that it had it's own power sources and would automatically reseal itself, as Mixer had constant contact with glass and corrosive chemicals Madam wanted to make sure she could never remove even the smallest part of her garmet. Madam waved the device over the white rubber, deactivating the program that held it together, all at once the garmet collapsed and melted into a white puddle, the goggles, mouth piece and small rectangular strips that were the rechargable power sources appeared upon it's surface. Then a tiny form broke the surface, the quarter inch thing waded desperately toward the edge of the chestdeep pool, crying tiny whines up to her now massive Mistress, who rolled her eyes with disgust. ************************************************** "Hose." Madam said with a gesture, as she coiled down and plucked the squirming thing from the puddle Madam continued to train the device on her, not wanting even a single tiny droplet of the rubber to cling to her, wanting her naked in her shame. Hose stared down at the tiny pale hairless woman in her hands, her hips unconsciously swayed with her excitement at the thought of one who had once been her Mistress and played her own cruel games with her now a pathetic little creature pleading up to her. Hose probed her with her index finger, slipping down over the tiny breasts and between the tiny kicking legs, drawing a peeping howl and a smear of blood on her finger tip from when Mixer was forced to pull her own tubes out as she shrank. Hose licked the blood from her finger then looked up to Madam, "She wishes to convey what hath transpired, do ye wish me to relay it?" Madam waved this off, not even wanting to look upon the tiny thing pleading up to her, "I know what happened here! She saw that they had opened the panel and insted of sounding the alarm tried to gain my favor by handling it herself. And in the process allowed two freshly collected pets to dwindle her to small to even be a minor diversion." She listened to the tiny pleading sounds a moment longer then turned back to her, " did try to stop them....I guess you deserve something." ************************************************** Mixer tried to ignor Hose's now huge finger as it stoaked her back as she watched Madam turn to the mixing table and, to her utter shock, lower the central platform and take the small plastic sphere containing Little Pony, almost without even having to look at the controls. Madam held the sphere up to eye level and gave it a light tap with her finger nail, Little pony's memories of who and what she had been were nearly obliterated by the tortures and isolation but she still knew Madam Hatter well and reared back within the sphere, much to Madam's amusement. Finally Madam looked at the tiny thing who now stood in stunned silence upon Hose's hands, she smiled down at her, " didn't think I knew about your little pet. How do you think she got in here, how do you think you were able to make her enclosure without my knowing? I allowed you to have her, I wanted you to have a reminder of what you threw away! But I imagine you thought it some minor victory over me, thought it a wonderful little secret you had from me. That is why you failed as my apprentice, you always settled for the lesser pleasures." ************************************************** Madam aimed her device at the plastic sphere, she and others of the Hatter's had tried experamenting with manipulating hard plastics the same way they did the rubber, the results were mixed at best, though they were able to make the plastics as hard as steel it took far to long to reform to be practical, which was why Madam only widen an airhole on the sphere's side, then held it up toward Hose, " did TRY to stop them and for that I'll let you be with your beloved pet once more." Frantically Mixer clung to Hose's fingers as she began to slide her into the hole, smiling she gave a quick flick of her fingers and sent the tiny screaming former Mistress tumbling down the sphere's interior, Madam then waved her device over it, the airhole shrank back to it's original size with an audiable crack. Madam then set the sphere back on to the mixing table and she and Hose leaned in to watch their reunion. ************************************************** Mixer tried to get to her feet at the bottom of the sphere only to have it move under her, causing her to fall back against it's steeply sloping sides and found herself staring up at the inch and a half tall woman on all fours that now towered over her. Her brown eyes stared down in wonder at her new visitor, it had been the first time in a very long time that she had had any contact with another being so close to her, she could smell her tiny odor, a mixuter of rubber, B.O. and piss, after so long it was a wonderful experence, then Mixer began to speak, "pony...pony? it's you remember me?" she asked, knowing full well that she herself couldn't even remember her own name, "please we we have to....take care of each other now....please remember!!!" All at once the brown eyes narrowed and the look of wonder faded as Pony did remember, not everything but brief moments here and there, of the woman she used to be riding the real animal she now mimiced with this woman that she called friend, having that woman drug her, violate her and then threaten to crush her when she grew to small, then violate her in ways her mind could never deal with. A woman who had been so large to her that she could easily gallop atop of her flesh as she laid prone and who now quivered at her hooves a small begging thing. Yes Little Pony remembered her and Mixer's eye widen with terror at her rememberance. ************************************************** Screaming Mixer rolled out of the way at the white rubber hoove slammed down, again she rolled as Pony drove her other hoove down at her, the sphere jerked forward with her efforts, knowing the sphere couldn't roll sideways Mixer tried to climb up the sides but Pony kicked at her causing her to roll back down in front of her. Pony dove for her with both forward hooves but Mixer managed to dive behind them and scrambled toward the rear of the sphere, suddenly one of the rear hooves stamped down and crushed one of Mixer's ankles. As she screeched with agony Pony tried to turn