The Smooth Black: Part 19

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The Smooth Black: Part 19 ****** "As ever Sarah your being to hard on yourself." Nurse Owen said as she lifted one of Anna's large breasts so Mindy could slide under it and wash it's underside, Teresa awaited her turn next to the other breast and Tina and Dina could only stand there and watch the strange scene and listen to their conversation. Sarah backed the cart into a corner then swiveled around and unhitched it, "It's true isn't it,if I it hadn't been for me, you wouldn't be here." _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sarah had taken a job at a Health Club Madam Hatter owned and frequently used when she was in the city, not only had it been good money but allowed her to workout for free so she could train for her Bodybuilding Compatitions, she had hoped to one day compete in Miss Universe. Madam had had no real interest in Sarah, they had talked a few times as she helped her with some of the newer equipment but had seen nothing in her that made her desirable as a pet, the woman who would become Mixer had other ideas. ************************************************** Often when Madam brought her in to workout she commented how she would like to "bring such a powerful woman to heel" at first Madam refused, though she had finally managed to properly create a pet on her own, Madam did not want her rushing into a new project rashly. Then one day as she was entering the locker room she spied on Sarah as she injected something into her legs, sure it was steriods she told Madam of it, knowing how she hated hypocrisy , Madam relented. ************************************************* Sarah had been having problems getting definition in her legs and had decided, against her better judgment, to use limited doses in her legs until they showed improvement, by then however it didn't matter, the die had been cast. Madam aranged for a night where none of the other staff were on and as the last of the regular customers had gone they were ready. As Sarah usually showered between workouts and had no pearcings or had little or no food before her workouts Madam allowed her to take Sarah at the club. ************************************************** "Looks heavy." She said to Sarah as benchpressed over 300 pounds, "Yeah!" she replied, having worked there for a while she learned to expect people to ask questions as she workedout, "Maybe you need more weight....or less muscle." With that She jabbed the small injector into her thigh, the muscle began to pulsate. Sarah felt a massive pain in her leg which quickly spread threw her body, but her legs seemed to spasm violently. ************************************************** She had hoped that Sarah would become trapped under the weight bar and make her beg to lift it off, but to her shock Sarah flung the bar off to one side and sprang off the bench after her, dispite having aready lost a foot in height she still had the strength to drive her into the wall mirror with force enough to crack it. "What the fuck you do to me!!?!" Sarah screamed then fell against her as her legs violently spasmed again, not even aware her shorts and underwear had slipped to her ankles, "Wha WHAT"S HAPPENING TO MEEE!???!!" As she laughed down a the ever smaller Sarah she saw Madam Hatter at the door, strangly her face showed confusion, "What is happening to her?" Madam asked. ************************************************** She pushed Sarah to the floor, seeing for the first time that her legs had shrunken faster then her upper body, "You did not tinker with my mixture did you?" Madam asked as She pulled off the now oversized sports bra. As they looked down on her Sarah realized Madam Hatter was not here to help her and could only lay there and scream as it felt her waist was being twisted from her body, there was an audiable crack sound as on side of her hips had stooped shrinking but the other side continued. The upperbody had stopped shrinking but the legs continued and as they did grew more and more muscular. ************************************************** "It's the steriods, they're reacting with the formula! This is the type of stuff I want to try with the other drugs." She said excitedly, Madam nodded to this, "Fasinating, I want to get her back and do some test. An interesting evening after all my dear." Madam said as she gave her hair a tender stroke, to which she smiled with gratitude. As She took Sarah by her now small arms and lifted her up Sarah, who had passed out from the pain, came around, She was sure to hold her so Sarah could see herself in the cracked full length mirror. When she saw how her body had shrunken and tapered down to the tiny twitching legs she began to scream hysterically, much to her new Mistresses amusement. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "So your not going to help us at all!" Dina yelled at Nurse Owen as she finished bathing Anna, she gave her a look that was both sad and annoyed, "Where are you going to go, nearest town is 5 miles away, possibly 50 at your size. And if you got there who would you go to, not the Police she owns them. A friend maybe, and if your friend can keep from having one of Madam's people from finding you, you'll still be in a dollhouse in a back room for the rest of your lives waiting to see if any of her formulas have any unforseen side effects, and they often do." Tina shuttered as she remebered the strange incident in the hallway earlier. Dina continued, "And the alternative is to stay here and let her stick pins in us or worse?!? Look what that bitch did to me!!!" she said tugging the bellyring, "And like that Hose bitch said, she can always do worse. No I'll take my chances in the big bad world thanks!" ************************************************** Nurse Owen eyed the tube of needles slung over Tina's shoulder, "There might be another way. The red syringes cause you to shrink, I can help you get that ring off but I don't