The Smooth Black: Part 7 by Talon

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The Smooth Black: Part 7 by Talon

Madam Hatter pressed another series of buttons below the table and
two sections of the table directly before Dina and Tina retracted,
leaving half circle indentations. The Madam held up the tuning fork
device and the girl’s eyes widened as the chairs that held them,
lowered until their shoulders were below the tabletop and then they
wheeled forward, within the cutout spaces of the table.

Only their heads were visible.

Wild-eyed the women watched as the little figures on the table went
about the task of preparing their meals. Once done, their silverware
implements waddled up and stood to each side of their plates, eyeing
them in anticipation.

‘You eat with me.’ The Mistress’ voice took their attention and they
looked over to her, ‘meat.’

Instantly the knives, forks and spoons of all 3 plates went to work.
Dina and Tina looked at the figures in awe as the knife cut at the
meat and then stepped back to allow fork to do her job. Once she had
the morsel, she approached on one side and Spoon, with a serving of
peas approached from the other and stopped.

The girls just stared.

‘Open your mouths.’ Again they looked to the Mistress. She laid her
napkin aside. ‘OPEN… your mouths,’ she repeated with a hint of

They turned back to their table and hesitantly Tina opened her
mouth. Fork stepped forward and with practiced care, placed the
strip of meat into her mouth. After a few chews, she opened again
and Spoon stepped forward to do the same.

Dina just stared at her two implements menacingly and she could see
them start to shake.

‘Their lives,’ the Mistress began, startling Dina, ‘are not very
interesting.’ A single finger stroked the round bulb of her spoon’s
head and like a kitten, it nuzzled up against it to show her
affection, ‘but they serve me well.’ There was a light chuckle from
her, at the pun she made. ‘Perhaps… you’d like to… experience it as
well?’ She smiled.

Dina looked to her in shook, as did Tina, while she chewed on her

The smile quickly changed to a frown, ‘If not… I suggest you not
anger me. Especially during dinner.’

Tina unconsciously gulped down what she was eating and they both
faced the utensils again. Hers had returned to their ready position,
while Dina’s still waited with their loads. However, instead of
looking frightened, they now had an air of confidence about them,
clearly grinning beneath their mask.

Probably at the prospect of the giant they were feeding joining

Dina slowly opened her mouth and with not as much care, Fork stuck
her strip into the huge mouth and after only a moment, Dina was
prodded by her spoon to open up. When she did, Spoon shoveled in her
load, making sure she added just enough flip to cause a pea or two
to tumble down her throat. Dina coughed and gagged a little as the
two tiny things marched back to start again.


The action was repeated again and again, drink was administer by two
6’ black rubbered beauties with a length of tube emanating from the
platform attaching to the top of their mouthless masks.


The Madam gave a brief but interesting history of her family,
explaining how over the generations they had found more and more
interesting ways of toying with the human body, whether it was by
machine or drug. Using them in every conceivable way possible. A
rattled off few of the more famous or infamous members of her
family, some they recognized in shocked disbelief.

Others… causing them to shiver…

Though all members of her family were quite intelligent to begin
with, Madam Hatter stated that she possessed an I.Q. of 197. She sat
back and casually wave off all her accomplishments in the many
fields of science and told them her true loves were biochemistry,
biophysics and genetics. Her soul driving force being her work in
living matter manipulation.

Wealth, power and position, her family had possessed those since the
days of the inquisition. Her goal, what she aspired to achieve more
than anything, was a self-centered one she easily admitted. ‘I could
use my breakthroughs to serve mankind… but why?’ The girls were
finishing the last of their meals. ‘If I cured THIS disease or
solved THAT equation, what would I receive? Humph, a paragraph or
two in some scientific journal. Well, I say …no. My brain… mine to
do with as I see fit… And I want pleasure.’ She extended her arms
and settled more into her chair. ‘ULTIMATE pleasure and bliss,’ she

‘So you get yourself off by creating these little freaks, huh?’ Dina
sneered not bothering to even look at her.

‘Dina!’ Tina whispered.

The Mistress held up a hand. ‘No… No, that’s quite alright.’ She
crooked a finger and motioned for the meat server to come to her.
The muscular little woman with the knife and prong, jogged over
immediately to the edge of the table. ‘They are freaks,’ her finger
stroked softly beneath her chin, the girl raised her head high to
accept her attentions, ‘but they’re MY little freaks… and they DO
give me pleasure… And you TRIED to take one of them from me...
Didn’t you?’

Befuddled, Tina and Dina looked at each other, then at the woman
sitting at the head if the table. ‘We were just trying to help her!
She was in pain… STRAPPED to one of your sick fucking devices!’
Snapped Dina.

‘SHE,’ Madam Hatter stood and the server scampered back to her
position beside the food, ‘was in the midst of a delicate
conversion! One that if you were allowed to disturb, would have
surely killed her!’

‘We didn’t KNOW that!’ Shouted Dina with equal volume.

‘Yes! We really didn’t! We were just trying to help her! We didn’t
know! Honest!’ Tina whined.

The Mistress smiled. ‘Away.’

The little women on the table, servers, utensils and drink quickly
cleared the table. Serving tray taking a position alongside Meat on
the platform and then the utensils aided the drink girls, who had
their limbs free, move the plates onto the platform too.

Once all were aboard, the three sections of the dome rose from the
table and sealed the women inside. The dome then lowered into the
table and down through the floor. Once clear, panels whirred into
place, leaving only a faint outline of a circle.

Madam Hatter, still smiling, sauntered over to the two heads and
knelt between them. ‘I know you were only trying to help,’ she moved
a few stray locks out of the frustrated Dina’s face, ‘but… you have
to see it from my position. Which right now you can’t, can you?’ she

The attempt at a joke only drew a glare from Dina.

The Mistress sighed at her pityingly, and moved to the far side of
Tina and knelt, letting her hands rest long her head as if it were a
pillow. ‘I VERY well can’t let you go, now can I?’ she asked
innocently as she stroked Tina’s cheek absently.

The young woman quivered in her embrace. ‘Please,’ Tina begged,
‘We…We won’t tell anybody… anything. We swear!’ she whispered.

Madam Hatter took her head in both hands and gazed deeply into her
eyes, ‘YOU, I believe.’

And with that, she placed a kiss on the whimpering girl’s forehead.
She then nuzzled her cheek next to Tina’s and they both looked at
Dina. One beaming with overconfidence, the other scared out of her

‘But this one,’ she sighed as she reached over and tried to flick
another lock of hair out of the way but Dina flinched away causing a
cascade of crimson hair to cover her face, ‘this one would clearly
cause me trouble. See, she has a defiant streak… something YOU
obviously don’t suffer from,’ she chuckled, squeezing Tina’s head
close to hers, ‘and to be brutally frank, I can’t afford to take
that chance.’

Dina shook the hair from her face as best she could. ‘So… You’re
gonna make freaks out of us, too?’ she spat.

‘Oh! Oh, noooo! Please! Cried Tina but the Madam tightened her hold.

‘Shhhhhh…’ Instructed the Mistress and Tina stifled with a pitiful
squeal. She smiled with mock sadness at Dina, ‘Yes, I’m afraid so.’
Tina began to sob and the Mistress tried to soothe her, ‘but you
needn’t worry I assure you…’she said. ‘In time you both will find
serving me has… many wondrous rewards.’ And then she gently kissed
the face of the terribly trembling girl.

Tina whimpered as the Mistress lick tear from her cheek…