The Smooth Black: Part 16

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The Smooth Black: Part 16 As Beverly Simm's Towncar pulled up to the old house she saw that Jack's Truck and Dina's car were still parked outside, "Damn it! I called them off hours ago, he better not even dream of charging me for overtime!" She muttered to herself as she pulled her own car around back as that secretary with the strange little accent had instructed her. Beverly had been hired by Madam, or as she was known in public Miss Hatter, to take care of her local properties and interests some 6 years ago, Beverly had been skimming from her for the last three. It was minor at first a thousand here or there, just to supliment her income after her husband left her and the buisiness began to faulter due to his own embezzlement, and ofcourse she swore to herself she'd put it all back in time. But as time went on, and she didn't get caught, it became easier and easier and any troubles with her conscience she might have had seemed evaporate with the simple thought, "She's rich, she can afford it." ************************************************** As she got out of her car she took her purse and the expensive bottle of Cognac and walked to the back door, still unimpressed by the shabby look of the houses exterior, how could she not have thought it was a depressed property. She had met "Miss Hatter" only about 4 or 5 times, mainly getting letters and E-mails of her instructions, so it was a little unsettling to get a call to come to one of her houses in the middle of the night. Her plan was simple, she would claim it was a terrible mistake and blame it all on her frumpy assistant Willma Tupps, "Willma the worm" she had taken to calling her, her perfect fallwoman for all occasions. "Yes" she thought as she confidently walked up to the door, "I'll apologize for the "Worm" and hand her the Cognac and that will be that." ************************************************** As Madam watched her enter the foyer on the monitor she was as always surprized how much makeup she wore, for a woman in her mid-forties she was not unattractive but as with many her age she feared growing old, so she dressed and made herself up to be younger and that was also why she used the money she stole from her to buy younger and younger men's favors. Madam ofcourse knew she'd been stealing from her, it was but a drop in the bucket after all and one could always use this knowledge against them later on for some other purpose, but of late Mrs. Simms had grown to gready and this caused her "work" to be exposed and that could NOT be over looked. ************************************************** Beverly was amazed by the opulence of the interior of the house, "And how do you fancy my "Depressed property?" Beverly turned to see Madam Hatter standing in a doorway, she wore a long black silk robe finely threaded with gold lace in the shape of chinese dragons and tall black highheel boots that were completely made of the black rubber. Beverly fumbled for a response, "OH I I never would have thought...I mean from the outside...." Madam continued, "I like to rebuild my houses from the inside out, if you had bothered picked up a phone I might have explained this. Is that Cognac?" Again she fumbled, "Ahh I ah yes." "Well then come with me and we will have a drink as we talk." ************************************************** Madam lead Beverly into a large dinning room, a far more traditional one then she'd taken Dina and Tina to earier that evening. At the center of the room was a large beautifully crafted table with two chairs set at either end, the one Madam pulled out for Beverly to sit on was strangly wrapped in plastic and set upon a plastic sheet on the floor, "Do forgive the plastic, the wood is being restored but it is alright to sit upon." As Beverly sat down there was a loud crinkle of plastic. Madam gestured for her to open the bottle as she got two glasses. ************************************************** The glass Beverly was handed was made of the finest crystal but she could not take her eyes off of Madam's glass, the glass itself had an almost round shape and had a map of the world finely etched upon it's sides, the stem was made up of a 4" inch figurine of black rubber woman who seemed to be carrying the glass upon her back like a female atlas, the feet fused to the base, as Madam poured her drink Beverly swore she saw the tiny figure almost seem to strain with her burden. "Well I hope the electricians didn't cause you any problems, I notice they are still here." Beverly said trying to focus, she watched as Madam took a drink, her index finger caressing the figures tiny breasts, which seemed to give under her touch. "They did some damage to the delicate circuitry in a wall and offered to help fix it." "Oh I