story "skidmarked" a true story

Posted by Talisman on June 04, 2002 at 07:44:09:

His presense in my life changed it forever. What was once normal daily routine was now changed forever.
A opposing character, he seemed on the right track of things and I took it for granted, never thinking of the backlash it might bring, but now as I stand here still in shock and disbelief, I can only look to myself and blame me.
My wife went for it hook line and sinker as well, his amazing offer which she took for granted seemed so sureal now after she got first glimpse of what she wished for, what we both wished for. And finally before us he stood. Gigantic beyond our wildest dreams.
We felt so tiny in his great shadow that we lost quickly our sense of reality.
His bald head, golden tanned body, and larger than normal size, looked awestruck as much as godlike now that he towered over us both like a human skyscrapper.
He toyed with her at first. Shaking the very foundations beneath us, as he slammed the ground with his colossol feet, knocking us around in his quake.
Her tender body was no match, and quickly he plucked her up like a hapless bug.
From the many depths below, I could only watch in wonder and awe, as the great giant, easily manipulated my wife's miniscule body around his massive fingers. Flaying her around, tossing her up and down like a coin, rolling her into a ball with his massive prints.
I watched this beast snort her up his nose, and mouth before snorting and spitting her out back into his palm. She was slowly becoming his object of play, nolonger my wife existed up there.
My own feeling seemed to betray me as well, as I was becoming enthrilled in this display of power, I found myself playing with my throbbing member as I watched the giant unmass his desire and wants on my tiny wife.
Foul words were used from his thunerous voice as he voiced his opinion of my wife, who was now merely a knat, a dirty little bug that he would deal with immediatley after getting off. Calling her names like peanuts in his shit, toejam slut, foreskin smear, dirty roachbitch! With each thunderous slang, he would work her into a lather within his planetoid fists.
The aftermath was approaching quickly now, as he brought her slowly limp body down to his monstrous cock. Her size truely came to fold, as he was dwarfed incredibly by his cock. It was easily five times her size, the thickness alone would easily drape four of her holding hands around it's circumference.
Dark and imposing, glistening in precum, the giant made no haste on smearing her body around, and up and down his entire size. Her tiny legs at times submerging into his flabby foreskin as he worked her around and in it.
At times she disappeard between his meaty cock and his fleshy fingers, almost expecting to see her return in a slimy mangled mess, but she returned, her legs panicky and pulsating, her arms labouring away, but to no avail.
The giant played her on his tip, his peehole enlarged to such an extent, I thought for sure she could fall in.
He exploded enormously, like hot lava, the flow encompased everything in it's path. The giant still working his palm along his shaft, I could see her body mixed in the works.
the giant sat back and exhailed, his massive cock still leaking it's funk, the aroma around now was thick in his orgasm, I can only imagine what it must be like for my wife up there somewhere.
The giant rose a while later, I searched up for her, seeing her finally in a thick mound of cum, attached to his lower shaft.
I followed pace, running faster each instant trying to keep up.
He entered his bathroom, and stood before his toilet.
I watched as his massive stream emptied down into the abyse of the water, as he stood and watched. I watched too for any sign of my wife mixed in the yellow waterfall.
He finished, shaking himself, I brushed my brow, wondering how even still she escaped that.
The giant reached and tore off a slice of paper from the dispenser. He turned and as if in my honor, wiped his shaft and cock clean wth the tissue.
I could now make out her image, amidst the slime and wetness as he wiped consistently until satisfied.
He then took it to his rear, and wiped a swath through his crack, before bringing a torn and well worn tissue out to be tossed into the flushing toilet.
It fluttered to lightly to be entrenched with her body, as tiny as she is, she would still provide some weight to the drop.
The giant reached for the floor for a discarded pair of undies, and worked it up tightly around his waist.
I watched like a fly on the wall, as he lumbered away, leaving puffs of farts as he left the room.
Getting a hold of myself, I wandered out of the vast room until I found myself in his presence. it had been some hours since, and he had since been drinking.
He cast his eyes down on me, and smiled his shit eating grin.
I watch in scorn as he sat there, now naked. I scanned the floor before me and found his again discarded undies layed out like a house tarp.
I dared myself to venture to it, maybe perhaps something inside me thought she would be still intact and living.
Nothing coud prepare me, as I came up and weaved my way
in deeper. The smell was heavy, musk, cum, urine shit, you name it. I found her finally, her body tarnished beyond recognition. Like she fell into a huge pile of mud, or shit in this case. She was entombed deep in his marks, her strewn body.
I walked off, leaving her behind now. As I got some fifty yards away, the giant stepped down on his way up, smashing down on the undies. I turned as I heard the rumble. His massive foot lifted, taking the smeared garments up with it. I watched as he slammed away, finally leaving the garment in a heap in his footfalls.
I knew he would grow bored eventually, and soon it would be my turn, only this time he would watch rather than take part!
My doom came in form of a dumbwitted aquaintance of his. She was extremely large, her dark hair hanging in prehistoric pony tails from her head.
I began my last day on earth wiggling inside her giant cunt.