she knew what would happen... (2)

Posted by guestwriter on July 14, 2001 at 06:24:30:

He smiles, eyes crinkling with humor as He strides over to where she shivers on the floor, naked except for the collar that maintains a new atomic constant in the local area that is 'her'... a collar without a's ends literally fused together around her neck when it was first installed.

To her, He is a towering Giant... His chestnut brown riding Boots are twin Sequoias rising up to the crotch of His riding breeches, where another large 'feature' is quickly becoming apparent under the tan fabric of the jodhpurs.

her tiny heart flutters like a captive bird in her ribcage... she knows how much He enjoys this... and she wonders if He was expecting, perhaps even secretly hoping... that she would fail to adhere to His directive.

The smiling Giant crouches down... and a shadow falls over her tiny form as His Hand looms closer, a huge Thumb and Forefinger pinching her long black hair from behind and lifting her, kicking and screaming, up to the level of His handsome and terrible Giant's Face.

His living doll crys for mercy, her little shouts hardly registering at all as He examines her. Intermingled with her tiny pleas are earnest promises to behave, which make Him chuckle and shake his head. she tries to reach up... grabbing desperately for His Fingers to take the weight off of the long raven hair that He holds pinched between his Fingers... but her hair is so long that relief is out of her doll sized reach.

"WE WERE DISCUSSING CLOSURE, RIGHT LOVE?" the Giant asks sarcastically.

"ahhhhhhhhhhh! ohgodpleasemaster" she squeaks...

He watches with amusement as his tiny prize thrashes her gorgeous little naked legs... dangling free like a very small kitten being held by the scruff of its neck.

Satisfied that she's had enough, the Giant Master stands up, opens a pocket, and drops his wriggly new toy inside, feeling the doll sized girl hit the bottom.

As He walks out of the study, he can faintly hear her muffled cries of protest emanating from his pocket, and can feel the slight movement of her doll body squirming against his thigh. No matter... she knew what would happen. she knew what was to come.