am sorry Miss Hatter, you see I have this assistant who can't do anything right, her names Willma...hehheh on days like this I call her...." "Willma the worm isn't it?" Madam finished for her, leaving Beverly in shock, as she'd never told her that. ************************************************** Madam took another drink then set her glass down, her thumb giving the figures back a stroke, to which the figure again seemed to move, "I know all your 'office tricks' my dear, it is bad form to blame underlings for so many indescrepancies. And it is bad enough you use the money you steal from me for your gigilos...." "I never..!!" Beverly began, trying to sound insulted but Madam rose a hand and continued, "...but your greed and stupidity almost exposed my Wonders...Hose.. come out." ************************************************** "WHAT?!?" Beverly asked as she tried to take it all in as from above Hose coiled down from an open panel in the ceiling and hung a mere two feet from her face, "This is but one of my Wonders, a fine one to be sure. But please feel free to touch her, so that you can be saticfied she is real." Beverly slowly extended one finger and touched her shoulder, as she drew it back Hose nuzzled the finger with the side of her face and suddenly bit the tip. Beverly whipped her hand back, more out of fear than pain. "Behave Hose." Madam playfully chided, "Aye my Mistress." At that moment Beverly realized that her's was the voice she heard on the phone from time to time. Then she looked closely at Madam's glass and saw for the first time two tiny eyes staring out of the otherwise featureless face, she dropped her glass, breaking it's stem and spilling the remains of her drink. "You...YOU!!!" she gasped and clapped her hand over her mouth. ************************************************** Madam was annoyed by the spill on her table then began to lightly laugh, "Oh please do you think I would drug your drink in my own home?" Beverly breathed a sigh of relief, Madam let her have her relief a moment longer, "It shall be Hose to administer your punishment." As she saw Madam gesture Hose was already sinking the tubes needle point into her neck and the red fluid jetted into her blood. Beverly could only sit there and hold her neck as she felt the substance spreading threw her system. Madam stood up and poured herself another drink then walked over, "You will find that alcohol slows the process somewhat. But that shouldn't dull your sences to what is to come. We usually have a rather elaborate preporation ritual that we have turned in a enjoyable chore, but it is necessary. You see as you grow smaller the ordinary dirt and other substances we come in contact or even apply to ourselves remain their same mass, even a grain of sand under the fingernails can be an agony as one dwindles." She said as she looked to Beverly's hands. ************************************************** Beverly cried out in fear and pain as the false fingernails began to widden in and under her cuticles, as she began to tear them out with her teeth she felt thick substances welling in her eyes and begin to run down her face as her pours began to squeeze the makeup from them, one of the false eyelashes dropped to her cheek and slowly slid down. Then two new pains struck her, first in her earlobes as her large hooped earrings began to tear lose but the worst was in her bowels as they suddenly became overly full, "OWWW!!! WHAT'S.....HAPPENING?!!!" she wailed, as she learched forward her other eyelash fell to the table, one earring tore free and fell to the floor and her bra came lose from her breasts sticky with moisturizer. Madam and Hose smiled down and leaned in closer, "Oh yes we also have to clean out the bowels and bladder, everything eaten here has to be treated so that it will properly metbolize, otherwise...." In that instant Beverly's bowels and bladder explosively released, filling her panties and running down her legs, even as they slid up into her pantyhose. Beverly stared up from the chair, her face streaked with tears and makeup, at the woman growing ever larger before her, dimmly aware that her shoulders had begun to slip through the neck of her blouse, "Now you know the real reason for the plastic my dear." ************************************************** The pantyhose fell with a flopping splash onto the floor taking the panties with them as Beverly tried to stand only to slip and fall into the thick puddle of her own makeup, shit and piss, she screamed hysterically as she flopped helplessly around. Madam brought a large bowl full of hot water to the table, then pulled the blouse off of the chair, letting it fall to the plastic on the floor and smiled down at the 5" inch thing that squirmed in the puddle of her own filth, "As entertaining as this is I really must move