New Small Family Matters chapter.

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Here is Part 4, Part 5 will be up tomorrow night or the next, as promised, and will include Nadine's capture of her sister. I have not abandoned Casey or Dubois, they are both just on a little break with their SWs, both will return shortly. Until then, enjoy...

Part Four A

Dinner moved on quickly, Nadine and Jannah had worked together to prepare it and had waited for the father, Sajul, to get home. Also from the Middle East, Sajul was a tall, tanned, thin man – with long limbs and hands and feet and a prominent nose.
Danielle heard herself come up quite a few times during the dinner discussion from her spot in the little red mesh. The thick strand still gagged her, almost dry of Jannah’s foot sweat, and the taste was stale in her mouth. They called her several names – brat, bitch (Jannah scolded Nadine with a giggle for that), no-good, more trouble than she was worth – each time she felt anger well up in her heart. She had no idea this was how her family viewed her, and she knew Nadine relished every word, grinning over at the pillow periodically. If she could just contact one of her parents she would make her sister pay – they didn’t really mean what they said, she was a good daughter.
Jannah and Nadine cleared the table and Sajul moved into the living room, turning on the TV and slipping off his loafers. Sajul was a doctor at a major hospital and was dressed in his normal work clothes – dress shirt, tie, khakis, thin dress socks, and his worn brown loafers. Danielle looked at her father’s massive feet on the table – he and Ross had the biggest feet in the family, with long, broad soles and large toes. Her father’s socked feet rubbed against each other.
Danielle heard her mother’s voice from the kitchen, “No feet on the table, Sajul.”
Nadine’s voice trailed immediately after it, the smile in her words biting into Danielle. “Try the foot pillow, Dad!”
Jannah smiled at her daughter and nodded to her husband. “Yes, Sajul, our daughter made a pillow for a foot rest, it is very comfortable.”
Danielle tried to scream, she tried to warn her father in some way that she was trapped on the pillow. As she watched her father reposition himself all the images of Jannah’s massive nyloned foot pressing down on her pitiful form burned into her mind all at once. The last thing Danielle saw before the dark cloth of her father’s sock blanketed her world was Nadine moving over into the living room to sit, a huge smile on her face.
The massive foot rested on Danielle’s little square, the thin sock soaked with sweat, her father’s tough sole pressing her deep into the cushion. Where as Jannah and Danielle toyed with the mesh and her little body, Sajul simply rested his feet, content to lounge.
His foot odor was strong and stifling – the air around Danielle was hot and sour, each breath went heavily into her lungs. He rubbed one foot against the other, roughly, and to Danielle the massive sock forcefully pressed down on her and harshly rubbed her all over.
She heard Jannah’s voice address her husband. “Sajul, let me have those socks, I’m doing a load of laundry soon before I shower.”
Danielle’s father’s feet rubbed against her one last time and moved away, dislodging the thread from its gag-like position in her mouth. Danielle began to cough. Nadine heard it, her head snapping towards the pillow.
Suddenly Danielle realized it, as her giant father slipped off his socks – this was her chance to get someone’s attention, with the gag free maybe she could alert one of her parents and finally get back at Nadine. Just as she cried out, Nadine began coughing, too, loudly, drawing all the attention away from the diminutive girl. She watched in despair as her father’s now bare foot moved back towards her as Nadine continued to cough. Before the broad, bare sole settled on her, Nadine flashed her evil smile while Jannah offered to get her some water.
Once again Sajul’s sole settled on his tiny daughter, snuffing out her world. She was now smothered by his wet, rough sole; her body completely obscured under his arch. The smell threatened to knock her out and she had terrible time breathing. She had to do something, she realized – if she blacked out now from his foot odor there would be no hope of escape, not for a long while.
Clenching her stomach, Danielle forced her face forward – nose curling from the smell – and kissed her father’s sweaty foot. She reeled back just as quickly, the foot flesh once again settling heavily on her.
Nothing. At least, nothing that Danielle wanted to happen.
Absent mindedly Sajul made Danielle’s living hell a hundred times worse. As he watched television he found a pleasing sensation from rubbing his bare foot on the little mesh and he massaged the ball of his foot back and forth with the little patch Danielle was in. While the girls of the family exfoliated their feet, the men did not and the little mesh worked like pumice against her father’s foot. Not only was little Danielle completely coated with his strong smelling sweat, but also small particles which no one would see but her rubbed off on the mesh and clung to her and the strands holding her. Her father began to work the arch of his foot against the mesh, simply dragging it against the pillow, slowly, from ball to heel, but to Danielle the long arch seemed to go on forever, just to have it repeat the process and travel across her again.
When he was done with his arch he lifted his foot from her for just a second and she sputtered and coughed out sweat, wishing she could empty her stomach of her father’s foot sweat or at least get away from the smell. She did notice, in her second of respite, that Nadine and Jannah were no longer in the room.
That observation was quickly dashed from her mind, however, as her father’s heel put loads of pressure on her – barely compensated by the pillow – and started to work against the mesh once again.

