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Story"Small Pleasure"
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    By Talisman

    Call him an addict, call him sexual deviant, or just simply call him sadistic. Either way you still couldn’t pin Mason Boyd to any one thing. As brutally prehistoric as he may convey himself, he has the cunning to grant himself such luxuries with the convoy of women he obtains.
    Mason worked as a security specialist, and would take on assignments like concerts and guard duty when they made themselves available. This line of work bode well with his extreme size and frame. Standing just over 6”2 and weighing in at 280 lbs. He was a giant among men and women alike. A man his size would be generally used to being able to attract all sorts of women, but he had a fetish side to his candor, he desired petite women. It may be fair to say that he desired increasingly smaller women as he searched along.
    The city had a bevy of Asian and the like available, and Mason was not above the task of seeking every one of them out. Even when he was unable to achieve this through the normal means, he would consult with a old Chinese gentleman, who held a couple of bordellos, one in particular was the “House of Silky Pleasure” This place was frequented by Mason on many occasions. He was pleased with the selection he could acquire. It resembled ordering food sometimes, as he was precise at making sure he received the smallest woman available.
    Although Mason was a married man, it didn’t stop him from full filling his need. His wife Rachel was a farm girl who met Mason at a early age while living at home. Rachel’s upbringing was dominated by the men in her household, and it was this environment that attributed to her need to be dominated by a lover, as she found in Mason. The both of them would work off each other’s fetish.

    Mason longed to find the ultimate sexual experience, it wasn’t that he tired of the escapades he forced on his acquisitions, it was just that he felt that there must be something more he could find to achieve it.

    This wish, was granted one Friday night as he was at the House of Silky Pleasure. He was involved in a conversation with it’s owner Phon Loi, the chinese elder. Mason was told of a serum used for decades back in the homeland, where Phon Loi dabbled in herbal concoctions. He told Mason of a combination of herbs that was passed on to him which achieved slight to extreme size comparisons. He told Mason that it was administered to the willing and unwilling women the holder desired, and with it would prevail over the shrunken subject. Mason wanted to believe the old man but couldn’t come to grips with such a fantastic story. The old man only smiled as he listened to Mason laugh at his tale, before telling Mason that he would prove it’s power.

    Phon Loi arranged for one of his girls to meet Mason in the back den of the Bordello. As Mason went back and got comfortable, the girl was given the concoction without her knowledge. In her mind this would be just another trick.

    Mason sat on a chair with his arms on his knees. The girl walked in and started to undress. She looked over at the huge man, even sitting, he still towered over her slightly. As she shed her last article of clothing, she walked over to the hulking man and starting to kiss his chest, as she worked her way down to his crotch, she suddenly shot herself back and doubled over. Mason watched with concern as she started to groan from tremendous cramps infested inside her. with a last gargle she toppled over and lay still on the floor. Mason was just getting up when he noticed the changes to her body starting.
    The girl started to shrink slowly at first then almost immediately decrease to her final 7 inch size. Mason was almost beside himself when he rubbed his eyes over and over again to see if it was real.
    “You don’t laugh now, now you will enjoy the nectar of this drug.” Mason overheard the old man at the doorway. As Mason turned to talk to the old man, he saw he was gone in an instant.

    Mason stood there over the tiny girl for a while trying to think on how to start. He first nudged the tiny girl with his toe to see if she was still breathing. She stirred slightly as he pulled his toe back. She then turned over on her back and started to open her eyes as she came to.
    Her eyes widened as she saw the towering giant hovering above her. She then let out a tiny scream and covered her face. Mason looked down at the quivering girl and started to get a erection at the sight. He had finally achieved a different power. With the tiny girl wailing away beneath him, he felt like a real giant.
    It didn’t take long for Mason to enter his role, as he reached down and lifted up the squirming girl in his fist. Mason studied her tiny frame. Her head and shoulders barely stuck out of top of his fist, while her feet were bare seen at the bottom of his fist. Mason laughed out loud at the tiny captive. “You’re mine now, I’m gonna use you up, so I hope you have the energy, because your gonna suck the biggest cock ever.” Mason roared into his fist.

