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This is what I wrote as a request for a friend, it's SW but different from the stuff here. Anyway, let me know as always.

Small Family Matters

Part One
“Danielle, that’s my CD player! Give it back already!”
Nadine banged on her sister’s door to no avail. Her sister’s muffled voice returned from the other side, “No, dad said we could share it when I need to use it! Go away!”
Nadine huffed and turned her back on the door. She slid down until she was in a sitting position, looking out at the rest of the second story’s space of their two-floor house: a small sitting area with chests and miscellaneous things, a door leading to a guest bed and bathroom on her left, another door next to that leading to the TV room, and the door directly in front of her leading to her room.
Danielle and Nadine were sisters, Nadine two years the senior at nineteen, and they had a brother, Ross, who was twenty-three and out on his own. Their mother and father, forty-eight and fifty-three respectively, had a room downstairs with their own bathroom, the stairs that led to the second story panned out into a foyer with a wooden floor, a small hall with a door to the guest bathroom and leading to the living room. The living room broke off – the left leading to the master bedroom and the right leading to the kitchen and a door to the garage.
In her long, slender fingers, she clutched the new AFI CD, longing to hear it. She had heard mixed reviews and wanted to judge it for herself, but her sister wouldn’t give back her CD player. True, their father had said that they should share it, but Danielle had had it for the entire week almost and she never did the project she needed to listen to music to until now. In Nadine’s mind, Danielle’s time was up.
Nadine stood up and walked back into her room, tossing the CD on the bed. Suddenly it struck her – they shared a bathroom. In no time at all she was racing towards the door and as the door burst open she heard her sister squeal and drop the phone. Nadine was furious.
“You aren’t even using it!”
Danielle gathered the phone up in a quick motion and brought it to her ear. “Mark I’ll have to call you back.” She hung up.
The two sisters faced one another. Danielle slowly got to her feet, standing a little taller than Nadine – Nadine hated it when Danielle would use it to her advantage as she always did. Even with Nadine in her flip-flops (thin soled, however) and Danielle bare foot the younger girl was just a little taller. A knowing smirk spread across Danielle’s face.
“Can I help you?”
Nadine growled a little under her breath. “Yeah, give me back my CD player already; you’ve had it all week!”
Nadine spied the small CD player down at Danielle’s feet – Danielle lifted her foot and lowered it down onto the player, gripping its edge with her toes, red polish glittering, and sliding it under her bed.
“Give it back Danielle, I’m not kidding!” Nadine almost gulped the words back down as soon as she said them – even to her she seemed to speak a little too severely. Her sister was clearly shaken.
“Dad said we share it when I need it and I have a project!” Danielle’s voice was loud and whiney.
Nadine sighed and took reign of her emotions. “Look, you’ve had it all week, you could have done your project a lot sooner, let me just borrow it for a little bit and I’ll give it back, I just want to listen to it for a bit.”
Danielle looked at her then looked down. She kneeled down and slid the silver player out in front of her a little. “Okay, I guess you can have it.”
Nadine let out a relieved breath and smiled slightly. “Thanks, Dani, I’ll only be a little bit.”
She reached over to grab it just as her sister’s large bare foot clamped down on it once again. She looked up confused. “On second thought, big sis, how about a little kiss first?” Danielle wiggled her toes with a vicious grin.
Nadine growled, fed up. She threw herself at Danielle with all her weight and brought both of them hard to the carpet. She wasn’t really thinking – if she hurt Danielle in any way she would be the one to get in trouble, of course, but her sister’s signs of struggle suggested she wasn’t that hurt. Yet.
The two tumbled over one another with shouts and squeals. If their parents were home they would both have been busted before it could go any further, but neither authority figures were present.
Nadine ended up on top, holding her sister to the ground by her shoulders. “Just give me the CD player!”
“No!” Danielle pushed her hand into Nadine’s face and struggled to remove the shorter girl.
“Ow, that hurts, stop! Stop!”
Danielle turned the tables in a matter of seconds. Suddenly Nadine found herself face down on the ground with Danielle on her back. Her younger sister held both her arms behind her securely and sat in a way that she couldn’t move her legs. Her struggles soon died out.
Danielle chuckled, straddling Nadine like a throne. Nadine shuddered as she felt the sole of her sister’s bare foot press on the back of her head and tousled her hair. “Well well well, all this for a little CD player?” Danielle’s long toes took Nadine’s hair between them and she gripped it, pulling up. Nadine groaned in pain. “Well, you aren’t going to get away so easily. No, I think you need to be punished.”
The foot suddenly forced Nadine’s head to the ground and turned it sideways. Danielle then released her sister’s hair from her toes and rested her foot on the side of Nadine’s face. Nadine attempted to plead a little bit, but feel silent when she saw her sister rest her other foot on its side – right in front of her exposed face.
