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Actually it's been done a while, but when no one responded to the previous posting, I just left it over at Asuka's. What can I say, I'm shy and need encouragement. At the very end of this post I give you a little option to post, so take a gander. Of course, you don't have to give feedback, I'll just crawl back into my cave of solitude and feel unloved... I'll try to post more stories, I write about a chapter every 2-3 nights, sometimes one a night when I'm on a roll. Anywho, allow me to fetch it:

Small Family Matters

Part Three

Nadine woke with a yawn and blinked the sleep out of her eyes. It had been a good nap, nothing felt better than just coming home and taking a little break after a long day. Forgetting all about her miniaturized sister, Nadine stretched, pressing both feet hard into the cushion and stretching her arms out above her head, arching her back. Danielle could only watch helplessly as her sister woke and one of the feet that had been resting on top of her shifted, driving the massive ball of Nadine’s foot hard into the girl. Nadine held the position, pressing Danielle for several seconds of unbearable pain, before she yawned again and drew herself up on the couch.
Danielle looked up at her giantess sister, who smiled down at her. “Did you like my nap? Hope you aren’t getting too comfortable, foot toy, I have plenty for us to do.”
Danielle grabbed a few of the strands of the mesh and shook them, shouting up at her captor. “Stop already, Nadine, you win, ok? What do you want! Just grow me back, this is terrible, stop it! I’m not your slave!”
Nadine slid a foot down towards her sisters little square and rested her toes lightly on the small, trapped body. Her voice was almost a whisper. “You are my slave, you will live as my slave and you will die as my slave. You don’t even deserve that much; you’ve been such a bitch all these years.” She spread her toes and pushed forward a little bit, forcing a bulge of the mesh and Danielle’s upper body between her big toe and the next. Danielle’s lower body was firmly trapped against the ball of Nadine’s soft foot. “If I could only crush you,” Nadine began, squeezing her toes together around her little sister, “I would. But you don’t seem to be squishable, yet. So instead…” Nadine pulled her toes back and positioned her big toe against her little sister’s face. She forced it into the pillow as hard as she could, causing her sister to cry out. “You’ll suffer.”
A car pulling up brought Nadine out of her thoughts of smearing her small sister under her sole. Nadine looked back down at the girl. “Looks like mom is home, better find a way to keep you quiet though…”
Nadine leaned forward and manipulated a bit of the mesh, pulling a tight strand down and against Danielle’s head. She slotted the piece across Danielle’s mouth like a gag and smiled. For some reason, seeing her sister like that – a small bondage slave – turned her on. She made sure the strand was tight and only smiled at her sister’s tears and muffled words. The door opened and Nadine’s mother, Jannah, walked in.
Jannah was born in the Middle East like Nadine and Ross and their father, but she actually showed signs of it where as all her children did not, except, ironically, Danielle (the only United States born sibling in the family). Jannah was tall and thin like the rest of the family, and very beautiful. Very tanned with dark brown hair and almond eyes, her face had very finely sculpted features – thin wisps of eyebrows, a delicate mouth. She had a sharp nose, a little larger than most American noses, which were common in the Middle East. Her high heels clicked on the tile as she walked into the open kitchen in her navy blue power suit and set a bag of groceries on the counter.
She looked over at her daughter. “How was your day, Nadine?”
Nadine turned towards Jannah and smiled. “Very good, actually, mom! How was yours?”
Jannah walked over to where her daughter sat and lowered herself beside her on the couch. “Ah, stressful, none of the homes I was showing to the family matched what they wanted and I’ve had to walk around all day, my feet are killing me!”
Nadine smiled and suddenly stood up; devilish thoughts ran through her mind. Jannah was surprised by the quick motion; their family was definitely progressive and liberal, but normally they were all very emotionally reserved. Nadine’s sudden excitement took her off guard.
“Look what I made today! You can rest your tired feet on the footrest I made us!”
This was more than Nadine had hoped for, she knew that she would torture Danielle tirelessly under her feet, but the thought of her mother smothering the little bitch with her sweaty nylons excited her.
Jannah looked over at the red pillow and was again surprised, her daughter never really finished anything but the pillow actually looked pretty good! “Oh, it’s cute, Nadine! But I can’t rest my feet on it, I don’t want to ruin it.” Jannah looked a little embarrassed. “I’ve been on my feet all day; I can’t imagine they would smell good.”