    Mason sat down on the bed behind him, he then placed the still screaming girl on his protruding cock. Mason had a difficult time at keeping her on his shaft as he would catch her as she tumbled over. Finally he cupped his hand over his head and held the tiny squirming body in place while he gently massaged his tip. Mason was still having trouble with the tiny woman, he decided to put his underwear on and have her massage him in them.
    Mason slipped into his underpants, before stuffing the wiggling girl into his crotch hole. Mason adjusted the tiny body inside and then continued to masturbate with her against his tip. Within minutes, Mason unloading his cum wad into his shorts. After settling back to enjoy his orgasm, he stretched his gitch open to peer inside. His crotch area was completely loaded with his cream. Deep inside the mess the tiny girl was slowly struggling to keep her head above the thick fluid. Mason gently stroked his cock through his pants, and manipulated the tiny body around in his cum. Mason then removed his heavy pants and fished out the tiny girl. As Mason held her body in his hand, he felt the strangest sensation of the power unleashed inside him. He felt that he had total power over this puny girl. How easily he could crumple her in his grip, or roll her up and stuff her into his ass like a pill, or even lose her in his excrement. Above all he new he like the feeling against his cock. He loved the comparisons he made with the tiny girl to his thick meat. This girl in particular was half the size of his cock, and couldn’t hug and touch her fingers on the other side. She also fit perfectly on his mushroomed head, although he couldn’t get this one to sit properly.
    Mason placed her on his again erect cock. As he adjusted her position, he cast her legs around his foreskin in a straddling fashion. The tiny girl had the fight lost inside her, as she only pleaded with him to let her go. Mason looked upon her tiny face as she looked scared beyond her wildest dreams. Mason amused at the thought at how he must appear to her, with his huge massive body holding her captive and using her like a cock toy. How she must fear her very life. She must know also of what horrors he can put her tiny useless body through. “You can live if you start to lick my cock.” Mason said as he was losing patience with her sobbing. The girl didn’t stop, and simply tipped over falling into his waiting palm. Mason laid back on the bed and decided to take matters into his own hands again. He masturbated with her against his cock with his fingers controlling her moves. He would let her go every once in a while to see her try to scamper away. Then he would snatch her up in his fingers again and put her back to work. As Mason watched as she constantly tried to leave him, his sadistic side started to click in. he picked her up and got up to his knees. As he split his cheeks with one hand, he stuffed her into his huge crack with his other hand. Mason then clinched his cheeks together and massaged his cheeks with his both hands. He would then split the cheeks open to release the squeezed girl, only to cause her to tumble to the sheets below. He then went for his still crusty drawers and proceed to stuff her inside the ass part while she lay dazed from her fall in his palm. Mason snuggled up his ass on her as he kept her in his crack. He felt the tremendous urge to further humiliate her, as a fart deep inside was called forward. Mason let out a cushioned wet flap fart, which disrupted the bedcovers. He then continued to let out multiple farts as they came. Mason lifted himself up to prevail over her ruins. He peeled off his underwear and mused over the sight of the tiny girl encased in his variety of cum stains and newly made skid marks in the fabric. He decided to wear his underwear home with the girl still intact. As he got dressed he amused himself at the thought of her even surviving the trip home. As he came around the reception table he looked for the old man and found him in his on the couch smoking his pipe. “Did you achieve your pleasure?” Phon Loi asked as he continued to smoke. “Phon, it was incredible, I have to have some of that stuff for my personal use.” Mason urged. “I will give you some for tonight, come back tomorrow if you require to continue with it.” Phon said as he handed Mason a small vile. “The girl?” Phon eluded to the tiny victim. “Oh…I kind of had a accident with her, you know what I mean.” Mason said somewhat embarrassed. “No need to worry, she was disposable, as you will find the others you encounter.” The old man smiled as he took a puff.

