The Smooth Black: Part 22

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The Smooth Black: Part 22 ******HOSE had finished replacing a circuit board in one of the houses main relay systems and pulled out of the narrow panel at the center of the house and lowered back down to the octagonal platform. She punched a check next to this last task on the list upon her tiny computer screen, all her nights work was done but she chose to check upon other systems within the house, it was after all her home aswell. She noted that several chemicals used that night had yet to be replenished, Mixer was usually much more efficient then this and she wondered if the two new pets might in someway be interfering with her. She touched the control for the Mixing room and the platform began to move. Hose also wondered if Mixer might be finally trying to resist Madam but dismissed this thought, even when she had been one of her Mitresses Hose knew she had not the strength to defy Madam Hatter, she would be the one to know. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Upon acquiring Hose Madam Hatter did something that she had never done either before or since, she took no other pets for well over a year and even those she already had only seemed to serve as test subjects for what she would try upon Hose. She continued to resist Madam, she would escape but not try to leave but lay in wait for Madam. Because of her new smaller size and lack of feet her actions against Madam were limited at first, but she began to become quite creative. Madam in return was both infuriated by her and yet facinated as to what she would do next. Then came the day that Hose nearly pushed her to far. ************************************************** One evening Madam came home from seeing to some finacial affairs to find that Hose had escaped from the latest binding she'd left her in, "I can't even get a Goddamned drink first! Or have you pissed in my brandy again?!" she called out in mild frustation. Madam took time to quickly change, by then she was in the mood to play. She began in the bedroom searching the top shelves first, as Hose once dropped a bust of Julius Ceaser onto her head once. When she found her curled into one of her slippers in less then a half an hour she was disappointed, "My my your not even trying anymore." she grabbed her by her stumped legs and brought her up to her face, noticing that Hose was not resisting very hard, it was not until she was at eye level that she saw the small white perl in one of her hands. What Madam did not know is that Hose had gotten out very early in the day and had found something under her bureau, Madam saw her tiny face beam a manic grin and the flash of the 6 inch silver hatpin as she stabbed for her right eye. *************************************************** In the last instant Madam flinched and the pin's point struck her eyebrow and slid sideways across her temple under her skin. For what seemed a long time she just stared down at her, she could see the perl of the hatpin as it rested on the corner of her eye, it wasn't until she saw Hose reaching for it that Madam Hatter reacted. She gave an almost primal howl and threw Hose with all her might, she struck the backboard of the bed, breaking her arm in three places, and bounced onto the bed, Madam ran over and snatched her up, her fingers pinning her broken limb to her side and cracking two ribs. The thought that burned across Madam's mind in that moment was to bite her fowl little head off her shoulders but as she glared down into her face she did not see fear only her pain, she did not hear her screams only a soft agonized tone, "...If ....if thy toy nolonger amuses thee....then end it.......for us both." ************************************************** It was the most amazing moment in Madam Hatter's life as she stared down at this broken thing in her hand with awe, it was not just that she had taken all the pain she could give her but that she had made her lose control, with an old hatpin she had turned her from Mistress to mere brutal animal. Madam realized that Hose wanted to die, or atleast thought she wanted to die, but wanted more aswell, she could have easily fallen upon that pin or hung herself with the laces but no she wanted HER to do it and go against everything she valued to do so. It ment that a mere PET had somehow figured out her very philosophy. "What a mavelous creature!" Madam thought to herself. ************************************************** Hose felt Madam's grip loosen and saw her face become calm, when she finally spoke in was in a calm even tone, "Beleave it or not you......won this day. And I hope that you relish this victory but also I hope savor the punishments to come. Weather you are a fool, a mad little thing or....what I think you maybe, you will be with me for a long time, if I am able to manage that, and I have a word of advice for you." As she spoke her next words, Madam began to draw the hatpin ever so slowly from her flesh. "You must find the happness in your slavery, joy in your torments...." As the point of the pin left her skin, thick drops of blood streamed down her cheek, "....Drink every drop of blood...." She ran her tongue up the pin, leaving a tiny droplet at it's tip, " it were wine. And as you see beauty in the rose....." She held the pin point and the tiny droplet to Hoses tiny lips, " should you see it in the thorns." And to her joy, which she did her very best not to show, Hose drank in the droplet, then passed out from her pain. ************************************************** Even with Madam's skills it took Hose nearly two weeks for her to heal from these wounds, in that time Madam tried to devise another strange punishment and as she remembered the story of Hose's life she came up with what she thought was the perfect punishment. Upon her full recovery Hose was outraged to find out she was Madam's new Showerhead. ************************************************** At this time Madam did not have as much of the technology she now