a small invite

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This was a request thought I would share.I am writing one with Sizeviewer. If anyone is familiar with his work .Hope to post it soon

Samantha pushed a hand through her brown hair and gulped nervously looking down at the note yet again to double check she had the correct address. She scanned the front of the house it didn’t seem any different from the rest of the houses on the street and looked down at the note once again.


Please come to the following address
I have something to show you


Pushing the piece of paper inside of her jean pocket she tentatively reached towards the door and gave a yelp of shock as it swung open. “H-hello Tim are you in there?” she called out leaning inside the door frame to look around but was unable to see anything. Looking down at the floor she seen the carpet seemed clean so the house must belong to someone. Stepping inside her sneakered feet trod upon a loose floorboard and she froze at the squeaking noise and glanced around but still there was no sign or sound of anyone and walked on into a room.

The unmistakable sound of a lock clicking shut came from behind her and she spun around to see someone at the front door. Samantha looked over the stranger he seemed older than her by about five years she guessed and had short dark cropped hair and his eyes seemed a piercing green and caused her to look away.

“Ah you must be Samantha, Tim was just telling me all about you” he said moving forward causing her to back up nervously looking around for some other way out. “Yeah and why am I supposed to believe that?” she replied trying to buy herself more time as her brown eyes continued to glance around the room, moving around a large table and positioning herself opposite him.

“Well why don’t you ask him yourself” pointing towards a covered tray on the centre of the table and grinned evilly stepping backwards towards the doorframe and leaned against it seemingly content with watching for now. Samantha again looked at him strangely what exactly was going on here? And reached out a hand clasping the cover and pulled it off quickly then dropped it to the floor and stared in shock at what was underneath.

It looked like a person only it was tiny and without clothing they were facing away from her as she reached out a trembling hand and poked his back with her index finger and quickly snatched her hand back he felt soft and warm it couldn’t have been a doll she thought moving closer again. Gently reaching out she lifted it off the metal platter and into the palm of her hand and again breathed in sharply in shock.

“TIM!!” she yelled in disbelief unable to take her gaze off the slowly awakening form in the palm of her hand. Bereft of clothes Tim felt himself groggily awaken his bed seemed awfully soft and warm but he couldn’t remember taking off all his clothes and certainly didn’t remember this place as he looked around until he set eyes on his giant girlfriend and stared wide eyed as his mouth hung open with shock.

“Ss-ss-samantha” he mumbled attempting to crawl backwards but found himself wedged against the bottom of her palm. “How can this be” she asked looking to the stranger then back to her boyfriend again. “Ah its simple magic my dear” the man said moving from his point closer to her but she felt no urge to run now still bewildered at having her boyfriend within her palm as Tim could do nothing but sit and listen quietly as the two of them talked.

“He’ll be stuck like that for the rest of his life of course but I’m sure you’ll be able to take care of him now” turning to leave as if that was the end of the matter “No wait” Samantha yelled running to catch up with him “I cant take care of him please change him back” she pleaded looking back and forth from both men.

“Well there is one thing but I don’t think you’ll like it” the man said “Ah how rude I forgot to introduce myself you may call me Chris” and stopped almost making the moment last longer “Anything please just change him back” almost on the verge of tears now “Fine the price is your body Samantha, I would like to see more of it and explore it to my hearts content then afterwards I will make you both the same height once more I’ll leave it to you both to decide” and moved out of the room.

Samantha stared vacantly how could she decide on what to do looking down at Tim he wasn’t even looking at her almost as if he was already resigned to his fate of being stuck at this height for the rest of his life. “Tim…I……I” she trailed off still unsure of what to do she loved Tim she knew that but could she bring herself to becoming nothing more than a prostitute almost just so that he could live a normal life once more. “Please forgive me Tim” she said sadly a tear running down her face and moved out into the hall much to the delight of Chris whilst Tim yelled at her not to do it.

Taking her free hand he lead her to a bedroom and relieved Tim of her hand and left her to take her clothes off as he walked through to another room and placed him high up in a bird cage facing a large blank screen “Just you wait here boy soon there’ll be a show for you” laughing sinisterly he turned and walked from the room once more leaving Tim to beat his fists against the bars in frustration and anger until the screen flickered and he found himself gazing on at the naked form of Samantha.

“Don’t worry too much or else you wont enjoy this at all” Chris said taking his clothes off as well then lowering Samantha onto the bed despite she shivered at his touch and felt her pace quicken then suddenly she felt his mouth close over hers and his warm tongue move inside of her mouth. His hands moved over her soft skin expertly and she felt her small pert breasts being played with and automatically moved her arms around him not even thinking now she could feel herself beginning to forget her worries. When he did slide inside of her she didn’t notice only that she was now enjoying every moment and moaned loudly as their lips broke apart for the moment and felt his tongue on her neck but hungrily guided her mouth to meet it again once more as the tempo of their love making increased. Groaning loudly she felt her body growing towards climax and just as she orgasmed she felt an influx of liquid inside of her knowing that he too had finished she continued to shudder the waves from the orgasm flowing through her body and a vacant smile on her face as her eyes closed savoring the moment.

Tim shook with fury his eyes bulged and his breath came in ragged gasps, he had expected a lot of things but no that his own girlfriend would enjoy it and when she had walked back though to get him he had kicked at her hand.

“What’s wrong Tim?” she asked “WHATS WRONG??!! I’ll tell you what I just watched my girlfriend fuck a stranger and love every second of it” he screamed again lashing at out at her hands as she tried to take him out of the cage. “B-but I did it for you, for us” her eyes beginning to water “Please Tim it’ll be ok I swear” “No Samantha things aren’t going to be ok” he yelled moving forward to the open entrance of the cage “There’s no way I’m going to spend any of my life with a whore” he didn’t mean the words being said but he couldn’t help but feel betrayed by her but he immediately regretted the last words as Samantha’s eyes slit in fury her hand snatched out and grabbed him squeezing him tightly as she held him close to her face.

“Listen to me you little shit” she hissed “I came here to help you, I done that to help you and all you can do is yell and insult me, I don’t really think your worth saving now” throwing him roughly down onto the ground. Tim screamed in pain he knew that the fall had broken a lot of the bones in his body but he still tried to push himself back up but flopped down and watched the falling shadow of her foot coming down onto him and ending his painful life.

“Good riddance” Samantha spat turning around and was surprised to see Chris still standing there “Ah such a shame I hate to break my word” and paused and a smile grew on his face “Well actually there is one way I can keep it” pointing towards Samantha and chanting something in a language she neither knew nor understood but felt her body refuse to move then suddenly her world began to enlarge as her clothes felt more and more loose until soon she was lost within her own underwear until a hand reached in and drew her tiny naked form from them.

“Since I cant make Tim full height I figured making you his height was fair” and laughed, Samantha struggled futilely in his grip and could do nothing as she was brought closer to his face and felt his tongue roughly coat her entire body in saliva. “Sex always makes me hungry and I can’t think of anything more I need you for I’m afraid” lowering her down towards his lips and pushing her head through and slowly sucked the rest of her body inside his mouth. Samantha screamed from inside this hell his tongue was constantly teasing and tasting her body until she felt herself being pushed back and scrabbled to hold anything but his tongue was too slick and she fell down the entrance to his throat no more that a bulge to the outside world as she was pushed down and around his body until finally arriving inside of his stomach where mercifully she blacked out before his digestive juices started to work on her body.