    Mason could only think of how to tell Rachel when he got home, or even tell her at all. He decided on the latter.

    Mason got home and heard Rachel in the sunroom. He darted to the bedroom and got undressed for a shower.
    Mason took off his underwear and discarded them into the hamper, completely forgetting about the tiny girl still stuck in them.

    Mason had just finished showering and passed the discarded underwear on the floor.
    The tiny captive had managed to survive the ordeal, and was now slowly dragging her body out of the undergarment. Her body was sticky and heavy with the giants dry fliuds and other deposits. As she moved onward to the floor, her body stained and crusty, she was unaware of the approaching feet of the giant as he walked toward the bathroom. She was in the direct path, as Mason oblivious to the situation on the floor, stepped his way onto the undergarment.
    She felt the rumbling and turned her head to see the massive foot coming down on her full force. She didn’t have time to let out so much as a sigh, as she was crushed beneath the foot.
    Mason stopped to see he had come upon his discarded gitch on the floor. He lifted his foot and pulled of the sticky garment. Unaware of the tiny indentation stuck to his foot, he placed it back on the floor and went on his way dropping the garment into the hamper. The remnants of the tiny girl slowly becoming a stain on his foot after every step.

    Later that night Mason was holding the vile over his wife’s drink. After dinner he asked her to sit in the sunroom as they enjoyed a after dinner drink together, he also promised her a surprise.
    Rachel was undaunted by the outside activities that her husband participated in. She new very well he played with other women, and was either unwilling or unable to state her disapproval. She was his woman, and as long as he was still coming home to her, she was willing to let it all pass, just to serve him.
    Mason loved the fact his wife was obedient, to which was the reason he sought her out back home. Which provided a better scenario for his fantasy when she would be shrunken down. He knew she would first be frightened by the prospect of facing him enormous and all at first, but do to her uncompromising loyalty to him, he knew she would come around and provide her body for his total use.

    Rachel slowly sipped her drink to the anxious eyes of Mason as he sat and enjoyed his. They spent the few moments with small talk, before the effects were finally taking form.
    Rachel shot forward as the cramps proved too much for her as the tiny prostitute. Mason watched as Rachel looked to him for assistance before falling back on her chair and blacking out.
    Mason leaned forward and watched his wife decreasing in size. Her 5”4 flowed down, miniaturizing eventually down to just 7 inches.
    Mason mouth salivated as he approached his minuscule wife on the chair. He reached over and picked her up in his fist. He stroked her tiny body, roving her tiny breasts and caressing her ass cheeks. Mason tried to see how his little pinky would fit into her crotch. He managed to get his tip in slightly into her thigh. Rachel started to stir and come around when she looked around to see herself engulfed in the giant fist of her husband. She let out a tiny scream as she took in his mammoth proportions. Mason opened up his hand to lay her out on his palm. He then rose her up to his face. “This is real little girl, your now really mine to use, I have so many things I want to do with you, so get a hold of yourself and enjoy.” Mason said to her in a monotone manner. Rachel stopped screaming to short sobs. She looked at him in awe and panic at the same time. The tiny woman looked over the edge of his hand to see the great distance to the floor below. She then shifted herself back into the middle of his palm. “There you go, you see now where your place is, and it’s with your master.” Mason said smiling at her.
    Mason looked over to the doorway and made his way toward their bedroom with the tiny woman in tow.
    Rachel held on as the giant’s hand swayed side to side on it journey throughout the huge house. She watched her once familiar walls and doors pass by, as they now resembled a alien environment to large for her to ever have lived in once.
    Mason reached their bed and placed her on the surface. He then undressed himself before her. Rachel looked on at her giant husband unmasking his mammoth body. She couldn’t help stare at him like it was the first time. as his huge cock swung up totally erect as he slid off his underpants, she became flushed, as she almost waned to be on it. She was also taken back by the extreme danger that lurked being entrenched in this massive crotch area, would he abuse his power and crush her with his massive organ, or lay her body to waste in the interior of his sack region as he forgets her position. The danger aspect provided just as ample sensations as the probability of feeling the massive erotic sensation he could unleash on her.

