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Story: Shrunken Women's Revenge
Friday, 16-Oct-98 08:24:29 writes:

    I wrote thsi story after a major blowout with Darkman but when I calmed down I place this story aside.

    The other day I sent it to him to see what he thought of it and explain the state of mind I was in also.

    He gave it his DARK support and gave me permission to post it here, SWF, VSW and on my website. So enjoy my trip into darkness.

    WARNING: It contains skinning, canabalism, miaming and all those nasty things out there and also contains some SW also.

    Shrunken Women’s Revenge
    by The Reducer

    The door bell rang.

    “Coming.” Darrel K. Man opened the door to his house. “Hi, can I help you?”

    “Yea, delivery from SW ‘R’ US. Sign here.”

    “Oh good. I’ve been waiting for these.”

    “They said it was a rush delivery and you’re one of their best customers.”

    Darrel smiled. “Well, when it comes to food prep you need to be the best.”

    A muffled scream came from the box. Darrel placed the box inside the house and hoped
    the delivery guy didn’t hear the sound. He signed the delivery sheet and gave the guy a
    tip as he wave bye to him.

    He rushed into the kitchen with his new belonging. After clearing a spot on the counter,
    he cut open the box with a knife near the stove. He lifted the lid and found three six inch
    tall women in the box whimpering.

    “MMMMM. Just what I ordered. An oriental, Filipino and Indian. You three will be
    this weekend’s treat.”

    Darrel replaced the lid and slide it off to the side as he decide to get dinner ready. After
    taking a pot of and dumping a can of kidney beans into the pot, he went over to the
    refrigerator to get something out. As soon as the light came on there was a collective
    gasps and pleading from various size, shape and ethnic tiny women in the cold container.
    He looked over the group of women and decided on what he was going to have.

    “I think Mexican tonight on a bed of rice to go with the beans. Better take some Beano
    before so I’m not farting all night.”

    He reached in and took out three four inch tall Mexican beauties and carried them to the
    pot. They screamed and squirmed in his grasp as he lifted the lid and unceremoniously
    dumped them in with the beans. The cover went on top of the pot as they screamed more
    when the darkness filled their lives and Darrel turned on the heat to a slow simmer. The
    scream, just barely audible through the metal, continued as the heat rose inside. Satisfied
    that he’ll have a nice dinner, he took another pot out to make the rice in and got about to
    having it going.

    Once he was set for tonight’s dinner, he looked over toward his hanging collection of two
    foot tall women. After poking and pinching the fidgety women, he settled on a red head
    slightly chunky one to make a roast of. Darrel got out the Tupperware Marinating Pan
    and filled it up with a new marinade he found a the local HomeGoods store. The trussed
    up lady squirmed on the counter as he looked down at her.

    “Now behave. I need to marinade you overnight and I figured twenty four hours will be
    enough to get you all nice and tasty for tomorrow night.”

    He opened his knife drawer and pulled out his fillet knife when a number of flashes of
    light appeared over to his right. He squinted trying to make out what he just saw. The
    light congeal in to small forms until Darrel could see that they were small women.

    Four scantily clad women varying in sizes from a foot tall down to three inches stood on
    the counter scanning around until the one, who Darrel figured, was the leader locked her
    sight on him.

    “Darrel K. Man, a.k.a. Darkman, you are hereby ordered to cease and desist your torture,
    maiming, and cannibalism on shrunken women.”

    Darrel’s jaw dropped at both the order and the yumminess of each one looked. “Who the
    fuck are you to tell me what to do?”

    “We are S.W.A.T., the Shrunken Women Assault Team, from Giant Rescue Team. We
    go in when the guys can’t get there in time. Now, are you going to stop or do we have to
    use force?”

    Darrel laughed at them. “You? At those sizes? The only thing you’re going to do is
    become one of my meals.”

    He reached toward the team and they all took off on jet packs. They zoomed around just
    out of his grasps they tried to figure out a way to contain him. Darrel, now getting pissed
    by these annoying flies, reached into his utility drawer and pulled out a toy gun with a
    disc on the end. He took aim and shot at the smallest of the group.

    Kerry fly by the wall and was just turn when the disc launched at her. She didn’t have
    time to move when it flattened her against the wall, leaving a bloody smear after the disc
    fell away.

    “The bastard killed Kerry”, yelled the blonde six inch tall woman. She turned and pulled
    out a gun from the holster on her hip. With tears streaming down her face, she turned the
    gun on Darrel.

    Darrel flinched as he was engulfed in the ray from the gun. The other two women
    decided that this was the best and also shot their ray guns at him. His whole body tingled
    as the ray engulfed. Suddenly as quickly as he got shot, the tingling stopped.

    He looked up and around him. Nothing happened. He looked at the women as they
    landed on the floor in front of him.

    “What the fuck was that? If that was suppose to do something, it was all screwed up.
    Now it is time for dinner.”

    Darrel took a step forward and started to bend down to pick them up. Without warning,
    he stumbled backward and felt dizzy. The world seemed to fold in on top of him and
    then went black.

    The blonde girl ran up to the giant pile of clothes, with her gun drawn, looking for any
    movement. She looked down and saw the sleeve of the shirt moved. Getting even closer,
    a teeny Darrel crawl out and stood up. Her feet was close to him as he looked up to the
    “giant” woman.

    Before he could move, a hand swooped down and took him off the floor. Kicking and
    screaming, he was brought up to her face.

    “You don’t look so tough to me now.” She turned him over and about. “So you like to
    eat little women? Let’s see what you taste like.”

    With that she shoved the kicking man, feet first, in her mouthing. She held him there as
    she sucked on his legs. Darrel kicked and squirm, getting a bit turned on but afraid of
    what she would to him. She turned toward her fellow team members. They could see
    what she was doing. She felt the teeny man squirm more and decided it was time to end
    it. She bit down on his waist and sucked in some of his entrails. Looking into his eyes
    before he died, “Soft on the outside and crunchy on the inside.” She tossed in the rest of
    his body and chewed some more.

    “Lacey, what did you do?”

    “He killed Kerry and who know how many others of our kind?”

    The leader shook her head and signaled their base.

    “Team One to Base. Team One to Base.”

    “Go ahead One. How goes it, Sally?”

    “Kerry is dead and Lacey had a “snack”.”


    “Yea, Red. We had to shrink him and Lacey decide to give him some poetic justice.”

    Lacey pressed her transmitter. “Yea and I think I need some antacid for him. He left a
    bad taste in my mouth and a gross after taste.”

    “That will teach you to eat something before we test it. Sally, we’re going to teleport the
    victims out of there.”

    The room filled with spots of lights. The third member, Jenny, scanned around the room.
    “All the others are gone now.”

    “Base, Jenny said there are no more here except us.”

    “Received. We got thirty shrunken women and thirteen survived. The others will be
    taken care of properly.”

    Sally looked a bit dejected. “Wish we could have saved them all.”

    A beep could be heard over the intercom. “Hold on, Team One.”

    Sally signaled the others around her. “Go for it, Red.”

    After a few minutes, he answered.

    “No rest for the wicked, ladies. We’ve got a report over the border in Canada. I think
    we’ve found Poison Pen. Go get him, girls.”

    “You’ve got it, Boss.”

    Suddenly, Lacey burped as the light congealed around them. “I need that antacid soon.”

    The light disappeared and left the house empty.

    The Reducer