The Smooth Black: Part 18

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The Smooth Black: Part 18 ********* The stainless steel door to the Infirmary slid open and Sarah wheeled herself and her cart in, she heard the familar soft clicks of Nurse Owen's highheels as she rushed over. "How many, how bad?" she asked then her mouth dropped open as she looked into the cart. Curled up at on the rear of the cart was Raffe, crying and bleeding but it was the site of Carlotta, the less then 6" inch woman grafted to a 9" inch penis and oversized bloated balls. Sarah swiveled around to face her, "The Bitch out did herself tonight!" ************************************************** "Mind thy tongue." Hose said as she lowered from the dome in the ceiling to hang only a couple of inches from Sarah's face, smiling as Sarah stared back enraged. "Mind telling me what I am working with here." Nurse Owen said sternly in an effort to divert Hose. She coiled around to face her, "Do ye really wish to know? Mistress turn that one from a man to a woman and placed his manhood upon this lass, who proceeded to rape pardon, 'her', then Mistress grew her new organ as she dwindled her." Nurse Owen stared wide eyed at her, "She can do.....?!?" she said, her voice trailing off to Hoses amusment. "After all this time one would think ye would not doubt my Mistresses abilty. The 'girl' ye may take thy time with but my Mistress would have her 'new dildo' back tomorrow eve." Hose then lifted up slightly and looked about the room, noting a small rack of towels and bandages had been moved against one of the rubber walls, Nurse Owen saw this, "Anything else Hose?" ************************************************** Hose coiled down to face her, then without warning undid the bib like front of her uniform, dispite being only 2'feet tall each of her breasts were the size of a good sized orange, each nipple had an X of medical tape over them. Hose took one from underneath and stripped off the tape, drops of milk immediately welled out, "I feel a bit parched from mine labors, I would trouble thee for a drink." Hose began to suckle the nipple, Sarah began to wheel herself toward them, only to have Owen give her a hand signal to stop, suddenly she gasped as Hose bit her nipple, Hose still gripping the nipple in her teeth turn her head slightly to see Sarah, one hand resting on a nozzle on her pack,"Mind yourself, dispite thee twisted form, as dear Nurse Owen hath seen, ye can be twisted still further." With this said she released her grip on the nipple and began to rise up, Owen cupping her hand upon her bruised nipple spoke up, "You know whatever freedom Madam has given you, you are just one failed task or careless word from being more 'twisted' yourself!" Hose lowered until she was face to face with Owen then smiled widely, "Exquisite is it not?" And with that she disappeared up into the dome. ************************************************** When sure that Hose was gone Nurse Owen turned toward a nearby rack of shelves, "She's gone you can come out now." To Sarah's shock Tina and Dina crawled out from under the lowest shelf, "What the Hell is this?!?" Sarah yelled, causing Dina to raise her scalpel, "Put that away please! Sarah it's alright they escaped from another room." Owen said trying to calm the situation, "And how the Hell is that alright?!? Sooner or later Queen Bitch will come tear ass through here looking for them!" "We ain't staying long!" Dina yelled up defiantly, Tina caught herself staring at Sarah and looked away. "You would be better off letting me treat your minor injuries and getting back to where you were before she realizes your gone, it will be easier in the end." Owen said sternly. Tina began to shake her head,"No no I can't go back there!" "We ain't going back there, she wants me again she's going to have to kill me!!" Dina yelled up holding her scalpel toward Owen, Sarah began to move toward her but Owen held up her hand, "If you and your friend want to try and leave...I won't stop you. But before you do come with me on my rounds and let me show you how bad the alternative could be." ************************************************** Nurse Owen picked up a tray that was to large for her filled with medical supplies, "Sarah bring them down to bins 6 and 7, I'll check the girl out first." As Sarah wheeled behind them they walked down between the first row of shelves, the bottom shelves were lined with plastic bin that could be pulled out like drawers, "Girls, Time for rounds, come on out." Owen announced, from