    Mason looked on as he stood there nude. He kept his hands to his side and watched the tiny woman slowly rise up to her feet. He would take this moment to enjoy all the pleasure of the eyes as well as the flesh, as he took comparisons of her puny size against the backdrop. Mason got on to the bed with both knees and surrounded the tiny woman between his gams and calves. He looked down at his protruding erect cock, and even lower at the tiny woman. “What do you think of the view?” Mason mused. Rachel now got the urge to speak. “Your incredible, I can’t believe how large you are, I’m afraid to even think how I will please you.” She spoke out loud. “You’re merely a sex toy, I’ll worry how you’ll please me.” Mason said.
    Rachel got a another flushed feeling from within her vagina after hearing those words. She then stood back as the giant shuffled himself around to make his cock climbable. She took the cue to grab hold of his sack and start to scale it to his shaft. Mason cupped his balls and the tiny woman, and slowly stroked himself for a moment, before letting her go to scale him more. He watched in silence as she made her way up his shaft to his foreskin. She then began to lick the loose skin and underneath. Mason winced at the tiny sensation he felt as her tiny tongue flickered against his inner flesh. She then climbed atop of his head and straddled herself there. She then mounted his pee-hole and adjusted her vaginal lips to the many dimples on his head, and proceeded to rub herself amidst them. This brought on her climax as she used the visual of her massive giant husband background, to the idea of masturbating against his cock bigger than herself.
    Mason held his shaft tight and stroked his tip with his finger, encircling the tiny woman sitting on his tip. He then nudged her head downwards toward his pee-hole. Rachel shifted her position so to lean down with her face. As she straddled his head with her legs and arms, she started to lick and kiss his hole, lapping up all his juices. Mason watched on as every time she raised her face a stream of juices would stick to her face. He then cupped his head fully and began masturbating with Rachel still face first into his hole.
    Mason massaged his huge organ, and would press on as he felt his load rising. Mason rose fully on his knees and projected his cock and the tiny wife into the bed below, while finishing off his erection with a final hump into the sheets. He cum was poweful and vast for the tiny woman, as she was dumped on by the heavy thick cream. Rachel tried to lap up as much of it as possible before succumbing to the very volume of it.
    Mason was pleased as he looked down at the the huge mess of cum he produced. What more he was thrilled with the aspect of his tiny wife mixed in the soup. Mason fiddled his fingers into the cum and fondled the tiny woman around in the wad.
    Mason pulled her body out and place her on his balls. Spreading his legs more he ordered her to crawl around into his ass, as he lay there on his back.
    Rachel crept along his bush, she was leaving a slime trail as she crawled toward the opening of his crack. Mason rolled over his mass, as he settled on his belly. He kept his legs apart and sprung open his cheeks. Rachel had tumbled off him in the massive earth tremor, and started over again now with the crack at her top view. She crawled into the bottom opening and was dragging her body along the soft wet crevice. She couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous that he may close his cheeks smothering inside, but kept on her journey just the same. Regardless of what he may do, she was here to serve hem, was her philosophy. It was becoming her true fantasy as well as she stuck forward into the tasks before her, she realized now that this was her permanent place in life for now on as her husband would now keep her this way. Her mind was thoroughly convinced that this was her true calling, to be used as a sexual toy for giants.
    Rachel stopped and enjoyed another climax as her mind brought this one on.
    She crawled on to meet his anus just ahead. As she inserted herself into it, she didn’t even mind the aroma as it was rather intoxicating to her now. Everything about Mason’s gigantic body was intoxicating to her, she had hoped to live in his crotch area for here on in just to be near his pungent and hot odor.
    Rachel got her feet inside the anus and was wiggling herself in further until she was in to her waist. She moved her legs and feet deep inside to further the sensation for her giant master.
    Mason groaned as he lay on his belly with his head on it’s side. The tiny tingling he felt was driving him crazy, it was all he could do not to clinch his cheeks together and end her. But he wanted to enjoy her for quite some time, before letting himself fall to commit her to her death at his pleasure.
    Rachel hung there in the hole and rubbed her hands around the exterior of the anus region. She then felt something start to rumble from deep inside and started to raise herself to avoid being swallowed in further. As she managed to get to her feet, she turned around to get in a last pull, when a huge gust of pungent air bust out with a loud roar from the hole. The tiny woman was sent flying out of the cheek and down to the sheets below. She lay there coughing as the giant slowly started to bring his enormous ass down to her. Rachel braced herself as his cheeks spread and took her in whole.
    The tiny woman was subject to countless bouts with the pungent farts, as the giant Mason unleashed them unmerciful on her. As he had enough of this brand on torture, he then sat up and pulled her tiny body out from between his cheeks. “Hope your comfortable in your new home.” Mason said as he pulled out his underwear and placed her into it as he slid them on.
    Rachel quickly grabbed hold of his sack region and hung on through the slid on. As Mason adjusted his garment, she became settled in his crotch and started to make love to his massive flesh.
    Mason was not oblivious to the sensations inside as he wore her around the house and felt free to live a though it was normal.

