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Sextoy [1]
Monday, 30-Nov-98 21:55:12 writes:

    This is a sequel to little people,

    let me know if it belongs on here.. lots of sex but no death or dismemberment.


    Story: Life as a Sex Toy
    Author Dirty Dreamer


    If you are under 18 or are offended by such subject matter, do not
    read this. I will ignore all flames, so don't bother.
    Permission is granted to post this story in electronic form, but
    not in print without express written permission of the author.

    Background: In the "Little People" series of shrinking stories
    Chapter 21, Todd shrinks an entire family and takes them home to
    play with (and maybe even sell). He mistakenly leaves one of the
    victims behind to meet her own fate. This is the story of Tanyss,
    the 8 inch human doll.

    Story: Sex Toy [1]
    Scene: Tanyss Gets Tiny
    Author: Dirty Dreamer

    The family reunion was great! This was the first time in almost
    a year the entire family was together. She was mingling with
    her cousins upstairs and decided it was time to get something to
    eat. A small group of them went downstairs, catching up on
    their lives as they went. Soon they were at the buffet table
    nibbling at the spread while they talked. Tanyss was a tall
    redhead, about 5'9" with a killer figure. Slim waist, tight ass
    and large bust. Her breasts were firm and didn't need a bra for
    support. She wore a low cut tight sweater and a miniskirt cut
    just above her knees. Her boyfriends often said she looked like
    a Barbi doll with tits, in their intimate moments. She had a
    reputation as a kind, caring person and was always friendly to
    other people. Tanyss was a very popular coed in the college she
    had been attending the last two years. She was 20 years old and
    had a bright future ahead of her.

    Her cousin, Cheryl Adams, had not yet arrived, but her
    boyfriend, Todd was there. He was sitting on the couch talking
    quietly with Carol when suddenly, every thing went quiet. She
    had a dizzy falling sensation, even though her feet were firmly
    planted on the ground. Her clothes drooped around her and she
    suddenly had a burst of adrenaline caused by an unreasoning fear
    that something was terribly wrong. She quickly plowed a tunnel
    under her clothes and ran to hide under the bottom step behind
    some heavy boxes. She was nude of course and shivering in fear.

    Peeking out, she shivered in terror at the scene unfolding
    before her. The only full sized people in the room were Carol
    and Todd, who had started to collect her screaming cousins,
    piling them on the couch. Tanyss had been shrunk, maintaining her
    terrific figure, to 8 inches. She slunk back into a dark corner
    and curled into a fetal ball while shivering in terror. Sounds
    of pain could be heard, ocassionally punctuated by slaps and
    booming giggles from Carol and Todd could be heard for the the
    next hour. There were continuous little screams of agony
    and humiliation as her entire family was tortured. The giggles
    and lusty groans of the two giants sent shivers up her back she
    would never forget. She stayed hidden long after the house
    became quiet and she heard the car in the garage being driven
    away. The only sounds were the creaking of the house by the
    time she got the courage to leave her hiding spot.

    Tanyss explored the gigantic basement and soon realized that
    life as she knew it was over. Her nudity, in the air
    conditioned basement was uncomfortable. She found a paper
    towel and made a poncho out of it, tying it about her waist
    with a piece of string she found. It was time to try and get some
    help. The lights were all on, and it was early evening. She made
    a decision and started climbing the stairs. Being quite athletic
    she was able to laboriously climb the stairs. One at a time,
    reaching up and pulling, reaching and pulling... By the time
    she reached the top her napkin poncho was well ripped.

    In her old life, Tanyss would have been embarrassed to walk
    (actually hike) through a closet like that, let alone an open
    living room. An entire breast hung out and the tattered garment
    was ripped up as high as her belly. She could feel strips of the
    tattered paper towel hanging over her bum cheeks. When she felt
    behind herself her hands came to rest on her bare smooth ass.
    Tanyss was self-conscious about her bum. She was supposed
    to be a ballet dancer, but was disqualified after 10 years of
    dancing. Her bum and tits grew too large for balance and grace.
    In short, her figure was great. She rubbed her cheeks a couple
    of times while looking down at her exposed hairy brunette pussy.
    The shag carpet came halfway up her shin and was far more
    comfortable than the cold basement floor. To avoid tripping she
    had to lift her heels high.

    She rested while surveying the darkening room and noticed the
    door was open a crack. There was no way she could reach the
    phone and was sure that if she could just attract some attention
    from a passing pedestrian, she could get some help.

    As Tanyss walked towards the door, staring at the huge furniture,
    she heard huge steps outside coming up the steps. She was about
    2 feet from the door when it boomed open. The paper boy opened
    the door with his vigorous knocking. He was a 14 year old
    teenager, just finished his route and frustrated at not being able
    to collect here for the past two weeks. Either no one had been
    home or they didn't have the right change. This time he was
    determined to get his money. He stuck his head inside.


    Story: Sex Toy [2]
    Scene: Tanyss Meets Rod
    Tiny Author: Dirty Dreamer

    It was puzzling. Nobody ever left the door open here before.
    Tanyss saw her chance. Unmindful of her semi-nude state she
    jumped up and down screaming for attention and waving her
    arms. Rod heard her squeaking voice and looked down in