know about your stomach but I can make you both about 2" inches and hide you here. When Madam is convinced that you got away you should be relatively safe...." Dina laughed, "I see so we can spend the rest of our lives here helping you scrub down "Titty Woman" here, no thanks!" All at once Anna began to cry, Mindy put her hand on the side of her breast, "It's OK she didn't mean it honey." Nurse Owen stared sternly down at her,"You know there is enough cruelty in this place without you adding to it." ************************************************** "God Damn it Dina!!" Tina snapped down at her, she said nothing but would not look either of them in the eye, Tina then turned to Owen, "I'm sorry I won't become smaller and she won't just stop looking for us. Especially after....what we did." Nurse Owen stepped out of the bin and walked up to her,"What did you do?" she asked deeply concerned, Dina answered, "When we escaped that Mixer tried to stop us, nearly strangled her and tried to drop me in a vat of acid, so I used a red needle and made her nice white suit a little more roomy for her." Owen's eyes widen with horror, "I....can't even imagine what she will do to you." "And I am not going to find out, I don't know about you Tina but I'm getting out. And if either of those bitches get in my way I am going to stick as many of those needles in them as I can!" "I say we help them." Sarah said suddenly, Owen turned and gave her a shocked look, "You know what Madam will do if she realizes we tried to help them!" "That's if she finds out. And even if she does it would be worth it to see one of those whores cut down to size." she said smiling at the thought of the woman who brought her to this hell had already fallen at the hands of these two "newbes" _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "How about a drink little one?" She said as she took a drink of Cognac then leaned in and to Sarah's small head, wrapped her mouth over the smaller mouth and nose and forced Cognac into them. She laughed as Sarah hacked and spit it out. As it turned out Madam had monopolized her newest wonder for most of the night, in part because Sarah had gone into shock as they had gotten to Madam's newest house, an old brothel she had just started to rebuild. At the time the living quarters were finished but only three of the playrooms. Madam spent most of the night stabelizing her condition and it was only when she had finally left Sarah to hang by her wrists at the center of one of the rooms was she able to have her fun. "Wh Why did you do this to me?!?" Sarah pleaded, She leaned in drunkenly, "Because we can?" She began to slide her hands down the sides of her muscular chests, her thumbs massaging the breasts, "These aren't bad for a muscle bound little thing." She giggled and slid her fingers down the tapering abdomen, her thumbnail trailing a scrach over her flesh. Finally she slipped her middle finger between her tiny thighs, rubbing up between them , "How does that feel? Is it more intense or less?" She asked. "Leave me alone!" Sarah wept as she looked away. All at once three fingers of her other hand pinched a thatch of Sarah's short brown hair and forced her to look at Her, "Hey! You don't get to say "THAT" anymore!!!" ************************************************** Suddenly rage filled Sarah's small face and dispite her pain she squeezed and twisted the middle finger with her thighs, in spite of their size they were still incredibly strong and dense, "LET GO!!!" She commanded but Sarah continued to twisted until she heard a dull pop. She screamed in pain and slammed her fist across her chest until Madam's hand caught it in mid swing, "What are you doing!" she demaned and twisted Her wrist until She sank to her knees, "Mm Madam she...broke my finger...I was disciplining her!" She whinned, Madam let her get to Her feet, "Let me see the finger." She lifted her hand to Madam's view,the finger leaned sharply to the left on the nuckle, she took her hand gently then suddenly straitened the digit with a jerk,"Just dislocated" Madam said over her scream of pain then continued, "That was NOT disciplin that was mere brutality, you NEVER lose control infront of a pet! You've been drinking to havn't you?" "Y yes." she replied hoping she'd wiped all the Cocaine from her nose,"I think you've had enough, of everything, go to bed!" "But but she's mine!!" came her whine, "AND YOU ARE MINE!!! Never forget that! Now get out of my site!!!" She stormed off crying like a bratty child to Madam's disgust. "Uhhh Beautiful relationship you two have." Sarah managed through her pain, Madam didn't look at her as she spoke, "Don't think I have forgotten your actions or condone them. You insulted me aswell as your Mistress and will be taken to task for it. But as you are at the limit of your pain for this evening I'll leave you to think upon your dim little future. Goodnight." And with that left. ************************************************** When she was gone Sarah wept with gasps from her pain, the attack had left her shoulder dislocated but it had also twisted her hand partly out of it's binding. After awhile when she was sure no one was coming she first wrenched her arm back into socket then pulled it free, causing her to swing to one of the rubber walls, she then used her free hand pry back her other binding. She hung from it for a while, though not very far from the floor she wasn't sure how to land as she didn't know if her tiny legs or back might break on impact. Finally she dropped so she landed on her good shoulder, it took her most of the night to figure out how to "walk" , she found her legs could bear her weight for a short time but used her hands to walk with her legs curled underneath her. As Madam's house was still under construction she was able to find the entrance of an old rootceller, pry open one door and climb out and on to the front yard. Not even thinking which direction to go Sarah headed for the edge of the woods. TO BE CONTINUED