    Rachel continued to lick and kiss around the surrounding skin of his foreskin and inner head. The area inside started to become increasingly hot and humid, as he spewed forward his bits of fluids and hot gasses.
    Rachel welcomed the flowing moisture and dove into each secretion full body and face. At times she would be tumbled down toward his ass area, and made subject to getting caught into his crack. She survived many bouts with being sat on as the ribbon would take her into his crack deep, before being pulled out as Mason straightened his garment.

    By the end of the night, Mason would remove his undergarment to inspect his wife to see her joyously living among his excretions and excrement stains. “How do you like it in there?” Mason inquired. “I am at your use and pleasure, abuse me all you want master.” Mason got a chunky after that answer, and strapped his undergarment on again before entering into a hard session of masturbation, after fondling the tiny woman around inside against his cock, his orgasm exploded forth in mounds. Mason happily laid back to sleep as his garment felt warm and heavy. Rachel laid out after a exhausting romp, in his quickly drying cum.

    In the middle of the night, Mason got up as nature called. as he sat over his toilet, he noticed the tiny woman encased within his thick wasted garment. He then picked her body out and placed it on the seat below his belly. As she slowly opened her eyes she smiled at the sight of her giant master above her. Mason pulled her below his peeing cock and splashed her with his thick stream. Rachel coughed and clinched her eyes shut as the horrendous liquid washed over her. she then endured the rest of his relieving, and the violent shake, as he shook off any moisture on her. Mason then laid her into a tissue and proceeded to wipe his cock clean, as Rachel took in mouthfuls of spent urine, she was then placed in another tissue and pulled to his gaped crack. Her giant husband then wiped his ass clean with her entrenched in the tissue.
    Mason retrieved the tissue from his back side, and studied the stained and groaning woman. She managed to look up at him. “Did that please you master?” Mason nodded in approval and stuffed her back into a new pair of undergarments, before heading off to bed.

    Things continued on this way for Rachel for sometime. Mason was increasingly getting more and more of the serum from the old man and using it on unsuspecting call girls. By the end of the month he had put to a violent end, all the girls he had shrunken. Mason had brought in a couple of co-partners in this sexual escapade, and would sometimes triple team these tiny girls, putting them through the most horrendous sexual uses they could think of as they went on. Mason never felt anything for these girls, and was finally up to the task of seeing his two friends in crime manhandle his own tiny wife.

