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Shrinking with Rob 3 (Fun with Carol)
Saturday, 06-Nov-1999 16:17:33 writes:

    Warning must be 18 years or older to read. Contains violence and sex. For entertaiment purposes only.

    Carol was glad that her ride in the briefcase was over. Her stomach was beginng to feel upset and thought it was seasick from all the motion in the briefcase. Waiting in the darkness she could her Rob moving stuff around the case. She wondering what Rob had in store for her now.

    The lid to the case came up fillig the case with light. Carol was blinded for a few moments. All she could focus on was a bilboard size object off in the distance only to realize it was Rb's smiling face.

    Rob looked at his new doll.

    "Stand up" Rob order.

    Carol stood up and saw Rob bring a large board towards her. Rob measure her with the ruler.

    "Gee Carol your almost 13 inches" Rob said happily.

    Carol looked up at Rob.

    "This is the first time you had to look up at a man" Rob said happily.

    "You will get cleaned up and we will have some more playtime" Rob exclaimed.

    Then Rob went into the next room.

    Carol then started to peer out of the case. It appeared the briefcase was resting on a workbench. Over to her left she could see a very large block of wood and a popiscle stick. On the other side of the room was a window. Carol knew she was in a basement. Her attention then turned to the shadow that was coming at her.

    Rob was coming back with a bowl. He placed the bowl near the case.

    "Here is your bath get out of that case"Rob ordered.

    Carol stood up and climbed out of the case. Her naked body was cold from the damp basement air.

    "This must turn you on" Rob said looking at Carol's hard nipples.

    Carol turn to him and covered her tits with her hands. She did not see Rob's hand coming from behind. Rob wrapped his hand around Carol's cold body. When carol felted the warm leathery fingers on her body she began to kick her legs wildly. Seeing no chance for escape she lower her head to his index finger.

    Rob felted a stiging pain in his finger. Damn he tought that little bitch bit me. Rob looked at Carol's little face and saw blood around her mouth.

    He then placed his doll in front of the wood block. Taking two fingers he pushed her face down on the block. Rob then picked up the popiscle stick.

    Carol could hardly breath on the block. Then she felt the sting of the stick. She tried to get away but she could not get away.

    After a couple of dozen Rob stopped. Carol was crying and rubbing her hot red ass. Rob then scooped her up and dropped her into the tub.

    "Get cleaned up or I will" Rob said angerily.
    Rob then left the room.

    Carol lay in the warm water until most of the pain stopped. She had gotten out of the tub. She dried herself with a hanky found next to the tub.

    Carol then found a washcloth and covered her naked body. She lay down on the workbench and wet to sleep.

    ************************************************* Carol was awaken by Rob pulling the washcloth towards the end of the bench.

    "Playtime whore" Rob said joyfully.

    Rob quickly opened the washclothe exposing Carol's grape size tits. He then lower his mouth down on her tits.

    Rob began to suck her on her tits. Carol was could not believe how go it felted.

    He then took his hand and spread open her legs.

    Rob raised his head and rubbed his finger on her hairless pussy.

    "I knew this turned you on"Rob said

    With that he began to lick her body. Her tiny hips began to rock with the movement of his tongue. She could feel the warm exhaust from his nose blowing on her tits. Her nipples became hard and she began to moan.

    Rob knew she was about to go by the quickness of the rocking in her hips and the intensity of her moaning.

    She soon quick maoning and began screaming as Rob's tongue got her off.

    After she got off she rolled on her side and curled up in a ball.

    "Your not done yet!" Rob yelled.

    Carol stood up and watched Rob drop his pants.
    Rob dick was already about to burst,

    "I can't get that off I am to small" Carol said.

    "Climb on and ride it like a horse" Rob exclaimed.

    She mounted his dick like it was a horse. Carol first began to squeeze his dick with her legs and then she laid down and wrapped her hands around the dick.

    Rob felt Carol little tities rubbing on his manhood.

    Carol head was near the top of his dick. She started licking the opening on his dick.

    Rob looked down at Carol as she worked his dick to climax.

    When he blew his wad. The first wave hit Carol in the face and knocked her foward off his dick.

    The second one landed on her belly.

    Carol had passed out when she hit the table.

    After a while she woke up covered in Rob's warm sticky love juice. Carol also realize that Rob was not around. She got up and climbed in the tub.

    When she was done she dried herself and wrapped herself in the washclothe.

    Carol seen Rob shadow approach the workbench. As he got closer she saw he was carring a birdcage.

    "Hey Carol I am going out tonite to fine some friends for you"Rob said.

    Rob sat the birdcage down and told Carol to get in. She did because she did not want another whipping.

    Carol thought as long as I kept him happy this won't be that bad.

    "When I get back be ready to play" Rob exclaimed

    He then left. As Rob was leaving in his car he wonder how many women he could shrink without being notice.