“Danielle, what are you…”
Her sentence was cut off as the sole pressed into her face. Danielle’s foot was warm and dry and her skin was very smooth and soft. Nadine had taught Danielle how to take care of herself and be fashionable when they were kids and pedicures were a must to the girl who demanded to look good. Unfortunately now that finely pedicured ped pressed against her face and she was helplessly prostrate under her sister.
“Aw, how about a little kiss, sis, why all the fighting?”
Danielle smirked and rubbed her foot against her sister’s face a little, relishing in her control over the situation. Nadine pressed her lips tightly together and closed her eyes, trying to shake her head. The foot pressing on the side of her head didn’t let her budge, but her sister detected the movement.
“What, no kiss for your sister? Don’t you love me?”
Danielle laughed down at her and used her toes to try and pry open Nadine’s mouth. Nadine was in complete despair. If only her sister were a little smaller, she wouldn’t be in this situation…
“Fine, if you won’t give me a kiss, you can just sit there and smell my feet until you give me the CD player.”
Danielle pressed her foot harder into the side of Nadine’s head rested the other flat against her prone sister’s face, toes wiggling against her forehead. She smiled broadly.
If only she were smaller…
Nadine renewed her struggles against the foot pressing into her face, trying to pull her face away. The smell was starting to get to her – not completely unpleasant, but behind the body lotion that her sister used she could still smell the odor of her foot and it humiliated her to be in that position. She whipped her head back and actually managed to free herself – the foot that was on top of her head landed on the ground.
The movement unbalanced Danielle enough that Nadine was able to roll her younger sister off her and they both stood, immediately ready to go at it again. But they both stopped the minute they were fully erect, something was wrong. Or, Nadine realized, finally right…
Danielle was actually shorter than her, much shorter, in fact! Danielle now only came up to Nadine’s breasts. The now taller girl smirked and took a confident step forward.
Danielle squealed in confusion and her eyes suddenly took a scared, pleading look upon them. Nadine didn’t care though. This is great; I can’t believe she is getting smaller! If only she were a little smaller, though…
Suddenly, as if by magic, Danielle shook and shrunk again, now only coming up to Nadine’s crotch. Both of the sisters jumped in surprise. Nadine’s face quickly took on a look of recognition, however – she was controlling her sister’s height with her mind! Danielle seemed to sense it, too, for she backed away shaking her head.
“No, please, come on Nadine, come on, this isn’t fair!”
“Fair?” Nadine followed her shrunken sister’s flight and cornered her against a wall, staring down at her. “You want fair?”
Danielle shivered and shrank again, now down to Nadine’s knees. Nadine slipped a foot out of a flip-flop and pushed Danielle over to the ground with the sole of her foot. She sneered down at the pitiful girl that had humiliated her, no longer looking upon her as a sister.
Smaller! Smaller! Smaller!
Nadine’s mind whirled and she pictured her sister a mere two inches in height until it finally came true. She could have laughed. Danielle, who had just had her feet rubbing against Nadine’s face, was now no more than a bug to the giantess. She watched Danielle run between her feet and flee, slowly, across the carpet as fast as her little legs would carry her. She heard little squeaks.
“Please, no, please Nadine! Don’t crush me!”
“Crush you?” Nadine laughed. “What a great idea!”
Danielle realized she had no hope of outrunning her giant sister as the flip-flop clad feet moved forward. They were an old pair with very thin, brown soles and a black leather thong strap that slipped up between Nadine’s toes. She watched the massive feet move with absolute terror on her face and collapsed as one of the brown soles descended on her and pressed her into the carpet with incredible force.
Nadine just laughed, not thinking about the consequences – this was her sister, albeit she was being a bitch, but she was now grinding her sister into the carpet under her foot. She was overcome with a sense of power and she didn’t care what her parents or her brother would think, she would never have to mess with the little bitch again!
She felt her sister under the thin sole of her sandal, right under her toes, and pressed down. She rolled her foot so that the ball of her foot was directly on top of the lump and put all of her weight on it, rising onto on foot and raising a heel so that only the ball of her foot pressed against the ground. The lump persisted. She pressed harder, but it wouldn’t flatten. Angered, she lifted her foot.
Her sister lay on the ground, shaking, holding up her arms. Tears streamed down her face and her hair and clothing was an absolute mess. Nadine squatted over her.
“Did that hurt?” The only emotion in her voice was pure curiosity. As she looked down at the pitiful creature, her anger seemed to melt away.
Danielle could only nod her head, wincing and crying, sniffling with terror.
Nadine rose and looked down at her. “Good.” Her foot rose and dropped onto Danielle in one smooth motion, catching her right under her heel, which the giantess enjoyed the sensation of adding as much weight – and pain – as she could. She stepped off and reached down, pinching the small girl between her thumb and forefinger.