Part Four B

Nadine’s breath was quick and excited as she pushed through the carpet fibers of the living room. Her mother’s announcement that she was going to go take a shower soon had made her mind up for her – she shrunk herself. It wasn’t hard at all, if she concentrated, and she could even grow herself back. A few quick tests in the dining room had put her fears to rest. She barely made it out of her father’s vision, though, before her thoughts of being under her mother’s sole and completely at that beautiful foot’s mercy caused her to lose a few feet in height.
As she managed to round the corner of the dining room and travel across the hard floor of the foyer her breath caught. Her mother, now in just a bath gown, strode like a goddess from the master bedroom. Her fuzzy pink slippers slapped her delicious soles as she walked passed her husband with a smile and paced towards the stairs. Nadine was too caught up by the vision to realize that she was right in her mother’s path – Nadine was at the foot of the stairs.
Her mother rose above her higher and higher as she approached her miniscule daughter. Nadine had shrunk herself down to a mere fourth of an inch so no one was likely to see her unless they were looking. All she could think about as her gorgeous mother neared was getting down on her knees and pledging her eternal servitude as her mother’s foot slave. The massive pink slipper rose high above her. Nadine could see the clean black sole of the slipper outlined by pink fuzz and her mother’s absent face in a look of calm relaxation. Nadine realized her mother was about to snuff her out under her foot without even one thought for her daughter’s plight, crush her to a pulp while going over her nightly chores.
The pink slipper slammed down right in front of the tiny girl and sent her flying a few inches. She tumbled over and over and came to a stop on the hard floor with a little, “oof”. Her mother raised a hand to her mouth and called out.
“Nadine, could you bring your laundry down, please?”
She waited for an answer at the bottom of the stairs – only Nadine knew that there was to be none – and tapped a slipper. Nadine, however, did not wait. She sprinted with all her might towards those two big beautiful feet trapped in the pink slippers and ran between them to the opening, facing the slipper that contained her mother’s still foot, and quickly surmised a plan to hitch a ride beside her mother’s massive and round heel.
Plans, however, have a funny way of not working out.
As Nadine pulled herself onto the thick black sole of her mother’s right slipper her mother apparently gave up in her wait and started to climb the stairs, miniaturized daughter unknowingly in tow. Jannah’s left foot mounted the first stair and Nadine watched in wonder and ecstasy as her mother’s long bare sole separated from the insole as the massive toes out of her sight pressed down, she gazed as time seemed to slow down at every wrinkle that formed in the soft arch and around the edges of the bulbous heel. At that moment she would give anything to have her mother notice her, to have her mother smile down at her and lower her back to the ground, only to raise one perfectly sculpted bare foot and grind her daughter lovingly into paste. And at that moment the slipper snapped back towards Jannah’s sole, and Nadine was forced once again to adhere to the concept of time.
To Jannah, she was simply moving her right foot from the hard floor of the foyer to the second step of the staircase. But to Nadine, trapped on the slipper, it was something else. As time had seemed to slow down, now it seemed to speed up. Her mind raced as events imperceptible to the human mind forced themselves on her. As the heel of the insole hungrily raced to cup the round heel over her mother’s gargantuan foot, Nadine was tossed from the outlying regions forward and was caught between her mother’s hardened heel and the black sole. For just a moment there was no pressure, the foot and the slipper worked together to simply pin the small girl between the two. Just as quickly, however, the foot landed at its destination and the full force of Jannah’s weight pressed down on her tiny daughter.
Nadine screamed, only to have Jannah’s foot flesh force its way into her mouth. A sweet and salty taste immediately assailed her taste buds and she was unable to breath. The heat and pressure was immense, but Nadine realized she was experiencing the same invulnerability that her sister seemed to enjoy whenever Nadine tried to crush her.
Jannah, who felt something hard under her heel, stopped on the stairs and started to lift her foot, curling her toes to keep her slipper forcefully on and trap whatever was against her heel.
Nadine’s stomach churned with the sudden movement and suddenly found her capture over as Jannah relaxed her toes and allowed the slipper to fall away, exposing her bare foot. She arched it, her sole visible to her now, as well as the hard lump that was stuck to her heel. For one sweet moment Nadine looked up into the giantess’s eyes and imagined that Jannah was her captress – that Jannah would smile cruelly at her and wedge her back under her foot in her slipper. Fantasy and daughter alike were brushed away by Jannah’s massive fingers, as she wiped her heel with a quick flick and replaced her slipper.
Nadine hit the hard foyer floor exhausted, rolling on to her back to watch as her giant and powerful goddess of a mother continued to climb the stairs. Only then did she notice the incredibly wetness between her legs. She would have to do that again.