Nadine couldn’t help but grin. “No, it’s ok, I want you to try it, and it’s very comfortable!” Nadine bent down and got on her knees in front of her mother and took one of her pumps off. Immediately she could smell a warm aroma that was both sour and sweet at the same time. Her mother looked embarrassed but Nadine was actually a little turned on by it – it was different and unique and all together very pleasant to her for reasons she couldn’t quite place.
She paid careful attention as she slipped off her mother’s second pump; the smooth, dark nylons covered her mother’s tan foot and her purple-painted toe nails. Jannah had large feet like everyone in the family, but they were still beautifully made. Her soles and toes were longer than Nadine and Danielle’s and just a little broader, too – next to the men in the family she had the biggest feet. Nadine slipped her thumb into the shoe as she pulled it off and felt the heat of the foot as well as its incredible softness; she always loved that feel, she would often rub her own feet after a jog since they are always so tender and warm. She almost wanted to be in her sister’s place or at the very least as small as her and begging Jannah not to crush her under her large, smelly feet like the bug she was.
Almost, she reminded herself, she didn’t yet know how far her powers of shrinking extended.
“Please, mom, just try it – I already did, it’s great for when you take naps!”
Jannah’s pretty mouth shrank in thought, and then she smiled widely at her daughter. “Ok, ok – I just didn’t want to rest my feet on your cute little pillow, but if that is what it is for...”
Nadine watched hungrily as her mother swung her massive feet around and rested them on the pillow. She rested them right on the imprint decorations and wiggled her toes with a giggle. “It is comfortable, it’s really soft!”
“And look here!” Nadine reached over and poked the patch, purposely pressing it hard against her sister’s head. “There is this little mesh part. I was thinking about doing the whole pillow like this, but it’s all I got so far, it’s really nice to scratch your foot against.”
Jannah giggled, feeling ridiculous, but she wanted to please her daughter nonetheless. Danielle could only watch helplessly, struggling against the cloth grid and gag, as her mother maneuvered a foot larger than Nadine’s towards her little prison. The nylon sole descended and pressed down firmly on the small girl and she heard a laugh and another comment from Jannah as the huge foot smothered the girl. Danielle gagged and was amazed by how hot her mother’s sole was. She was beginning to moisten with sweat from the large nylon-covered foot and some of that could have very well been her sweating under the heat. The gag held her mouth partly open and she started to taste her mother’s salty foot. She cried against the sole in humiliation.
Jannah began to rub her foot up and down and was surprised how good it felt. As her sole grated against the mesh, she felt what seemed to be a hard lumped trapped in it. Her toes drifted down to investigate and she asked Nadine what it was.
“Oh, it’s just a little extra fabric, mom.”
“Oh I see.” Jannah replied and squeezed and teased the little lump between her long toes.
Danielle bit hard on the gag as her mother’s long toes pinched and curled about her, trying to flatten her. After a few more grabs, she pressed her big toe hard into Danielle and rubbed hard up and down against her small daughter. Danielle wished that she had a way to get through to her mom – to get her to force Nadine to change her back. Maybe there would even be a way to shrink her stupid older sister and introduce her to the pain that she showed her.
Meanwhile Nadine watched her mother’s purple painted toe nails press down on Danielle before Jannah moved her sole back down to the imprint and switched feet. “My feet are so itchy.” She commented, rubbing her warm sole vigorously against the mesh and her little daughter.
Nadine nearly salivated. “I could rub your feet for you mom.”
Jannah smiled at her daughter’s “joke.” “It’s ok dear – your pillow is quite nice!”
Just when Danielle though she wouldn’t be able to take anymore of the torture, the massive foot lifted off her and the pillow regained its shape. Jannah planted both feet on the ground and cupped her daughter’s chin. “Very cute, child, thank you.”
Nadine beamed and jumped up to follow her mother to the kitchen. “Need help with dinner, mom?”
“Thank you Nadine that would be great!”
Danielle couldn’t believe it. Their family was normally so emotionally reserved and internal, but for some reason her mother rubbing her massive feet on her seemed to brighten up her day. Danielle cried into the cloth prison that bound her, still wet with her mother’s foot sweat. She couldn’t believe that everyone was so happy, no one even asked where she was. She was nothing but a small bit of comfort again her mother’s sole at the end of a long day.

Now then, dear reader, I'll let you give a little input. I have two ways I could take this, but I am too indecisive. Would you, A) want to see the dad in the next chapter capitalizing on Danielle's plight or, rather, B) return Danielle to Nadine's clutches? You decide.