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    Hope you guys don't mind some giantess stuff, she wanted to do this one first. Here goes.

    Sexual Aid

    By Connie(and talisman)

    We travel forward to some days later. Raziel has since grown accustom to her situation, no longer does she pine for her regular life, This one offered tremendous possibilities. Her fantasy however latent has since been released. She had always known of her kink, and was now luck enough to actually being living it in color.
    Most days she spends in the Connie’s lingerer drawer, with the exception on certain days when either Joe or Connie takes her along on their days at work. Uncanny how both giants are similar in their own kink, as she is subject to usually providing arousal to either as they are in work mode.
    Joe likes to loosen his pants and have the tiny woman climb in and work her body off on his cock.
    He usually takes some time until he finally does cum, and usually keeps her inside his shorts, until he can find time to make his way to the rest room in private to clean himself off. On these occasions Raziel is usually worn out from the day, and requires quite some sleep before the night requirements.
    Connie also likes to play at work, and likes something a little different. She likes to have the tiny woman in her shoes while she wiggles her foot around, rolling the woman around inside the inner soles. Connie likes the way the tiny woman feels rolling against her nylon clad soles.
    Connie then usually likes to caress her legs and thighs with the aid of the tiny woman. She will clutch her tiny body like a q-tip and drag her across her gams, calves, feet, and thighs.
    Eventually, she ends up slitting her nylons along her clit, and then inserts the tiny woman whole, only leaving her tiny feet dangling out. Usually the door is locked, as Connie cannot control her expressions, as well as her moans. She tries desperately to subdue her emotions, and manages to keep it to a dull roar.
    Amassing a large pool of her own version of cum, Connie cleans herself off with toilets, and will stuff the woman into her stripped nylon, intact to her inner thighs, where she will keep her until she either desires her once more or goes home.

    A few more weeks pass, and on one day Connie finds something odd with the tiny woman, which she had always felt strange about. For some reason she was under the impression that the tiny woman was robotic, and possibly battery operated. This day in particular she examined Raziel closer and came to be aware that she was quite real indeed. Connie played with her a bit, wiggling her and flexing her about. Raiziel tried to keep her voice to a minimum as she moaned and groaned silently to herself. The giantess tired of playing with the toy and started to fondle it in her hands while she sat quietly to herself. She looked down at the diminutive toy in her hands. How well built it was, feeling so soft and agile, It’s even animated.
    Connie dropped Raziel to the floor and placed her left foot on her flat. She then left it there and enjoyed the tiny sensations as the tiny woman wiggled and squirmed about beneath.
    Raziel raised her arms as much as she could so she could administer some massage technique. She also used her feet and legs to further caress the giantess’s sole. Feeling cramped and tight was nothing new for her now as she spent many days and nights like this, as both giants enjoyed a good foot massage. Connie tended to have more amorous bodily scents, as she wore suits and dresses to her job. With the onslaught of panties, hosiery, thick pumps, and a hectic schedule, she

    Tended to have more of a ripe tint to her scent. Raziel usually left massaging her feet smelling of them for hours until she finally washed herself. And especially if Connie used Raziel for vaginal purposes, Raziel could hardly ever get that scent off her, especially her hair. Joe on the other hand tended to keep his odors in check. As his job tended to be on the cooler side, as he worked as a freelance and picked his hours to suit his lifestyle, often more than not, he would come across smelling powdered and fragrance like he just stepped out of the shower. But Raziel had plenty of memories that weren’t on the aromatic side, as he tended to play his sports hard, and often wanted some sort of pleasure on coming home, before he showered. All in all, she was quite content in her new life. Only she wondered when both giants would eventually find out she was actually real, and what was to become of her, she also wondered how long she would survive being thought of as a mere toy, and how clumsy one can get during sex. She decided after some thought to make her real identity known, for her survival sake.

