The Smooth Black: Part 20

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The Smooth Black: Part 20 ****** Sarah was not the first, and ofcourse would not be the last, to escape from the Hatters, an old joke among them was that the reason there were legends of Faries and Elves was due to a few careless Hatters. In the end it was bound to happen for as you make people small some will find cracks to slip through. Madam Hatter had had a few herself, two just before Sarah in the then newer house, one had been found in the walls bearly alive, this had been Mindy and thankfully before Madam had aquired "the Rat Catcher" another was found dead in some bushes outside the house, she had slipped out through the crack in a second floor window frame and had thought dispite her 6" inch height that the bushes would break her fall, saddly she fell completely through to the ground. ************************************************** Still dispite the fact escapes did and would happen Madam was still enraged, especially since Sarah had not only been made into such a twisted form but also had been in the house less then a day. She blamed herself ofcourse as she had been the last one with her and had failed to check her bounds, this did not keep her from lashing out at her apprentice, the woman who would become Mixer, and after making her and Hose look in every hiding place she could think of she was forced to call upon Mr. Sloat. ************************************************** Mr. Sloat had been a minor career criminal, mainly smuggling and arson for hire, whom she had hired to "take care of the particulars" . He would get rid of evidence, or plant it, help with the more arcane deliveries to her house and ofcourse track down wayward pets. He had been given a Rotwieller he named Luke which had been specially trained track such wayward charges. Madam had him spend most of that morning looking around the grounds as she did not think Sarah could have managed to get very far in her current state. ************************************************** As it turned out Sarah had gotten nearly 4 and a half miles threw some of the thickest parts of the woods over the next day and a half, she had crawled and climbed almost none stop, partly out of fear of Madam and her apprentice and partly from the fear that if she stopped she would have to deal with what had happened to her. She stopped only once when she came upon an animal that turned out to be a raccoon that seemed nearly as afraid of her as she had become of everything. Finally early the next morning, as she was about to passout from her pain she came to a small house just off the road, bleeding from scratches and cuts from thickets and briars she crawled around to the front porch and pulled herself up the steps. As she made her way to the door suddenly something landed with a loud thud beside her. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Alright lay them out, let me see what you have?" Nurse Owen said, Tina took the plastic tube with the injection needles sticking in it off of her shoulder and laid it over her hands, Dina stood near by holding her scalpel in a ready possition, she did not trust Nurse Owen, while she didn't think she was anywhere near as bad as Madam she had the impression that she might suddenly take two of the needles and inject them both, saying, "It's for your own good dears." To Dina the attitude of "just accepting it" reminded her of her Mother and all the bad relationships with men they both had to endure as she grew up. Owen saw her distrust and understood, she had seen others betray one another to escape Madam's "Games" and saw how Madam used this to destroy them, so trust could be a hard thing to come by. To Tina Nurse Owen reminded her of her late grandmother as her manor seemed that of an older woman. ************************************************** Nurse Owen looked over the collection of half inch needles, made so that they could be used on Madam's smaller pets, there were 11 in all, 5 contained the red substance, 3 contained a pink substance, 2 contained the green substance and the last contained a blue substance. She nodded, "You ofcourse know what the red does, the green causes paralysis for a short time, they might put Hose out for a time but would probably only seize up one of Madam's hands or feet for a short time and pain will cause it to wear off quicker." "It was used on me by Hose." Tina offered, "It also can be used to put you in a state of suspended animation. Many of the women in the jars above aren't dead, just some are so baddly wounded or have other problems when they shrink that they are put in a large amount of the substance until they can be healed...or Madam has another use for them." "And that's OK with you?!!" Dina said angrily, Owen stared back enraged but spoke with control, "Maybe you would prefer I leave them at the bottom of one of the bins screaming in agony!" Dina turned away still angry. ************************************************** "Ahhhh