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    DISCLAIMER: This story may contain something's that might offend you…If it does don't read.

    Shrunken World
    Part 1

    Betty hated when she had to pick the apples on her uncle's farm. The orchard was about 5 miles from anything. The only good thing about it was that she got to drive her uncle's new pick-up truck. She was busy filling baskets when she saw something fall from the sky. It was something large and metallic. She ran and hid behind a near tree while she saw the object come smashing down onto the truck. The object looked like a large car with a camera on the front and what seemed to be arms and a scooper. She was very curious of this monstrosity so she walked up to it to get a better look. The letters NASA were printed on it. She had no idea what that meant but she continued to look at it. She jumped back when it started moving and watched it as it rolled away.
    Back on Earth a group of scientists were watching a TV screen trying to see what kind of planet they had just discovered with their new mini-probe. They discovered that the atmosphere was breathable so they decided to send in Robert Murdock, the space corp.'s finest adventurer, to investigate this planet.
    On the shrunken planet the mini-probe continued to roll along. It was in the middle of a small town where the minuscule citizen's decided to take up arms. The probe rolled over a few cars and dug its scooper deep into the ground to get soil samples. A man with a shotgun stood in front of it and started to blast at it. The probe continued to roll right over the hapless citizen crushing the life out of him. Then all of a sudden the probe stopped and fired its jets to get out of the atmosphere and go back to Earth. As it's jets fired it burnt the entire town to a crisp.
    Robert had just landed and climbed out of his space pod. He looked at the ground and noticed strange plants that looked like small trees. He plucked one and looked at it. IT WAS A TREE he thought. He continued to look around and caught tiny animals to send back to Earth for investigation. He wondered if there were also tiny people on this planet. He continued to search his area. He found a Barn about the size of a dollhouse by a quaint farmhouse. He decided to have a better look. He opened the barn doors with his fingers. He noticed two people in a haystack making out. He was curious so he reached in and plucked up the girl and the guy. He liked the immense power he felt holding his captives. He looked at the guy and threw him across the farm, he liked the view of the young women better. He had his hand wrapped around her body. She kicked and screamed. He sat on the barn holding his new pet in his hand. She was extremely beautiful, she had shoulder length blonde hair, nice firm breasts and butt and her legs were as smooth as silk. She continued to kick and yell.
    "Put me down you stupid jerk, what do you think your doing?!?!?", said the minute girl. Robert asked her name and she replied "Betty".
    "Well Betty, I hope you like TALL men…hahahaha", said Robert. She started to scream louder and the he put a giant finger on her breasts and started to push them like buttons. This hurt her a lot and she put up more of a fit. He started to get angry at her constant screaming so he tossed her up in the air as high as he could and caught her on the way down. When she landed Robert heard a loud snap from within her body. He poked her but Betty didn't move any longer…she was dead. Robert tossed her over his shoulder and into the farmhouse leaving a smear mark where she hit. Robert knew that there were more of these little "pets" around here somewhere and he was going to find them.
    To be continued…