    Raziel picked that day and upon being summoned out of her drawer, she sat patiently on Connie’s palm and then went into being more animated than ever before. She started to jump around and hop and wave her arms. Connie’s eye bulged as she wondered if the toy sprang a loose spring or bolt or something. Raziel then felt her actions were addressed accordingly and then mounted he verbal explanation.
    Raziel began to scream up at the giantess, explaining in detail of her coming to them, and how she shrank and could not gain her regular size back. Through it all, Connie stayed still and listened amazed. She waited a while before finally cutting in. “ I know you don’t I?” Raziel smiled and waved up at Connie. “You work at my building, at my office.” Connie held Raziel closer to her eyes. “My god! Raziel is that you?” “Yes! Yes it’s me, it’s me, thank god you now know.” Raziel was jumping for joy. “aha your that little tart that messed up my promotion last month, when you stole my client from my office waiting room.” Connie interjected. “Oh, ahhh, that was a misunderstanding. I….” Raziel started to stutter. “That was a platinum client, I worked him for months to come on over, and then you slink in with your tight dress and short skirt.” Connie was getting angry. “Please! I can explain. I really cannnn.” “Well how ironic that you should come to be my tiny toy.” Connie held Raziel tighter than usual in her fist and rose up from her chair. She then stormed into the living room and to Joe sitting at his chair. “This isn’t some toy, she’s real, did you know that?” Connie said as she opened her fist and let Raziel tumble down to the floor.
    Raziel braced for the fall and rolled to rest before Connie’s toes. She turned over on her back and dared not to move, as she stared up at the towering giantess rave on. “Well no, I thought you brought her in and was fucking with my mind.” Joe answered puzzled. “Well, she’s not, and as a matter of fact this is that little tart, Raziel.” Connie ranted. Joe looked at her like, whom? “Raziel the one that stole my Exxion client, you know the multimillion contract.” Joe tried to save his dignity and play along. “Oh that, shit I can’t believe it. Hey you said she was real, how could that be?” Joe changed the subject.
    Both giants were standing ominously over the trembling tiny Raziel as she was still laid flat on the floor at Connie’s feet. Connie screamed out something and then looked at Joe. “ I want to crush her right now, no one knows she here, and that she’s the size of a bug.” Connie having saying that raised her massive foot over the now defensive Raziel. Joe interjected and grabbed hold of Connie’s raised leg. “Hold on, think about it now, you have this opportunity to enslave some tiny rival. Just think of the possibilities. We can have our own little sex slave, like you always fantasized about. And she is real, not some toy robot.” Connie looked down for a moment. “No I choose to crush her.” Again she raised her foot higher out of reach of Joe’s hand. Joe had to underhand her with his other arm and holds her still.