What's the pink one do?" Tina said trying to calm the situation, "That's a kind of hyper estrogen, causes muscularity and strength to dwindle, breasts and buttox to grow, especially the breasts." Owen said smiling as she saw Tina staring at her own large breasts. "How about the blue one?" Dina asked calmly, "That is used to neutralize any of the other drugs in your system. She must have created it incase she had an accident herself or got a reaction she didn't want in one of her subjects. If you are given anything else you have about thirty seconds to get it into your system and it will stop the reaction totally. But it will only work once and as I don't know the dosage I suggest you use it all on who ever has been effected." Tina nodded to this then asked the question that she and Dina both wanted and feared to ask, "What will make us big again?" Nurse Owen looked at them saddly, "If there is an antidote I have never seen it." Tina began to cry, Dina kept herself from doing so, just then she felt Nurse Owen's hand rest on her shoulders for comfort and the tears came. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sarah looked over to see the folded up newspaper that had been just thrown onto the porch, she crawled to the edge of the steps as the station wagon began to pull away, she tried to yell to them but her voice came out a weezing whisper, as they pulled out of site she pounded her fist onto the porch weeping until finally passing out. "OHHH MY DEAR GOD!!!" Sarah's eyes snapped open and she looked up to see the old woman in the bathrode staring down at her in horror. She crawled back to the corner of the porch in terror, the old woman held out both hands which shook slightly, "It it's alright dear I only want to help you, I used to be a nurse, everyone calls me Nurse Owen. Please let me help you!" Sarah wanted to say something but her throat was to raw, Owen reached down and gently took her and held her to her shoulder, as she felt her shaking Owen began to cry. ************************************************** Owen wrapped her in a blanket and put her on the couch then called for an ambulance. As she waited she began to tend Sarah's wounds, she couldn't imagine where she might have come from, a hospital most likely with her obvious deformity, but there were no such facilties near by. After calling for a second time for the ambulance she made soup and tried to feed her, finally Sarah's voice cleared enough for her to tell, blurt out her story, much to Owen's horrified shock, and pleaded with her to call the police, which she did. ************************************************** Mr. Sloat and Luke had tracked Sarah all night and finally caught up to her just as Nurse Owen had taken her in, he used his cell phone and called Madam Hatter. Within 10 minutes she had called Chief Mackey, who managed to block the ambulance and control and monitor any other outgoing calls, and found out everything she needed to know about Lillian Owen. ************************************************** A half an hour after she called the police Owen was releaved to see both a police car and the ambulance arrive, and suprized but pleased to see Chief Mackey himself had come. He was visibly shaken when he saw Sarah, she was put onto a stretcher and taken to the ambulance, pleading for Owen to come with her, she said she would be along. Owen was suprized to see it was two policemen driving the Ambulance but Mackey told her that one of them was a parttime ambulance driver and that this had been the quickest way to handle things. He also asked that she come to the station to make a statement and that he would drive her, she agreed and got dressed. ************************************************** She knew something was wrong when their car and the ambulance took the wrong way but had little time to react as they made the short trip to Madam's house. As the Chief's car came to a stop she saw as one of the policemen opened the rear door of the ambulance and the other pull the small struggling form of Sarah out and head for the house. Sarah was screaming hysterically and trying to struggle free of the officers grip, almost doing so. Before Cheif Mackey could stop her Owen had jumped from the car but insted of trying to run headed for the house to get Sarah. ************************************************** The second officer met her on the steps but insted of trying to push past him she grabbed ahold of his gunbelt and pulled as hard as she could, unprepared for this he fell face first to the ground. She then pushed though the doors and began struggle with the officer holding Sarah, "Let her go damn you!! Let....!!" His cheek bleeding from a gash on his face the officer from the steps burst in after her and struck her in the head with his baton driving her to the floor, "OLD BITCH!" he spat and kicked her then rose his baton to hit her again. ************************************************************************ "That's enough." Madam Hatter said as she and her apprentice