The Smooth Black: Part 8

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: The Smooth Black: Part 8

Madam Hatter circled the two naked women as they sat bound naked to their silver chairs, she was in a quandry as what exactly she wanted to do with her newest aquisitions. She liked to know those she transformed a little better and liked them to come from either places of power or privilege, these were the most fun to break. Still she enjoyed Dina's defience and Tina's plyability could have it's moments. As she circled them she drew her fingers up Dina's thighs, quickly between her legs then up to her stomach and began to play with her dragon shaped bellyring, which outraged Dina, 'You fucking cunt stop playing games with us!!' she screamed up at her. ********************************************************************** Tina tried to prepare for the worst but but Madam Hatter did not seemed phased by the insult, infact she smiled to herself, 'Games? .....hmmm Game, yes that's it I think, let's let providence decide your fates. It brought you here after all.' She then gestured to Hose who coiled over close to her, and began to quietly give her instructions, one of her fingers absently stroking her tiny pussy as she spoke. Hose turned and grinned widely at them then disappeared up into the silver dome in the ceiling. Madam Hatter raised the tuning fork like device and both of their chairs began to follow her out of the room, 'What the fuck?! What's goin on?!?' Dina demanded, 'Why we are going to play a game dear.' She replied happily. ********************************************************************** As the rubber wall parted open Dina and Tina rolled into a small room with no furniture, just a silver dome in the ceiling and two tiny clear plastic tubes hanging down to just over six feet above the floor, one dripped water slightly. In one corner what looked at first to be thin black wires stood up from the floor about six feet, then it started to move toward them, and as the got a closer look they stared with awe at another of Madam Hatter's bizarre wonders. ********************************************************************** The woman herself stood about two inches tall, her head was covered with a tiny black rubber hood that left only her mouth and nose uncovered, her arms were painfully twisted up in back of her, held there by a triagular shaped binding of the black rubber. around her tiny waist was a rubber and silver circle that held five tiny injection needles a millimeter from her flesh, so that should she fall in any direction the tiny rubber ended plungers would inject her with droplet of the fluid inside them. Her breasts and below her waist was left naked, but in the end it was the boots that drew most of the attention. They started down from the middle of her thighs, the highheel design held her toes in as far a downward angle as her tiny ankles would allow, the heel and sole at the ball of the foot stretched down 5 feet 11 inches to the floor, their width tapering down until the surfaces that met the floor was little more then a pin heads. In other words she stood upon a most painful and twisted pair of stilts some 35 times her own height. ********************************************************************** Madam Hatter walk out between the stunned women and began to circle her as she painfully staggered forward calling blindly for her mistress, 'Are are you there Mistress, please ...please may I have my stand now?!?' her small voice winned, 'Ladies allow me to introduce you to Allegra, she was once a 6'1' model hoping to get into 'Sports Illustrated'. Three days after I aquired her she stormed up to me and demanded that I make her original height once could I refuse.' 'Oh oh please I'm sorry if if you get me down I'll never...' Aleggra pleaded, Madam Hatter continued, 'but ofcourse there is a price for her height as each of the injectors has a different concocktion of my own creation. The first time she fell the substance she recieved caused her to lose all her pretty hair, not like she was areal blond though. Her second fall injected her with a powerful affrodesiac, she might have enjoyed it had she the use of her fingers, this quickly led to her last fall which cost her 4 inches of her height, but wanting to keep my word I adjusted her foot wear accordingly.' She reached out and pinched one of her tiny breasts with tips of her fingernails, Allegra screamed with pain and fear and began to stagger backward, 'OHH!' Tina cried as she saw her nearly fall backward. But at the last second jerked her upper body forward and stopped her fall, 'Your getting very good at that my dear.' Madam Hatter said bemused. ********************************************************************** Just the the dome above slid open and Hose lowered down carrying a small silver bar to which six clear plastic tiny tubes were attached to it by small open hooks, 'Ahh good, set things up would you dear?' Madam Hatter said as aimed her device toward Allegra, Hose lowered the bar across her shoulders and two loops of rubber grabbed it between the the two sets of hanging tubes, 'Oh please no!' Allegra pleaded, 'Just stand ye strait.' Hose said and gave her small ass a swat, causing her to yelp. As she let her new burden settle on to her shoulders a red substance began to fill the tubes running down and stopping at their silver nozzles. 'So what the fuck is this shit?' Dina hissed, 'Well you comment about games made me think of dear Allegra's little plight and I thought I would allow to help us play. Here are the rules, in these tubes is the formula that will make you dwindle, each one to a different degree, you may dwindle alot or a little but you will grow small. Both of you will be allowed chose a tube and....drink you destiny.' Tina was the first to speak, 'h h How small would we get?' 