The Smooth Black: Part 21

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The Smooth Black: Part 21 ******HOSE rose upward, the taste of Nurse Owen's milk still lingering in her mouth and as she looked down to see her and Sarah looking up in helpless rage at her, it's taste was all the sweeter. She raised up threw the silver dome, which was really a sphere with a large circular hole at it's center, it turned sideways and sealed off the room below from any possible, if unlikely escape attempts. The hose like cable to which she was connected to was made up of three sections which began to slide into one another, shutting up like a bizarre telescope. It's end was connected to an octagonal platform that hung from rails that ran along the narrow passage ways above the ceilings of the house. She curled up to the bottom of the platform to a series of controls, she touched one and the platform rose up from the rails and began to move almost soundlessly upon electromagnetic current to it's next destination. Hose touched another control and a panel opened and revealed a tiny monitor which began to display information on the status of the houses many systems, to watch her as she worked upon the tiny computer it would amaze one to think that when she first came into possesion Madam Hatter that she could neither read or write. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Unlike Mixer Hose was very happy to have forgotten her former life. The girl that would become Hose was born to utter poverty, her mother a whore, her father merely one of the many men she serviced. Her mother was very much owned by a pimp named Bruno, he was known for his cruelty, and would become a minor legend for it, he had gotten her mother addicted to laudanum then parceled it out for what little money she and his other girls could make for him. Dispite her grim upbringing she would grow into a lovely girl and Bruno saw oppertunity in this and bought her from her mother for a small sum, she would later die of an overdose. ************************************************** Wisely Bruno did not simply put her on the street but had his more experenced girls teach her their craft and when she was ready introduced her to a select clientele. In many ways she was the making of Bruno, her buisiness gave him the money to get prettier girls and wealthier partners to invest in his brothels, this did not however cause Bruno to be any less brutal to her or any of the others who worked for him. She in the meantime, hating what she was but knowing no other way of life, could only accept her lott in life. ************************************************** Then one day a new client came into her life, he was the son of a powerful buisness man who fancied himself an artist and poet and began to become smitten with her. He treated her with a gentleness she had never known, sometimes when he came to her they would talk for hours, he would read his poetry, which was quite bad, or draw her, saying how he loved her pretty feet. In time she grew to love him and for a brief time could imagine a life away from the brothel. ************************************************** For a time Bruno let this go on as he, or more precisely his father paid well for these sessions, but soon his Father saw this as a waist of his time and stopped paying. Before Bruno had him thrown out he vowed to return for her. After a vicious argument with his father he returned late one night and took her away, however Bruno's men caught them at the city limits and hauled them back to the brothel. Bruno was enraged but did not want to anger his father so talked to him and struck a deal to breakup the young lovers, in his own brutal way. ************************************************** Bruno had him tied to a chair facing her as she was tied to the bed, after a few minutes of his outraged yelling Bruno punched him and them calmly told him he would let them go after she paid him what she owed. He offered to pay it ofcourse but Bruno said that it was something only she could pay, thinking it was for her to work for a time she agreed but it was not. One of Bruno's men handed him a machete and he hacked off both of her feet, then used a red hot poker from the fire place to cauterize the stumps. Bruno again patiently waited as his screams and her shrieks of agony died down. He threw water into her face to bring her around then walked behind him speaking into his ear as he wept, "You can take her now. But know that if you do your father will cut you off totally. I very much doubt a poor artist and bad poet would fair well in the world with a legless whore over his shoulder." She stared at him through her agony, wanting him to come to her, to hold her to take her away, no matter where. Then he stood up said he was sorry and stumbled out, she never saw him again. ************************************************** In time Bruno would come to regret this brutality, many of his investers left him as they wanted nothing to do with such violence in their dealings, some of the girls he ran decided to run rather then suffer a simular fate, one knifing one of his best men in the process. Another girl he confronted for being short of a nights money flung the little money she'd made out a third story window then lept after