walked down the main starecase, "Cool it Lyle!" Chief Mackey yelled as he entered, "Fuck that1 The bitch disrespected me!" he said and kicked Owen again, "Come on let her go she...she's just a senile old lady, she she won't even remember this in the morning!!!" Sarah pleaded from the other officers arms. Madam noted this but continued to stare at Lyle, "Respect is earned, you haven't earned mine, now stand back." she said calmly, "Fuck you lady! We got your freak back, just remember who cleans up your messes!" She gave an annoyed breath, "Hose." ************************************************** "What!?!" Lyle said as a picture slid to one side and Hose coiled out, before he could react Hose sprayed a small amount of the green on the hand holding the baton which went limp, "AHHH what you'd you do to me!!" he screamed, "That was his last warning Chief Mackey." Madam said plainly, "Sargent!!" he yelled but Lyle had already taken the baton in his other hand and was swinging at Hose, at the last second she reared up, the baton struck the hose she sat upon, it wound around it and constricted, snapping it in two. Before he could fully react Hose with incredible speed whipped in and stuck a tube in needle mode into his neck. ************************************************** Even as he had started to convulse from this Chief Mackey and the other Officer went to help him only to have Luke block their path, "Don't pull em!" Mr. Sloat commanded as he held his Berreta 9mm on them. "Are these the people you take into your confidence Cheif Mackey?" Madam asked simply, "What it do to him!?!" Mackey asked desperately, "Made him an example. And as you watch know that I can do this to anyone of you or your families." Owen watched from the floor in awe and terror as Lyle began to disappear into his clothes, as his gunbelt hit the floor the last they saw clearly of his face was has as he rubbed at his wounded cheek with his oversized sleve as the gravel inbeded in his wound grew to tear open his flesh. ************************************************** As the pile of clothes stopped moving Madam looked to her apprentice, "Let's see what we have shall we?" She went over and kicked the uniform top to one side and as the tiny 4" inch man got to his knees she laughed and kicked him toward Owen, who still laid on her side. Her eyes widen as the tiny form tubbled to a stop in front of her face, as he tried to rise again the toe of a high heeled boot pressed him back to the floor, "OHHH is this the bad man who hurt you. Say your sorry." "sorry,sorry!!!" came the terrified wimper, Owen began to gasp with fear. "Hear endth the lesson." Madam said and gave a nod to her Apprentice, "NOOOOO!!!" Owen screamed as the boot slowly crushed the tiny shrieking thing with a small bloody crunch. ************************************************** Chief Mackey was still staring down as she picked up her foot to show Owen the remains when a white object landed by his feet, causing him to jump, it was a envelope with his name on it, "For what is left of you conscience Chief Mackey. Now get out of my house." Mackey picked up the envelope with shaking hands and he and the weeping officer left. "For your efforts Mr. Sloat." He turned from securing Sarah to the silver table and took his envelope with a nod of thanks. She then looked down at the dog who waited patiently, "And ofcourse for your efforts Luke." she snapped her fingers and pointed to the small red pile off meat that had been Lyle, happily Luke went over and snapped up the few bloody chunks, Owen shut her eyes tightly, not wanting to see anymore. ************************************************** Owen only screamed once during her preperation, as Hose stripped her pubic hair off for her collection, near by Madam looked at some printouts, "Did you enjoy it? ....Nursing I mean." "What are you going to do with me? with Sarah?!" Owen snapped back, Madam walked up to her, sliding her fingers over her naked flesh, "You took very good care of her. You were a very dedicated Nurse no husband, no family, tell me if you had your life to live over again would you choose to be a nurse?" Dispite her nakedness and fear she stared up at her and said, "The only regret I have is calling those bastards for help this morning!" Madam smiled at this, "Hose....make the next set of preperations." ************************************************** "OH God what have you done to her!!!" Sarah screamed as she was wheeled into the black rubber room to see Owen strapped to silver table with a 100 tubes sticking into her from a column above, she herself was strapped to a simular table adjusted to her size and shape. Behind her Madam's Apprentice looked upon the site with wonder. "Nothing yet, that will be up to you." Madam said as she walked over, "What do you mean!?!" Sarah asked frantically, Madam leaned down until her lips were near her tiny ear, "I mean you can choose what I do to her. She can either die right here and now, in a most bizarre and amusing way