around causing the sphere to roll forward, before Pony could stop her momentum Mixer had managed to grab ahold of one of the airholes and hung on until she was over top of Pony then dropped down on to her back with a tiny smack of flesh on flesh. ************************************************** Pony turned her head to try and see the small rider clinging to the small of her back, "please pony please!!!" Mixer whined as she tried to climb up to the mock main to hold on, Pony began to jump and buck, trying to dislodge unwanted passenger. As she desperately clung to the hot sweaty flesh she could hear laughter as Madam and Hose were greatly amused by the bizarre little rodeo act. As she tried to reach out for the mock main Pony lept upward and jammed Mixer against the top of the sphere, as Pony landed she bounced off of her shoulder and fell to the bottom, breaking her arm. Pony slowly backed up until Mixer laid before her front hooves once again, she looked down upon her one last time then rose her hoove and as Mixer saw the appendage rise over her a name suddenly sprang into her mind, " name is karen!!" she yelled up as the hoove came down. The sad thing was Karen had been Pony's name not Mixer's. ************************************************** As Madam saw the small burst of red at the bottom of the sphere she raised her device and pressed another button. Pony was looking at the trampeled remains when she felt a strange tingling in the rubber on her, she was startled to see the white hooves darken in color and soon went from grey to black, outside the puddle that had been Mixer's garmet also darkened and turned black, "So much for the House of White." Madam Hatter said in a quiet bitter tone. ************************************************** After another minute Madam used her device again, the sphere loudly cracked in half, the tiny tubes in Little Pony's buttox and vagina painlessly dropped out, she gave a wiggle of her hips to this then happily trotted about the table finally free of her tiny prison. Then she felt Madam's gaze upon her and grew afraid, she galloped toward the imagined safty of the forrest of beekers and tubes, "Hose" Madam said almost absently, Hose swooped, slipped her forearm around her small waist and rose upward, she bucked her hooves twice then, realizing how quickly they had risen ceased all struggles, Hose enjoyed the feel of the little hearts hammering. Madam turned to Hose as she rose up to her, "Take THAT to Nurse Owen, then set up the internal sensors, I want those little wretches found and I want my Father's property returned! And when that is done make a pot of strong coffee because I intend to be up ALL NIGHT with THEM!" "Aye My Mistress." Hose said and rose up through the silver dome above. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As Hose made her way to the Infirmary, she absently stroked Pony's back as she thought about what had happened. She was greatly disturbed by the events of the evening, it was not the escape itself, both she and Madam had often enjoyed them as much as some of the games they played with their pets. Nor was it was it Madam's outburst toward her, she had born much worse after all. No it was Madam's carelessness, not only leaving two new aquisitions in a sensitive area, but taking the two men in the same evening, when she could have easily had Mr. Sloat hide their car, and had yet to call him to move all the vehicles, and taking the Simms woman in the same night, she could have taken her anytime. Madam had become careless of late and it all stemmed from one thing, Celeste failure as an apprentice, Hose had hoped her trip abroad would have helped matters but to no avail, Hose hoped that the incident tonight might shock her Mistress out of this bad spell and return her to her sences. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "I have another charge for thee." Hose said as she lowered into the Infirmary, as Nurse Owen walked up Hose handed down Pony, she took her gently and looked her over with a look of sad pity, "Are those things nessary?!" Owen asked angrely of the hooves wrapped onto her arms and legs, Hose smiled down, "If ye look close at her eyes ye will see she hath worn them a goodly while. But ye are more then welcome to cut them away from her....if ye think she would survive without them." Owen looked into Pony's face and saw the strange expression, though she seemed happy to be in her arms and nuzzled against her, she knew that she was well into the horse persona and if they were to try and take them off she might die of shock. "Mindy!" Owen called and as she came over Owen set Pony down infront of her, she looked at Pony apprehensively, "It's OK, she needs food and a place to sleep." Owen said, Mindy slowly walked up to her, Pony looked at her puzzled,"You wanna eat? Eat? Come on." Mindy coaxed, she took a couple of tentative steps then happily trotted along side her, just glad to be able to move freely once again. ************************************************** Owen turned around to find Hose hanging close to her face, "Tell me, if she be lead to water...will she drink?" She asked with a grin, "I'll let you know if we need anything for her, you have a good night." Owen said coldly. Hose smiled at this and began to rise upward, that was when she saw the rack. She had noticed earier it had been moved once that evening and now it rested on a completely opposite wall, "Ye seem to be having trouble thy racks final destination?" Hose said suddenly, from across the room Sarah shot Owen a terrified glance, Owen remained composed, "I'm trying to make most of the space I have. But if you have a place you want it to go tell me and when we have the chance Sarah and I will move it there, OK?" Hose admired her even tone but could smell her fear, "Oh Nay! Ye be busy in thy toils, allow me!" Before anyone could stop her she snaked over and grabbed ahold of the front of the rack with both hands, the hose like cable pulled her back with a jerk and the rack toppled to the floor, revealing the all to slowly sealing slices at the walls base. Hose pulled the tube of the green fluid forward from her pack with one hand as her other activated the microphone in her visor, "Mistress? I pray thee to come to the Infirmary." TO BE CONTINUED