it. But worst of all the girl who had made him the most money was damaged goods, most of her highpriced clients wanted nothing to do with her and the few that came back one last time regreted it as she was now completely insane and clawed and bit and mamed many of them. Bruno blamed her for his woes. ************************************************** To recoup his losses he jamed a small bed into a smaller closet and tied her to it and allowed anyone who wanted her to pay a small sum to have her, she still made them regret every moment. Bruno would also take his own pleasures from her, when ever a "guest" would complain of the smell he would drag her into the washroom and spray her down with a hose, she would fight back ofcourse but he would whip her with the hoses brass nozzle and in time he and the others in the house came to call her simply Hose. ************************************************** This went on for sometime, then one day Bruno took Hose for her last washing, as she had been sick all week, the older whores angry that she was monoplizing the few dregs that they made money on had taken to pissing in her food, he had not bothered to bind her hands. At one point he leaned in and whispered into her ear, "You know.....your artist lover is getting married next week....maybe I'll send him the jar with your pretty feet in it as a wedding present." The last thing he saw with his right eye was her eyes flare with rage, then she gouged it out with her thumb. As he reared back screaming his pain she snatched the still running hose from his hand and jammed it into his mouth, breaking off one of his few front teeth, to her amazment she was able to slide it quite far down his throat, he was a quite large man after all, desperately he broke free of her and frantically tried to pull the hose out, but the brass nozzle caught in his swelling throat and he began to drown. As he slumped to the floor, water and blood gushing from his nose, he saw her threw his good eye as she laughed with insane glee, strangely his very last thought was how beautiful she still was. ************************************************** Hose got almost a full hour to enjoy her victory over Bruno then one of his men entered, screamed and ran to get help. She was quickly kicked and beaten then thrown back into her closet-room, over the next several hours she would hear as the new leadership of the brothel was decided over several yelling matches and one pistol shot. Later the winner stumbled in drunk with a half full wine bottle an tosed it to the stumps of her legs, "Drink up Hose, you made me rich." he slurred and left. She emptied the bottle and used it's broken shards on the next customer to come in. *************************************************** As it turned out the man Bruno had payed tribute to was one of the Hatter's poor relations, he had carved himself a minor criminal empire but really wanted gain access to the Hatter's inner circle, though he had only the slimest idea of what that was. Upon hearing the story of Bruno's demise he decided to add her to his own private collection of women, it would take five men to transport her from the brothel to his Villa, one losing part of an ear to her teeth process. ************************************************** Shortly there after Madam Hatter found that her weekend plans had fallen through and decided on a whim to accept his open invitation to his Villa. Wanting to make a good impression he spent the weekend fauning over her and took her on a tour of his own collection of "pets". This consisted mostly of several over-the-hill whores tied and chained in various possitions that they themselves seemed almost as bored with as Madam was, all the time he told the often uninteresting stories of how he'd gotten them and quoted or missquoted such luminaries Marquis de Sade. Finally they came to his centerpiece, Hose chained naked in a gilded cage, as he told her story Madam looked into the insane eyes that stared out in fury into her's, when he finished the story Hose leaned forward and smiled at Madam, "Are ye his new whore?" then spat in her face. Horrified he grabbed a club and was about to beat Hose when Madam said, "I want her, you will be compensated." Though sorry to lose his best pet he was happy to have gained favor with a member of the inner circle, but saddly for him this favor would fade and his entrance into the inner circle in a far lesser capacity. ************************************************** Upon her arrival at one of Madam's houses Hose fought Madam every step of the way but she found that Madam was more then equal to any of her resistances, still Madam found her mere preperation a challenge. Hose to her abject horror was dwindled to 2' feet tall but still she fought her, but within a week it seemed Madam had finally broken her, as she seemed to slip into an almost catatonic state. ************************************************** Madam decided to make her into a domestic and put her to work in her then sizable shoe closet, enjoying the irony of a footless foot servent. At this time Madam had not created the black rubber so her shoes were made of the finest leathers and materials, Hose was set upon a small pedistal with wheels and made to polish and shine them