    Mason brought home the two friends one weekend, in surprise to his wife. As he brought her out of her hiding place, she was taken to the front room with the two other giants sitting naked already. Rachel new already that her use had taken on a new form as she was now to be shared with her giant masters acquaintances. She was up to the task as she compared their frames to her own masters. The two men were both potbellied as her own husband was, and were both similar in size maybe a tad shorter. Both men were extremely tanned. The one named Ted was totally bald, and at this size resembled some mythic beast giant, she remembers reading about back I her adolescence. The other giant’s name was Todd, and he had rather short hair, and rather large features like thick head and neck to go with his thick torso and legs and feet. She was anxious and nervous about being used by them in the next moments.

    She was handed to Ted first, as he held her he fondled her tiny features in his palm. “So you don’t want no part in this, you just want us to use her as you watch?” He asked as he juggled the tiny woman in his palm.
    “You got it, I want to see it happen.” Mason answered as he sat down with a beer in his hand. “How much can we get carried away with the tiny slut.” Asked Todd. “Hey get in on anyway you want” Mason answered back.
    Todd smiled at Ted and snatched the tiny woman from his hand. “She mine first asshole, you’ll have to take whatever I leave behind.” Todd said laughing. “Come on you fucker, we can share the little slut.” Ted urged as he approached Todd. Both men tumbled to the couch with the tiny woman in hand as they wrestled with each other. Mason watched on as he saw his tiny wife crawl from between the two titans as they wrestled for her. His cock rose as he analyzed the comparisons between her puny size and that of the two giants high above her.
    Ted looked down quickly to see the tiny woman slowly crawling away. He flung his hand down and swooped her up in his fist. As he raised her up, Todd quickly lunged for his fisted prize. Ted moved back and shoved Todd into the ground hard, before laying him out with a swift kick to the head. “Now finally I can use you in peace.” Ted quipped to the tiny captive still in his grip.
    Ted walked over to the couch and placed the tiny woman before his erect cock, he spread his legs before circling her within his long tanned legs.
    Rachel started to caress the giants balls, before tackling the high climb up his sack to his towering shaft. Ted sat there and slowly caressed his shaft as he watched the tiny woman work on his sack with her lips and tongue.
    Mason was sitting still and watching the action while sipping from his beer can, he noticed Todd rising from the floor and approaching Ted. “You fuck! That hurt, think that little sluts worth all this?” Todd flared. “Hey if you don’t want her then just leave, but if you want her wait till I’m done with her first.” Ted said.
    Rachel aware of the yelling from above kept on her chore of licking Ted’s sack, afraid to anger any of the two giants.
    Todd stood and looked on as the tiny woman started her climb up toward Ted’s shaft base. Todd then grabbed hold of his own cock and masturbated as he watched the tiny tanned woman making her way now up his shaft.
    Ted hung his head back and enjoyed the subtle tingling sensation on his cock as she continued to climb.
    Rachel couldn’t climb any more as she reached her limit to her strength, she had only reached half part of the way up and was clinging on for dear life.
    “Well what are you waiting for?” Ted said down to her. “Please I can’t climb anymore, my arms ache.” Rachel squeaked. “Well then I’ll have to bring you up then” Ted said as he reached down and snatched Rachel off his shaft. He then placed her on his mushroomed head, and slid her tiny ass around it’s surface. Rachel started to moan as she felt the tiny pimples rub against her wet clit, she would further her ecstasy by looking up at the giant’s face above his massive torso. She was further turned on by the massive structure of the giants belly as it lunged forward after each breath. She was reaching multiple orgasms as she imagined herself totally engulfed within the giants massive girth.
    Ted finally released his own orgasm as he pumped his juices up and around the tiny woman. Rachel felt her body rise and fall as the cum erupted forth. Sprays of it hung on her body as it flowed up.
    Mason was now jacking off even faster as he saw his tiny wife glistening in the cum shower.
