The Smooth Black: Part 17

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The Smooth Black: Part 17 ***** Raffe had crawled into the corner of the room, weeping with "her" humiliation and the pain from her new orifice, near by Carlotta had found a new talent from her new organ as she began to direct a stream of piss up and down her small quivering body. Dispite what had been done to her Carlotta was enjoying the new sensations her new penis was giving her and ofcourse the cruelty that it could inflict. Carlotta had been no stranger to cruelty even before ever hearing of Madam Hatter. ************************************************** She had been a Dominatrix in Europe since her late teens, she'd appeared in underground films and live sex shows but had ended that career when she nearly whipped a young man to death on stage, it was alright though as she made her best money in private shows for a few select clients. It was the man who set her up with these clients who first told her of the Hatters. Many nights they would get drunk together and he'd tell her of how they were deeply into bondage and how sometimes they would bring an outsider into the fold with all the riches and privileges. Carlotta thought she would be perfect for this and managed to get a name of one of the Hatters from him. ************************************************** What Carlotta did not realize was that her drinking buddy was infact one of the Hatter's poor relations, these were family members who were not in the inner most circles but were always out gain favor with it, either in hopes to someday enter that inner circle or for mere finacial gain. The Hatters rarely if ever had to snatch their pets from the streets but allowed these relations and or other hirelings to find and direct them into their hands. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________- Suddenly a strand of the black rubber took ahold of her hand holding the penis and pulled it back behind her, other strands took ahold of her other hand, penis and balls and pulled her to her knees. "I think you've had quite enough fun with my new pet for one evening." Madam Hatter said as she strode between them speaking to her in spanish, as Hose coiled down from the silver dome above Madam stepped over the puddle of piss and drew the toe of one boot over her curled foot and a half form, "And how is your womanhood my dear?" she asked, Raffe was beyond answering and could only lay there and sob, as the tip of her boot lightly pride at her small thighs a trickle of blood ran out. Madam turned to Carlotta, "It seems you were a bit to rough with my toy, even as I instructed you not to be." she said sternly in spanish, Carlotta pleaded up to her, "Please Mistress....I tried....when he...I mean she started bleeding I did other things with her!" Madam thought for a moment, "I may have rushed her to quickly after her transformation, in either case she is done for the night, send for the 'meat wagon' will you." Madam said to Hose in perfect english. Hose brought her right hand to her visor and a tiny microphone extended down to her lips, "Hear me infirmary. Send ye Sarrah to room #4." _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Come on I got it." Tina whispered as she held the flaps of the rubber wall they had cut threw apart so Dina could slip through with her bellyring, Dina remembered how when she had first entered the rubber tube into the inner part of the house she had wished she could have done it naked, and how much things had changed since. As she got through the hole in the wall began close but very slowly, she and Tina looked around to get their bearings, with the exception of the black rubber wall behind them it was a normal looking hallway, this however disturbed them even more as it made them realize how truely small they had become. "W Which way?" Tina asked trying to focus, "Ahhh This way I think, it's where she brought me from, maybe we can find the way back to that tube and your cellphone." And with that Dina picked up her small scalpel from the floor, Tina picked up her larger one and slung the tube with the tiny injection needles in it over her shoulder and they set off in that direction. ************************************************** As they rounded the second corner to a new hallway they saw how one side of the original wall ended and a new wall of the black rubber began, between them there was a three inch gap. Just as they walked past this they heard something coming up the next hallway. Quickly they hugged the wall and readied their makeshift weapons as another of Madam Hatter's twisted wonders rolled into view. ************************************************** She was set between two 2' foot wheels which she rolled with muscular arms like a wheelchair. From the side she looked to be a little over 2' feet tall but as she began to wheel herself around the corner they could see that her body seemed to taper down sharply below her chest, the hips were no wider then Tina's though one side seemed slightly larger then the other, while the legs were no wider or longer then Dina's but while they hung nearly useless from the oversized upper body they were still incredibly muscular.Tina remembered with a shudder what Madam Hatter had said about "loping grotesques" from "bad reductions" and figured this must have been one of them. She was suspended between two silver polls set between the wheels by a harness connected to her corset under her large breasts, this allowed her not only to swivel completely around but raise and lower herself upon the poles. As she turned the corner they saw that she pulled a metal cart that was low to