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Story: Shrinking with Rob
Saturday, 02-Oct-1999 14:43:39 writes:

    WARNING: Must be 18 to read contains violence

    and sex. This story is for entertanment only!

    Two years ago Rob was a very successful reasearch scientist. He was married and had two children.

    His wife Angie was a fairly good looking woman. She was 5'6" with shoulder lenght blonde hair. Angie did not get out much because Rob was always at the lab.

    One day she asked Rob if she could get some plastic surgery, mostly she wanted breast enlargements. Rob thought about it for a long time and told her he would borrow on his retirement fund to pay for her surgeries.

    After her operations Angie had the nicest pair(38c). She soon began to run the bars leaving her kids with a babysitter. She would not return home till after 3 am.

    Over the next two years Rob began a downward spiral. His marriage was on and off again for a while. When they fnnally divorced he was to pay outrageous alimony and child support. His nice country home was sold and she got half. He bought a old Victorial stlye house in town. His research company had there goverment grants cancelled and he was unemploy for a time. He took a job with some food additive company making a lot less money. Worst of all his ex-wife would hardly ever let him see his kids. The only thing Rob had was his alcohol.

    When the lab closed he took all his files and work with him. On all his lonely nghts he worked on it in his basement.


    Rob was waiting for his ex-wife to bring his kids over. He wondered if tonite would be the nite his formula was to be tested on humans. Outside he seen her car pull in out front. Rob then watched her get out without his kids. She was wearing a party dress and heels.

    "That Bitch" Rob muttered.

    She must be going to another party.

    I don't think she will make happy hour tonite as he grab his needle and waited for his wife to knock. After hearing her knocking he opened the door.

    "I can't bring the kids this weekend" exclaimed Angie

    "Why" Rob screamed.

    "Because I need more money I can't make it on your support payments" Said Angie

    "OK can we talk about inside I don't want the neighbors to see us argue" said Rob.

    At first Angie thought it was going to be easy to get more money out of him.

    She entered his house unaware of what Rob has plan. Rob shut the door and slaped his ex-wife on the ass.

    "Ouch!" exclaimed Angie

    Angie turned and slaped Him. She said "You stupid bastard I going to get you for domestice violence."

    She started to walk to the phone o call the police when she started feeling dizzy. She reach the phone and picked it up and notice there was no dial tone.

    She now began to fell warm and her tight bra started feeling lose.

    "Oh my God" she yelled

    "I think my saline implants are leaking" she exclaimed

    "You have to do something Rob" she begged

    "I think I've done enough for you and its time for some payback bitch" Rob says.

    Rob was standing between her and the front door. She thought she could run past him and reach the street. Started to run she tripped over her shoes.

    She was laying flat on the floor. Rob was becoming very aroused watching his ex-wife become confused as she shrunk.

    Angie stood up without her shoes. She knew now that her implants were leaking. Her dress was now slipping off her shoulders exposing her nice tits.

    Angie realize she was shrnking when she had to look up at him. Rob was 3" shorted than his wife.

    "What have you done" she screamed

    "Congratulations your the first person to try my new formula" Rob said.

    Angie began to cry because her tight dress was now laying on the floor around her.

    Rob waiting for the formula had finished it's job. He then took a ruler and measure his ex-wife.

    "Gee at 11 inches Barbie taller than you" says Rob

    "Why are you doing this" Angie said in a squeaky voice.

    "Because I can and if you think I am going to pay for your voice to be fixed your wrong. said Rob

    "I was just wondering now if you thought my dick could satisfy you? after saying this he pick up his nude wife and walked into the kitchen. He dropped his pants and underwear. He placed her so she was facing him and he used her whole body to rub his dick.

    At the moment of climax Rob heard somthing pop. Oh well he thought probably her ribs.

    His first shot hit dead square in her face.

    Angie began to choke on his wad.

    "Gee bitch I thought you couldn't swallow, it's amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it!" he said with excitement.

    Rob now laid her on a cutting board. His small plaything is wrigglling in pain.

    He pulls out some tape and tapes her down to the board.

    He then opens the door above the sink and pulls out his small craft knife.

    "What are you doing Rob" asked Angie

    "I am getting my retiremnet money back you BITCH" Rob screamed

    He then began to cut the bottom part of her left breast. Then he cut the right one. He saw both of the saline bags and pull them out.

    "Worth ever penny" he said

    By now Angie was in enormous pain. She tried to get free of the tape but knew it was helpless.

    He reaches back up and gets his hammer.

    "Just so you don't think I unfair I will remove some unwanted fat"said Rob

    Rob swung the hammer, flattened her once pretty face. He then swept her lifeless body in the sink drain. Turning on the garbage desposal the evidence was now gone.

    Rob decided now he was going tohave fun in his life. The AA meetings will have to wait.

    This is my first story I wrote. Tell me what you think. I have plans for another chapter does nyone want me to write it.