    Todd couldn’t wait no longer and rushed forward to grab the soaked woman. “It’s my turn now!” Todd exclaimed as he snatched Rachel from the Ted’s spent cock. “Now your gonna work hard little lady, I’m gonna work you over real good, don’t think your hubby will have you back again after I get through with your little slut ass.” Todd was salivating. Todd left the couch area and went to the bedroom for privacy. “Hey where are you going man?” Mason protested. “Hey I don’t perform for any queers, back off or I’ll crush her right now.” Todd warned as he started to clinch his fist on the tiny woman. Both men backed off and let Todd enter the bedroom.
    Todd reached the bed and threw Rachel onto the top of it. Todd then entered onto the bed and encircled the tiny woman within his legs. “Get busy and suck little cunt, I’m your horny giant now!”
    Rachel started on the giant’s cock quickly giving no attention to her sore arms, she stuck her face into the head of his cock and sucked and lapped up in a frantic manner. The giant was pleased with her attention and simply sat and crossed his arms across his chest, as he watched in glee.
    Rachel would look up onto him once in a while to give herself the extra fantasy image to urge her on. She was turned on to Todd’s aggressive manner, at how he would demand and threaten. She would imagine disappointing him, which would result in her being mashed under his enormous cock. She didn’t dare disappoint and continued on licking his huge head.
    Rachel brought herself toward the foreskin area and licked into it, the funky stench was suffocating, but turned her on regardless. She almost wished he would cum now so she could dwell in his odor longer. She imagined herself even tinier so she could enter his foreskin and live inside.
    Todd was holding off his climax so he could get more use out of Mason’s wife. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to give her back. He rolled the idea through his head at how he would sneak her out. He figured he would have to fight his way out, or hold her hostage and simply walk out, regardless, he gave his attention to the enjoyment at hand, and urged on the tiny woman to quicken her pace.
    Rachel quickened her massaging technique and started to use all her hands and feet to satisfy the giant more.
    Todd hung his head back and jacked off while feeling the intense tingling.
    She could feel the vibration arise from the shaft and knew the time was close. Rachel braced herself for the explosion.
    Todd shot forward his spoof, completely shooting the tiny woman up and away from his cock. Rachel landed down onto his leg. She rolled around until she reached the edge and rolled off toward the sheets below. With a thud she plunged down. She looked up at the giant hugging his cock with both hands as he continued to spew forward his cream. She wished she hadn’t fallen, she was missing a extremely large wash.
    Todd spotted the tiny woman below him and directed his cock toward her, as he lowered his torso to meet her. Rachel slung back on her arms and closed her eyes as the cream over and around her.
    Within a huge lake of cum was Rachel lying in as the giant continued to spew forward. Rachel herself couldn’t believe at how much was coming down and still no relief was in sight. She lavished in it all the same, and had laid down in it’s depths long ago.
    Todd was holding his huge cock over the tiny woman as he was reaching the end of his endless dribble. He looked down at his mess and smiled as he saw the tiny woman completely immersed in it. He then dropped his cock into the pool and smeared it and the tiny woman around in a wide swath.
    Todd continued to spread the mess around for awhile until it started to cake up. As he lifted his cock he watched as the tiny woman stuck to it like fly paper. He played with her awhile, waiting for his next erection.
    Ted and Mason crashed into the bedroom suddenly. “Hey I’m not down yet.” Todd said.
    Ted then jumped onto the bed and wrestled the tiny woman from Todd’s grip. Both men were involved in a grapple when they fell backward.
    Rachel came loose from Todd’s grip and leaped out of the way of the falling bodies. She ran to the other side of the bed and hid under a bit of blanket.
    Mason strolled over to her and picked her up. “Had enough of these bad boys?” He asked. Rachel looked up and nodded slightly. Mason inserted her into the crotch of his shorts and walked out of the room, leaving the men to fight over nothing.