possesed, Hose had her legs slid down into a specially made hose that split into two smaller tubes that sprayed hot water up into her crotch and over her back, her hands had sponges strapped to them. It was the perfect mixture of sexual and psychological torture, and as ever Hose fought Madam every step of the way. Then one day...... ************************************************** Madam slid her over slid her up and down her stomach, tiny arms tried to push herself up from the soapy flesh but this only aided Madam in scrubbing, this enraged Hose and as she slipped up over one of nipples she bit into it hard. To this Madam adjusted the water to be hotter and spray up harder into her pussy, "There that should keep your little cunt wet!" Madam said with a laugh, to this Hose suddenly jammed one of the soapy sponges into mouth, "Ye needed thy filthy mouth washed out!" Hose laughed back as she spit the suds out. "I think we need to put YE filthy little mouth to better use!" Madam sneared as she strapped Hose's arms to her sides. Slowly she slid Hose's face down the front her chest and stomach even as she tried to bite her flesh until her small head was pressed against the lips of her pussy, she bit onto a clump of the soaked pubic hair and yanked at it but a finger brushed it from her teeth and pressed her tiny screaming face into the folds of flesh. She turned and twisted her head as she was pressed in ever deeper and as she bit the more tender flesh within Madam tightened her inner muscles, feeling each one of the enraged contortions of the tiny face, all the time her thumb massaged the small back and the fingers massaged the little breasts as the miniture nipples grew rock hard. She continued to struggle for a long time and Madam continued the rhythmically compress her small head, then all at once she stopped. ************************************************** At first Madam thought that she might have broken her neck, or in her struggling broken her own neck, then she felt a new sensation as the tiny face made small shaking movements within her, "Weeping!" Madam thought with joy, it had been more then a year but she had finally broken her spirit. She waited awhile longer then slowly slid her out of her orifice and brought her to eye level but her eyes widen with shock at what she saw, for Hose was not weeping she was laughing. It was not the laughter of gibbering insanity but the quiet laughter of one who had come to understand the Hatter philosophy, who had seen the beauty of both the rose and thorn. She looked up into Madam's eyes and smiled, "What would ye have me do now my Mistress?" ************************************************** Madam calmly took her to the side of the shower and washed her hair, she then took her to the bedroom and they spent the night together. In the morning Hose awoke alone and spent the rest of the day upon the bed, wondering why she'd simply left her. Madam had intended to use a technique she would come to call deprivation, where when she had taken a pet to their limits then she would bind them somewhere and deprive them of all sensation until they craved any type of sensation, pleasure or pain. One of the uses for the green fluid was to keep them from moving or touching themselves in anyway, the woman who acted as her current Brandy glass was a fine example. However Madam seemed to be unable to completely leave Hose alone so she would bind her to corsets and ignore her. At first she pleaded and asked what she had done wrong then fell silent seeming to except her fate. ************************************************** Madam went back to collecting and playing with her other pets, as Hose watched silently, then one day out of the blue Hose asked Madam a question, not about herself or what was to become of her but about what Madam was doing, it was such a thoughtful and intelligent question that Madam was in the middle of answering it before she realized she'd broken the silence. Soon Hose was asking more questions and Madam eventually began to answer them, happy to finally have someone to speak of her Dark Wonders to. Upon learning Hose could not read she found and dwindled a teacher for her to learn, which she picked up all to quickly as far as the tiny teacher was concerned as it left her open to more of Madam's games. As she learned more of Madam's secrets she was given tasks to preform to which she relished, she even became Madam's Mixer for a time, though she was never as isolated as her current one. ************************************************** When Madam helped to create the black rubber, she designed Hose's current mode of transport allowing her the freedom of all her houses, many of the earier attemps were both limited and often comical. Soon Hose was running most of the houses day to day working and even answering the phone, Madam would often be amused when buisness associates would refer to the secretary with that stange little accent. Hose was not above Madam's games or her wrath but she had come to accept and even love her stange and twisted life. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Madam finished the cognac that Beverly Simms had brought with her as she scanned the computer looking into all the dealings she and Simms had had, seeing if her disappearence might cause any problems, seeing nothing of any real significance she logged off and closed the laptop, as she did so her eyes met the picture of the last Hatter public gathering, a foxhunt in England, she saw herself and Celeste sitting upon their horses next to one another, in happier times. She thought of earlier, of how she had said, "If you have the advantage KILL HER NOW!" And tried to imagine how things had gone so wrong between them. At that moment Hose lowered from the dome above and Madam pushed those thoughts aside, "Well Hose, how fairs my House?" She asked then realized that Hose had not coiled down near her as usual but stayed at a distance, her small face grim, "My Mistess....there is a problem in the Mixing Room." TO BE CONTINUED