the ground and had several bottles and other inplaments set in the edge on both sides. "She's coming this way!!" Tina whispered frantically, "Quick in here!" Dina whispered and pointed to the space between the walls. Tina slipped in sideways pressing her back against the rubber wall but was only able to get in a little ways as it began to narrow about 6" inches in, Dina squeezed in after her. ************************************************** As she wheeled around the corner Tina and Dina tried to stay as quite as possible, Dina closed her eyes trying not to be afraid, then suddenly she tasted something sweet that seemed to well up from within her own mouth. She opened her eyes and looked up into Tina's vagina and felt a sudden urge. Tina gasped as she felt Dina's small face press into her, she wanted to scream "What are you doing!" but saw one of the wheels slowly begin roll past, she bit the side of her hands as Dina began to lick and suck upon her, she reached down with her other hand and tried to pull her away but Dina bit into her, nearly causing her to cry out as she saw one of the muscular arms roll it's wheel slowly forward. She could only let Dina continued until the rear of the cart had passed, then she picked her up, the bellyring rubbing hard against her, and pressed her against the wall and hissed into her face, "What the fuck is wrong with you!!!" ************************************************** Dina snapped out of her strange urge, but even as she fumbled for an answer Tina began to taste the same sweet flavor in her mouth. "You want to play? OK lets play!" Tina said with a manic look on her face and licked her small face. She took ahold of the bellyring and thrust Dina out of the space, holding her above the floor, Dina could see the the muscular woman was only a couple of feet away and could only silently plead to Tina. All at once Tina reached out with her other hand and her middle finger slid up into her tiny vagina, Dina covered her mouth trying not to cry out, she looked into Tina's eyes and saw only a cruel desire in them. Harder and harder her fingers worked until Dina cried her orgasm into her hands and saw as the the back of the rubber covered head turn to one side. When she saw Dina's tiny eyes well with tears, Tina suddenly snapped out of her own strange desire and quickly pulled her back into the space just as the muscular woman swiveled around. Her blue eyes narrowed in her mask as she looked for the source of the sound, finally she decided it was one of Mistresses other wonders and moved on. Tina held Dina to her shoulder as she cried, "OHHH God I'm so sorry.....what is happening to us?!?" she wept. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Carlotta had traveled to Cann and managed to get herself invited to a party of Monsieur Chapeau and presented herself to him, he was a member of the main Hatter clan and had invited Madam Hatter for the weekend. They indulged her as she tried to impress them with stories of her past and even showed them one of her underground videos, to their great amusement. Monsieur Chapeau fained interest in her advances and took her to his bed, as he laid atop of her she noticed that Madam Hatter had entered the room and sat near by watching, she showed no reaction, " if this was what they were into so be it" "So you wish to share yourself with us?" he said as he looked down at her, "Very well then." ************************************************** As he again slid himself inside her he held her hands up toward the edge of the bed, Madam Hatter drew her device, strands of the black rubber wrapped about her hands and feet, before she could react to this he had grabbed a quill like dart from the bedstand and jabbed it into the side of her buttox. She felt the substance course threw her and with each of his thrust his penis seemed to grow longer and thicker, and her bindings grew taught. Soon the pain caused her to scream, she tried to slip out of her bonds but Madam Hatter used her device to reconstitute them. She stared up in horror as she saw Chapeau begin to tower above her and expand in her, "So you wanted to be one of us did you? You are but an insignificant plaything before us. That is why you are here." She was bearly aware of his hand expanding around her ever smaller form as his thrusts threatened to split her in two. Finally just before she was about to pass out his ejackulation seemed to explode within her, as her pulled himself from her small orifice and hopped from the bed it seemed to it seemed to flow back out of her, along with her piss and shit. Madam Hatter tossed him a towel, he smiled at her,"This is why I have a special bedroom for this." She handed him a drink and they both stared down at the now three foot woman, who could only scream up at the two giants before her. ************************************************** They spent only a short part of the weekend playing with her as Monsieur Chapeau wanted to show Madam the rest of his own wonders, at the end of the weekend he made Carlotta a present to her and she brought her back to the states. She had been only in this house a few days when Madam turned her into this She-male thing, she had no illusions ofcourse as to her future but hoped that atleast she would be used by her new Mistress to inflict her cruelties on others, to atleast enjoy some small amount of power over others, as that strange "Hose" creature had, and with what she'd been allowed to do this night she might indeed be able to bear this hell. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Madam opened the wall and the muscular woman wheeled herself in, "Ah Sarrah we have a patient for our dear Nurse Owen." she said as she gestured toward Raffe. Sarrah tried not to make eye contact as she wheeled the edge of the cart toward Raffe but Madam knelt and ran her fingertip up between the tiny muscular legs, which twitched with her attentions, "I see your legs still hold some definition, dispite their lack of use, it seems the stereiods you indulged in did that much for you, if not allowed you a proper dwindle." "...Yes Mistress." she replied and still did not look up to her as she swiveled to look at Raffe, she tilted the polls forward and gently pulled Raffe onto it, "Come on honey just a little more." she said quitely, hoping Madam had not heard her. ************************************************** Madam walked over to Carlotta, as she got close Carlotta laid her cheek upon the side of her boot, "What else do you wish of me Mistress?" Madam smiled up at Hose then used her device to move Carlotta back toward the tubular mechanism, "No no please!!" Carlotta screamed as the large column again lowered, "Please....don't take it from me!!!" she cried up, Madam smiled down at her, "Are you sure that is what you wish?" she asked, Carlotta nodded her head quickly. ************************************************** Madam touched a control on the column and the tubular mechanism opened at one end and slid under her penis and balls, needles were sunk in in various areas of their flesh, Hose connected tubes to the ends of the needles. Madam touched another control and a metal band tightly wrapped around the base of her new organs, with that multi-colored chemicals ran down the tubes into the penis and balls. All at once Carlotta felt as they began to harden and swell, the penis grew ever larger, past even it's original size, it's veins pulsating as it throbed larger. The balls swelled until they pressed on to the metal and were squeezed painfully, but where it was joined to her caused her the most pain as it swelled well past the confines of her vagina, "Nooooo.....smaller...make it smaller!!!" Carlotta pleaded in agony. "Hose." Madam said, she lowered down, adjusted the nozzle to it's needle mode and drove it into Carlotta's neck. ************************************************** Carlotta began to shrink, but only her, she felt something in her pelves crack as she dwindled to a mere 6" inches, while the penis remained it's current 9" inches. She passed out from the pain, but the chemicals continued to remake her internaly. She awoke again as the needles and tubes were withdrawn, she stared with mute terror as the organ she'd only that night had had grafted to her and come to love now dwarfed her and overwelmed her with it's massive sensations, she screamed up wanting to ask why but it only came out as a tiny mornful howl. As Madam reached down for her she tried to back away but could only step upon her engorged balls and cause herself pain, Madam seized the throbing member by the end and picked it up to dangle infront of her face, Carlotta desperately clung to the flesh of her shaft to keep from having it tear out of her, and stared into Madam's eyes, "Did you think you were going to be allowed to do what you wished, the point of your pitiful existance is MY PLEASURE! The reason you could have never be one of us is that you have no imagination, it's all just inflicting pain to feel powerful, no art to it at all. So now I have taken that away from you and now you have but one purpose...." Madam waved her device her own rubber panties which split and became crotchless, she then lowered the throbbing member and it's tiny flailing form and inserted it, Carlotta gave a short scream then began to convulse as the sensations of sliding up into her, as Madam thrust her in and out she dangled from it's end like a ragdoll until the massive organ came, Madam took her out and held her over the drain as she finished, Carlotta finally looked up to her shaking as Madam gave her an annoyed look, "You came rather quickly my dear, being atleast partly a woman I'd think you'd know better. Oh well, practice makes perfect, I'll let you heal up alittle and we will try again." And with that she placed her into Sarrah's cart. "You may go now." she said and Sarrah quickly went to the opening in the wall. Carlotta still shook as she lay there, even the movement of the cart seemed to excite the now massive organ, as there was to much blood in it to return into her body it would never grow soft. But to know she was now totally helpless before her, before everyone, was nearly as terrible. Then she heard it, a soft insane laughter, as Raffe stared at her, and all she could do was weep. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "It....had to be that "sweet" stuff, that's why we did what we did." Tina said meekly as she and Dina cut threw another rubber wall, in hopes that they might be able to save time by going through rooms insted of around them. "I...know I...just don't want to talk about it anymore. I'm done, hold it open." Tina held the slit in the wall open while Dina put the scalpels and tube of needles inside. Once inside they began to look around the darken room, which was lined with high shelves, filled with bottles and jars, some of the jars had things floating in a green fluid, some looked human. Suddenly Tina gasped, Dina turned to see a woman who stood about 2' feet tall, she wore a black rubber outfit, that looked to be a sexy mockery of a nurses uniform, a thin rubber bib like garmet with a red cross on the front of it was strung over breasts that seemed to large for otherwise thin form, her blond hair was set under a black rubber nurses bonnet, Nurse Owen stared down at them sternly. TO BE CONTINUED