    Later that evening when the Ted and Todd hand left, Rachel was leisurely laying around inside Mason’s crotch, as she just finished licking her husband off from his last masturbation. She lay content as she contemplated sleep. As Mason seemed to lull himself into a sleep, Rachel felt she could now rest up for the next day.

    Things carried on for awhile with her at Mason’s beck and call. Anything he requested was her pleasure. She had spent many hot and sweaty nights imbedded within his crotch, and ass. she even spent much time inside his spent condoms after he used her inside them.
    On this particular night she heard the laughter coming from a female outside her constant home. As she was finally brought out by her husband, she was surprised to find a giant naked woman lying next to her husband. “I told you I had a tiny woman.” Mason said to the astonished woman. “How did you find a woman so small?” Shirley asked. “Oh it amazing what those catalogs will get for you” said a smirking Mason.
    Rachel was dumb founded at what to do next, she never envisioned this scenario. But as she looked upon the giantess’s massive breasts, she was slowly gaining erect nipples.
    “Okay we’re both going to use you, I expect you to please Shirley any way she asks. Got it?” Mason said as he firmly held Rachel. Rachel nodded her head and looked upon the massive woman slowly rising up on the bed.
    Shirley looked to be about 5”10, she had fair colored skin and was red headed. She seemed totally into the fantasy, considering she had just seen a tiny woman for the first time. Perhaps she thought that Rachel was a tiny automated doll.
    Shirley looked on at the tiny woman and touched her slightly. “She feels real, what can she do really?” She asked as she continued to touch the tiny woman. “I telling you she’s real.” Mason said. “Sure she is, well lets get it on. Lets see what this thing can do.” Shirley said as she snatched up the tiny woman from Mason’s palm.
    Shirley spread her legs and inserted the tiny woman head first into her open clit. As she shoved the tiny woman in, she twisted the body around inside her while sliding it in and out.
    Mason looked on and jerked off slightly, as Shirley continued to thrust the tiny Rachel inside her.
    Rachel was enthralled as she was now in new territory. The juices inside the giantess’s cunt was both pleasant smelling and soft. She lapped up what ever she could get her lips on as she was sliding in and out increasingly quicker.
    Shirley was in her zone now as she was heading for a climax. She let out a growl and assorted moans as she was shoving the tiny woman in and out even faster. As she reached her climax she thrust Rachel in for a last hard poke.
    Mason thought he heard snapping as Shirley let out screams of joy, while she clinched her legs tightly.
    All Rachel saw was the darkness come on to her as the walls around her suddenly squeezed around her, before she blacked out.
    Mason waited as Shirley started to ease her self out of her stupor. “What a thrill eh.?” Mason said. “Oh yeah, but I’ve had vibrators before.” Shirley said as she pulled the tiny limp woman out of her hot vagina.
    Mason looked concern as he examined Rachel further. He noticed she wasn’t moving and lay in his hand lifeless.
    “What’s the matter did I break her?” Shirley said as she laughed. “ I told you she’s real, and I think you killed her.” Mason said as he hung his tiny wife upside down and shook her.
    Shirley slid onto the side of the bed and grabbed Mason’s legs. she pulled him over the edge revealing his erect cock. Shirley then snatched the tiny limp body of Rachel from his hand. “Hey big guy, if your finished playing with your little doll, I want to give you some great head.” She said as she dropped the tiny woman to the ground below her.
    Rachel came too just as she dropped with a hard thud. As she lay paralyzed on the floor she could only look up at the long stretched legs of her giant husband rising up, and to her shock the huge foot of Shirley coming down to stomp her life out.
    Mason only watched as Shirley flattened Rachel under her foot. Shirley even ground her foot further as she then lowered herself down to Mason cock and started to eat him out.
    Mason sat and enjoyed the head as he imagined his tiny wife squashed beneath this woman’s foot. As to what Rachel saw as she looked up helplessly as the impending foot completely covered and ended her.
    He drifted off to his climax and started to dwell on to who he would shrink next to satisfy his next fantasy.