The Smooth Black: Part 2 by Talon

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The Smooth Black : Part 2 by Talon

'The Mistress?!?' Dina asked dumbfounded, 'She's the one who did
this to you?'

'YES. Now please, leave before she returns or she'll do the same to

Dina nodded. 'Okay but first let me get you out of here.'

'NO DON'T!' Yelled the doll. 'You... You can't remove the tubes! The
way the Mistress has them fixed makes it too painful to try! When I
tried to push them out, I thought I would die from the shock! Don't
touch me! Don't touch ANYTHING!!! Just GO! NOW!!! The little thing

'A-Alright! But I'll be back with help! I promise!'

'JUST GO!!!' She screamed. 'And don't come back! You can do nothing
for me! GO!!!'

Dina retreated quickly back the way she came. She didn't realize a
tall trim figure lurking in the shadows had heard the whole

Once back in the main house, she ran to find the others. 'Damn!
Where the hell IS everybody!' She wondered. As she passed one of the
bedrooms, she found Tina putting her tools away. 'TINA! Thank god!
Where's the guys?!'

'Aww, the owner CANCELLED the job! Jack and Raffe just finished
packing up and took the truck back to the shop. We couldn't find you
so I told'em I'd find you and catch up later. Where were you

'That's what I want to show you! Come on!'

Dina led Tina back to where the tiny woman was suspended. Just like
Dina, the sight had her in awe... 'Is... Is she REAL?!?'

The rubber woman's head turned toward them, causing the two to jump.
'Why did you come back?' she said sadly, 'I told you to stay
AWAY...' she moaned.

'Yeah, but you need help and I got my friend with me.' Dina said.

'What is she? A Midget or something?!' Tina asked in shock.

'I dunno... but we gotta figure out how to get her free. Tina you
better call the police.'

'Yeah, right... Oh shit! I left my cell phone in the toolbox! I'll
be right back, okay? I need my tools anyway.' She headed back
through the tunnel.

'Hurry up!' Dina called after her, 'and watch yourself! There's some
crazy woman running around here too! She's the one that did all

'You should never have come back...' the little woman wailed,
shaking her head slowly. 'All this will just make her angry!'

Dana knelt and looked the little captive over trying to figure out
the best way to set her free. 'Just calm down, okay? Everything is
going to be all right. My god... what has she done to yoOOO!!!'


Dina jerked and locked, her whole world becoming a bright white
light of pain as a sear jolt of electricity shot through her body.
Her mind overloaded as it tried to deal with the sudden assault and
when the energy finally released her, she slumped to the floor,
rendered unconscious by the stun gun...

The user nudged her victim with the toe of her boot. Dina was out
cold. 'Hmmm... It would seem your liberators have hit a snag, my

Even though she could show no facial expressions, the foot-tall
slave tried to convey her emotions. 'Mistress, please...?! They
didn't know! Don't hurt th-- AhhNNLLL!!!'

'Shut up.' The woman had given one of the tubes running between the
rubber woman's legs a slight tug and the little bondage girl's head
snapped back as she squealed in pain. 'I don't CARE what they know,
I just know what they TRIED...' Her hand gently slid up the
rubberized body and cupped the smooth head of her plaything, who
whimpered at her caress. 'They TRIED to take YOU... You don't want
to leave me… do you Celeste?'

'Oh... N-No... No Mistress!' She whimpered. 'NO…'

'Mmmm-Hmmm... That's what I said,' the Mistress cooed as she stroked
her pet's head lovingly. 'My darling little Celeste wouldn't want to
leave me... Especially after all the FUN we shared.' She then looked
down at Dina and sneered, 'So THESE two must have been trying to
STEAL you from me!'

'B-But, Miss-- OOOHHL!!!'

The Mistress squeezed the back of the doll's head. 'RIGHT?' she

'Yes, Mistress...' Celeste whispered fearfully, 'they... they wanted
to take me from you.'

'They're BAD little girls… Aren't they Celeste?' Her grip softened.

'Yes, Mistress... They're bad...' The doll repeated sadly, knowing
their fate all too well.

'And what do I do to bad little girls, Celeste?'

Celeste gulped in fear. 'You... You punish them, Mistress...' Her
little mouth whispered.

The woman look to the doorway to ensure her first prize, the girl in
overalls, was still asleep and then to Dina. A wicked grin crossed
the Mistress' face as she absently massaged the bulb that was the
rubber woman's head.

'Oh yes...I PUNISH them...' TO BE CONTINUED