or.....she can live but here with me, being my creature as you are." "But..?" "No discussion, CHOOSE!" Sarah looked over at Owen, she tried to smile, "It's alright dear, whatever happens it is not your fault." she looked back up at Madam, "Don't kill her please!" Madam smiled down at her then gestured to Hose who started the process. ************************************************** As the tubes pumped different colored chemicals into her Owen began to convulse, Sarah screamed up at Madam, to this she took the back of her small head and turned it back toward Owen, "Silence! And watch our miracle." All at once every muscle in Owen's body seemed to flex then everything to tighten, her skin smoothed out her breasts lifted, the vericose vains grew lighter then vaded away. As her hair began to become blond once more Madam moved behind her apprentice, "At a certain age the hair does not comback I am afraid, I won't tell you what that is, but the rest of it..." she slid her hand between her Apprentices legs and under her panties, " will always have youth and vitialty, this is what I wish to share with you." She reached back and kissed her Madam passionately as she and the thoughts of what was to come brought her to orgasm. ************************************************** With each breath Owen could feel herself growing stronger and could see from Sarah's reactions she knew she was growing younger, and dispite the pain she secretly felt it was almost worth it to feel this way again, then the next sensation came. "What's happening to me?!?" she cried out in a younger woman's voice, Sarah began to cry, "Don't do that to her please!!!" As the silver table slid beneath her Madam used her device to adjust her bonds, she could feel as her new youthful body now dwindled to a mere 2' feet. As this change drew to it's conclusion Madam restuctured both tables so Owen and Sarah could face each other and see they were now nearly the same size, then the last change began. ************************************************** Owen screamed as her once moderate sized breasts painfully swelled to over three times their size, Sarah could only cry as Owen pleaded to Madam to make them stop growing. Finally as they stopped the tubes were retracted from her and Madam adjusted her table again causing her to tilt forward until she was face down, "NO no they're to heavy!!!" Owen pleaded and for one brief moment both she and Sarah were terrified that they would tear away from her chest but they held and the nipples started to drip milk. ************************************************** "I would imagine you must be hungry from your little jaunt my dear." Madam said, Sarah glared up at her, "I'M NOT DOING THAT!!!!" she screamed, "That is a pity, because they will continue to make milk until, well I am sure they will burst eventually." Owen began to weep with her pain an humilation, Madam moved Sarah up to her and freed her hands and she gently as she could took one of the breasts in them and began to suckle. At the same time Madam reached up and began to massage Owen's vagina, causing her to gasp, her apprentice meanwhile began to slide her pinky finger up between Sarah's tiny muscular legs, "No tricks muscle bitch!" she said and began to do likewise. Sarah drank as much as she could from the first breast then switched to the other, as she did this she looked up with tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry." she whispered, "I know." she replied. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "It's called Sweet, it is one of Madam's more powerful aphrodisiacs. As an 'added bonus' it tends to have a residual effect that usually occurs when you become either afraid or angry, it fades but it takes time." Nurse Owen said to Tina as she cut into the rubber wall, "Thanks you sure you won't come with us?" "No my place is here. listen if you think there is no other way out and you think Madam is going to get you, inject yourself with one of the syringes and empty the others and get out of site, she might think you took them all and shrank to small to find. Then get back here and I'll hide you." Tina smiled saddly, "I...might just take them all, but thanks." She gave Nurse owen a hug. "You almost through?" Dina said as she came over, "Yeah just about." Tina said. Dina turned to Nurse Owen, "Hey ahh if you get a girl named Allegra in here could you tell her.......that I didn't mean what I did,I ...was just tring to get us out." Owen smiled down at her, "I will. You take care." she said gently. ************************************************** When they had gone Sarah moved the rack they had hidden the first hole with, as it had now sealed itself up, and moved it infront of the new hole. When she was finished Nurse Owen walked over, "You haven't eaten yet." "I know." Sarah replied, "Come on then." Nurse Owen said gently as she undid her uniform front and stripped the tape off, Sarah leaned down and began to suckle, Owen stroking the back of her head as she did so. TO BE CONTINUED