The Smooth Black: Part 1

Posted by lbh on February 10, 2003 at 20:02:05:

Smooth Black: Part 1

Dina Reese had gotten a job rewiring an old mansion outside of town, and she showed up as usual, inappropiately dressed. Wearing to tight fitting jeans, a cut off T-shirt that bearly covered moderate sized breasts and showed off her well tonned stomach and prized belly button ring that was in the shape of a tiny dragon holding a jewel in it's claws. Only her sneakers were right. The foreman didn't care for her dress but she was a good electrician so he let it slide. Usually she liked when the other workers looked at her, it was why she did it, but today there were only two other workers besides the foreman and herself, one was a young guy named Raffe he liked learing at her but was going to be working at the other side of the house. Then there was Tina a cute but mousey girl who stared at the floor all the time, she was dressed appropiately in oversize grey overalls. The Foreman told them what needed to be done and Dina tied back her long red hair and set to work. ************************************************** She liked the fact that the place had once been a Brothel and liked even more that there had been some weird happenings and disappearences. But as she roamed through the house it seemed like just another old water damaged house. She found the first of the 1910 lightfixtures and set to work removing it, but as she ripped out a section of the old crumbling plaster she found something strange. behind the wall was a small circular passage way about three feet in diameter, lined in black rubber. The rubber was not dried or cracked from age but looked as if it had just been applied to the wall, as Dina touched it it felt warm and soft. The passage way extended quite a ways in but she could not see the end. She wanted to investigate but knew she had a job to do, 'Fuck it!' she said and pulled a small flashlight out and crawled into it. She loved the feel of the warm black rubber on her hands and it's musky smell. The passage went in about 30 feet and ended in several flaps twisted together, she found that if she pressed hard enough she could press through to the other side. She put her flashlight in her mouth and used both hands to part the flaps. ************************************************** As she slid threw it felt as if flaps seemed to actively feel her body, she loved the sensation and wished she could have done it naked. She found herself in another water damaged room, at the center of the room four strands of the black rubber stretched tightly from the floor and ceiling forming an X suspended above the floor. Setting infront of this was a small glass table with several strange tools she had never seen before and a small rack of tiny test tube like viles filled with different colored sudstances, one even had a black substance like the black rubber. ************************************************** As she stepped closer to the X she saw that the strands conected to the arms and legs of a foot tall black rubber form of a woman shaped form about a foot tall, and from what Dina could see she had a nice body. 'Some wacked artist set up a private studio in an old house. Better then paying a shit load of rent.' Dina thought then suddenly realized the tiny chest was moving, she was breathing. She stared in closer she saw the the head was completely covered except for a small breathing hole in the mouth area. The body looked as she had been dipped in the black rubber and hung there to dry. Suddenly the small head turned toward her, 'please is somebody out there?' the quiet voice asked, causing Dina to jump back, 'please I would like some water please, there is a hose on the floor, below me.' Dina looked down to see a thin clear hose laying on the floor, it and two other hoses were conected to a small silver panel on the floor, the other two ran up to between the rubber woman's legs, one was yellow the other brown. ************************************************** She put the tip of the clear tube into to tiny hole of the otherwise featureless face, the tiny lips beneath sucked a couple of droplets of water from the tube then shook her small head when she was finished. 'How the fuck did you get so small?' Dina asked in amazement. 'you should leave before Mistress returns ...and you find out.' the rubber woman replied in fear. TO BE CONTINUED