'That's part of the game dear.' She replied sweetly, 'What if we refuse?' Dina spat, 'Then I stick all the tubes in to you then put you dwindling body onto a microscope slide and watch you spend the rest of you existance trying to run from ameobas, they can be suprizingly randy you know.' This ended the discussion. ********************************************************************** 'I think Tina should go first.' she said as she used the device to loosen her bonds, Tina got unstedily to her feet and walked past Madam Hatter toward the tiny woman quivering atop her twisted stilts, amazed at her size, terrified that she could become as small or even smaller. She was already helpless before this mad woman, to become smaller, she'd be like a mad goddess, 'Make your choice dear, Dina's waiting.' Tina grabbed the tube with the lightest coloring, thinking it might be the most deluted of the drugs. She hoped to be able to squirt most of it under her tongue and spit it out when Madam Hatter wasn't looking, 'Just squeeze the sides of the nozzle, that's a girl.' she instructed. As she squeezed the entire contents of the tube jetted into her mouth under incredible pressure and was obsorbed into her system instantly, 'OH GOD!!!' she screamed as she felt it begin to effect her. ********************************************************************** 'TINA!!!' Dina screamed as she sank to her knees, she watched as all the muscles in Tina's body seemed to tensen at once then as they relaxed her body contracted in on itself. She felt a incredible pressure upon every bone in her body and her flesh seemed to tighten to the point of ripping, she looked up to see Madam Hatter and Dina rise before her. Finally with one last convulsion Tina settled into her new 18 inch form. She bent down over her knees and sobbed,Dina breathed heaving breathes in total terror. As Madam Hatter knelt and ran her hand over her now small back she hugged herself tightly into a ball. ********************************************************************** 'Your turn.' Madam Hatter said as she released Dina, after she calmed down, Dina jumped up ran to Tina, 'You Ok honey?' she asked near tears, Tina's small face looked up in anguish, 'I'm....small!' she wept. 'YOUR TURN!' she said again, 'ALRIGHT!!!' Dina Screamed up and got to her feet. She walked over to Allegra, shaking a little as she took the darkest of the tubes, 'Sorry little babe.' she whispered to Allegra and as she saw the tiny mouth begin to scream it's horror Dina flicked her finger into the injecter on her stomach. As Allegra staggered back screaming Madam Hatter tittered with laughter, 'Oh what a mean thing for you.....' All at once Dina jumped up and grabbed a fist full of Madam Hatter's hair and aimed the nozzle toward her face. ********************************************************************** Hose coiled toward her drawing the tube of green fluid from her pack, 'Back off snake bitch!!!' Dina screamed, Madam Hatter waved her off almost casually, Dina gave her hair a hard tug, to which she showed only amusement, 'Now what my dear?' 'Now you give her the anidote to that shit and we get out of here.' 'OH God noooooo!!!' Allegra screamed, she had managed to stop herself from falling but the injection she'd recieved was begining to effect her as her tiny breasts began to swell and grow until they were four times their size. 'You bitch why? Why?!!' she screamed, 'Fear not little one her cruelty is about to be repayed.' Madam Hatter said as she depressed a button on her device. The nozzle sprouted four tiny needles into her fingers and injected the contents of the tube into her. ********************************************************************** Dina dropped to her knees holding her injected hand which was already growing smaller, she felt pain course up her arm and threw her body, Madam Hatter stooped down toward her smiling, 'You are a firery little bitch, I wonder how firery when your little.' Suddenly she felt a new pain on her stomach and realized that she still wore her bellyring. She fumbled desperately to undo it before it tore her open, above she heard laughter, 'Fear not I'll take care of that for you.' she said and aimed the device at her, she felt a violent tingling feeling and watched as the flesh of her stomach stretched and wrap itself around the piece of metal that grew ever larger before her, 'NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!' she whaled. ********************************************************************** Tina watched wide eyed as Dina shrank to 5' inches tall, the bellyring now fused to her midsection, she was on all fours the edge of dragons jewel touching the rubber floor. Finally Tina scooped her up into her hands, 'Dina?' she asked in a near whisper, all at once Dina realized the tiny woman she had tried to comfort just a minute ago now held her in 'her' hands and she grew hysterical,'PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME DOWN!! PUT ME DOWN!!!!' she shrieked. But before she could two huge fingers took ahold of the bellyring and lifted her high out of Tina's reach, and brought the screaming tiny woman to eye level, 'Not so brave now are you.' Dina could only continue to shriek. 'Please put her down please.' Tina pleaded laying her hands on the Madam Hatter's huge highheel, 'That will do Tina, you can play with her in good time. But for now follow me and we will get you both some proper attire.' Madam Hatter stroad out threw the opening in the wall, followed by the small form of Tina. As the wall closed behind her Hose rose up into the dome which also closed, leaving Allegra teetering back and forth as the weight of her newly grown breasts had thrown off her already precarious balance, 'Please Mistress....don't leave me like this!!!' she sobbed. TO BE CONTINUED