a square hole cut in the first bin three women, 4" inches, 2" inches and an inch an a half walked out, they seemed startled by the newcomers, "It's alright, they're...just visiting. Edith, check the bandages on the girls in bin 4." Owen said as she handed the 4" inch woman a small roll of bandages, "As for you two, it's Anna's bath day." "Yes Nurse." they both said. Nurse Owen walked over to bin 4 pulled it out and lifted Edith into it. "You might want to have a look at this." Owen said to Dina, offering her a hand up to look in, she stepped into her palm and was lifted up to the edge. ************************************************** Inside she saw four women laid out of folded clothes, all were cut and bruised and had atleast two broken limbs, Nurse Owen gestured to a 3" inch woman in the corner who had all four arms and legs broken and a bad pucture wound in one side, "She tried to escape though the old walls of the house, Madam sent someone or something she calls the "Rat Catcher" after her. Her arms weren't just broken but had pins and nails stuck threw them, she was found pinned up on a base board." Tina turned away and began to cry, Dina just turned to Owen, "She had said she'd rather die then stay here, problem is Madam Hatter doesn't allow her pets to die, easily any way." ************************************************** They saw other othe women of various sizes who had been wounded or twisted by Madam's games, at one point Tina became sick and was comforted by Nurse Owen, Dina did her best to remain emotionless but also felt ill. Sarah helped Raffe into bin 6 and Nurse Owen examined her as best as she could. "If that's....Raffe that means...?" Tina began Dina finished the thought, "That means she probobly got Jack too and we are on our own." As Nurse Owen put Carlotta in bin 7 the penis arched in her small hands and Carlotta gasped with this overwelming sensation, "Am I hurting you dear?" Owen asked, "Don't bother, she doesn't speak english, she's Mexican I think." Sarah said, "Well we'll have Teresa give it a try when she's done with Anna." ************************************************** Carefully Nurse Owen pulled out bin 10 then picked up the other two women and stepped inside it, "Hello Anna, how are we today?" Tina held Dina up so she could look inside and both stared in shock. Anna was a little less then 4" inches tall and laid on three folded towels stacked up on top of each other, she wore a diaper made from cotton and a bandaid, her breasts sat looming before her, each the size of a large grapefruit and jiggling as Owen walked in the bin. She set the two smaller girls down and they went to glass of soapy water and took out small sponges, then carefully climbed up and gently began to clean each breast, "Hello Anna" "Goodevening Anna" they each said cheerfully, Anna's tiny face brightened and she pushed a stray locke of blond hair out of her face,"Hello Nurse Owen, Hello Teresa, Hello Mindy, Hello." she said in a childlike voice, "H Hello." Tina managed, Dina gave a half wave as they watched Nurse Owen change her diaper and use another sponge to wash between her tiny legs. When done Owen smiled into her small face,"You ready to eat now?" Anna nodded and Owen undid the front of her uniform and held the untaped breast to her tiny lips, "Is this one hurting you?" Anna asked as she saw the deep teeth marks Hose had left, Owen smiled, "It's alright dear, go ahead." Anna opened her mouth as wide as she could an suckled the bruised nipple. ************************************************** Owen noted the shocked looks on Tina and Dina's faces at this scene, "It's one of my duties, alot of the girls who come in here can't handle solid food for one reason or another, Madam Hatter thought I should actually nurse them. They are a bit heavy to walk around with, especailly on these damned heels, but I can hardly complain now can I." she said with a smile at Anna. "Why...?!?" Tina asked finally, "I...lied." Anna said saddly, Owen stroked her hair, "You didn't do anything wrong dear. What little I know is that Anna ran afowl of one of Madam's relatives and she didn't tell them she had breast implants, she almost died but they....made modifications and gave her to Madam. After playing with her awhile she sent her here for me to take care of. I do my best to keep the girls here as long ad possible, sometimes Madam forgets about them and I keep them here to help me, such as Teresa and Mindy." Dina nodded to this, "And just how did she get you?" "My stupidity!" Sarah said saddly. TO BE CONTINUED