The shrinking token

Posted by the giant one on July 06, 2002 at 21:57:24:

Jason was an average 13 year old kid with one execption, he hated his life. Forced to live with his gay aunt and her lover, for the past 3 years when both of his parents were killed in a car crash.Both woman were cruel and nasty to him, he lived in a room no bigger than a closet.

Jason was in a hurry the scoccer game went into over time,this was the only freedom he was allowed playing for his school team that and reading playboy wich he kept hidden under his bed. Not bothering to change out of his uniform he ran for home knowing that if he was late he would go hungry untill morning.Panting and out of breath he stoped in front of his house and checked his watch hewas 5 minutes early able to relax he went to check the mailbox. In side the box was the usal letters for his aunt he was getting ready to close the mail box when he noticed a small package in the back of the mail box he took it out and was suprised that it was for him.

He put the package in the pocket of his shorts an headed into the house, Jason knew he was in trouble when he herd his aunt yell Jason if thats you get the fuck in here. Jason had wondered what he could have done to make his aunt so angry, but when he walked into the dinning room and saw his penthouse magazines
on the table he knew he was in deep shit. His aunt slapped him hard across the face, she told him that he was a pervet and had lost all freedom no more soccer
no anything and to make matters worse no dinner.

Jason was so angry he could hardly see straight, the slap hurt but he would not let his aunt see him cry, he was 13 he was a man and men dont cry thats what his dad told him. He felt the package in his pocket and took it out and un wrapped it, inside was a coin that looked like a subway token and a note. Jason the note said this token has the power to shrink anything down to tiny size, all he had to do was point the coin with the man with horns comming out of its head at the person or object he wished to shrink and simply say shrink, to return the person or object back to normal all he had to do was flip the coin over to the side that had a sun on it and say grow and that person would be restored.

Wonderful thoughts swept into Jasons head, but before he could put his plan into action he would have to test the token. Jason looked around his small room and looked for somthing to shrink, he decided to shrink his desk he took out the coin pointed it at the desk and said shrink. In a instant the desk was shrunk to tiny size Jason could not belive how tiny it was, he got down on his hands and knees to examine the tiny desk. Next he got back to his feet pointed the token at the desk and said grow with a thump the desk was back to its normal size.

Yes Jason said out loud the token worked now he could get his revenge, he called down stairs to his aunt and lover and told them both to get up here.Both woman were angry and they had venim in there blood when they came into his room.What the fuck do you want you little brat, she never finished her next sentence Jason pointed the token at the to woman and said shrink were there once stood to six foot powerful woman now stood to tiny 2 inch terrifed woman.

Jason walked over to his to tiny pets each of his steps were like earth quakes to the tiny woman.He lay down on his stomach to have a better look at the tiny woman, boy you to are so teeny he said his voice was like thunder to the shrunken woman, Jason his aunt called up to the giant boy how did you do this.Jason explained to her about the token and how it worked, well you had your fun now make us big again. You dont understand he told them you belong to me now your my new sex toys and your only concern is to pleasure me, and with that the giant youth stood up and removed his shorts and underware. The to tiny woman lokked up at the giant youth and his enormus what you see he said smiling down at them, I want to to to take off your cloths now and with that he stamped his foot causing the tiny woman to fall.

The tiny woman underessd as fast as possible Jason sat down in indian style his tree trunk legs blocking any escape for his pets.Jason reached out and picked up the tiny woman and placed them in the palm of his hand, next he began to probe there tiny bodys. Both woman became aroused by his touch and shortly after both began to get very wet. Jason smiled at the total control he had over his new pets and after a few more minutes of him stroking there pussys both had there orgasm.

When both had finshed Jason said to his pets now its time for you 2 to pleasure me, and with that he placed his aunt on the head of his cock and her lover under his giant balls I want to feel you wiggle under there he told the frantic woman or Ill let my balls crush you he then lowerd his balls on top of her and herd her tiny screams of protest. As for you get to work he told his tiny aunt or you can join your friend, the tiny woman began to rub, lick, and kiss the giant head.

Jason leaned back and closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure, the treatment his aunt was giving him combined with the tiny womans struggles underneath his balls was driving him crazy with pleasure pre cum was forming on the head.Jason eyes snapped open somthing was wrong he could not feel his aunts lover underneath his balls.Jason looked down and sure enough the tiny woman had escaped her ball prison and was making a break for freedom, she did not get far when Jason plucked her from the carpet and placed her in the palm of his hand he did not look happy.

You need to be punished for what you did he told the terrifed woman,then an idea came to him do you rember the movie fantastic voyage.She said that she did, good he told her because thats were your going.he then plucked his aunt off his head and placed her next to her lover and told his aunt what happend and what her punishment was. He went to his desk and took out his magnifying glass and took out the token and pointed it at his aunts lover and said shrink, the woman was reduced to inch tall,Jason said shrink again and the woman was 1/2 inch tall, he said it one more time and she was now only 1/4 inch tall.

Jasons aunt was frantic at the reduced size of her lover and pleaded for jason to make her the same size as her, jason explaned to his aunt that her lover needed to be punished, and told her she was the first woman to explore the inside of a cock.He then told her that she would pleasure him from the inside and his aunt from the outside and instructed his aunt to tell the dust size woman what he wanted.With the magnifing glass and a twezzer he picked up the minute woman and set her on the tip of his cock, he then unfolded the skin of his pea hole and with the twezzer inserted the woman in side his dick.

Jason then reurned his aunt on his head, he felt the tiny woman moving inside him and it was a wonderful feeling together with both woman doing there job it did not take long for jason to blow his load. The woman inside him was beside herself in terror she was inside a boys cock, then she herd a familure sound but when she turned round she saw a sea of comming towards her.She was swept out of the cock and on to the mattress she found it hard to stay a float it was to sticky. Jason had blown his load and went limp, he then herd his tiny aunt calling him and looked down, his aunt was having a hard time staying on his now shrinking dick. he saw her pointing to somthing twiching in his cum, he saw that the dust size woman was still alive but looseing her struggle and would soon drown in the cum.With the twezzer he plucked her from his spunk and placed her in his palm next he placed his aunt next to her, he then took out the token and pointed at the 1/4 inch woman and said grow 3 times returning her to her full height of 2 inches after a while the retrned woman came to and both were standing in the palm of jasons hand. Rember now you to are my new toys

end of chapter 1