this along, Hose if you please." Hose nodded and began to coil down toward her, Beverly saw her and flung a chunk of shit at her, which she managed to dodge, "You keep away from me!!" she shrieked pitifully, As Hose reached for her she slapped at her, in response Hose took her by the throat with one hand, her other reached between her legs and slid her fingers into Beverly's pussy and picked her up. Beverly shreiked and struggled in vain. ************************************************** Hose held her out at arms length as she brought her to the bowl and dropped her in, she then took the sponge floating in the water and scrubbed her little charge vigirously, until the water was a dingy brown. Finally Madam handed Hose a napkin for herself, "I thank thee my Mistress.", then took ahold of one of Beverly's tiny legs and placed her on the table. As she got to her feet Madam eyed her, " You know you really are a handsom woman without all that makeup." "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH ME!!!" Beverly shrieked up, Madam smiled down in a way that made her terrified, "I think all you need to do is lower your standards in suiters. Hose, a measure of the black." Hose took a tube from her pack and squirted the black rubber over her. ************************************************** As Madam picked up the device from the table, and Hose retreaved a pale like container from a nearby bourough, Beverly could only look at the black liquid dripping down her body and ask, "WHY!?!" Madam looked down at her with distain, "Remember what you called your assistant?" "Th the 'Worm'?" she said meekly, with that Madam aimed the device at her. Half of the black rubber twisted around her upper body binding her hands painfully up in back of her, the other half wound around her lower legs, forcing her ankles to point painfully downward, as she fell to her knees the rubber bound her calves together and formed a tail. Madam stroked her finger down Beverly's back then pushed her nail up into the crack of her ass and nudged her to inch forward until her face was in the puddle of cognac she'd spilt earlier, "Do be a dear and finish your drink." weeping Beverly began to lick up the puddle. ************************************************** As she continued to lap at the puddle Madam brought the black rubber pale infront of her, Hose brought over a vial of dull white fluid to her Mistress, "Now my dear, I have a little surprize for you." she took the cap from the vial and pour a small amount over Beverly then poured a small line of it about a foot away from her, "Wh what is this??" she weeped as she began to smell it's foulness, "It's an aphrodesiac, oh not for you but your new beu." She reached into the top of the pale and pulled a 6" inch shelless snail and laid it at the end of the line of white fluid, as it touched the substance it began to writhe and suck up the line as it headed toward Beverly, "OOHH NO please...please...I'll give you your money back anything...don't let it near meeee!!!!" She began to inch herself across the table away from the advancing snail as it turned a bright pink and increased it's speed, "it's so fast!" she thought frantically, "Their suppost to be slow but it's fast!!" Her breasts slapped hard against the table top, she drove her jaw hard on to the wood in her frantic attempt to out crawl it, suddenly she felt it ozze up her mock tail onto her legs, she tried to kick it off but it held fast and worked it's way up her thighs. She looked up to Madam pleading, "ANYTHING.....I'll give you anything!!!!" "Oh WILL." Beverly looked down in horror as the snails head and antene ozzed between her thighs and felt as the slimey flesh tried to squeeze inside her, she sceamed and screamed. ************************************************** As the snail slid up over her breasts and face Beverly could only heave with sobs, Madam pulled the snail off of her then took the mock tail in her fingers and dangled them both before her eyes, Beverly was past screaming and could only chant over and over again, "....pleasepleasepleaseplease...." the snail merely squimed in her grasp, trying to crawl up it's own tail, "Oh never fear there are more lovers for you." Beverly watched as Madam dropped the snail into the pale with the tweleve others, her eyes widden with the new horror, she tried to look up to Madam but before she could again plead Madam poured the rest of the vial over her squirming form and dropped her into the pale. Hose handed Madam a napkin so she could wipe her fingers, then they watched as the snails turned a bright pink as they wound around their new lover. Beverly screamed one more time, tearing something in her throat, a bubble of slime rose around her face and popped as the scream ended, then one of the snail heads covered her tiny face. TO BE CONTINUED