all. ************************************************** A week after her new duties were asigned to her Madam entered the closet sat upon the plush stool, Hose pushed herself over and began to slip Madam's stockings off, Madam fondled her small breasts as she did so but got no reaction, frustraited she pushed her away with her foot, "Fetch my evening shoes!" she commanded. As Hose pushed herself behind her Madam noticed a pair of her thigh high Italian boots standing infront of her, the laces were gone from them, Madam figured she must be polishing them but decided to use it to toy with her, "And just where are the laces to those boots?" Her answer came looping over her head and tightened around her throat, before she could fully react Hose lept up on to her back and tightened her make-shift noose, "HERE THEY BE MY MISTRESS!!" she shouted with manic glee. ************************************************** Among Hoses more interesting clients when she worked for Bruno was a man who liked to tie her up, strangely he seemed more excited by the act of binding her then by the sex that followed and would explain what he was doing to her, she had a knack of quickly picking things up and in turn used these skills to use on the clients who liked to have her tie them up. The first day of her new chores for Madam Hatter she knew what she was going to do, it took her the rest of the time to create the amazingly complicated knots and loops. Before Madam could stop her Hose had used her stumped legs to push down the front of her corset then loop two more nooses around her large breasts then pulled them tight, threatening to tear them from her chest, "Who be the Pet now oh great Mistress!!!" Hose sang into her ear and pulled all the loops tighter. Madam tried to stand up strait and drive herself backward into the wall to knock her small assasin off but found that her binding would tighten if she even tried to straiten and could only manage a low stoop. She tried to reach up for her, one hand kept the laces for totally closing around her neck, her other hand flailed for her but Hose could easily swing out of it's reach and caused her bindings to tighten all the harder. ************************************************** As Hose continued to taunt and strangle her she turned toward the full length mirror to see exactly where her small attacker was and was utterly shocked and outraged at what she saw. To see herself bent low as one of her pets gained mastery over her was to much to bear, she made a bounding charge for one of the shelves, lowering her head at the last minute, Hose caught the shelf full in the face and was knocked off, even before she hit the floor Madam spun and kicked her hard, sending her flying into a rack of shoes. It was only then that Madam Hatter realized something about her binding, Hose had not been tightening her nooses, she had been keeping them just loose enough not to strangle her completely. ************************************************** Her face, breasts and even the tips of the fingers holding her binding off of her throat turning purple she stumbled out of the closet into her bedroom, her hand flailing desperately for the knots on her back. Her vision dimming she staggered to her desk and desperately pulled draws to the floor until she found a double edged dagger, the same she would many years later use to indoctrinate Mixer, she cut at the lines baddly slicing her breasts and neck until finally cutting herself free. She knelt there gasping for breath for many minutes, she pulled the remains of her binding from her back and stared down at it, awed by their intricacy and all at once she began to weeze with laughter, utterly astounded by the creature she had brought into her home. ************************************************** Hose had only begun to become conscious when a huge foot pressed down upon her chest, " like to play with knots..." Madam said with a rasp in her wounded throat, "...then allow me to show you some of MINE!" Madam had to get a little creative with the bindings on Hoses legs as she had no feet, but more then managed to bind her in the most painful possition Hose had to that point experenced, her neck, her hair, her arms her legs her breasts, between her legs all were somehow tied and knotted, she hung from one leg and both arms bound painfully behind her as her other leg was pulled downward to the floor by a weight. She hung there for three days, Madam would eat her meals infront of her waiting for her to beg to plead, to say anything, she said nothing. Finally Madam walked up to her and tightened a loop around her small throat, as she began to choke Madam spoke to her, "Live or die, make a choice now." Hose would say nothing, Madam waiting until the last posible moment, then thrust the injection needle into her small stomach. Hose began to convulse, all of her bindings began to loosen as she dwindled to half her size, still she said nothing, finally she dropped out of her bindings and into Madam's waiting hand, she brought the small coughing thing up to her face, "How sad, that was the last time you will ever have the choice in your existence." Hose weakly smiled up at her, "....Tis..simply more of thy rotting corpse for me to piss upon..." she croaked with a laugh, and with that their war continued. TO BE CONTINUED