    Raziel jumped to her knees and pleaded at Connie’s toes for mercy and forgiveness, that she would do anything they desired anything they wanted, no matter what. “Just don’t crush me like a bug.” She pleaded with her head hung. Connie stopped struggling with Joe and looked down at her. She then pulled her leg free and put her foot down in front of Raziel, hovering her toes above the tiny quivering woman. “Well then, you will be my…” “Our” Joe interjected. “Our slave, you will abide by my rule. And if you try to escape, ever! No one will stop me from making you a spot under my foot.” Connie accented her last line by lifting her foot slightly to reveal her intent.
    Raziel shoved herself forward and began to kiss and lick Connie’s big toe. Connie suddenly smiled as she watched herself being honored. “I think I can get used to this honey.” Connie looks over at Joe. Joe takes Connie in his arms and steals a kiss. “How about celebrating this moment with some sex.” Connie giggles and looks down at Raziel intent on kissing every inch of her toe. “Watch this!” Connie says as she pulls her foot away from Raziel. “Slave lay flat on your back in front of me and don’t move an inch!” Raziel cautiously steps back and lay down as ordered. Connie then takes a step forward and completely looses Raziel’s puny body beneath her massive foot as she steps down. She smothers the tiny woman whole and gently play grinds her under her foot. “You know how easy I could mash her, the temptation is wild.” She utters as she slowly lifts her foot up. “Well done slave, now you are needed.” Connie says as she reaches down and plucks up the frayed Raziel.
    The couple walks to the bed and takes position on either side of each other. Joe takes Raziel from Connie’s hand. “Your turn babe.” He then pulls Connie’s short pants off, and begins to insert the tiny Raziel into her rather wet clit. Connie leans back and puts her arms on her head, while moaning already in response. “Oh deeper baby, deeper.” Joe responds by shoving the tiny woman deeper with his fingers outreached. Joe keeps her head in view and uses his fingers along side of her to wiggle her lower body around inside. Raziel begins to feel the pressure surmount around her lower legs and abdomen. She lets out tiny sobs and moans as she hopes and prays for survival. Joe uses gentle action as he manipulates her body around inside Connie’s vagina.
    He then starts to bark orders down to her visible head. “ Lick around, and kick with your legs.” Raziel starts to sway her legs around, although with great difficulty. She also moves her head around the perimeter of the massive lip and licks and laps up around.
    Raziel is rather frightened, but slowly becoming erotically turned on, as she takes in the juicy flavor of the giantess’s vaginal juices. Being BI and all, she had secretly wished to have a sexual adventure with such a massive woman. And now as she was realizing her dreams come true, she was still rather slightly uncomfortable with the extreme size of her masters around her, and couldn’t help but fear their misuse of their power over her. She wanted very much to please the giants, and especially Connie, since she seemed to hold the power of life or death. Raziel made a mental promise to keep in mind of her fantasy, so to keep the perspective in mind, when performing any tasks.
    Raziel then found herself delve deep into pleasing the giant couple; she got more involved in massaging the Connie’s flabby lips. She also took it upon herself to dive in deep and sway her body about to better project the sensations to the giantess. Connie swooned as she growled her pleasure. She became alive with horny dialogue. “Oh baby, she’s really in there, god I want to squeeze her to death. Oh more, more, move around more. Ahhhh, fuck me, fuck me now Joe!” Joe advanced on her and began to make moves to penetrate. Raziel had suddenly managed to protrude her head for some air, when she observed the massive penis coming at her.
    In an adrenaline rushed lunge, she managed to vacate and just avoid certain crushing, as the massive cock slid in deeper and deeper. Raziel watched in amazement at how long and thick the giant’s cock was at this size, as it seemed to slide in deeper and deeper. Raziel made herself safe and comfortable watching from the sidelines as she adhered to the thunderous groans booming of

    Massive feet and legs over and about her. She found herself suddenly playing with herself as she found the gigantic sexual computation both erotic and sensual. As she felt her own gems titillate, and send grooves of sensual pleasure up her spine, she climaxed one after another as she saw the giant cock pull out leaving a flood of cum mixed with the giantess’s own placid juices. She rose up and hurled herself into the mix and joyously swam in the sex mix. As she immersed herself in the mush, the giant cock came down and patted her down, as Joe was pumping his cock empty. Raziel became even more glorified as she was logged down with even more cum and became submerged.

    Connie finished a cigarette and slid around the bed, as Joe returned with her drink. She adjusted herself over and saw a glimpse of Raziel still immersed in the mess. She used her hand to smear the tiny woman around and playfully folded her over and over. Joe was about to jump into bed, when Connie stopped him abruptly. “Hey you ape, you’ll crush sleeping beauty.” Joe stopped and glanced down. “Oh so now you care about her well being.” “Hey do you enjoy her or not?” Connie snapped. Joe didn’t say anything. “Well then mind where you sit. Connie then reached for an elastic and wound it on her foot, she then lifted the tiny body and affixed her to her sole. Feeling she stay out of trouble down there, Connie slid back to bed and fondled Joe increasingly erect cock. Raziel conformed to the shape of the giantesses foot and slowy dozed as the two got it on once more.