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Shrinking with Rob(Carol's Story)
Saturday, 30-Oct-1999 15:25:39 writes:

    Story contais violence and sexual situtions. Must be 18 to read. For entertain purposes only!!!!

    Well here it is I hope everyone likes it.

    Rob had gotten his kids back until the police could find ther mom. The police had questioned Rob a few times. Rob explaied to them that this is not unusally for her, she must of found some guy and took off with him for a while. While we were married she did it a lot. Rob thought it ironic they found her car parked in front of a doll store.

    Rob had to work on Saturday there was no one in the office but Carol. Carol had slept her way to the top of the corporate ladder. She was a 29 year old, 6'2" brunette built like an amazon.

    It was quite unfortunate that the security guards never made their runs in the office section. They were told to stay out because once a corporate big wig was caught with his married secretary.

    Rod had watched Carol all morning waiting for the moment to slip her the formula.

    She had gotten up to walk down the hall. Rob watched the sway in her tight heart-shaped ass.She was wearing high heels with black hose, a back mini-skirt that just cover her ass, and a white blouse.

    When she rounded the corner Rob got up quickly and went to her desk and put the formula in her coffee mug. Then he return to his desk.

    Rob watched her return to her desk. Rob was thinking that she had a nice pair of tits as she strutted to her desk.

    Carol sat at her desk and took a sip of her coffee, Carol notice it seemed a bit flat. She thought it is about for more coffee. As Carol stood up she began to feel dizzy. She walked to her coffee maker and her high heels felt to big.
    Carl kicked off her heels.

    Rob notice that the formula was working. He got up from his desk and hurried walked to Carol's
    office. This was going to be fun he thought Rob thought as he walked into Carol's office.

    "What is up with you?" Rob asked

    "I feel funny!" Carol exclaimed.

    Carol now began to feel her tight clothes become loose. Her watch slipped off her wrist and fell to the floor. Carol bent down to pick it up. Upon rising she notice that Rob seem a bit taller. She thought that maybe it was because her heels were off. She then grab her skirt that was trying to fall to the ground.

    "What's the matter Carol don't like me to see you naked?" Rob asked

    Carol turned to look at him and she realize that Rob was the same height as her. Carol's skirt was now below her knees and her blouse hung on her like a night shirt.

    "What is happening to me." Did you do this? Carol screamed.

    "Yes I doing it! I am shrinking you because I can" Rob exclaimed

    Rob then grabbed the top of her miniskirt and hose and pulled them down. Carol fell to the floor and try to run. In the process her skirt and hose came off.

    "Help!!" Carol screamed trying to get away.

    "It's ok you slut no one can here you" Rob said.

    Rob grabbed her by the waist and turned Carol to face him. He then slapped her twice across the face.

    "Stop this you prick!" Carol screamed.

    Rob the sat in her office chair and place her small boby across his lap.

    "What are you doing!" Carol yelled at he top of her lungs.

    "Just some old-fashion disciple my dear" Rob said.

    He then began to spank Carol's little ass He stopped after eight.

    Carol began to cry feeling the heat on her ass from her spaning.

    Rob picked her up and put her on the desk facing him.

    "You always thought you were cool ever time you slepted with someone from the office now it is my turn you whore!" Rob yelled.

    He eyed her hairy pussy This was going to be fun Rob thought.

    Carol now was just begining to realize her situation now she was just under 4'

    Rob then dropped his pants showing Carol his dick.

    "Carol get a grip, this will make you feel good you little whore" Rob yelled

    "No you can't be doing this to me" Carol screamed.

    "I'll do what I want because I can you bitch" Rob screamed.

    Rob then slapped her a couple of more times and rammed his stiff dick into her ever tightening pussy.

    Carol felt his dick enter her pussy. It felted like Rob was hung like a horse. She was enjoying her experience.

    Carol wrapped her legs around Rob. Then she reached around his waist and pushed his ass closer to her as she pushed closer to him.

    Rob notice her screams of pleasure were becoming higher pitch.

    Rob grabbed her blouse and pull it open ripping the buttons off. He then pulled her off her bra that was just hanging there loose.

    Rob then cupped her tits in his hands and squeezed her shrinking tits.

    Carol could no longer keep her legs around Rob's body. She wonder how much more she would shrink.

    Carol could not believe how good this felted as she climax. Rob quickly followed.

    Carol's last thought before passing out was it felted like a garden hose had went off inside her.

    Rob left the naked 2 1/2' Carol on his desk as he went to get his briefcase in his office.

    When Carol woke up Rob was doing something in his briefcase.

    "That was great Rob when can you make me big? Carol" asked nicely.

    "Never" Rob said.

    "Why?" Carol asked.

    "I don't want to. Your going to be my special toy and live with me!" Rob exclaimed.

    "No!" Carol screamed and began to cry.

    "Ok that's enough stand up I have to get you ready" Rob said.

    She just stood there.

    "Alright I am tired of your crying" Rob said.

    Rob picked up the now barbie sized woman, then placing her facing her pencil sharperen. He bent her body over it with her ass in the air.

    At this time he pulled a popsicle stick from his suit jacket.

    "You must learn bitch!" Rob yelled.

    He then spanked Carol ass a second time. This time it was much worst and Rob had lost track of the whacks he gave.

    When he stopped he ordered Carol to lay on the desk.

    She was crying but had no choice to follow Rob's orders.

    "If your going to be my toy I have to removed that hair!" said Rob
    He pulled tweezors from his pocket and began to rip the hairs from her pussy.

    Now feeling the pain from her rape and hair removal she tried to cover he pussy with her hands.

    "Have you done this to anyone else" Carol asked.

    "Your number 2" Rob said.

    "Number 1 had an accident but don't worry I will have some freinds for you real soon" Rob added.

    Rob then placed his new toy in his breifcase. and shutthe lid. He then picked up all the clothes on the floor and cleaned the office.

    "Good=bye George" he exclaimd to the secruity guard as he exited the building.

    I hope you all like this story! I have a few more chapters if anyone is interested. Please send any suggestions to

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